Top Signs You Will Want to Check Out a Mary Kay Career

This gem comes from none other than Rena Tarbet, the scammiest Mary Kay national sales director around. Rena Tarbet loves to run around telling her tales of woe, while she pushes overpriced junk (videos, tapes, etc) on Mary Kay consultants who can’t afford it and don’t need it. She says those items are meant to help you, but the reality is that they’re only helping her pocketbook.

Rena is notorious for the “you can’t sell from an empty wagon” talk about inventory. Consultants and sales directors alike mistakenly believe that Rena doesn’t frontload. Wrong! She frontloads like no other, and being old and sick doesn’t excuse her behavior.

So here’s yet another recruiting item to help mislead women about Mary Kay:

1. You didn’t buy everything you wanted today because your finances are tight… in fact, you are worried about mounting credit card debts and other bills. You know you should be saving for the future but it is never a good time to start. (Pssst… Mary Kay will put you further in debt. Sounds great, doesn’t it?)

2. You groan when you think about going to work each morning. You wish you could find another career but you can’t afford to quit your current job to look for one or start your own business. (If you don’t like your job, find a new one. As least a job will get you a paycheck. Mary Kay will cost you money!)

3. You love your job but you aren’t getting paid enough! You would do it for free if you were a millionaire; problem is, you’re not! You would love extra money but you don’t want a part-time job with set hours or one that takes a lot of time. Besides, most part-time jobs don’t pay much. (See responses to #1 and #2 above. A paycheck is still better than putting money into a losing proposition like Mary Kay.)

4. Your self-esteem has evaporated. For the last few years your most informed conversations have been about car seats. Of course you still enjoy being at home raising your children, but now you want something to do that is just for you. (Mary Kay will prey on any insecurity that you have in order to get you to put more money in. If you need some self-esteem, see a therapist. It’s cheaper than Mary Kay!)

5. You feel like you are in a dead-end job. You’ve either reached a glass ceiling or you can’t see how to go any further in your career because you have no one to show you the way. (You think that’s bad? Wait until you’re on the Mary Kay hamster wheel and REALLY going nowhere!)

6. The fun has gone out of your life! And you want it back! You want to socialize with girl friends, win prizes, get dressed up and actually have some place to wear a tiara! (If you want to wear a tiara, get one from the dollar store. No need to spend thousands on Mary Kay inventory to get one that you have to give back!)

7. Take an expensive vacation somewhere? HA! You find yourself settling for less and less. You can’t imagine your dreams really coming true. (If you couldn’t afford a vacation before Mary Kay, you sure won’t afford one after. See responses to #1, #2, and #3 above.)