Another Nauseating Way to Do the Mary Kay Warm Chat

A tactic to get women to your Mary Kay website, but with inflated, unrealistic figures presented.

Okay, everybody! This is what National Sales Director/Las Vegas, Rebecca Evans, gave the Directors yesterday at their workshop. Let me repeat her thoughts on why she used this certificate. It is similar to what has been going around – $10 free MK with facial – but hers has a unique twist to it and her reasons are just plain, good common sense.

She explained that she moved to Las Vegas, left her Unit and her customers in California and decided that she was either going to give up or go up. She decided to go up.

Being that she knew absolutely no one in Las Vegas, she had to create a way to seek out new leads. She explained that it can sometimes be “suicide on the installment plan” when we or our Consultants use warm chatter techniques, facial boxes, etc. The follow-up calls are time-consuming and favorable results are rare. Plus 70% of our communication is non-verbal (body language, smiling, smell good, look good, caring, etc).

She devised this plan of reaching a new customer base because it puts the ball into the prospect’s court. Her goal was to add 500 women to her PCP program via ‘hits’ on her Web Site… She explained that shopping from our computers is ‘in’ and we’re not taking advantage of it as we could.

Her Certificate is for $10 free product, shopped for at her Web Site. The clients HAVE to give all pertinent information. For security, they put in their certificate number (these can be anything you want). You call to see where she wants her product delivered, never mailed. Make it up really special and then you can work the delivery as an avenue for booking a MK Event. Body language again!

Rebecca handed out over 500 certificates (she said as Directors we could easily do a 100 a week (Whew! No wonder she’s a National!!) Out of that 500, she had over 350 hits to her Web Site, got over 250 bookings and secured 6 off-springs in one year!!

Of course, the twist is the product needs to be chosen on line. Only those who want it will shop for it and you’ve got a definite, and probably, successful lead without using the telephone, plus she’s on your mailing list!

This is the explanation she gave for money output: Say you get a 10 hits out of 100 handed out. Without any other purchases (which is rare) that cost you $50 wholesale. She asked, “How long would you normally spend on a telephone trying to secure leads?” And, “How devastating that can sometimes be to your esteem? Most discouraging, right? “Is your time worth $50 for a 10 hits on your website using the tried and true MK Image body language? And you have a definite interested prospect!” It made sense to me!!

Okay, here’s her dialogue (With pin on, MK Image, Go Bag):

I don’t know if you noticed but I’m with Mary Kay. Are you on anyone’s Mary Kay mailing list?” (tilt head to left, squint eyebrows together as if really concerned)

If no, “So you don’t have a Consultant servicing you?” (If yes, then follow MK Golden Rule, but have her encourage her consultant to put her on the company’s Preferred Customer List)

If prospect says no, (Intake of breath,) “You don’t!” (hand over heart)

“I’d love to put you on mine. I send my Preferred Customers 4 quarterly catalogs, each with a great gift with purchase, lots of samples and the latest in glamour. How would that be?” (Bite lower lip)

If prospect says yes, say “My catalogs are on my Web Site, plus so much more. May I give you a Gift Certificate for $10 and you can go and shop at your convenience? What do you think you’d like to purchase – a lip gloss, a new mascara? When you’ve made a product choice, just check out, type in all your information, just as you would if you made any other type of purchases online, but tell the computer that you’ll be contacting me for payment choice… that’s when I can deliver your product FREE.”

Thank her and tell her you will be looking forward seeing her certificate being redeemed.

Not very intimidating, is it? You’ll also see that we can go ahead an get pertinent information if she’s willing, but that’s not imperative. If she’s interested, she’ll hit on your Web Site… WOW, does this ever take the heat off both parties in a conversation.

Rebecca’s second idea was also masterful. She lines up all her personal guests to her success Meetings in the first 10 days of the month. To each prospective guest she offers a $30 Shopping Spree on her website, delivering the guest’s products on the night of the guest event scheduled and only when she actually comes. Do you all see how efficient this is? First, she DEFINITELY will come; second, another hit with all information into your computer!!!


  1. Freefrmpink

    I tried this too. Certainly didn’t work like the model Evans claims. I got two hits and neither of them wanted to schedule a delivery. They wanted me to mail them the product.

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