Product Update: Schedule and Details for Color Cosmetics

Mary Kay has updated information on the product line changes.
New Lipsticks
There are a lot of changes… check MK In Touch for details. Here’s what they will look like:

Q. What can fit into the new Mary Kay® Compact?

A. We designed the refill area of the compact to hold literally MILLIONS of different color combinations. You can personalize it any way you like: with a trio of eye colors, a cheek color, an applicator and a lipstick; or just a pressed powder, brush and lip gloss! Customization is a WAY OF LIFE for women everywhere. And it’s a powerful tool to help Mary Kay become even more competitive in the color cosmetics market.

Q. Which compact does the new Mary Kay® Compact replace?

A. The new compact was developed to replace the Foundation Compact, Color Compact and Custom Compact. These compacts will be phased out of the product line.

Q. What does the new Mary Kay® Compact look like?

A. As you saw in the video at Seminar, the compact is sleek, black and pink and is totally customizable! To be sure the compact is as durable as possible, it is coated with a special material designed to help maintain its appearance over time and resist wear. As a result of this coating and its color, fingerprinting may be noticeable on the compact but can easily be wiped away.

Q. How do I change products in the compact?

A. Switching products is easier than ever! The compact is designed with a patent-pending release tab located to the left of the large magnetic refill square. The release tab gently lifts refills out of the compact for easy replacement.

Q. Will the magnets in the Mary Kay® Compact interfere with other objects?

A. The magnets should not de-sensitize credit cards, hotel room keys, parking tickets or gift cards in a purse. For added precaution, it is advised to keep cards with magnetic strips at least ½ inch from the opening of the compact. Please note because the compact does contain magnets, it could attract metal objects in a purse, i.e. paper clips. Additionally, it is recommended that a pacemaker be kept at least six inches away from any household magnet. This distance should apply to our compact as well. The compact magnet should not affect most shunts. However, if a customer has this concern, they should speak to their doctor to confirm.

Q. Will the magnet cause a problem going through airport screenings?

A. As confirmed by the TSA, the magnets in a compact can pass X-ray checks and should be allowed as a carry-on item.

Q. Can I recycle my old compacts?

A. Yes. From January through December 2008, you can recycle empty platinum and pink compacts. If you live near a branch or the Mary Kay Building, ASRS or Manufacturing, we will gladly accept your empty compacts for recycling. We also will have bins at all Company special events in the U.S. – Leadership Conference 2008, Career Conference 2008 and Seminar 2008. You are encouraged to bring your empty compacts to these events for recycling. Please note that you can’t put the compacts into your recycling bin at home. You and your customers should not mail compacts to the Company for recycling. By avoiding a new mail stream, we hope this means that no additional fuel resources are being expended by the creation of this recycling program and therefore, we’re helping to keep the planet healthy. This provides a great opportunity for independent sales force members to send their compacts for recycling with sister sales force members who already may be traveling to a Mary Kay branch office or attending a Mary Kay special event. Instead of “car-pooling,” we call it “compact-pooling.” We’ll share more recycling information in upcoming publications.

Q. How can I make the transition from the current platinum packaging to the new black packaging?

A. Offering customers a mix-and-match selection of our current platinum and the new black packaging will be necessary for awhile, but you can make it beautiful and marketable! Your goal is to prepare your customers in advance and make sure they have what they need to get through the next several months. You also can show black and platinum pieces in a nice display to help customers see how they work together and complement each other. Be sure to check out future issues of Applause® magazine for display ideas.