2008 Mary Kay Sales Director Suit

Well, no more being "dumb in plum" as a Mary Kay sales director. The director suits are going to be brown in 2008-2009. So since the company loves cute little taglines for the suits…. as the sales directors are accumulating credit card debt, they can be thinking that they're "going down in brown!"

I'm never fond of the sales director suits. But this one is worse than usual. Feast your eyes on these brown monstrosities that they're calling "Haute Chocolate." (And your punishment for not moving up to at least Senior director? You have to wear a hot pink shirt with your brown suit!!!)

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Get ready for all the cheeky rhymes that will be made up to go along with this new suit. Get ready for your sales director to "romance" the brochure which will help you waste about $300 on the suit