A Few Thoughts for Mary Kay Inc. Executives to Ponder

Written by SuzyQ

Dear Mary Kay Cosmetics,

I am writing on Pink Truth because I know you read it and I am not entirely sure you read letters sent to Dallas. Anecdotal evidence would indicate you do not. Please hear my heart on the following points:

1. Do you ever look at the numbers of “T” consultants coming back into the Company on the last day of the month? Any month? With as close to $200 w/s as one can get to it? And rarely is there a Section 2 order attached to these orders?

2. Do you ever pay attention when a new consultant has 2 or 3 initial inventory orders that have been flagged as “CC decline” Do you know what that means? No? Well, it means that a director has placed usually a $1,200 AND an $1,800 and has 3 days to get a credit card for the new consultant, and based on the credit limit, one of those orders will be approved before the month closes and the other will remain as “on hold.”

3. Have you ever paid attention to what is fondly known as the Unit Bounce? This is what occurs when a Personal Use consultant is moved from one unit to another depending on who needs a body at a particular time. You might be interested in tracking Social Security numbers to see just how frequently this happens. Sometimes, the Personal Use consultant in question actually knows about this, sometimes he or she just suddenly starts receiving the Applause again.

4. Do you find it even remotely interesting that you do not ask for a name on the credit card when directors use DOM? Wouldn’t you be surprised to know that all of these newly reactivated consultants do not have their own credit cards and that these cards do, in fact, belong to the director? She will tell you that she has the cash from each of these people, if you would ever ask, though of course, she does not. It might be fun to just check by phone with the newest reactivated consultants, especially in June, or in the last week of car qualification, to find out why these consultants just happened to come back in with a $600, and then forgot to order section 2 items. Or, better yet, how they expect to sell all of that product with the “Welcome Back” $24 “set”. They don’t even get a face case with that do they? Oh well, they probably saved everything from their original Go Kit, so it’ll be okay. Except, everything has changed. Dang it. It’s always something.

5. Does the thought that directors are losing cars, and you are losing directors at an alarming rate cross your mind? Any plan to try something known in the corporate world as an “Exit Interview?” Does it strike you as a viable topic for one of those high level meetings? Has it occurred to you that your nsd advisory board doesn’t have a clue as to what is actually going on in the field? And that they have vested interest in keeping things as they are, and that they are concerned that their checks are continuing to shrink.

6. Or how about the starting DIQ with 8 is a bad idea. It needs to be scrapped. It creates weak directors and wreaks financial havoc on those involved. If you are going to continue with business as usual, at least have DIQ start after finishing a car, with 12. Those directors at least had a fighting chance.

7. And, are you noticing that many directors are making and missing production every other month? Did it occur to you to check to see the director’s personal production in the months she made it to $4,000? I believe you will see a correlation.

8. Again, with directors. You are losing them. These are not all new directors. You are losing seasoned directors. That should at least cause a wrinkled brow on someone. There IS in fact, something afoot. This should concern you. Really. It might be worth your time to find out why.

9. And really, the religious abuse needs to be addressed on a corporate level. I am dead serious. Your nsds and their hot shot directors are really really causing great emotional distress among the consultants and others. If we consider quitting MK, we are also quitting God? That Mary Kay Ash is deified as a god. And prayers in schools are illegal, but prayers at a business meeting are fine? You do know that there are consultants who have other religious beliefs don’t you? How does this affect them? And, most recently, those who have chosen to quit their “businesses” are judged to be satanic? A little reining in is in order here.

10. And last but not least. Shunning and lying. If one of the favorite phrases in the recruiting interview is the no risk thing… don’t like it? Send it back! Then you might want to reinforce that those who choose to leave are not pariahs, but are simply women who are on a different path. We haven’t gone to the devil, we aren’t losers, we aren’t turning our backs on God, we just changed our minds… for a variety of reasons, see “Exit Interview” above.

11. Okay… now I will be done with this last comment. There would be no need for “those negative blogs” in general, and Pink Truth specifically, if you hadn’t lied, manipulated, deceived, fudged and have been generally awful to your sales force.


Another loser Director Emeriti