Decoding Your Mary Kay “Activity Status”

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Have you wondered what those codes like A1 and I3 mean? How do they relate to your orders and your recruits? Here are the details.

N0 – New Consultant, no order.
N1 – New Consultant, no order, showcase shipped.
N2 – New Consultant, second month without order.
N3 – New Consultant, third month without order.

A1 – Consultant placed a minimum $200 wholesale Section 1 order this month.
A2 – Second month of active status.
A3 – Third month of active status.

I1 – First month of inactive status. Must place a minimum $200 wholesale Section 1 order to be considered active.
I2 – Second month of inactive status. Fourth non-ordering month. Company notice mailed mid-month.
I3 – Third month of inactive status. Fifth non-ordering month.

T1 – First month of termination (If you get here, you have lost all your recruits.)
T – Terminated (This comes after T6.)

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