My Real Independence (Outside of Mary Kay!)

Written by GetMeOuttaHere

I started the July 4th with all of my thoughts on our country and how wonderful our world is at times.  As I went online and did my usual internet line-up, I came on to Pink Truth and realized, I have even more to be thankful for.  My real independence from Mary Kay!

This is the first time in nearly four years where I wasn’t thinking about the end of Seminar year a few days before July 4th, and I am definitely not wondering right now where I would get the money to go to Seminar if I don’t put the entire amount on my credit card. 

I only went to Seminar twice, but each time I knew I hadn’t really had any profits in my business (thanks to a huge inventory) and I always threw so much on my credit cards for Mary Kay Cosmetics.

The $175 registration, the $300 hotel bill, the $100 in dinners, the $75+ on dresses, the extra $150 in other food costs throughout the four days, and another $100 or so to spend on whatever else I felt I needed to pick up while at Seminar.  So this year I am saving myself around $900 and I am truly thankful for that kind of independence.

Not to mention…  I’m not staring at inventory wondering when it will truly pay itself off.  Thank you Pink Truth for letting me squat for a year or so before I figured out the real truth.  I hope everyone had a Happy Independence Day like I did! An in this new “seminar year,” may your credit cards be paid off, your wallet full from that JOB, your heart full from finally spending real time with your family, and your friends real because they don’t care what you ordered this month!