Massive Mary Kay Frontloading is Applauded

A recent announcement from Mary Kay:

We’re thrilled to announce that Independent Elite Executive National Sales Director Barbara Sunden, who currently ranks as the No. 1 NSD nationwide, has broken yet another record – this time for the highest monthly commissions earned. Barbara’s June commission check reached $140,682.91, breaking her previous monthly record of $111,653.92.

As we announced at Seminar 2008, Barbara holds the record of highest earnings in NSD commissions in a Seminar year. During the 2008 Seminar year, her commissions totaled $1,047,747.30.

We’re also excited to report that Independent Elite Executive Sales Director Ekene Okafor has broken the record for unit sales, achieving the $2,400,000 Unit Circle. On behalf of Mary Kay Inc. and the entire Mary Kay independent sales force, congratulations, Barbara and Ekene, on these incredible achievements!

Do you realize the massive frontloading needed to get to these figures? At a minimum, Sunden’s area alone did $1.4 million in wholesale orders (probably much more). And Okafor’s unit alone did $100,000 wholesale each month. I feel sorry for those frontloaded consultants. There’s no way all that product was actually being sold.

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  1. cindylu

    Considering that Barbara began her career in the 1970’s as one of the very first consultants under MK herself, she was one of the few to actually earn anything as an NSD. Back then home parties and skin care parties were a new concept. I’m sure it was easier to advertise to thousands of women in an untainted city and state. Even with all that the building of a unit for decades and losing hundreds of consultants over the years, meant conning women into an expensive endeavour. Losing cars and units over and over again, I’m sure left many shattered women and families in debt with tons of product collecting dust in homes in the USA and Canada. Also it is doubtful that the narcissism allowed anyone to drive the pink car other than the Director herself. Sadly she was allowed into Canada where she continued to use women in order to boast about her $40,000.00 a month salary and buying her husband a brand new car. Hundreds of women in two countries during the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s onward just so one woman could brag about becoming a millionaire. In both the USA and Canada she had no competition. The product was fairly new. Mlm and pyramid schemes were unheard of. In spite of essentially a brand new opportunity, a fairly new NSD barely hung on to directors in 2 countries. She made it after many tries. So why would anyone today believe with tons of competition they can replicate a business model that barely worked in the 1980’s? With the negativity of the internet including ebay unloading tons of MK products, how can any consultant today remotely believe that retiring like these NSD’s who took 40 years is even possible anymore. (Unless you buy your way to the top). Also you are in business by yourself because your hands are tied when it comes to marketing, advertising or getting anyone to believe that MK is a top brand.

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