There Are Not Opportunities Like Mary Kay Available For People Like Me

A college student critiques Pink Truth. And I just have to say that if one has to buy friends for $100, and Mary Kay is their only way to do so, they’ve got more problems than we can help them with at Pink Truth...

First let me say, if you really are dedicated to your site you will read this entire email.

I am a college Junior, who due to political policies put forth by socialistic bureaucrats I pay more in tuition that normal people make in a year.  For this reason I find your website bias and appalling. There are not opportunities like Mary Kay available for people like me, who take 18 credit hours, dance on a university dance team, and work at a competitive internship to find a part-time job that I can work around my schedule.  

The comments you make on you site are your perceptions, from your point of view from which you created a negative Mary Kay bashing website.  I would guess it is pretty successful, most likely because other women like you would rather complain about the problems in the world then  work to make their own self better.

I’m sure you see your campaign as helpful, “seeking the truth and justice for those who are wronged” … by women selling make-up?, but I wanted you to know that what Mary Kay women do is important as well.  It might sound tacky but the “cult” you talk about on your site, is actually some women’s only source of friendship and support.  Yes, they did “purchase” those friends, but ask some of the lonely, bitter women who post on your site if for $100 they would pass up an opportunity to be surrounded by supportive, positive women for once in their lives, my guess is they would say YES!

I personally fell in love with the idea of Mary Kay when I saw a way to help pre-teen and teenage girls to find their self-esteem.  I don’t bring any make up, or look books, I only bring the Velocity Skin Care line, which I personally know to have helped with my acne and mascara.  I teach the girls in fun way, what the point of make-up really is and that is to feel the best you can in your own skin.  Yes, the mothers are there and believe me when they see their daughters happy and confident with nothing more than mascara on their face they sign right up.  You may think I’m taking advantage of these women, this is where we disagree.  I will be graduating this year with only half the debt I would have had originally due to Mary Kay, and I’ve helped girls avoid at least a little of the awkwardness that middle school and high school has to offer.

This is LIFE, its real and people get taken advantage of, people are liars, cheaters, scum bags. etc.  But for you to put a name to people like that, boosting that Mary Kay is only filled with women like this, is not only a lie, but a disservice to women everywhere who may have found just what they were looking for within this organization…. a little extra cash, a positive atmosphere and great knowledge that unlike you, their lives don’t revolve around tearing people down, but building them up.

I hope you do take the time to read this and think about what I have said.  I would imagine you get emails of this nature all the time, but if you are truly dedicated to your fight than you might think about it from both sides.  If you don’t, than you really are another small minded, bitter women, with way too much time on you hands.  Go get a facial… you really will feel better!  I swear 🙂


  1. feelingbetrayed

    Tracy- I would really love to know if you are still working your ‘business’ after 2 years since you wrote this letter? And if so….how much money did you actually make? You weren’t making much if you were just selling velocity and mascara, $18 a customer isn’t much. I can’t speak for anyone but myself though I know that I am not here to just bash everyone that fell into the MK pit. This site is has been a source of therapy for myself. After believing and living the lies for 2 years its horrible to realize that everything and everyone you thought were your friends aren’t cause you aren’t drinking the pink kool-aid anymore.

  2. Bethany

    First honey, make it biased. I am also a college jr doing this in 3 years on my way to law school, am starting an org from scratch, and did mk. i had fun, I really did, but I was losing money. My bf was nicely questioning this decision and Thank God I started listening. I love my director, and I think she really is trying to do it right, but once my recruiter left I started questioning it. I was in a group of women who did not care, the other students would fill their cars, knowing I had no ride, then criticize why I was never at a meeting. Once it became me vs them, it wasn’t worth it. I am focusing on my 18 hours as well and am better now!

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