The Real Purpose Behind Mary Kay’s “Party With a Purpose”

The Real Purpose: Make Money For Mary Kay Inc.

 The company is very clear in describing Party With a Purpose to its directors. Don’t be confused and think that proceeds are being donated to charity or anything of the sort. The purpose is to make money for Mary Kay Inc….. called “supporting a company whose mission is to enrich women’s lives.”

At least this time the executives at Mary Kay Cosmetics are being truthful about their money grubbing ways.

Q: What exactly is the “purpose” behind “Party with a Purpose”? Are we raising money for The Mary Kay Foundation?

Party with a Purpose isn’t tied to The Mary Kay Foundation or any specific charitable cause. You might want to think about it this way: When you hold a Mary Kay party, you’re supporting a company that does good. Whether it’s through charitable acts of giving or helping women build a business to make their lives more enjoyable,

Mary Kay has a history of helping others. By holding more parties and reaching out to more women through the products and the opportunity, you’re helping them look and feel their best – and quite possibly begin a new business that offers them newfound freedom to balance their priorities. And whether they purchase one of the Beauty That CountsTM Mary Kay® Creme Lipsticks or any other of Mary Kay’s fabulous products, your customers can feel good about supporting a company whose mission is to enrich women’s lives.