The Truth About Mary Kay’s $50 Starter Kit Deal

 Mary Kay Cosmetics is currently running a “special” for new consultants. Instead of paying the regular $100 to sign up and receive a full starter kit, you can pay just $50 and get a mini kit in the month of October. They’re calling this the “Opportunity Kit” with fewer products, and the opportunity to get an extra 5% off the suggested retail price of her initial product order. (Consultants normally receive a 50% discount off retail price on their orders, but that’s upped to a 55% discount this month.)

So what’s the catch? Thanks to our member Ciavyn for bringing this email from a Mary Kay national sales director to our attention. The truth is actually told about how much it stinks to become a new Mary Kay consultant… 

Let’s talk about this “deal”.

When you are recruiting someone this month – don’t talk about what she gets in the mini starter kit and that it won’t be enough for her to do shows……

What you talk about is that it usually cost $100 to sign up as a consultant. This month only, she can sign up for $50. And…. she will make a higher commission (55%) with her first product order. After she makes the decision – you can explain all the options and do what is best for her.

Many other companies are signing people up for a small amount of money. They don’t necessarily get all that they need to start. But they can become a member.

In our company – it always costs $100 – even if they want to just sell to their friends and relatives out of the Look Book at first. This is a fun, exciting option to offer. Let’s face it – how many of your new recruits really start selling and holding shows in their first 2 weeks? This won’t be a problem unless you make it one.

I hope this helps! Sell the sizzle! This is an awesome opportunity to be able to invest only $50 and have a chance to make it something great!!

Love & joy,

Karen Piro, ENSD

So the “deal” isn’t really such a deal since you won’t get enough products to actually do skin care classes, and you’ll essentially be forced to make a product purchase in order to do so. That’s a minimum of $200 wholesale order (plus tax on reail and shipping) in addition to the $50 to get the mini kit. The new consultant will actually pay $275 to start her business ($50 kit + $225 total cost of initial order) instead of the usual $100 for the regular kit.

And of course, the upline profits because a regular $100 kit gets them no commission, but this “deal” with the initial $200 order will get them commission on that order!

Where do I sign up????