Getting the Most Out of a Mary Kay Consultant’s Credit Card

Mary Kay sales directors are circulating this email about how to get the most out of a consultant’s Mary Kay credit card. It tells them how to get the highest possible credit limit and then max it out…

Hey Directors –

Did you know there was a way to find out immediately how to get the full credit amount on the MK VISA?

I didn’t until I went on the Top Director Trip this past year and got this tip from xxxx xxxxxxx!

I hope this helps you – it works!

My new gal got her card number –I told her I could show her how to find out her full limit right away – she applied, got her number and a $1,000 immediate credit  – then we called to activate it as a 3 way call– she put in her 16 digit card #’s and exp. date – I pressed the numbers as below – her credit line was $6500 and went thru right away for her Star Order!

Thanks xxxxx and thanks to xxxxxx for putting this together.

Here are the directions:

Step one:  Apply online for the regular MK Visa credit card you can get the application on Intouch

Step two:  If the consultant gets the $1000 limit it is usually higher, make sure you print or write down the card information including the card number and expiration date If they do not get the $1000 they were declined there is no point in waiting they need to try something else

Step three:  call the card company 1-800-216-1129

The call is automated it will ask them to enter the last 4 digits that will not work so they will need to enter all 16.  They then press 1 to activate the card.  To find out the balance they are going to have to continue through the scroll menu but I believe they just continue to press 1 and it will give them the total.  Once the card is activated they can then begin to use the total amount with the card # and expiration date that they printed off. If the total credit is $5,000 they can use up to $4900 right away.

They must leave at least $100 on the card or it will decline and if they do that and it still declines then the consultant needs to call the company (the same number as above)  and verify that it is them using the card so they will need to answer a series of security questions!

Now if they need to increase their credit limit they can do that immediately as well.  Lets say they only get $1700 and they want to do an $1800.  They still need to follow the steps above to activate the card, but then after that they need to call the company again and speak with a customer service rep.  Ask for a credit increase they will ask how much (don’t do too much because you usually won’t get it – only about $500)  I would say to $2200 and they can qualify them right there over the phone!  It take a while to get the hang of this but after the second time it is easy!  If anyone has questions they can e-mail me.  I will try to get back to everyone in a timely manner, but I am crazy up here so I will do my best!

I hope this helps!!!


This is a perfect example of Mary Kay sales directors only looking out for themselves and seeing just how much product they can frontload on a new consultant. Sick.