Pink Truth Critic Eats Crow

I wanted to post this email exchange to give you some great insight into how people’s views of Pink Truth change as they continue to read the site. I know plenty of members who were aghast when they first started reading, but the more they read, the more they saw their own stories reflected on the site and they couldn’t help but admit the truth to themselves.

Oh, I know… there will always be some pink-to-the-core, die-hard Kaybots who will never believe their beloved Mary Kay is anything less than perfect. I understand. They just want to live in the pink bubble forever.

But for those who have been willing to open their minds to what is written here, they were able to recognize the fraud that Mary Kay has perpetrated on women for the last 45 years. What they experienced and what they read were one… one big fraud, one big pyramid scheme, one big scam in which only those few at the top get rich.

So here is the original email from “The Critic”:

This is actually my first visit to this website and most assuredly my last. I did however have a few things to say. Whether or not they’re posted, that remains to be seen. I’m intrigued at the rhetoric and anger on this site. In my humble opinion it seems a shame. Oops can I say that or did I violate the “etiquette” clause?

There is a great deal of passion and excitement expressed here. I hope you will all find peace and solace and can find a way to channel this powerful energy in a more positive way, in some other aspect of your life.

Yes, I am a Mary Kay IBC. I have a college degree and I am a high school social studies teacher. Most of the women I am privileged to know and work with in my National Area are also college educated and not by any means in a “fog.” This website has posted a lot of ignorant ranting by people “claiming” to be Mary Kay IBCs and such. I wonder.

Most of the women I have known in this business aren’t that common or malevolent to repeatedly use terminology like “loser.” Upon going through previous postings like that written by [another critic], I found the Pink Truth response was really unfounded. Pink Truth continually responds to any real challenge or opposing viewpoint as “hate mail.” Most of the intelligible e-mails were women in MK voicing an honest debate and while those were marginalized, the really seedy, sensational and insightful commentary was exploited to further rile everyone up. Does anyone else who reads this stuff agree?

Listen, you all have your individual experiences with Mary Kay that for one reason or another lead you here. I think it’s naive for anyone, whether a MK faithful or otherwise to believe any international company doesn’t suffer its abuses. No company, corporation or business for that matter is perfect and free from criticism. In addition, we’re talking about the sales industry. This type of door-to-door technique has been around for centuries. It’s not a new concept.

Here at Pink Truth it’s all the same, “the evil MLM.” I mean come on with some of this stuff you guys are complaining about. Every company whose main fiscal focus is centered around retail sales, tirelessly trains it’s sales force to sell the product to make it sound like the best thing to hit the market and to entice the public away from the competitor. You call it misleading, I think that’s really subjective.

If we are to follow the logic of Pink Truth, then turn off your TVs, your radios, don’t read another newspaper or magazine ad! Seriously, we are a nation of consumerism. The public has to be able to filter out what it does and does not believe. Every skin care company from Esteé Lauder and Revlon to Mary Kay and Benefit makes various claims about their products. Are they all real? Who knows? If you believe it though and are happy, then ignorance is bliss right? Isn’t that what we really trust in everyday when making a purchase? We’re not little scientists with some at home lab that can break down the molecular structure of Pine Sol and figure out definitively whether it’s better or worse than Lysol.

Let’s talk about “recruiting.” I served in the US Navy for 6 years. Do you think the US military has ever gone out into the general public and said to the youth of America and their parents, “Hey join the Army we’re so desperate for bodies and I need you to join ASAP so I can make my quota this month and oh yeah, did I mention you’ll probably die in war.” Be practical people!

Any and every headhunter or talent scout in America is going to give “the pitch” to a potential new hire. If you open up your own flower delivery service, are you going to put yourself out there publicly and proclaim, “Well, I really don’t know the business that well, but hey I think I can do a good job for you?” Or would you say, “I really haven’t made a ton of money yet and really have no staff, but you can count on me”? Be serious! You’re going to puff up your business and your accomplishments.

Even in a job interview you never tell the brutal truth like, “Uh well, I’m really not a morning person and you know if I need some printer paper at home I might grab a few sheets from the company copier on my way out.” You always make yourself sound better than you are or no one would ever hire you. What are résumés for? If you want to staff your flower shop are you going to tell your interviewees, “Well, I don’t really know if were going to ever get this business off the ground or if you’ll even make that much money here.” Wow, that’s motivating!

You criticize Mary Kay for trying to protect its business and livelihood from you and what you’re publishing here. Are you for real? You don’t do the same thing everyday? You don’t decide what e-mails you’re going to print and which like mine will probably get dumped?

Having UnitNet password protected keeps you from stealing other peoples’ photos right off their personal sites. Need I remind you, those sites were personally paid for? You then ridicule and exploit them all over the net. You talk about infringement rights and legal issues. Did you get the express written permission for every person in every photo you have posted here at Pink Truth? Like the ones from [sales director’s] Fall Retreat?

A lot of the rebuttal claims are false here too. Every company says they’re the number one selling brand. Mary Kay isn’t a stupid company and they have their surveys and documentation to back up what they say. It’s just like the Bible, there are hundreds of interpretations of the same book. I have worked for many political campaigns and I can tell you first hand for every claim you throw out there to discredit this company I can find just as many to validate it. It’s all perception.

I don’t think anyone here is a loser, nor do I believe the fine women who weren’t successful with this venture didn’t work hard enough. My mother always said, “If we knew how to be better we would be, if we knew how to do better we would.”

All I would like to leave you with is this, Mary Kay has its flaws and its shady people. That’s life. What facet of the world isn’t filled with a number of creeps? Jobs, schools, athletics, showbiz, corporations, governments, churches, temples, you name it they’re everywhere. You can’t avoid them. What you can do is rise above it and be an example for others to follow. There are people dying in Darfur and in the Middle East. Our soldiers in Iraq are really up a creek and as a political activist I would love to see all this anger and passion directed toward real issues and real problems.

If “busting big business” is your thing aren’t there bigger fish to fry? How about the oil industry? I was intrigued by a posting, where this woman was bragging about her nice new shiny SUV and why she wouldn’t take the “crappy” car offered by Mary Kay. I drive a really nice car too, but that extra money in my pocket sure sounds nice. If I win and lose it, oh well that’s life baby! You can’t take it with you anyway, so lighten up a little ladies.

To the originator of this website, take care because you also tread on dangerous ground. You may find you’re not so slick after all, leading your double-life! I wouldn’t be shocked to read about the lawsuit confronting you someday soon! I’m fascinated by the availability with which you possess such sensitive top level MK company material. I wonder which National you are? Maybe you’ve finally met your match! I might start a website of my own. See you in cyberspace sweetie!

Lovely, eh? She made her point clear. She disagreed with just about everything that Pink Truth stood for and justified the actions of Mary Kay Inc. and its sales force.

But a few short months later she wrote to me again….

Hello PT,

Well, it’s my turn to eat crow and hopefully serve as yet another example to those women still involved in Mary Kay, who it appears are occasionally reading Pink Truth. As was the case with me, they may be teetering on the edge of walking away or as was told to me, “putting down my Mary Kay business.”

I use the cliché “eat crow” because I sent a pretty witty and eloquent e-mail (if I do say so myself) to you PT, a few months ago. Specifically responding to the criticism of [another critic]. I think it’s important I start at the beginning….

I was originally introduced to Mary Kay many years back and eventually signed up with a family member approximately thirteen or so years ago. I had just returned home from the US Navy and knew no one. My mother graciously tried to help me and offered up all of her friends. Let’s just say “my business” never got off the ground and out of pure fear of being cut off completely from the Mary Kay organization I never sent my products back and I tried to either absorb them or I simply gave them away.

I felt like a failure and in turn blamed my age, my location, and fussy customers that I really despised. I was hurt on some level, but felt relieved when I left. Later in life, I got my degree and started a new career in teaching. After several years I had a baby and took childcare leave in order to stay home and raise him. We still had bills and a pretty sizeable mortgage, so I was more or less keeping my ears open for some sort of moneymaking opportunity.

Again, last June I was in the company of that same family member who was still connected to Mary Kay. She pulled out a recent copy of Applause and told me how “things have changed so much in the organization and the company.” I told myself that I have a new life now and so many friends and extended family. Why, between my friends and my husband’s connections, I’d be a great success. I told myself that I’m older now and am more than capable of handling people’s complaints, concerns, and objections.

Worst of all, I bought into the whole “you can’t sell from an empty wagon” thing. I mean it made sense, who wants to wait for eyeliner? So I did it! I jumped back in with both feet and I was off and running. I mean I was really committed to being a big success. I knew this could be the ticket to all of my big dreams.

Now for the reality! Most of my friends and family were not “excited” for me. When I told them in my most enthusiastic voice and following the prescribed script that I was a proud and happy Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, I was met with skepticism, annoyed sighs, or silence followed by the first two.

When I tried to set up bookings and host my debut open house I was challenged with a myriad of excuses, empty promises, cancellations, and no shows. That’s not to say no one came to my rescue but that’s exactly what it became! I did have a few skin care classes and was able to haunt 30 people in order to complete my Power Start.

I was still determined that I wasn’t going to let a few non-believers or naysayers get me down. No way, not this time. I’m going to stay focused and positive. I attended almost every Tuesday night meeting waiting to hear that golden nugget of success. You know that one thing that would spark and inspire my journey to the top. I wanted and waited to be like all those other successful Directors and Nationals, with diamonds and pink Cadillacs.

I even logged onto the internet and searched for a chat group of other Mary Kay girls that could talk me through the lows. Well, what did I stumble upon? Yes, dear ole’ Pink Truth.

What? What was this? An entire website devoted to women who seriously disliked Mary Kay. Was this for real? Of course I read and read the articles and stories. At first, I was horrified and angry! Boy are these women pathetic, they failed in their businesses and now they just can’t get over it and want to blame everyone else for their failure.

However, the seeds of doubt were planted and I couldn’t help logging back on again and again. I asked my Director who was also my National, what she knew about this. Her response blew me away. She said, ” Yeah I’ve heard about that. What can I say? They’re just a bunch of losers.”

That really shocked me. How unloving or unsympathetic could she be? These people whether right or wrong had experienced bad things and serious financial hardship. I expected a National Sales Director who lives by the Mary Kay mantra of God first to be a little bit more compassionate.

I guess I thought she’d assuage my own anger, which was masking my fear. I’m not going to say that was the catalyst, but it was the beginning of a breakdown in my over inflated Mary Kay psyche.

After a series of negative things that I experienced I threw in the towel a month ago and to keep myself from ever having another lapse in judgment, I sent every stitch of Mary Kay product back to Dallas. I packed up all the Section 2 stuff I could find and gave it out to other Mary Kay girls I know.

In my original e-mail I stated (paraphrasing here) that we’re all adults and we are all individually responsible for our own actions. It’s important that I say right now, I do fully take responsibility for my own actions. I worked hard! I tried to sell the product. I hosted and invited everyone I knew to a series of great events (Lipstick Party, Spa Party, Holiday Open House, etc….), which resulted in very low attendance, and tons of invitees not even responding.

So I eventually left my immediate circle of friends and family and branched out into the general public. I handed out over 200 goodie bags (business card, coupon and a lip gloss sample). I put my business card up all over town. I told everyone I met that I sold Mary Kay. I attended bridal show after bridal show (at anywhere from $82 to $100 a pop) hoping and praying for leads, possible recruits, basically any little nibble that would keep my business alive.

What did it all amount to? Not much. Certainly not those big dreams! I called my leads. I booked. I followed up. Short of begging I could not get “bookings” that would hold. I offered sales incentives and bombarded every person whose address I could procure with, promotional fliers, the Look book, and coupons. The self-marketing materials I made up were awesome and all the other consultants wanted copies. That’s where it ended though because no paying customers were interested!!! I didn’t even have any pesky customers to deal with.

Oh I know what my MK critics will say, I didn’t “warm chat” enough. I didn’t really pester the hell out of strangers with my line of lies and get their phone number and then drag them to the meetings. In other words, I wasn’t obnoxious enough! Guilty as charged.

Speaking of which, I charged my credit cards up into the stratosphere, buying Star Consultant just so I could feel slightly better about my peon status at meetings and I’d have something to show my aggravated husband, considering all my hard work and the countless hours spent away from home. Out of fairness, I was an adoptee where I live and my adopted Director and her unit were great and very sweet to me. I wish them no ill will.

Oddly enough, I really wasn’t that crazy about my home national area. There were a few nice gals, but mostly women totally in love with themselves and their MK celebrity status, which means less than nothing outside of the organization. Not to mention the heavy-duty religious overtones!

I live in a metropolitan area and have friends of many different faiths. I was so disgusted (and I’m Christian) by the New Testament scriptures being read and/or quoted and the numerous “Jesus bombs” being dropped all over the place. In my humble opinion, Mary Kay events should be a professional conclave of women looking for training and inspiration by another’s successful journey. I think that can be conveyed without the heavy bible beating and tent revival mentality.

I know Mary Kay consultants always point to prominent sports figures and entertainment stars who thank Jesus and God for their win and/or success. That’s not an excuse! That’s equally as irritating and it infers that God or Jesus chooses the winners and the losers. So what? Mary Kay consultants are God’s chosen few? Yeah right.

You know it’s one thing to go into a sales position, but then to fight the negative stigma attached to the brand name and then to recruit others to do so, while “inspiring” them to start a career in Mary Kay with an enormous inventory, is nothing short of ridiculous and cruel.

I hope this serves as a warning to others considering Mary Kay or still debating whether or not to get out. Save yourself! The company is designed to entice and foster these illusive dreams that few ever see to fruition.

If by chance they do acquire gifts, cars, and this fake celebrity status be advised most of those “successful” gals have bought it or pressured others underneath them to pay for it. It’s really criminal.

A large majority of consultants and Directors are in debt up to their ears, meanwhile smiling at every meeting and sharing their “I story.” It’s a big ruse. There really aren’t that many successful women in Mary Kay.

Pink Truth has shown over and over again how the financials which are printed and published are fictitious and don’t factor in the enormous business expenses. Let’s talk about all of those Directors who either bought and/or cheated to build their units. I know of several Directors who enlisted friends, family members, and their husbands (most of which wear the title of “personal use” but never have any intention of really using or selling Mary Kay).

These success-starved gals will actually use their own money to make the golden 30. Yet, they hypocritically stand up there at meetings and events and tell you how “hard” they worked. Meanwhile their units are doomed from the start because if they’re lucky they maybe have 5-7 consultants really “working the business.”

I’ve personally watched three Directors (seemingly on top of their game) falter and lose it all. The worst and really the most obvious offense (but the first thing overlooked by new recruits) is the success meetings. Not even the top corporate organizations in America bore the hell out of their employees every week, repeatedly reciting the same tired marketing plan. Mary Kay Directors call it “free training” but it’s not! I paid every week!

The training was minimal, nothing new and a big joke. In fact, I attended one meeting in which a Director got up and taught the most hideous and retro make-up tips. She had everyone walking out looking like a corpse.

Additionally, the real purpose and function is to recruit and any other representation is purely dishonest. If that wasn’t the main function why are all the Directors pushing so hard for their unit members to bring guests? It’s a one, two sucker punch and many a smart and otherwise sharp woman has been pressured, duped and/or bamboozled into signing up at one of those so called “success meetings.”

It’s shameful and I had to finally speak up. I hope it helps at least one person. Perhaps there is a woman out there feeling like I did, sick to her stomach at the debt she has created and all of those products on the shelves going nowhere!

Maybe there is a woman out there feeling ashamed because her so called Mary Kay friends dumped her and her Director couldn’t be bothered! Good luck and peace be with you.

What a difference a few months makes!


  1. blkmdw

    I am about to complete 3 months of being an ibc.As the weeks passed I’ve been getting more and more suspicious of whether this is really what it first appeared to be. Today after making calls to leads which I hate so much it makes me nauseous, I felt anxious andsomehow ended up in this website. I feel even worse after reading everything.IDon’t know what to do.hw do I just back out after I’ve told everyone I know my hopes and dreams with mary Kay. I feel embarrassed and stupid for getting sucked in. Sigh…

    1. BabyRaptor

      The first step I would recommend would be using that “Send your stuff back” link at the top of the page. Get your money back before you start accumulating any debt.

      Don’t feel bad that they manipulated you. As you’ve probably seen, they go out of their way to figure out anything they can use to get you to sign. And they lie like an asleep cat. It says vastly more about them than it does you that they won, doll. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

      I’d suggest either registering on the forums or posting on a more up to date article; connect with the women here. I was never in MK; this website saved my rear about a week ago. I can’t give truly informed advice, but I wanted to offer my sympathy. The other ladies here could be of much more help, and they’ll be more than happy to listen and answer your questions.

    2. Lazy Gardens

      I Don’t know what to do. How do I just back out after I’ve told everyone I know my hopes and dreams with mary Kay.

      They encouraged you to brag on your rosy pink future to friends and family to entrap you. Now they are counting on your embarassment to prevent you from returning product. They will tell you that quitting is a moral flaw, it’s bad it means you are a “loser” whi didn’t try hard enough.

      Quitting is NOT a shameful thing. Always remember that the Donner Party did NOT quit, and look what it got them. Mostly dead.

      The evil of MLMs, and Mary Kay is one of the most skilled at it, is that they entangle the business with your emotions and get you into a way of thinking where you will stay because of shame – like any abuser.

      This should be a straightforward business decision: it’s losing money, so do what it takes to stop the losses. You click the link about returning products and follow the process.

      As for what to tell people, a phrase like, “I realized that Mary Kay was not as good a business opportunity as the recruiter claimed it was, so I sent back the product and stopped wasting my time and money on it.”

      OR: “I realized that leaving Mary Kay was in my best interest and the best interests of my family / education / whatever, so I left.”

      I feel embarrassed and stupid for getting sucked in. Don’t be. You were preyed on by someone who had been trained to find and push your hot buttons … whatever you feel you need, they present Mary Kay as the answer.

      You were lured in by experts.

      The only shame now would be for you to let them guilt you into staying.

      1. Jen

        Very good post. I agree with the part about some women feeling too much shame to get out while the getting’s good. I have a friend who is still in Mary Kay because of these reasons, I suspect. I feel really bad for her, but I don’t want to spoil the friendship even more by confronting her, as she has already seen PT at least once, so she is aware of the “opposition.” I hope one day that she can swallow her ego and admit to herself one of the above phrases about the “opportunity,” and save herself and her marriage/family before it gets wrecked. To this day, I am not sure if she befriended me because she really cares, or because of MK, but I don’t really care. I like her, and I think deep down, she thought she “needed” MK to improve her life in every way. She has let me in to her life so much as to admit many of her personal failures, past history of molestation, etc., so we became close, until I decided to walk away from MK altogether. This woman who finally “ate crow,” however, gives me hope, and all I can do is pray for my friend. Can’t speak for anyone else she knows, but she would be safe from any shaming about MK from me. Thank you PT for exposing the truth, keep up the good fight!

    3. Siri

      Don’t feel embarrassed and stupid, get angry!! Channel those paralysing emotions back towards those who devoted their efforts to suckering you in the first place. It’s easy to be fooled when someone is actively trying to fool you. That’s why scams like MK are so successful, and so evil. BabyRaptor’s advice is good – grab back your money and run! You’ve done nothing wrong except be a trusting human being, and that’s no crime. Your pride will be restored through righteous anger and restorative (towards yourself) action. If a ‘job’ makes you feel sick, especially after less than three months, it’s a big clue that it’s not for you! Good luck. Xx

  2. enorth

    “I’ve told everyone I know my hopes and dreams with mary Kay. I feel embarrassed and stupid ”

    Forget that stuff. Your family and friends will admire you for being smart and getting out quickly 🙂

  3. Jenny

    Oh my god…. that’s so true … I feel in the same way so shame so stupid … yesterday I was talking with my best friend and told her… my Director Sales make feel nervous make feel like a number and I thinking to quit and sell another stuff because it’s so hard to sell every month
    200 on cash..

        1. Kammy

          So, so glad to hear you got out before things inevitably got even worse, Jenny. Congratulations, and welcome to the start of a better future! 🙂

          Enjoy the discussion boards – you’ll find them very healing, as you realise that so many smart and compassionate women were sucked into the MK trap, just the same as you were. Like you, they were also wise enough to walk away, protecting themselves and their families from further harm.

          Hope to see you around on the Boards! 🙂

  4. blkmdw

    Thank all of you for your wise words. I really appreciate the advice and am definitely quitting mk. I will be missing next weeks unit meeting after never missing a single one for 3 months so I’m sure my new director(who was diq when I first started) will be calling me Monday to see why I didn’t go. I plan on not responding. According to her she wants to be a cadillac unit by next seminar and I am definitely not gonna let her use me to get there.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      I plan on not responding.

      If she manages to slide through your defenses, here’s what to say to stop her in her tracks:

      Leaving Mary Kay is in my best interest, and the interest of my family. Please respect my decision. Then hang up.

      Don’t discuss it, just make your statement and hang up. Giving her reasons, explaining yuour actions only gives her room to bring out the “overcoming objections” scripts and the guilt trips.

      1. blkmdw

        Thanks for that. I definitely will use your advice and will let you all know how it all unfolds. Also I made a few friends who are new consultants that started around the time I did and send them the link to this website. I want to help spare them the debt as well.

  5. enorth

    “I plan on not responding.”

    She probably won’t let you off the hook easily. Be prepared for multiple calls, texts, etc. Be prepared for tactics such as guilt, fear, “love”, etc. “But why didn’t you TELL me you’re struggling, I can help you sell”……Whatever it takes to change your mind.

  6. MKisforthebirds

    My story is similar. I only started Mary Kay a month and a half ago and was very very skeptical from the beginning. But I was working a minimum wage job and am a stay at home mom as well and she preyed on that to the extreme. And I am the least gullible person you will every meet! (just ask my husband!) I felt like I joined a petty sorority and was so annoyed after just the first meeting! A girl in my unit and I became “Power Partners” but ended up just hanging out and talking about how we felt tricked by MK and how we hated it. She called our director last week to tell her she was sending back her inventory and our director told her she was basically being lazy and not even trying or she would have been successful. We felt so guilty to the point that we were actually going to give real facials to women and free product so they wouldn’t feel tricked! Long story short, I am sending back my inventory next week and could not feel more relieved! I never felt comfortable going out and stalking women so i never did it. I found my leads in a natural way and i still felt wrong for it. Don’t feel embarrassed for falling for their tricky ways. We all have been there! They are the ones who have to look themselves in the mirror every morning and know that they aren’t making an honest living. I would feel more embarrassed if i would have stayed in for years and had thousands of dollars in debt with nothing to show for it! I’m sure i will hear a bunch of “i told ya so’s” but I don’t care. I related to almost every single story on here when I first started reading it. Because this stuff really happens to smart, well-rounded, educated women. Just get out while you still can! And as bad as it sounds, I must say that it brings me a small amount of joy knowing that my director (who was my recruiter) will be charged back on the money she made from my inventory purchase when I send it back next week 🙂

  7. raisinberry

    “It’s shameful and I had to finally speak up. I hope it helps at least one person. Perhaps there is a woman out there feeling like I did, sick to her stomach at the debt she has created and all of those products on the shelves going nowhere!”

    Thanks for articulating the scam in general and for your humility in checking back. We know what is true, regarding Mary Kay and we know that those who attack us, just have not discovered the truth yet.

  8. asiL

    I just got my inventory, however, I didn’t let my director order it. I took full control of that. However, after reading here, I think I’m done…a week in. I have read the stories of these ladies getting into debt and I have excellent credit and don’t want to mess that up, so I think I just changed my mind. So my question to former MK peeps is this…do I send my inventory back right now, or just sell it until its all gone (without ordering anything else). I still have about 5 people waiting for product. I feel like rather than send it all back at 90% refund it would be wiser to just do the facials I was going to do, sell whatever product I can, and then send the remainder back. Someone please give me their honest opinion.


    Oh P.s. what do you do with the free bundles you received with a star order? Do you send those back? I’m thinking if you don’t, they will not refund the 90% they will owe me on the inventory order.

    1. MK Taints the Color Pink

      Hello, asiL! Welcome to PT!

      Send it back ASAP! It isn’t worth all of the hassle! Sell the product you already promised, obviously, but forget the rest. Join the discussion board for more insight.

  9. Asil

    I decided to try it. I have not sent back my inventory. I have done a few facials and have sold over $1000 retail so far. I’m just going to sell what I have and if I want to continue I will. If not, no big deal. I don’t know, it just didn’t seem right to not even try. I am a school counselor with a second masters in administration and my contract was not renewed because I’m too expensive now, so I have no job right now and a new baby. I just can’t believe that there is not one MK IBC that is successful. How is that possible when u buy it at cost? I have spent days reading stories on pink truth and although I see how people got into debt it just doesn’t make sense to me. If u haven’t sold what u have why would u order more? I just couldn’t walk away without trying. Is that wrong? I don’t want to build a team I just want to build a customer base that can get me thru this year until I find a job next school year.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      I just can’t believe that there is not one MK IBC that is successful. How is that possible when u buy it at cost?

      You don’t “buy it at cost” … you buy it at a price that includes a solid profit for the company that’s making it, then you try to sell it for twice that.

      You know – the “we buy for $1 and sell for $2, can you get excited about 50% profit” line. That 50% is NOT PROFIT! Profit is what’s left over after all the expenses are paid. The 50% is a “gross markup”.

      Every bit of discount you offer, every hostess gift, every door prize and every Facebook sale reduces YOUR income, not Mary Kay corporation’s. They already got their profit when you ordered.

  10. MLM Radar

    Hello, Asil, welcome to PT. Have you checked your local CraigsList for listings by other sellers? Do you have a good feel for the competition in your neighborhood? Once you sell to your immediate family and close friends, who are you going to call next?

    — The first $1000 is the easiest to sell. But once you sell to all your family and friends, I guarantee they won’t be re-purchasing anytime soon. No one uses makeup that fast. So who are you going to sell to next?

    — For every item you purchase at “cost” and hope to sell at a profit, there is someone in your own neighborhood selling that same item at “cost” or less. That’s what CraigsList will tell you. Why would anyone think they could sell at “retail” when the town is flooded with people selling at 50 – 60 – 75% off?

    — If your neighbors can buy Mary Kay at “cost” or less any time they want, do you have any hope of selling at a high enough price to cover your expenses? Phone, gas, internet connection, website, gift wrap, uniform clothes, bags, samples, babysitting services, etc., all cost money. Not even Mary Kay will let you pay for your official Mary Kay webpage by handing over inventory. The only person you MIGHT get away with paying in “product” is the babysitter, and even then you probably won’t get away with it more than once.

    — You’re not really buying at “cost” anyway. The real cost of the products is far less than what you paid. Your price was the cost plus the average markup and commisions and bonuses paid to your SD (which could be up to half of your price), plus shipping, plus tax on full “retail.”

  11. Asil

    Hey there, all those things u said are true, so thank u for sharing it. I love getting educated and being aware. I have a super small family(mom only) and honestly, a small group of friends. Although my friends bought a few things, most of what I have sold has been to people I don’t know. I didn’t think it was going to happen…but it’s been incredibly easy to get rid of what I have. I used to be into make up in my early 20s. A few of my friends’ friends have called me after my friends liked the products and passed on my info. Like I said, I’m just going to sell what I have and if there is demand continue with it, if not, then I won’t.

  12. ASIL

    Yes, I know it’s not at cost. I dated a man for 5 years before I married my husband that was in business for himself. He bought wholesale and sold at retail. Every business has expenses. And unless you are making it yourself, you still pay more. I get and understand all if that. But what I don’t get it discounting the product. I have not discounted my product and don’t intend to. People will not buy ur stuff retail if u are always discounting it. Hostess gift after party, yes. Randomly giving ur product away is not good business, but this is my opinion. I gave my friend a gift, one product that she wanted for her bday. But that is it. The rest I have sold full price. I just keep reading on here, keep getting educated, and being aware. I am truly grateful for this site…knowledge is power.

    1. NeverWasPink

      Sounds like you’ve made up your mind then..

      What I would say is this.. YOU (not “u”) may not believe in giving discounts but the products you are selling are flooding the market faster than you can possibly keep up. Supply and Demand laws dictate what happens next, and I know you know about that, so I won’t belabor the point. So what are you going to do once you’re out of your warm (kind) market and out selling to strangers who can find it cheaper? Either discount or… what? Provide “better service” to justify the ridiculous cost???

      Good luck with whatever you decide, hope to have you come back and post your experiences as you go. Especially once you’ve had a chance to file your taxes and are able to objectively see the number that will never lie.. your Schedule C, last line!

      Best of luck!

    1. Formykids

      There is a Mark Twain quote, that says, “It is easier to fool someone, than to convince them that they have been fooled.” Keep up the good work PT….it is an uphill battle.

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