Pink Truth Encourages Mary Kay Consultants

This is a recent email from one of the critics of Pink Truth. Her subject line to me was “Wow what encouragement.”

My question for you is, have you yourself had an experience with Mary Kay itself? Actually become a Consultant, really read how it all started and why?

Just because some Directors and/or Consultants are not true to the Companies mission because they think their way of doing the business or that making the money fast even if it means taking advantage of people is the way to go does NOT make any of your claims true. Or are you basing this whole website on people who unfortunately had a terrible experience with the Company?

It is not the company’s fault that people are greedy and care more about themselves than for others. Unfortunately, thats true for any company in this world because, unfortunately, that’s what we’re all raised up to do, especially in America, to be successful no matter what the cost even that of innocent people.

Fine, what the people who have shared their stories had to go through is not right, but neither is wasting your time away bashing on the entire Company when some women actually work hard to make a difference in other womens lives… which in many cases means giving their lives away to make sure that the women they’re leading are indeed changing their lives for the better.

This opportunity DOES work if people are willing to actually work. That’s true for this Company and any other. There are still more testimonials of the positive impact this compact has had on women’s lives then there are negative. And there has been billions of dollars sold in the past 6 years compared to the 3 million returned and I’m certain if the people who returned product had better recruiters or took it into their own hands to find out the truth of things instead of being quitters which is such a common thing to do, they would have probably found something positive about the experience.

I really don’t believe a website like this encourages people, ok, so they feel better that there are people out there that can relate to them and then what? What other place in this world gives women the opportunity to dream and values them for who they truly are? So far I haven’t found another. Just because someone else didn’t know how to paint the full picture (the honest to goodness picture) for them because of their selfishness does NOT make ANY of your claims about the Company as a whole true.

And if you haven’t tried the business and truly been emersed in what we do and stand for than you’re not qualified to state any claims at all. Any other day I wouldn’t have taken the time to even read anything on your site but reading websites like these on a bad day just really hit a nerve, because the day that someone from a site like this is talking about how one company is a ‘fraud’ but they’ve come up with something better which is REALLY impacting women’s lives for the better instead of giving them yet another place online for them to feel sorry about themselves and gossiping about others, then maybe I’ll consider it.


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