Gems From Career Conference

Written by Raisinberry

Makes no difference which one, the scripting goes on! “You wouldn’t let anyone come over and dirty up your house! Why would you let someone dirty up your mind?” This is a motivational remark from a “fill in the blank” Conference teacher.

Well forgive me for bursting out in laughter when I heard this one, but the recognition of a timeless mind control device is just too hysterical to ignore. I am not really sure everyone understands the outrageous and devious technique this little statement demonstrates.

Have you spotted it yet? Or are you still too “pinked up” to catch it?

See… if you don’t start honing your discernment skills, you will fall for it again and again.

I’ll give you a few clues on how this manipulative mind control tactic works. Misdirection. Instead of truly assessing what you are hearing, you are misdirected to the speaker’s intention. Its “P.M.A.” slight of hand.


The subtle idea is that anyone who would give you feedback of any type is “dirtying” your space. The suggestion is that anything “other than what is coming from the Mary Kay Podium” is a dirty lie. Further, you are “letting them.” It is your fault if you get “dirtied.” Information from your husband, concerns from your accountant, opinions of friends… all “dirty.”

“SO WHY WOULD YOU LET THEM DIRTY YOUR MIND.” Again, the implication is that if you look at any kind of facts, alternative information, or broader scope of information on truly running a successful business, and they criticize the results of multi-level direct sales, you would be allowing the dirtying of your MIND.

So you are neither to allow your space, nor your mind to take in any information contrary to the Mary Kay message. Ask yourself if this would be a legitimate goal of running any business at all? Name any legitimate business in America that would train and teach to NOT receive opposing input, information or opinions on business realities and trends. Especially if they had nothing to hide.

Catch it yet?

The secretly deceptive and manipulative hallmark of Mary Kay Cosmetics is the idea that THEY are the truth, and that anything outside what they teach is NOT.

It’s like being the thief in the room who points out all those others who have stolen something. It is the Liar who administers the Lie Detection test. It is the preacher who condemns adultery after meeting his mistress for breakfast.

Mary Kay controls and manipulates the sales force by placing the thought in our minds that being open to other opinions or to investigate is to dirty our minds. In doing so, it stands in judgment, warning consultants of where the dangers are to the destruction of our positive mental attitudes. This way, you never LOOK at Mary Kay as being the destructive culprit. If you only take in what is spoon fed you through the trusted pink lens, you will never see that the truly dirty space, and dirty mind, is the one who seeks to extract its living off your vunerability.

The Dirty mind is the one who rationalizes that it is only selling an “opportunity” and opportunities are what you make of them, and it is only the Dirty Mind that can upon seeing the fraud it has encountered, continue on, in more lies and mis-direction. Don’t kid yourself. There isn’t a Director alive who doesn’t know that the articles on this site are true. It would be a financial disaster to them if you believed them.

So when you are face to face with Mary Kay warnings like, “Look away from that Pink Truth Site! There are only dirty lies there!”, you are being professionally misdirected. These words alerting you to not “dirty your mind”, are coming from the greatest “white washed” dirty mind on the planet, whose chief aim is to make sure you don’t find out.