How Mary Kay Sales Directors Finish Unit Club: They Buy Their Way In!

How does a Mary Kay sales director finish her unit club? After begging and begging and begging (all the while disregarding whether or not the consultants will actually be able to SELL the products they’ve been conned into buying)… when there’s still more production needed… the sales director BUYS IT HERSELF!

Mary Kay sales director Tina Dees is going to buy $4,000 wholesale (yes, $8,000 retail) just so she can finish the $800,000 unit club. Sure, she gets a bigger bonus and a better “top director trip,” but what pride is there in buying her way into these prizes and rewards? After loading consultants with products they don’t need, just so the director can personally profit, TIna Dees then puts out $4,000 plus tax to be able to say what? Does anyone ever admit WE BOUGHT THIS POSITION???

Here is Tina’s latest email to her unit about faking her way to $800,000*:

Hi incredible TNT Consultants!

I would like to say thank you for rallying at the last minute to take our unit to the $800,000 Circle of Excellence.  Words can’t begin to express how humbled I am to have such amazing women in our unit, to be women of your word, and women who step out in faith!

Many have asked for an update so here’s the latest!

Currently in:  $34,606 and additional $5651 promised for ordering tonight!
Wow – that means we are only $4000 away from reaching a point that I’m finishing the race for us!  It’s the perfect excuse for me to add a full inventory of product at my Atlanta home and stop dragging product back and forth between Savannah/Atlanta.

If you can help toward this $4,000 – please know every $1 makes a difference.  
(and remember for every $100 ordered yesterday and today – you’re entered into a one week trip giveaway)

We will move mountains tonight becasue we have unshakable belief and faith!….not to mention fabulous prizes and a trip giveaway!

Belief in You!

* Being in the $800,000 unit club means Tina and her consultants have collectively PURCHASED $400,000 of products throughout the last year. Most of it is probably sitting on shelves and in basements. There is no verification that any of this product has been sold to a real customer.