32 thoughts on “Caption This Mary Kay Photo”

  1. Caption: Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth…Imagine a Day in the Life of a MK Corporate Leader.

    Comment: What the H*** is the rope for?!

  2. See that woman caught between Tink and Rosetta? Her look of utter disgust pretty much says it all:

    “Dear God in heaven, there’s no front panel to those pants! Here I have to wear pantyhose in 110-degree heat, just to satisfy the wishes of the long-dead founder, and yet the suits get to waltz around with their Will o’ the Wisps hanging out. Injustice!”

  3. It’s a dual! Freaky leprechaun guy VS… cotton-candy bubble gum guy?

    Sean Key must be jealous of the other guys’ glitter and tassels.

  4. But this is the least-constipated I’ve ever seen Sean Key look so he must be enjoying himself at least a bit…

    Secondly, yeah, I guess why waste time “empowering women” when you can just emasculate men right… well done Mary Kay *sarcastic font*

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