Should I Order Mary Kay Inventory?

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Well what a silly question! If you’ve just joined Mary Kay, of course you should order inventory. In case you didn’t know, your recruiter doesn’t make any money unless you order inventory! You don’t actually need to sell anything. If you order, the recruiter profits, period.

Get ready for the “inventory talk.” Most importantly, you’ll be told that inventory is “optional” and that “it’s completely your decision.” Those things are said so that if you later regret ordering that inventory, the recruiter or director has an “out.” It was your choice, remember?

But of course, even though they say it’s your choice, the squeeze is on as soon as they start talking about inventory. And it goes like this… you won’t be successful in Mary Kay unless you have inventory. Are you a loser who is planning to fail? Then don’t get inventory. Do you want to be a winner? Then get inventory. They’ll tell you that an inventory order shows you’re “serious” about your business.

Here is one such example of a document that lets you know you’re only a winner if you place an inventory order:

One of the first decisions a new consultant must make is to decide if she wants to stock inventory for on-the-spot delivery or take orders, collect the money, and then place an order, delivering when the product comes in.

I figure most women are like me. When I want something, I want it now! I don’t want to have to wait. Customers have often commented to me that they appreciate the fact that I have a full inventory and can deliver anything to them at any time. So, my suggestion to any new consultant is to begin building your inventory immediately.

Should I Order Inventory?

Consider the following when making your decision:

You have the choice in Mary Kay to service your customers in one of two manners:

Deliver product to your customers as soon as they place their order. You carry product in your home which you have purchased in advance to sell to your customer, or ..

Customers place their product orders to you, and you accumulate their orders and then place an order to the company to service your customers for the products they need.

A decision to purchase inventory depends on two factors:

Resources – Do you have the capability to make the purchase?

Goals – What level you choose should depend on your business goals.

The single most important issue involved with inventory is that you make a decision that you are happy with, so that you are able to focus on succeeding in your Mary Kay business. Either choose to carry inventory or place orders to the company to service customers, but either way, make a decision and be happy with your decision.

Benefits of stocking inventory in your home:

  • Higher Sales – Women want their products as soon as they try them. Your sales will be 50% higher if you carry inventory to give immediately to your customers.
  • Less Returns – Women do not usually change their mind once they have the product in their hands. If they have to wait for product they can change their mind about their order due to money stress, or husband.
  • Confidence – You are more likely to actively work your business if you have product on your shelf. You will feel like a professional and have more confidence in your sales ability.
  • Motivation – Your inventory will motivate you to do your business when you lack self-motivation. Product sitting on your shelf will get you out there selling! It’s instant cash!
  • Profit – You will see a profit quicker from carrying inventory. If you have to place orders, it takes longer to see profit. Also you can see a higher commission level from your sales, since you will need to order less often.
  • Higher Reorders and Less Customer Drop-off – If you are able to immediately service your customers once they run out, they will learn to depend on you. If you have to place an order to the company, they may look for another consultant who carries inventory.
  • Less Frustration – The consultants who do not carry products tend to get frustrated with their business.

Continuing To Build Your Inventory

Your goal is to build to a level of inventory suitable for the size of business you intend to have. I am assuming you have joined Mary Kay to make money. If that is the case, then you will want to build to a full inventory, which is at least at $3600 or more. I personally maintain an inventory of about $6,000 wholesale.

But, whether you begin with no inventory, a small inventory, or a complete inventory, your goal is to maintain enough product on hand so that you can deliver to your customer on the spot.

If you are not at Full Inventory Level: Until you are at that inventory level, I suggest you reinvest all your profits back into more inventory, so you can grow to the inventory level to meet your needs. You have been living without Mary Kay money until now. The wisest money management practice to assure a successful business is to forego profit while you build your inventory.

How does that look? Take a look at this example.

  • You begin with $600 wholesale.
  • You sell $500 retail for the week.
  • Your cost of the product sold is $250, your profitis $250 (at 50%)
  • Rather than paying yourself $250, you would take the entire $500 and order $500 wholesale of more product.
  • $250 wholesale would be replacing the products you just sold, and the other $250 wholesale would be buying enough more to now have $850 wholesale on your shelf.

Continue to reinvest profits until you have an inventory that will maintain your sales level.

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Comments (10)

  • Laura


    “When I want something, I want it now! I don’t want to have to wait.”

    *Every* single other variation of home party that I’ve been to involves waiting for your product, as does online shopping. In fact, many other home-party businesses charge the shipping and taxes to the customers! At least if you have to wait for it, it’s more likely to be fresh, and not sitting on a shelf in someone’s house for months.


  • advertisingchick


    My favorite line was that if I didn’t order at least a star consultant level my director would not come to my business debut because I wasn’t serious about my business. That was a red flag because I thought she was going to guide/mentor me no matter what path I took. Also, they came in from Chicago (I live in MIchigan) for my business debut because I ended up ordering 1,800k worth but they ended up driving back that same night because I didn’t offer for them to stay at my parents place. “Hey mom and Dad these two girls that I just met are going to stay the night here, hope you don’t mind” I thought with all this money my director was making, why wasn’t she springing for a hotel for one night especially since you would be splitting it with my recruiter?


    • exIBC78


      I heard the same thing as well I had to have 10 people confirm to have her come. I also felt really uncomfortable that.




    “At least if you have to wait for it, it’s more likely to be fresh,and not sitting on a shelf in someone’s house for months.” Good point Laura!
    With all the changes in packaging in MK, if they do sell something it’s like, when they deliver that product and the customer looks at the book and it is different how likely are they to reorder from that person.
    The product changes alone work against the consultant.
    Also you can sometimes tell when changes are coming. They try to load you up with the “old” stuff.
    I had signed on at a discount. I got my “new kit”, only to find out a month later that they had changed the packaging. So my stuff was obsolete before I could even begin.
    Gullible me was so into the pink fog I didn’t even pay attention to that red flag!


  • ezbmama


    Enough with the “servicing” of customers! Are Drektors really so tone-deaf that they can completely ignore the association that term has with prostitution? Or is it Freudian–as in, sell your soul to MK…? Just reading that phrase makes me feel like I need a shower to wash off all the ick.


  • Oney Jones


    Once again, the poor husband was a target.


  • Now You Know The Truth


    Directors are dress up PIMPS faking success. Directors has to maintain Mary Kay bottom line of $4,000 in monthly production to keep their unit. How STRESSFUL in this economy! Directors has no retirement benefits or health plan. KEEP YOU JOB! When directors miss two months twice in a year she is ask to step down or weeded out, because she refuse to put production in. As a Director your entire meaningless career, and your of NO VALUE TITLE with this career opportunity is center around a director producing their Mary Kay unit production quotes monthly or every other month. YOU MUST BE GOOD AT PIMPING YOUR UNIT, dialing for dollars monthly, promoting cheap trinkets and recruiting innocent newbies with large inventory. It doesn’t matter how many years you been in Mary Kay. You don’t OWN your business. You have quotes to meet. You are not the boss. We have women on this site who was not lazy, great mentors, awesome leaders, won numerous cars, courts of sales/ recruiting, awards and recognitions in all sorts of categories with 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 plus years. Ponder that and kick in your critical thinking. Mary Kay, Incorp is laughable!… no God, no Family, no Career, no Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would like done unto you.” Mary Kay is your GOD, FAMILY, & CAREER. The Golden Rule…Mary Kay, Incorp. looks the other way as long as it’s profitable. Seminar, career conference, leadership, your NSD events are a money pit for the company and NSD with no substance. It’s all FAKE HYPE to filter your money to the top! NSD and Directors are just women pretending to be successful with huge debt. Consultants are Mary Kay, Incorp. customers to keep their warehouse of overly price products moving onto the shelves of their hardly no sales going on, just stock piling. If this opportunity and the products was so GREAT people would be running us down. Far better products are sold over the counter. All Mary Kay events are for recruiting ONLY in disguise. This site doesn’t gain pleasure in making up lies. We gain pleasure in telling the truth. The TRUE will set you free. It’s only negative if it isn’t the true. You CANNOT run this business opportunity with integrity. You will lose and learn the lesson the hard way at your expense for being in the pink fog far to long. May You Be Blessed with this wisdom. It’s about religious beliefs, it’s about joy, appreciation, kindness, integrity and love. STAND IN YOUR TRUTH! God is please with this site! A smile always make your day Brighter!!


    • Suzette Bilodeaux


      Wow!! Sock it to ‘em!! Batter up: home run! That last comment, though hard to comprehend at times, was one of the most powerful I’ve ever seen on this site.
      Pimps — very funny


    • MLM Radar Detector


      Now you know,

      I hear a lot of angry bitterness against Mary Kay in your words. Care to tell us your story? Are you yourself a former IBC or Director, or was it someone close to you?

      I always try to remember that Jesus taught us to hate the sin, but love the sinner. Please keep praying for the Directors who are still so fogged that they know not what they do. Many of them have so much money and emotion invested that they are afraid to open their eyes. They have convinced themselves they just have to try a little harder and the dream will become reality, because they think they can’t afford to stop believing.

      The vast majority of women who join Mary Kay and try to recruit others truly do mean well. It can take months, or sometimes even years, before they realize that they were conned, and even worse, were duped into helping spread the con to other unsuspecting women. That makes them even more afraid to stop believing the dream, because the guilt they would feel is enormous.


  • Now You Know The Truth


    MLM Radar Detector,

    I’m not sorry are bitter at all. My heart, mind, body & soul is free and it’s such a wonderful feeling. God and the Holy Spirit who guide us on earth opened my eyes. I have a divine appointment that is spiritually strong to spread the TRUTH! I gain nothing from spreading lies. However, if this site and networking can save women lives I would have help ladies from being manipulated into this cult. It’s my integrity of what I know as FACTS about the Pink Beast make me feel GREAT to not sweep it under the rug. and so many of us haven’t fail. We are exposing the Company for what it’s about that is cover-up in disguise. We’re not the week minded, lazy women that swollen what was spew out, but are stronger from the experiences. We’re praying for those who don’t know any better, who are in the pink fog, and are lead otherwise. I’m ashamed to have EVER been associated in Mary Kay for over two decades before I caught on, by the grace of God. I comfronted the company which they couldn’t denial not one of many accusations. I couldn’t with a good health conscious knew better and keep it to myself, I would be just as guilty. I will NOT be a party to the massive of lies and their secrets, unless I was willing to keep up the charade. I just wish those who was caught up (NSD) and learned the truth would have opened up their mouth before hundreds of women wasted many years of their life on a SCHEME of deceptions. Mary Kay, Incorp. is a profitable unethical money pit on every level. They have no reason to change what works for almost 50 years. A hype of a dream opportunity! I grant you a few will make it, some will move up while continually sliding backward without ever figuring out the system is set up for failure. With the majority (consultants and directors meaningless title that’s of no value) will keep filtering the company as Mary Kay customers by keeping their warehouse of constantly changes in packaging and changes in products moving out. My warmest regards are to all the lurkers in your future healing of the truth. We’re on a GREAT mission of rescuing women. Jesus is the savior of truth and light …AMEN!!!


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