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Written by Raisinberry

One of the reasons you are kicking yourself for joining Mary Kay is, you knew it was suspect from the beginning. You felt it in your gut but you swept that idea aside because you fell for the charisma and sincerity of your “presenter.”

One of reasons you successfully got guests to attend, is because you did not tell them the total truth, because if you did they would resist your invitation. You know this. You cheerfully called guest events by any other name besides recruiting meeting. Your first was innocent, being naïve and all, but eventually you figured it out… and bait and switch no longer bothered you.

As mentioned in the Dreams Drive and Deception article, the small seemingly insignificant “little white lies” do a slow indoctrinational assault on your integritythat one hardly notices.  We here at Pink Truth are chastised  for “not taking responsibility” for our “lack of integrity” and I have to say we do own 50% of that issue.

You knew it was wrong to allow upper vertically aligned peers to influence you to do questionable things in the name of “salesmanship” and “leadership.” You believed their advice, used their scripts, and silenced your negative concerns. We own all of our responses to their influence. But a company that knows exactly how these production numbers are achieved, and what the vertically aligned peer to peer input has been, and looks the other way because the income potential is too great, and total truth costs profit dollars, owns a piece of it too.

The greatest attribute of a human being in an advertised “godly environment” would be that human’s trust. Ironically, trust turns out to be our greatest weakness. Since some want us to believe that Mary Kay could not be responsible for the deception we have fallen into, I guess we can be thankful that this character defect of “trust” has been made aware to us. We can now be assured that no human entity or organization declaring itself to be a God first, family second, career third proposition should be trusted. So be it. Lesson learned. Thank you Mary Kay.

It still begs the question though, how even from the beginning we understood that  full disclosure – “honest communication” would not create the “success” we were looking for. Some examples:

  • Don’t say “dollars”… just say the number  “just 104”
  • Say “practice face” instead of sales appointment, she might not book, otherwise.
  • Say, “you plus two”, that seems small and you can add more when pre-profiling.
  • Call everyone in the fishbowl and tell them they won the free facial.
  • Say, “I was challenged by my Director” even though technically you weren’t, it makes people want to help you.
  • Use “yes answer” questions, they make the prospect agree with you, instead of finding out what they really think.
  • Use a choice between two things instead of asking a yes or no, like, would you want to take home the Miracle Set or the Ultimate Miracle set? Asking a direct question will many times get you a “no.”
  • You’re not “recruiting”, you are building a “team”… business associate is so much better!

Now, at this point, every sales person will object saying, these are just normal sales techniques and help control the presentation. But I ask you, when did sales manipulation become the “norm”?

Professional salespeople listen and discover where their product will benefit the consumer, not manipulate them with partial information and phoney 1960’s sales gimmicks. Feel, Felt, Found is as old as the hills and few consumers have not heard it.

Real honest dialogue with a customer is not taught in Mary Kay because the whole of the sales training program is steeped in manipulation and passed down quips. If Sales Directors were actually out in the field USING the very information they teach, they would have discovered this already. “Would you rather splurge for that extra touch of class that comes from earning the Director’s suit, or would just wearing the red jacket be more of what you had in mind tonight?” Change the quip and the manipulation screams at you, doesn’t it?

What do they really teach? That honest communication will not get results. That faced with the truth in its entirety, their desired objectives will not be met. Mary Kay is NOT a multi-level, when it surely is. Mary Kay does not have downlines, when truly they do. Mary Kay is about selling products to customers, when actually very little of that goes on and MK has no retail figures to back up this claim. Mary Kay is not a pyramid, when an NSD and her organizational structure shows a peer to peer interactive vertically aligned wholesale cooperative, that looks remarkably like a pyramid.

The simple truth is, that from start to finish, sales presentation to meeting invite, orientation to directorship, all Mary Kay consultants are engaged in some form of deception that they have come to accept as “normal” and “acceptable.” This is how deceptive practices begin to escalate. When you aren’t even able to state your business aims directly but must cloak them in “Ladies Night Out,” “Pizza and Possibilities,” “Model Searches”…  all designed to suck women in unawares to a “marketing”? No – It is a RECRUITING speech, you are steeped in the deception and dull witted to that truth.

Because those of us here at PinkTruth have shouted, “ENOUGH!”, we have exposed the game and practices that others are still engaging in. Our exposure is their pain, because they think that we are hurting their success and their reputations. They accuse us of a lack of integrity while they still refer to Mary Kay as a dual marketing venture, a number one selling brand, still use bait and switch guest invitations, manipulative sales ploys, and fail to fully disclose to their downlines, all that it really takes to succeed. They still buy $3 rings from Whitney and pretend they are expensive.

They still keep their earnings secret and never reveal that they co-pay for they car. They still stand at guest events telling their “high check,” and they still try and get the highest wholesale order they can from people they know have too much stock on their shelves already. You have to love the hypocrisy.

I imagine those integrity-chocked Directors and beauty consultants who blame us for our “fall,” do things differently than what we were taught to do. I bet when they have a conversation with their consultants, or a guest they are inviting, and she asks them if this is a recruiting event… they always say, “Yes.” I bet they always tell the names from the fishbowl that they all won. I bet they always order only what they sell no matter if the Unit is crashing, or the NSD’s trip is at stake, or their car production has dropped, or the contest, luncheon, name badge ribbon, leadership party or company contest is at stake.

I bet they never use “scripts,” distort facts, repeat exaggerated sales achievements. I bet they don’t use ordering gifts as a ploy for more wholesale at all! Why they probably call the company and put a stop on the orders of consultants who are attempting to finish “star” on their credit cards-not on their sales!

We here at Pink Truth accept the responsibility for continuing on long into the quagmire of deception. We are guilty. We trusted and we denied our own reality. We have started to see how we slipped and fell. And we stopped and we are out, or are getting out. Plus, we don’t want our people “sitting at the feet” of those who continue to deceive. Now, Miss Integrity…  how about you?

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Comments (12)

  • HopefullyHealing


    Awesome…..dare I repeat it….Heck yeah, It’s an awesome piece! This hits the nail on the head and ties a nice little bow on the package that is integrity within the pink monster.

    One can only hope that lurkers read this in its entirety, sit back and reflect upon their own actions of integrity and make the choice that helps them to sleep at night. Turning a blind eye is never a good thing, especially when the proof is documented and burned into your retinas by the beloved freedom of our internet.

    Oh what I would give to go back and change my trounce through sales directorship. To have maintained the integrity that I unfortunately, willingly brushed aside. To have maintained the cold hard cash I spent to do the “and then some” to “make it happen”. .

    Blessings to you lurkers…..learn from others mistakes.

    Thanks, as always Raisin. The use of your talents in this forum is such a great thing.


  • onelessSD


    DITTO! to hopefullyhealing!!


  • Exkaybot


    Wow! Raisin, this may well be the best piece you’ve ever written, and you have written some fantastic pieces.

    Even if you try to do MK with integrity…..you can’t. I thought I was, but the more I read the more I see the impossibility of that, and your article makes it clearer than ever.

    Lurkers, PLEASE take this to heart even if you disbelieve any other article. Take a cold hard look at any of the scripts you have read. Not just a cursory glance, be very analytic as you do so. You will surely see that Raisin is absolutely right.


  • flaming go


    This article needs to be permanently on the front page. :)


  • morningstar


    This article separates business acumen that is employed in by general sales reps. in america in 2012 and the emotional aspects that MK holds onto ad nasuem from the 1960′s and 1970′s. While their is a huge emotional component to sales, MK holds on to their system because they make money off of it, from their sales force and has firmly tapped into them that their own self worth is xxx only if you do xxxx. It is demeaning and proves again MK is not your own business. Only when the immediate sales force says to MK (via not ordering) this is NOT working, MK will change their tune fast. And the boat is slowly turning NSD’s are starting to get pressure. Again MK is not in business to help you sell product they sell it to you, done deal. This is slightly off topic but here is a push back in an email this week to NSD about the new botanicals line. She is a KAYBOT, but she is advocating chemicals vs botanicals. She is partially right IMO, but a KAYBOT. Here is the email:

    Perhaps everyone should be aware of this from Dr. Oz (in case any of your customers watch his show) … http://www.doctoroz.com/videos/three-anti-aging-products-you-dont-need

    1. Cleansers With Botanical Extracts

    What they are: Botanical extracts are ingredients extracted from plants (flowers, roots, stems, trees, etc.) for use in skin care for everything from healing blemishes to reducing fine wrinkles. They have been used for centuries and have anecdotal purposes in just about, if not, all cultures. In anti-aging creams, toners and serums, they work effectively.

    The issue: Botanical extracts need to remain on your skin in order to work. In cleansers, there is simply not enough contact time on your skin for any true anti-aging benefit to take place. Another issue is that most botanical extracts are water soluble, which means that the moment you wet your skin and begin to wash your face, they’re watered down and rendered useless.

    How to solve it: You may love how your cleanser makes your skin feel, or how it evens out your skintone, but it’s the effects of the balance of surfactants (cleansing agents) that you actually like – not the botanical extracts! To save on your cleanser, but still get the feel you love, find a formula containing similar surfactants – matching botanical ingredients does not matter.

    These are common surfactants used in cleansers; find what’s making yours tick and look for a cheaper, equally-effective alternative. Try sodium or ammonia laureth sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, coco betaine, sodium C12-15 pareth sulfonate, sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate, disodium laureth sulfosuccinate, decyl glutamate, coco glucoside, lauryl glucoside, sodium lauroamphoacetate, sodium cocoyl isethionate.

    End of email


  • Lazy Gardens


    Peer to Peer Interactive Vertically Aligned Retail Cooperative



  • Lazy Gardens


    Relevant lyrics from Jennifer Kae

    So it’s
    Good bye to your little white lies
    It wouldn’t hurt to tell the truth sometimes
    I’m sweet, yeah you better believe it
    I’m not one to criticize
    But you never had a smile that could reach the eyes
    On three, on four
    Close the door as you’re leavin’

    I have of late
    Considered how I feel
    And every day, every day now
    It’s becoming clear
    I’m tired and wasted
    And I can’t take it,
    So go ahead and hate me
    If it makes it easy


  • gettingoutofdebt


    Raisin…. another great article! You tell it like it is… the TRUTH.
    Love your wisdom and talent from writing.



  • raisinberry


    thanks all…but i wish it wasn’t true then, and wasn’t still true now. Every monday or tuesday or saturday morning all over the world…another woman is being sucked in by the distorted and deceptive claims of women in the process of losing their souls.


  • pinkpeace


    Raisinberry, you know I have undying respect and admiration for you, and this piece just added to that. You encapsulated everything that is foul and insidious in Mary Kay, and why being a sales director sucked the integrity out of my soul.

    The very biggest blessing of leaving Mary Kay was the ability to tell the truth once again. Sales directors are so used to lying ALL the time, it becomes a way of life. The freedom of being able to be honest changed my life completely – and it would not have been possible had I remained in Mary Kay.

    Love you, Raisin!




    Please Please! Anyone still in MK and reading this, take a real vacation from “work”.
    Do not attend MK meetings for two weeks. Instead go to something that has nothing to do with MK. It will be difficult…but do it.

    Try a cosmetic or product other than MK. Call it comparison or checking out the competition.

    Go to a movie, shop, or lunch with a non-MK friend, and resist the temptaton to hand out your busines card or talk about MK.

    Listen to Motzart or the Black-eye Peas instead of the “MK training”.

    Change the message on your land-line and cell phone to just “Hi, leave a message.”

    Pack your MK stuff away and play a game with your family.

    Then before you go back to your MK meeting (hopefully you’ll be enjoying yourself so much you will not want to go back.)..gather your sales receipts count them up. Then gather your purchase receipts (include everything from MK products to gas, all business supplies, interest on credit cards, website, etc.) Compare the totals. Then calculate or project how long it will take you to make a profit at this rate.


    • GabHappy


      @Iwasgullible…I totally did this!! Have not been to a meeting since…September i think(I started in May) and I have not been happier. I liked the high from all the positive thoughts, but I also felt bad because I refused to recruit.


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