Caption This Mary Kay Photo


  1. Mi Ki

    (Left to right)

    “Sure, I’d like to bonk you, but…”

    “…I’m not blind and…”

    “…the thought of draining my bank account on pink shit gives me dry heaves.”

  2. TRACY

    I honestly thought this was some sort of spoof, because surely MK wouldn’t publish such an awkward ad? No such luck. It appears this one is for real. I don’t see any MAN that I know buying this stuff based on three men looking like idiots.

  3. MLM Radar Detector

    Current Mary Kay website suggested retail price for the complete set: $74

    Current eBay price for the complete set: $40

    Combined Wal-Mart price for equivalent items matching the set: $16 to $20

    Loook into my eyes… Loook deeeeep into my eyes…
    Knooowww how much you will ssseeellll… You’lllll ssseeellll it aaaalllllllll…
    Oooooppeeennnnnn your wallllleeettt……….

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