Caption This Mary Kay Photo

This is one of my all-time favorite photos of a Mary Kay event. Leave your caption in the comments section!


  1. MLM Radar Detector

    Click on the picture to enlarge it and check out the demonic red eyes below those circus-clown pink wigs!

    I realize it’s just an ordinary camera flash red-eye effect. Normally you want to edit a photo to get rid of it. But in this case it’s perfect.

      1. ttp

        Okay crotch grabbing circus afro lady, you’re not Michael Jackson, you’re not Madonna. Grabbing your crotch like that is more like “Roseanne Barr when she screeched the nation anthem at that ball game that time.” It’s not looking cool like you think it is….

  2. Lilbunny

    In an effort to lure in younger Mary Kay recruits, Marjorie and her unit decide to crash the freshman mixer. Unfortunately, what was considered “groovy” back when she was in college doesn’t really work with kids today.

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