Caption This Mary Kay Photo


  1. Movin' On w/ Life

    “Muah HA HA HA!!!! See the sign behind us that says ‘Fail Forward’?
    When you FAIL, we make MONEY!!!! And that is ALL we care about. FAIL BABY FAIL.”

  2. onceapinkhead

    “OMG, Gloria, I think that Seminar food is really getting to me. . . ”

    “The food? Hell, Pammy, it’s the closed toestank that’s turning my gut!”

    “Is that what it is? But we’re already onstage Gloria, and I’m gonna hurl!”

    “So am I, Pammy, hold my hand and we’ll both puke PINK!”


  3. NeverWasPink

    Wait, and there’s NO booze allowed in MK events?!? Ladies, you got some ‘splaining to do then!! Because I can’t get my head around any context in which this makes sense that DOESN’T involve some drinking..

  4. sweetstrawberry

    “Dear Hod, thanks for all the diamonds, cars, vacations, botox, face-lifts, etc…but it’s not enough! Please send us more victims…uh, we mean, ‘recruits’, so we may continue to plunder for your glory. In Mary Kay Ash’s name we pray, amen.”

  5. LilBunny

    “See? I told you if we sacrificed that litter of kittens at seminar, the Dark Lord would bring us some Mary Kay virgins!”
    “Yes! And I’ve already scheduled their facials! Praise the Evil One!”

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