New Mary Kay Consultant: Why Your Director Wants You to Start Recruiting Right Away

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Mary Kay RecruitingYou’re a new Mary Kay consultant, and you’re just learning the ropes. You’re excited, but a little scared about all the things you don’t know about your business. Your director is encouraging you to start recruiting. You want to get your feet under you first before you will feel comfortable bringing others into the business.

But your director keeps pushing you about recruiting. She suggests you’re just going to do “practice interviews” or some other innocent sounding thing. She keeps coming at you about recruiting. Why?

  1. Recruiting is how your director makes her money. New people mean new inventory orders, and that’s where the sales director makes the bulk of her income. Mary Kay Cosmetics encourages large initial inventory orders because that is the single largest amount most consultants will ever order. With 40,000 MK consultants quitting the company each month, a new supply of orderers is constantly required.
  2. Your director needs to get you to recruit before you realize what a loser business Mary Kay is. If she lets you wait to see how hard it is to sell the products, you’ll be discouraged, and you won’t want to set others up for the failure you’re experiencing. Eventually you’ll figure out that 99% of people who get involved with MLMs lose money, and if you have scruples, you won’t want to bring others in to lose their money too.
  3. Your director wants you to recruit before you figure out that you make more money by NOT recruiting. The best target for a potential recruit is someone who likes the Mary Kay products. If a woman is buying products from you, you have the opportunity to make a gross profit of 25% to 50% of the retail amount she buys from you (depending on how much you have to discount the products or give away free products as incentives to buy). If you recruit that customer, you suddenly make only 4% of wholesale on her product purchases. And you’ve also given yourself another competitor, which is especially bad if you have many of the same family members and friends.
  4. By getting you to recruit, your director has helped you feel successful, and your excitement makes you more likely to order more products and continue on in the business. Even when you are not making any money. You have a couple of recruits, and suddenly your director tells you that you’re “on target” for something, and that you only need to order $xxxx more to get to a higher commission level or qualify for a prize. You’re probably going to place that order, even if you don’t need the products because you want to keep your momentum going. Another order means more commission for the sales director.

After nearly 50 years in business, Mary Kay has perfected the bait that is needed to lure people in and get them to order more.  They know exactly which kind of “contest” or cheap prize will bring in more orders. The ribbons given out at Career Conference and Seminar cost pennies, but consultants are spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on orders to get those silly ribbons.The same thing goes for the star consultant prizes and other trinkets that Mary Kay gives to orderers during special promotions. The company knows exactly which kind of positive reinforcement leads to more orders, and getting you to recruit right away is a brilliant part of the plan.

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Comments (5)

  • princess lea


    Oh, the amazing prizes!!!
    “Tell me, is there any reason why you wont let me use you as a guinea pig for a 15 minute practice interview (thats consultant lingo for 60 minutes) while i chat your ear off so i can win a super cheap stretchy bracelet??? Please!!! I’ll give you a free satin hands for helping me practice. Really? Oh im so excited! ill have my director call you (classic bait and switch). shes super cool, you’ll just love her. shes not pushy, we just want to get your opinion (yeah, right).”


  • Eyes wide open


    Bawhahahaha so sad but true!


  • CaliforniaGal


    Yup! I remember trying so hard to learn the business and taking all of the classes offered at the local Mary Kay center. Yup, they had my number. I worked so hard for recognition and those silly prizes. When I went to seminar and got my prizes, I was actually embarrassed because I had spend 10,000 to get the star consultant prize. I could have just bought the pearl necklace and earrings for myself and saved myself a lot of money. Corporate knows hot to push your hot button and how to get you to spend money you don’t even have for something you don’t even need or care about.


  • Tried Twice


    I remember how badly I wanted that glittery $1,000 pin for having a $1,000 sales week. I did two classes, had some outside sales and legitimately won that pin. I was also supposed to win lunch with my director (who is an NSD), but that never happened. Fifteen years later I still have that pin, am still upset my director didn’t invite me for lunch, and still wonder why I was so caught up in the cheap prizes and ribbons :)


    • MLM Radar


      Fifteen years ago you didn’t realize that this was a scam, and that’s fine. It happened that way to all of us. You can stop being mad at yourself; you are not alone.

      We went to work for legitimate employers where we learned to keep our mouths shut and do what our supervisors told us to do. There’s a reason why any employer has “how to” rules. It may be to prevent theft, to make the workplace safe, to comply with the law, to please customers, or for some other reason we are unaware of. So even though we don’t know why or can’t understand why, we follow instructions if we want to keep our jobs.

      Enter the Mary Kay predators. They know we are trained to follow instructions. They know we are looking to them for guidance on how to run a successful business. They know we have no formal business training so we don’t realize there’s something wrong with Mary Kay math.

      The Mary Kay predators publicly applaud us for following their instructions, praising us for being sooooo successful. Yet all the while they’re picking our pockets, or (even worse) persuading us to voluntarily hand over our cash, or (worst of all) getting us to join their ranks and recruit others.

      Manipulation at its finest. Decades of practice honing the subtle art of sending us down the road to hell while making us look forward to the trip.

      THAT’S why you got so caught up in the cheap prizes and ribbons. It wasn’t your fault. You were manipulated by experts.

      What do you do now with that glittery $1,000 pin? Use it to teach the next generation of unsuspecting youth how to avoid stepping in the same trap that caught you. “Yes, my friend, I’ve saved that pin for a reason. I want to show you how I was cheated so that you don’t make the same mistake. This company is still out there and there are hundreds more just like it.”


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