You Can’t Succeed by Doing Mary Kay “The Right Way”

Written by Raisinberry

On the manipulation in Mary Kay and the false belief and hope that there is a “right way” to do Mary Kay.

The cat’s out of the bag. Beauty Consultants are becoming aware of Pink Truth, and the Archives hold the stories of far too many women to be ignored.

The proof that Mary Kay Inc. reads this site is here. The NSD’s know of this site and while they encourage others to stay away, they have to read this site for self protection. Their names could appear any day, with a laundry list of incriminating “teachings”, exposing their manipulation skills.

The characterization that Pink Truth is a “group of negative, disgruntled, non Christian, corporate women who don’t understand our culture” isn’t flying. So, the warning has gone out to the masses “stay away from this site”…which of course has caused hundreds if not thousands to come here to find out the scary and evil Pink Truth.


PT has only revealed the tip of the iceberg. Mary Kay, and all MLM companies, have a commitment to self preservation. Billions of dollars are at stake and they have one truly effective weapon in their arsenal: Hope.

Since much of the scripting has been revealed, and many objections brought out, Pink Truth has become the “To Do” List for reform minded Mary Kay sales directors everywhere, as well as corporate change agents who want to hold on to their jobs and continue a “good thing”.

It’s lovely really. The prior quarter’s Look Books will remain available on section 2 to help consultants sell through their past purchases. Product change announcements will be earlier in the production schedule to help the consultants balance their inventory.

Some unethical directors have been or will be terminated because of selling unapproved Mary Kay merchandise, as a warning to others. Inventory lot selling to overseas importers seems to be cleaned up.

It seems as if many concerns on PT have been addressed in some small way. Change is good! There is hope.

Mary Kay Cosmetics will right the wrongs of the past, and now the NEW MANTRA for consultants everywhere is, “Salesmanship!” Let’s teach our consultants to SELL, SELL, SELL. A selling consultant is a happy consultant.

The Ethical Director Movement is ON! No more massive “frontloading”. Now, $1,800 is a good figure to handle a perfect start. As quickly as “the Dacias” were promoted for amazing speed to the top, they are dropped like hot potatoes, with “under the breath disdain” as directors collectively and in unison say, “I knew it was too fast… I knew something just wasn’t right, we are going to do it the Mary Kay way!”

This is the diabolical hook of the multi-level marketing company. HOPE. It’s a magician’s misdirection, a play on your heart strings. You always wanted to believe in the “hard work gets results” American Dream, and if one can do it we all can do it!

But when we apply that work ethic to a flawed business model we always come up empty. MLMS hold up the top people and sell their results, and infuse you with HOPE. At the same time, they transfer responsibility to you for your lack of results. They won’t tell you what unethical things were done by those top people. They won’t take away a bar pin when chargebacks obliterate that “Million Dollar year”.

As long as you can be made to bear the responsibility for your low numbers, and believe the bogus “I-story” from the TOP of the top, there’s HOPE. You can change. You can work harder. You can “fix” things.

Hook, line and sinker, you’ve been reeled in with a new commitment to strong sales. Because of PT, directors are now focused on “sales training”. Only nothing ever changes. Direct sales of product will always be low and inconsistent because you get ahead by recruiting and loading them up with product they inconsistently sell, and won’t return, because, don’t you know… there’s still hope.

Before she retired, Ann Newbury commented on the business downturn of Mary Kay, saying, “We’ve weathered this before and we’ll weather it again..I am so glad I never quit when times got tough.” You go Ann… Keep your $ 650,000 a year family security hope alive… all on the backs of hundreds of thousands of dollars in beauty consultant credit card debt, and the “dazed by HOPE” directors who got it for you!

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Succeed by Doing Mary Kay “The Right Way””

  1. Doing Mary Kay “The Right Way” means making most of your money from retail sales to end-user customers. That’s what the Federal Government requires from a Direct Sales company for it to be classified “not a pyramid scheme” and that’s what Mary Kay says it delivers.

    The problem, of course, is that the real end-user customers are not the ladies who buy a roll-up bag with extra lipstick. No, in Mary Kay’s eyes the end-user customers are the consultants and directors who plunk down $600 or $1200 or $3600 for inventory that they have little or no chance of ever selling. Mary Kay tracks sales to directors and consultants. It doesn’t track nor even care about sales to anyone else, just so long as those sales are not on eBay or in retail stores.

    So can a Mary Kay consultant succeed by doing Mary Kay “The Right Way”? Can she succeed by achieving something the company itself won’t pursue – a viable, steadily reordering, customer base of women who buy makeup for personal use? There are probably a few who do, but nearly everyone else quickly exhausts her “warm market” (family and friends) then finds herself with no one left to call, and only useless advice for reaching potential customers.

    Put a fishbowl in a beauty salon offering a free makeover. Stock the public restrooms at your workplace with samples bearing your name and phone number. Stick business cards on car windows. Hold a trunkload sale near a shopping mall entrance. Create and circulate “surveys” offering free product and “pampering sessions” to those who respond. Buy mailing lists. Send e-mails.

    Yeah, right. Been there, done that. Didn’t work before and still isn’t working.

    The only things you’re prohibited from doing are those things which really DO generate end-user sales: advertise the products and offer them for sale in a traditional retail outlet.

  2. For ten years, I worked Mary Kay ‘the right way.”
    I am NOT looking for a pat on the back about how honest I am, nor am I looking for sympathy for my could’ve beens. I am sharing this in the hopes that current IBC’s will learn something, or at least dare I say, to plant a seed with you.
    There have been many, many times where I came across other IBC’s customers, and gladly sent them back to their consultant. I even went so far as to refuse a recruit who wanted to sign up with me even though I was not her consultant (my director was). Also, I called a local consultant (whom I did not know) when I met one of her customers who wanted to recruit. What did that get me? Not much. I had 3 recruits ‘stolen’ from me. My customers always seemed to meet another consultant and stopped reordering, even though I specifically ordered their fav products ahead of time.

    I worked me butt off for MK, and all I got was this lousy red jacket. My recruiter became a director and earned her “free” car. Funny how she has sooo much inventory though. I’d like to know how much she has to order to maintain directorship, and how much she has to pay each month for that car???

    I am fairly stubborn and only ordered what I knew my customers would buy, and just a little bit at a time… So luckily when I finally decided to close up shop I was not stuck with a bunch of pink junk.

    Note to current IBC’s who stumble here: do not over order inventory, no matter what your director says! Only buy what you know you will sell in the next 30 days. Period.

    Since tax time is around the corner, I have been doing a lot of reflecting. Here is what I found: my average sales per year were $7010 my average LOSS per year $2910. There was only 1 year I took a profit. My sales were $11,242 my GROSS profit was $5265 and after all the business related expenses I made a whopping $82.00

    Remember ladies, the numbers never lie.
    But your directors do!
    Yes, you might be able to write off a portion of your utility bills, but after several years of taking a loss on your business the IRS will put you on their fraud radar, you will get audited, your business is NOT considered a business and good luck getting a home loan when your business loses money every year. Your Mary Kay ‘business’ is a liability, plain and simple. NO amount of positive affirmations will change that.

    P.S. MLM Radar is right!
    Buying bulk email lists, leaving business cards on other persons’ property, fish bowls in (real) businesses, and stocking bathrooms with brochures and samples will. never. work. EVER.

  3. Well, Yes, I got those cold call lists for my area. Never got a sale. Then I did the fish bowl in some local businesses & never got much for that either. Then, I started doing classes at the local beauty schools. Got some interested gals, but got scammed myself. I worked hard and tried to help other women move up in the business.

    My schedule C inspire of my best efforts was never more than $250 in a good year and a lost of $200 in the bad ones. My business was really kind of a wash. If you are not making money, why have a business? Why go to the effort of ordering and storing, and wracking up your credit card charges when you are gaining very little. My final assessment: Mary Kay is not worth and the time and effort involved.

    And Yes, I tried to refer gals back to their original consultant, but had customers and potential consultants stolen right from under my nose. It was enough to make one cry. So much for the Golden Rule that we are supported to follow in Mary Kay.

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