Mary Kay Seminar Attendance

I enjoy tracking the number of consultants victims who attend Mary Kay’s “seminar” in Dallas each year.  The attendance sounds impressive, but remember that only about 5% of consultants attend. Which means that 95% of consultants wisely stay home!

(And I pity all those workers in Dallas, who can’t wait for the Mary Kay ladies to leave.)

Attendance by year:

2014: 30,000

2013: 50,000 (allegedly, but I believe the figure was inflated substantially)

2012: 32,000

2011: 30,000

2010: More than 30,000

2009: 35,000

2008: 35,000

2007: 40,000

2006: 42,000

2005: 45,000

2003: 53,000

2001: 43,000


  1. Freefrmpink

    Hall A is gone. Soon there will be no need for 5 seminars. Once they combined, then hall A will return. With so much information out there, It still amazes me that women are still falling for this scam.

    1. MK Taints the Color Pink

      Some of the merchants may make extra sales, but more than likely most of them are just over crowded with window shoppers who can’t afford to buy much or anything because they spent all of their money on Seminar. Here are some recent articles that expose how cheap Kaybots can be:

  2. Sapphire

    I’ve never been and I am glad I’ve never been.

    but here’s the thing… If a company contimues to “rent” an arena with limited seating, how many people will come? A LIMITED NUMBER… so if Mary Kay is complaining about the decline in attendance it’s their fault because they are LIMITING the seating and Last but not Least. The Costs are Exhorbitant and they offer No Substantive Training or any REAL Mariketing or Business Workshops.

    I don’t know about you but if I want to cheer, I’ll go to the local high school and cheer for the local football team. At least the game will be good and the company honest.

  3. raisinberry

    Yea, it’s hard to believe any number that comes from Corp, or anyone from sales development. These are the people who want you to believe:
    “It’s the number one best selling brand”
    “Mary Kay enriches women’s lives”
    “Mary Kay works when you do”
    “Show up to go up”
    “You can’t afford NOT to go.”
    “You make 50% profit”
    “You can win a car”
    “You own your own business”
    “Seminar is the Oscars, Broadway and Disney all rolled up into one.”

    Well, that last one is true. Seminar is the place where a bunch of actors, deliver a series of rehearsed scripts, designed to tear at your heartstrings, while lights and music and visual extravaganza distract you from the enormous price you paid to get there.

    1. MLM Radar

      Shortchanging a waitress on the tip is NOT the way to convince her you have a wildly successful business, and definitely not the way to convince her it’s more profitable than waitressing.

      1. Dhagen02

        EXACTLY! If a table of 6-10 women cannot afford a tip but want to brag about how successful they are, that is a serious warning flag! Sheesh! I always tip no matter where I am(even if the service is poor, I do at least 10%) and would never think that leaving a sample of our alpaca yarn(yep, we raise alpacas) suffices. In CA(not sure or other states), waitstaff are taxed for “perceived” income so that is crap.

        1. BestDecision

          Let’s keep in mind that these are the same women wearing house slippers around the convention center. And the very same women who don’t travel anywhere enough to know that you leave a credit card, not cash, for incidentals when you check into a hotel.

          Sorry. That’s just an explosion of the venting I have as a former Director who dreaded each Seminar. Trying to explain what incidentals are or that a hotel room does, indeed, cost over $100/night grew exhausting. Same thing every year, too.

  4. Foaming Cleanser

    Thank you for those two very interesting articles ! I’m totally appalled by that kind of behavior! I had no idea! I’m so glad I didn’t go!

  5. princess lea

    Let’s see, wasn’t 2013 their 50 year anniversary? So 50,000 at Seminar has got to be an inflated claim. Something here just doesn’t jive. I wonder how many really showed up?

    And the whole tipping thing? Good grief! My director made a point of giving us specific instructions to bring extra money just for tipping! It was really hard for me to want to tip, because I had spent an insane amount of money just to get to stinkin’ Seminar. Like, I literally had no money left to tip but felt pressured to do so. “Here’s your sign.” LOL!

    And yes, I too left business cards & samples with every single restaurant bill for ten years, but I always left a monetary tip. How tacky can these consultants be? Oh, and you know what? Nobody ever called me. Ever. Not once.

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