You Have No Right

Dear Mary Kay sales directors… This is a list of things you have no right to do or say to consultants, potential recruits, or anyone else involved with Mary Kay.

Encouraging dishonesty…

  • It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. Lying to one’s husband is not okay. It is especially not okay when it comes to spending money on inventory, starting a Mary Kay “business,” going to an out-of-town event, or any other part of Mary Kay. Marriage is a partnership, and partners share information with one another. They do not purposely withhold information, especially when they know it would be of concern to the spouse.
  • You can use the “husband unawareness plan.” (Didn’t I just mention lying?)
  • If you have a “bad class” don’t tell your husband. He will want you to quit. Tell him only the good news, and show him the money. (Yes, that’s more lying to the husband. Bad, bad, bad.)

And then there are all the lies related to selling the products and recruiting. You know they’re lies, so you have no right to say them. Oh, and all those statements about helping her? You’re only planning to “help” as long as she’s ordering, and the real help only includes encouraging her to order more and recruit more.

  • You could find the money to do ____ if you really wanted to.
  • Of course you have $____ to go to _____. (No, director, you don’t know that she has any money available to do anything. Quit assuming things about her finances.)
  • You could sell more MK products if you really wanted to. (Yeah, cuz we really don’t want to sell them. We didn’t really try.)
  • If you need more money, book another class. You decide how much you want to make. You can control your own income. (Not really!)

How the director will work with you (or not).

  • I work with decision makers. Do you really need your husband’s permission? (Oops, there she goes interfering with the spouse again.)
  • Mary Kay may not be for you, but how will you know if you don’t give it a try? (Please don’t say this, because you know that when she fails and quits like the other 99% of women, you’re going to call her a lazy loser. )
  • I do life with my consultants. I intend to spend the rest of my working life with you. (But only as long as they’re ordering, and you know it.)
  • I will match my time with yours. If you are working (ordering) I am yours. If you are not, I will not be spending time with you.
  • Same with meeting attendance. Those who go up show up. (Moving up in MLM really has nothing to do with attendance, other than the fact that the brainwashing sessions will keep you on the hamster wheel longer than necessary.)
  • My job is to help you be successful. (No, your job is to help her order more.)
  • I will earn your red jacket for you, I will help you earn your car, and I will let you become a director. (Really, you’ll just help her use her credit cards.)

And then the lies about Mary Kay priorities and intentions. You know you don’t really mean these!

  • Mary Kay women are different, we are energy-givers not energy suckers. (Unless you’re begging for month-end production when you dial for dollars?)
  • Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to ignore your values and instead be able to put faith first, family second and your business third?

This list could go on forever…


  1. enorth

    The only way to fail in MK is to quit.

    More women are making more than $100K in MK than any other company.

    MK has more cars on the road than the US government.

    MK has been the best-selling skincare brand in the US for the past (fill-in-the-blank) years. MK has been the best-selling makeup brand in the US for the past (fill-in-the-blank) years. MK has been the best skincare and makeup brand in the world for (fill-in-the-blank) years.

    The MK marketing plan is taught at Harvard and 35 other business schools across the US.

    I love you and I’m so proud of you. You are a rock-star! You are a woman of excellence and integrity, (Of course, I only met you three days ago, but you did place a $3,600 initial order, and I want you to keep on ordering BIG so I can keep my unit and car. So, I’ll keep the tears flowing from my eyes as I squeeze your hand and have our picture taken for Facebook. Your friends and family will see the picture and congratulate you as if you actually achieved something meaningful. They — and you — don’t know yet that it’s all staged. Shhh….)

      1. exibc78

        And I luv in the dc metro. Way outside dc metro now but still in the tv viewing area. I have within legit working distance at least 1000 places of fed employment that have company cars. Oh right down the road (depends on which road you take) oh poop at least 15 national parks. I can get to two national cemetery and be home by dinner (late dinner for Arlington). This is so false anyone reading show ask themselves…if someone will lie about something so stupid, what else are they lying about?

    1. need_more_coffee_after_nitwit

      Really “more woman are making more than 100K in Mary Kay then any other company”. According to applause, MK has anywhere between 50 to 100 woman each month who might make more than gross more than 100K on an annual basis.

      I do not have to search very far to identify that there are several fortune 500 companies (including GM, Google, Apple) where each individual company has more than 100 woman making that amount of money.

      The MK marketing plan may be mentioned at Harvard, it does not mean that is is taught, just held as an example of bad things to do.

  2. MLM Radar

    You have to spend money to make money. No. Spending is just spending. Marketing is completely different, and starts with evaluating your situation to get the most from spending the least. IOW, you DON’T buy inventory until you know what your customers will want… until you have people interested in becoming customers.

    The way to make real money is to duplicate yourself. No. That’s the way to wipe out your profits. You NEVER recruit someone until (1) You have more customers than you can handle, and (2) You will still be profitable after giving up your potential profits to your recruit.

  3. costalot

    You’ll be making executive income working 15 hours a week.
    Who can get excited about that?

    You own your own business.
    Really? Then let me make a decision about marketing….

    The product flies off the shelves.
    No, it collects dust sitting on the shelves because nobody wants it.

    Successful women don’t wear slacks.
    1963 called, they want their wardrobe back. It’s 2014, I see plenty of successful women wearing slacks. I’m one of them.

  4. raisinberry

    Stars Drive cars! (No, Stars have at least 3600.00 plus retail rotting on their shelves and usually much much more, as they collect 12 active targets)

    I’ll match my time with your effort! (cause that reduces my effort)

    What you think about you bring about! (Really? Then why isn’t MK bankrupt already?)

    Of the millionaires in the US only 4% are women, of those women, 84% are Mary Kay affiliated. (90% of statistics are completely made up)

  5. CaliforniaGal

    Well, gal friends, Yes! What a great post. Don’t forget to focus on your affirmations! Don’t allow anything negative into your life. I personally like, you have to layer the truth to your recruits. Translation: If you tell them that they will have to order a ton of stuff that they will never sell just to win some cheap $ trinket, then no one would ever sign up. Oh yes, layering is really deception in increments.

  6. Bob G

    In the supermarket parking lot yesterday, I saw a big pink car with Mary Kay plastered all over it. I wrote on a 3×5 and left it under the wiper. I hope you have a new reader today.

  7. Tigger

    That’s it! PT is a perfect listing of what is wrong with every MLM on the planet. I tell everyone about PT. If they are in MLM, they get very defensive. I try to explain that it only tells the truth – that there is no negative in truth. Pretty much goes in one ear and out…………well, you know. But, at least I’ve planted a seed. They WILL think about it.

  8. Cori

    I just became a Mary Kay consultant… and I wish I never did. My director even offered to pay for my starter kit of $100 because I couldn’t afford it on time to get the summer catalog. I still owe her money. But now I can’t sell product until I invest in at least $600 worth of inventory… where does she think I have the money coming from? I only make $600 a month from my part time job and being a full time college student. How do I tell her I want out?

    1. Lazy Gardens

      “My director even offered to pay for my starter kit of $100 because I couldn’t afford it on time to get the summer catalog. I still owe her money..” ….

      She LIED to you … there is no “Summer Catalog”! There is an ever changing product list.

      But now I can’t sell product until I invest in at least $600 worth of inventory

      Another LIE …. she wants you to order $600 worth to be a “qualified recruit” … if you order $600 you qualify for nothing, but SHE qualifies for prizes and bonuses for getting you to order that much. (the minimum order to qualify for the discount is $225, not $600!)

      Give her the starter kit and say “Here, take it back and sell the full size product, take out your $100 and give me what’s left over.”

      ” How do I tell her I want out?” Your contract is with Mary Kay Company, not the director. Tell them … Send a letter to Mary Kay Corporate, the consultant contact people, telling them to cancel your consultant number.

      Tell her to SHOVE IT! You have SCHOOL!

      If you want to be polite, say this, “Leaving Mary Kay is in my best interest and the best interest of my education. Please respect my decision” Then HANG UP.. Do not let her get you into a debate about whether or not you can or should leave. She’s already proven to be a lying liar who lies.

        1. MLM Radar


          You have two other replies to your question on the thread, “How The Pink Fog Overtook Us.” They concur with what Lazy Gardens told you here.

          Congratulations on seeing through the fog before you got trapped in it.

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