How to Legitimately Steal Recruits From Your Unit Members

You have a hotshot in your unit who is getting ready to go into DIQ (Director-In-Qualification). Here’s how to get some recruits from her team that she won’t be able to keep when she becomes a director. And it is allowable under the Mary Kay rules.

This is one of my favorite sneaky tactics promoted by Mary Kay nsd Anita Garrett Roe. The basic premise of the scheme is this: If you have someone who is going DIQ, get her 8 active pre-DIQ recruits to quickly recruit people of their own. Whether your DIQ successfully completes directorship or not, any recruits of the 8 pre-DIQ recruits stay in YOUR unit forever.

Anita calls these women “backup recruits.” The idea is that if the DIQ finishes and takes her unit with her, you have already built back some of the consultants she is taking.

This takes advantage of a technicality in Mary Kay… that you get the benefit of ONLY your personal recruits until you do DIQ and successfully complete it. Once you complete DIQ, the pyramid can grow infinitely to your benefit. But prior to entering and completing DIQ, you only keep your own personal recruits.

Here’s how Anita explains this Mary Kay Cosmetics scam:


I am glad you are reading this because that says you are interested in having some DIQs. Having DIQs is a system, and there is a way that you can gather some “left behind” consultants so that when your DIQ goes into qualification you can have AT LEAST 8 “left behind” consultants!!It is important to start looking at the person who is enthusiastically sharing the opportunity and make a chart on her right from the start!

Now, with the ones who are going for it, take a piece of paper and divide it in half, horizontally. On the top box, you write the name of your potential DIQ candidate. As she gathers team members, you write their names under hers in that top box.

Then, you develop a relationship with her new recruits and cause them to gather some team members themselves… every time you harvest a back up recruit that will be a “left behind” consultant in your unit, you enter that name below in your box.

Your goal is to develop a chain of at least 8 “left behind” consultants so that when your DIQ does start qualification, you will have 8 left behind with you, the same number she is taking with her.

What you have actually done is you have 8 more people in your unit than you did before she got the Big Idea of going for Directorship!

Therefore, having a DIQ never should deplete your unit. So, it is smart to really work on getting these backup recruits coming in from the very start. This way you will have a strong unit.

Also, if you have say four offsprings, then you really ought to end up with about 32 people (4X8) left behind in your unit. This is how the big units do it. It is a system.

I know you can master this. The natural human tendency is to say to yourself, “Oh good, Mary is recruiting and doing a good job with her team, I will work on something else.” But don’t miss this opportunity to gather some “left behind” unit members! If you start in on it from the start, it will be easy.

You can say things to the new team member like, “Let’s get you into your Red Jacket right away! Part of your training is for you to see your Director do 5 interviews. Make a list and we will go talk to them.”

Make calling and encouraging this new unit member a big priority. In fact, you can offer to them the program of them calling you every morning at a certain time to tell you what they did the day before. This gives you a tremendous opportunity to get her off to a great start and to teach her things she needs to know in order to be successful!!

Let me know when you have a DIQ candidate coming up and I will write her a letter!

Love and belief!



  1. MLM Radar

    What you have actually done is you have 8 more people in your unit than you did before she got the Big Idea of going for Directorship!

    What you have actually done is recruit for yourself the easiest 8 women your would-be DIQ could have recruited, hamstringing her, and making it that much more likely that she’ll fail DIQ. Of course when that happens you’ll get all the rest of her DIQ recruits.

    And then, having set her up to fail, you get her all excited with the notion that people are soooo eager to join (just look at what’s happening around you!) then push her into DIQ before she’s ready.

    Milk ’em, squeeze ’em dry, cast ’em aside. Next!

  2. raisinberry

    Some will say that Anita Roe is just a “bad egg”. That wont deflect from the fact that in DIQ, the diq’s recruit’s recruits, remain in the parent unit if she doesn’t make it, as well. So “pre-diq” and during diq, the potential unit member has no idea she won’t be with her recruiter in the Unit. It encourages the pressure to finish any way possible.

    It is one more of those MLM hiccups that makes the whole business just a exercise in deception. But you can’t TELL the recruiters that their friend might not be in the upcoming Unit…cause then they wont recruit till they ARE a Unit.
    It was shared with me that it is ok to just be quiet about it, because the weakest recruits will be the Recruiters first ones, so leaving them in the parent (stronger) Unit makes sense…

    They have an answer for everything.

  3. Freefrmpink

    Years ago Pam S. & GMB were doing GF retreats for directors, before they were NSDs.

    In one of our sessions GWB told us our focus should be 5 DIQs or on-target car drivers every month. She said, It didn’t matter whether or not they finished. I had a difficult time wrapping my head around the concept at the time. She further explained what it meant in production & new recruits. This was when you had to earn a car prior to entering DIQ or go direct line to directorship (12 qualified personals within 4 months of submitting for directorship).

  4. Cindylu

    I saw this happen with at least 2 of my fellow MK
    DIQ’s who tried and failed. Just as has been said here
    our SD benefited from keeping those recruits from
    the failed DIQ attempts. Come to think of it I
    probably ended up with my director because my
    recruiter lost me to our SD. I also spoke with
    a Director under my SD and she alluded that this
    had happened to her at least once and she stepped
    up her recruiting to get the heck away from our
    SD and begin a unit of her own. I agree that this is
    one area of MLM that is deceitful and pits women
    against each other in a very negative way. Those
    women who are narcissistic sociopaths often appear
    too good to be true and with no conscience playing
    the MLM MK numbers game is no problem at all.

  5. PinkHaze

    How can anyone read this info and NOT see it for what it is? A way to manipulate others for your own self benefit.

    And this is what MK calls opportunity? No thanks.

    Another note – if this doesn’t prove that the MLM business model is set up for you to fail – then you just aren’t paying attention.

  6. keldub

    And the interview should not be called that.. meeting with your director is more like buying a car. You always got talked in to spending to much and its not an interview its a sales pitch to a closetful of makeup!

  7. nomkforme

    I have been approached and in some cases stalked by mk women back in the late 90s and early 2000s it seems like they lived in the cosmetics sections of the malls and now I understand why they have to keep churning through new consultants to stay afloat these days I hardly ever see mk cars on the road I think the scheme was more popular in the days before a lot of women got real jobs and had a lot of free time on hands why would u want to rely on hoping to recruit someone to make money sounds crazy to me maybe its designed for young women in their 20s who don’t know any better.

  8. nomkforme

    I’m so glad I found this website because I had debated on selling mk before didn’t know it was a pyramid I have been in one before no one wins except a few at top everyone else ends up filing bankrupcy and losing money but it does make you smarter about these scams.

  9. Chase Williams

    I can vouch for this happening! This is something Jeanie Tamborello’s not-quite-a National Area always taught and I admit to practicing. My SSD wanted me to fail DIQ so she could keep my unit. What a… jerk. And she was more than happy when I resigned to get my 50+ women. People in Mary Kay really are this desperate. If you’re reading this and you’re thinking “No this isn’t true”, please know that this is.

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