Dialing For Dollars

This script was put together by a well-known Mary Kay national sales director who even calls the script “Dialing for Dollars.” She’s not even trying to hide the fact that sales directors must spend month-end calling consultants and coaxing them into ordering products they don’t need.

How do I know the consultants don’t need the products? If they needed them, they would have already ordered them! They don’t need a month-end call from a director begging for orders to do it!

This script instructs sales directors on how to get maximum ordering from consultants by using the following techniques, as interpreted by me:

  • Thank her
  • Make her feel important
  • Pretend she’s part of a team
  • Use guilt in a subtle way (ex. ask her to order sooner than she was planning because of our goal)
  • Tell her you love her even if she doesn’t order (ha!)

If you’re new to Mary Kay and haven’t heard of Dialing for Dollars… it is basically the phrase directors use for calling consultants at the end of the month and begging them to order.

Here’s the biggest lie of all:

This isn’t asking them for production. It’s giving them an opportunity to participate in the victory.


Hey Cheryl! This is Caterina. Sorry I missed you??????? Trying to catch you live and in person. When you get in at your convenience, give me a call at xxxxx. I want to tell you what the scoop is and what’s happening! I’m sure you’ve noticed that in the past month, that you’ve been getting just a little bit more mail from me, and it’s because we have this HUMUNGOUS goal and I’m sure that you’ve been reading about it, it’s probably one the hugest goals that our unit has ever tackled. I’m so proud of everybody and the part they’ve played.

So in the first part of this message I just want to say Thank You! Your participation this year has made a big difference and I know that because you don’t come to the unit functions and you choose to do Mary Kay very part time, that maybe you think that you’re not as important! But you know what? Nothing could be further from the truth Cheryl. Your order in January and your order in March, that $200 wholesale, it all adds up to making a million dollars, so you’re very much a part of our unit, and I want to say Thank for all that you’ve already done!

As you can tell from the mail we are working on a really tight deadline and so what I’m looking for right now is just to see if you’re going to be able to help us out with our unit goal this month by placing another wholesale order maybe a 200 maybe a $400 or $1000 order…whatever, little or small or big or large. Bottom line is this; if you were planning on placing an order in June/July/August or September, it would be great if you could do it in June. You could stock up on your own personal products.

I don’t know if you’ve gotten the Microdermabrasion yet? But you could sell 20 of those hands down, and have $550 in profit. Or the hand products or new lipsticks, the new glosses are just GOREOUS as are the new lipsticks, and you could see those by visiting my customer site at www.marykay.com/pamelashaw , if you can’t order them “cool”, I love you anyway, you know that! But if you can, I’ll do a flip, like out of my office window, it’d be great, and I’ll love you even more! Of course I’m teasing… but you can place your own order online, if you do it today or through June 29th (give her the date) by midnight central time!

So just give me a call, and let me know either way, so that we can track your progress and track our progress so that we know where we are! And listen Cheryl, if you do Mary Kay and run with it, I’ve got my running shoes on girl, you know how much I believe in you and I would be so proud to work with you and have you as one of my office spring? Directors’. So give me a call xxxxxxxx and we’ll talk. And listen, don’t regular mail anything….


Now this is an activity that you have to get your unit used to! And you have to have fun with it. Certainly this is not saying that any Director should be calling her unit members at the end of the month asking for production. That is not even remotely what this looks like. This means that we are giving them an opportunity to share in the victory.

Chatney pointed out to us at the end of her conference call, that when she called her consultants she said …you know what? I have finished out the year where I haven’t been a part of the victory and I’ve finished out the year where I have been a part of the victory and there is a big difference in the way that you feel and the excitement in the air!

So you guys, this is months that you call every single person in your unit. Now, while you’re calling every single person in your unit, you certainly want to take advantage of the time you have on the phone with them. Not only are you building the excitement for your particular goals, for your national goals and whatever other goals you’re working for, you’re also touching base with them. Finding out what you have sent them, what communication you have sent them this year that they have really appreciated and what they haven’t really found much value in! So really use this phone call to really fine tune your system!

There are going to be some people that you’re going to find that have not been receiving emails that you thought were receiving emails, but those things happen, they tend to drop off a list or you’ve got wrong address. Find out if they’re reading your newsletters, find out what their favorite part of the newsletter is, find out how you can better serve them, find out if they have enjoyed getting your PCP Look Book for consultants, for those of you have participated in that! You guys, this is the time that you find all that out.

But most importantly on the call you are pouring passion and belief to your unit and what you think is possible for them and where you’re taking them as a group, because you guys, everybody wants to be part of a winning team! And everybody wants to be a part of a very excited leader! A leader that has a lot of passion for where she is going. And so I just encourage you in this last week, of this last month of our year that you maximize your time with your people.

Now of course, I personally like to do their orders myself, here in this last week. In fact, I was designing my schedule this morning, for next Wednesday and Thursday because I want to be available to do those order myself, because as I was saying to my Directors last week, if you do the orders yourself, you catch the using the wrong products, you catch people who haven’t used certain products. I was doing an order the other day for a lady has been in my unit for 20yrs and has never used any time-wise products, because that’s how long it’s been since she had a facial! You know, you can be a personal use consultant and not even be using the right products.

And also, I pulled up an on the glow Report and you guys can do this too… pull up your on the glow Report. Out of the 309 people that are listed on my IBM, 80 of them haven’t even ordered Microdermabrasion themselves. Guys that huge opportunities for you in your conversation to educate them. It does take a lot of energy, oh my god it takes more energy than you can imagine, but guys that’s what finishing a goal looks like!

As Vicky O shared, she’s already taken a day and moved into a hotel. You’ve got to get away from the kids and laundry and all the stuff that’s around you, you’ve got to get away from all the other demands in your office, you’ve got to just focus on your people in this last week! And sometimes that means that you move out of your house, you move in with somebody else or just pack up your stuff and park you car in a parking lot, or go to the park with your cell phone and whatever batteries it takes. But you’ve just got to get it real clear, it does take a lot of energy and it will be exhausting.

Right now we’re running 60-70% answering machines. So that answering machine message has got to be really tight! You have to know exactly what you’re going to say when you get on, so you have to practice your answering machine message before you leave a message. Now we are experts because we are in voice com and can leave 3 minute messages, you have to know how to talk really really fast! You know, just like right then, that lady is going to take 15 seconds. On our answering machine message they don’t do that and it is nothing for me to call back a second time and pick up the conversation right where I left off and it makes them smile!


  1. exibc78

    I am sorry but that is a message? To be left on my voice mail? No one is listening to all that. I haven’t even read it all the thought yet but 5 paragraphs for a message will not even fit on the cleats unless you talk like microman.

    1. exibc78

      Okay my auto correct is on point. CLEAT? Where did that come from?
      okay now I have read it and the message is way too much from all sales training I have ever received.
      also the explanation has decent info. It is good to see what consultants are doing, are your emails not getting to them. Are the up to date on all new products.
      and I have dialed for dollars and did this. Was the customer interested in the car or house anymore? What is their time frame? Email and phone number still good? I had waiting lists so I would call through them amd check in.
      but the most telling thing is dialing for dollars is for customers. so to me she see consultants as.customers.

  2. raisinberry

    “Certainly this is not saying that any Director should be calling her unit members at the end of the month asking for production.”

    YES, You ARE.

    If ever you wanted to understand why Mary Kay SOUNDS great, but leaves this queasy confused somethings-not-right feeling, here’s your proof. What they SAY and what they MEAN, What they Broadcast for public consumption and what they TRAIN behind closed doors are miles apart. Using guilt and manipulation to motivate orders, telling yourself this is “honorable victory” and you “love” them regardless is an erosion of integrity-not “leadership”.

  3. Anna

    “That is not even remotely what this looks like.” – Uhhhh lady that is exactly what it looks like. That’s exactly what it is! Does she really think she’s fooling anyone saying that??

  4. IfItSoundsTooGoodToBeTrue

    YES, I’m going to leave behind everything that is important, such as children and hubby, to go fork over money to stay in a hotel by myself so i can call people and leave messages on their voicemails that will be deleted. haha. or perhaps my number is blocked and they won’t get it at all. And then, after all my efforts, when nothing pays off, I still get to pay for my hotel room.
    OR I can hole up on a park bench for hours. lol. Let me guess….still dressed in my business attire, right?
    What sound business advice!

  5. enorth

    “Move out of your house and into a hotel.”

    NONE of them are making money, so they will have to SHARE a hotel room, just like at seminar. Can you imagine a hotel room full of SDs making frantic phone calls? Talk about a boiler-room operation.

    Don’t forget the ones who suggest you go sit in your car in your driveway or garage to make calls.

  6. Ann

    The more I read this garbage from NSDs, the happier I am that I got out as a lowly IBC. The part about doing the orders herself because she knows best????? The arrogance!!!

  7. Cindylu

    It is unsettling to realize that the exact same ploys/cons from the 1960’s, 1970’s and 1980’s are still being used. Dialing for dollars and all the other euphemisms continue to be a part of the MK lexicon years later. All the silly contests, meetings, retreats and now emails & face book cons continue on to break down the suspicions of most consultants. We all know about the if it’s too good to be true. (then we really should be skeptical) In my case a trusted supervisor conned me into joining MK. Others in the office mentioned the word cult but I ignored that. My husband too soon became suspicious and worried about my ordering products (even when what my Director ordered sat unsold). I too became annoyed when this uncaring company constantly changed their product line at my expense. Thank goodness for the internet and Pink Truth. Now there are many warning signs NOT to join MK and to leave Mk (returning product) the moment you realize what a sham this mlm company is. Too bad better business bureau and other watch dogs don’t do their jobs and shut these companies down.

  8. Tia

    Reading this garbage always leaves me speechless. I am dumbfounded that this is all real and people actually spew it on a regular basis and call MK a legitimate money making business.

  9. Lazy Gardens

    it is nothing for me to call back a second time and pick up the conversation right where I left off and it makes them smile!

    No, you silly woman, that was a grimace of rage!

  10. MLM Radar

    She can rehearse all the 3-minute messages she wants. It only takes me three seconds to hit the DELETE button, and 30 seconds to add her number to my Blocked Caller list.

    The world has changed so much in favor of call recipients. Answering machines… Caller ID… TeleZappers… Do Not Call… call blocking…

    Why in the world does anyone still think it’s possible to make an honest living through telemarketing?

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