None of These Mary Kay Women Could Relate

Another love note from the pink cult:

This site is scary, to say the least.  Wow… these women are so bitter.  Why don’t they just move on?  Mary Kay is not the devil and not all of the women involved in MK are mindless robots. 

I do not sale MK, but I do use the products and have friends that sale.  They love it and have had wonderful experiences.  I showed them this website and they seemed very shocked.  None of these women could relate to the stories.  The women I am referring to are not backwoods, gullible, followers who believe everything and anything they are told.  Two of the three women have college degrees and one of them has a master’s degree.

I think the women who should be scolded and reprimanded are not the women involved with MK, but the idiots who didn’t have enough backbone and common sense to not be peer pressured into debt and buying things they didn’t want.  Just because some of the women were, at best, fools don’t mean the other ladies are going to make the same obviously ridiculous choices.

Let ALL women on this site be able to speak their opinion without the repercussion of verbal abuse or re-title the site, “if you don’t share my miserable experience, you are an LOL.  I crack myself up.


  1. Tia

    Well, firstly I don’t believe for a second she doesn’t ‘sale’ MK herself and secondly after her calling the women on the site ‘fools at best’ I’m fairly sure she has no room to talk about staying away from verbal abuse.

  2. Former

    Those who have such poor grammar should probably stay off of sites they intend to try and shame by looking smart. Don’t you think? I also am college educated. Many MK women are. Some of them incredibly smart and talented. Charismatic. That’s one of the things that keeps others trusting the faulty process. It is a great scam that way. It doesn’t bother me when idiots come on here and try and call me a lazy loser. I know what happened and why. And I don’t need to try and convince anyone otherwise.

  3. raisinberry

    It is part of the cult mindset to avoid telling the new initiates all about the real workings behind the curtain, of any entity that seeks to exploit them.

    Don’t know why this is so hard to grasp. Clearly Mary Kay “sales” training is persuasive and appears benevolent and caring, and why wouldn’t it, when the realities are kept hidden from the new acquires?

    Ask any car driver, DIQ or former Director if they knew what was going to be required, BEFORE they got into that position. New initiates simply have no idea, because IF YOU DID, you wouldn’t put yourself into the “system” of deception. And since no one talks about said system, nor will they share the things they suspect-if they are “negative”…no one knows that EVERYBODY is in the same financial boat.–Except the tippy top of the pyramid. Yep, they’re fine and dandy…as long as the lower tier hamsters keep running the wheel, and keep their mouths shut.

    Full disclosure laws would shutter Mary Kay’s doors in a New York minute. AND, then all you who think we are lying, stupid, negative, clueless, would be lining up to apologize.

    No need. You’ll know soon enough, and you’re welcome.

    1. CaliforniaGal

      When I finished DIQ, I was exhausted, and just thought I could enjoy director’s meetings. But no, I got the letter in the mail telling me what the real production requirements were. What a shock! I had no clue that my weak unit had to consistently order $4000 a month or loss my unit. Had I known that, I would never have signed up for MK in the first place.

      That information was hidden from me. I kept asking others who were SDs or NSDs, but they avoided a direct answer.

        1. raisinberry

          Well Michelle, you have to remember we have been hard at this for over 8 years. The almost full disclosure you might enjoy is a result of our bringing to light, many of the deceptive practices that Mary Kay sales people/corp. used to accomplish certain goals. You NOW say “earn the use” of a car, for example…which is preferred over “win” the car—since you don’t win the car at all, correct? Even though many Directors still like the WOW factor of “winning” “free” cars at guest events…and that’s what they SAY, before bringing the target into the fold and telling her, the OOPS, reality of how the car is obtained. The Advance brochure isn’t discussed during guest events and before recruiting, now is it?

          Likewise, ADVANCE brochure certainly leaves out all the “creative ways” Cars, Units, National Areas and Courts come together…and you certainly can attest to that if you have attained any level at all within the company. If you are a consultant only, well wait and see.

          1. AlmostDuped

            I, for one, did not receive the Advance brochure until after I ordered my starter kit and had “orientation” (i.e., the inventory sell.)
            The advance brochure was in my starter kit, costing me $100 to find out this was a pyramid scheme and any and all rewards came from recruiting, not selling.

            For the record, that is what made me decide to not sell Mary Kay, but the fact of the matter is that you don’t get that brochure until after you’ve lost money.

  4. Not a bot

    “I think the women who should be scolded and reprimanded are not the women involved with MK, but the idiots who didn’t have enough backbone and common sense to not be peer pressured into debt and buying things they didn’t want. ”

    Why would any woman want to join an organization where she is being peer pressured to do something that isn’t in her best interest? That statement makes MK look bad. I think many women get inventory because they are told that it will be easy to sell, it is the only way to grow their business, etc. and this turns out to be all lies. Things like how much is costs in time and money to do MK is left out so women are going in uninformed.

    It seems people who mindlessly rant against this site have really bad spelling and grammar.

  5. DeflatedPinkBubble


    It always makes me cringe when someone uses the word “sale” instead of “sell”. UGH

    Here we go….

    “This site is scary, to say the least.”

    Scary? Why? Maybe because you are afraid of the truth? The ONLY time this site is scary is when you’re neck deep in Mary Kay inventory that has been sitting on your shelves for years and you’re just discovering that everything you thought you knew was a lie.

    “Wow… these women are so bitter. Why don’t they just move on? Mary Kay is not the devil and not all of the women involved in MK are mindless robots.”

    No, we’re not really bitter and we have moved on. We are here to try to let others know about this sham before they are in as deep as we were. We are paying it forward. We’ve been there and every time a woman finds this site BEFORE she gets in debt up to her ears, we’ve done a good thing.

    Mary Kay Ash was a devil of sorts… She was the cult leader behind this whole mess. So yes, many of the women involved in Mary Kay are mindless robots. They are in a cult and they are following blindly.

    “I do not sale MK, but I do use the products and have friends that sale.”

    I really want to jump on this use of “sale” versus “sell” but the more I think about it, most of the time there is a discount related to any Mary Kay purchase, so MAYBE the “sale” word is more correct! LOL Sorry, I had to!

    “They love it and have had wonderful experiences.”

    Or so they say! I know that when I was selling Mary Kay I sold the lie as well. I told people what a wonderful experience it was because to say anything different was to admit failure. Your friends are lying to you.

    “I showed them this website and they seemed very shocked. None of these women could relate to the stories. The women I am referring to are not backwoods, gullible, followers who believe everything and anything they are told. Two of the three women have college degrees and one of them has a master’s degree.”

    They were not shocked. Most everyone in Mary Kay is well aware of this site. They are told frequently not to come on here. Here’s what you don’t understand, if, in fact, you yourself are not selling Mary Kay. There is this thing called the pink bubble. It’s a place of positivity where negative thoughts are not allowed. It’s also a place where you believe in the dream. In Mary Kay, the real world is negative. Critical thinking is negative. Your friends, while very educated, are in the pink bubble.

    “I think the women who should be scolded and reprimanded are not the women involved with MK, but the idiots who didn’t have enough backbone and common sense to not be peer pressured into debt and buying things they didn’t want. Just because some of the women were, at best, fools don’t mean the other ladies are going to make the same obviously ridiculous choices.”

    Okay, first of all, nobody here is scolding or reprimanding anyone. In truth, YOU are the one with the hateful diatribe. We are NOT idiots. Not in the least. You actually know very little about Mary Kay. You know that you use and like the products but that’s about it. When you sign up, there is an inventory discussion. You are told that a certain, rather high level of inventory is “profit level” and with that amount you can start making great money right from the start. You are told that you can’t sell from an empty wagon and that these products will actually fly off your shelves. Basically, you are told a great, big, fat lie, but that lie is so convincing that many people buy loads of inventory. This is the big scam in Mary Kay. For most women, that first purchase is the ONLY purchase so the sales directors have been taught how to get the most out of that first order. For the people who stay in past that first order, to stay active in Mary Kay, you are forced to make quarterly purchases of at least $250. So that’s $1,000. per year. When you put all this together, it adds up to a significant amount of inventory. So please, don’t call people fools when you don’t know the inner workings of this company.

    “Let ALL women on this site be able to speak their opinion without the repercussion of verbal abuse or re-title the site, “if you don’t share my miserable experience, you are an LOL. I crack myself up.”

    We let your sorry ass speak your mind didn’t we? Oh, and one more thing, those products you are using? That Mary Kay make up and skin care? Sub par quality at best. Do yourself a favor and check out Sephora.

  6. IfItSoundsTooGoodToBeTrue

    I, like her supposedly business-savvy and incorruptible friends, have a Master’s degree as well, and am working on a doctorate. Here’s why I disagree with the comment that all of us women “who need to move on” have no backbone and couldn’t deal with pressure (of course we can; we were brave enough to get out and face the cultish wrath of our upline and subsequent shunning) so should be blamed: it’s not that simple. We weren’t bombarded on day one with the whole truth, in honest words, by a director who said something like, for example: if you can’t afford to buy inventory, don’t buy it. If you don’t have the sales to back it up yet, don’t order it. The only way for you to move up is to not just recruit all your customers starting with your pearls of sharing calls and then making them all place activating orders before you get any kind of commission, and the only way to earn and keep a car or directorship is to make production on your own (most likely) or with some help from your team month after month and if you don’t you’ll lose it all and fall off the endless treadmill.”

    Nope. IF we had known that truth from the beginning, and didn’t run away, sure, shame on us.

    But that wasn’t the case. MK is deception, is layering, is partial truths. You aren’t told everything from the beginning but only in bits and pieces as you get further involved and further in debt. For example, we are told, and then told to tell potential recruits, only one $225 order is necessary a year. Lo and behold, however, it is ACTUALLY that you must order $450 retail before you get your $225 wholesale products in and activated discount. And oh, oops! it also has to be every three months! And oh, OOPs! Not really! It might be three months, or it might be only two months before you lose your discount….it just depends on when your $225 lump sum orders (not cummulative, OOPS! they don’t count) are placed because that only activates you for the month you placed it in (orders on the 31st, anyone?) and the next two calendar months (took my director a whole 20 minutes to explain that to me because I sure as heck didn’t get it). And the real kicker…make it through DIQ and you get to work for the company and mentor women!! Wahoo! Sign me up! Steady paycheck!

    Well, OOOPS, not really. When pressed for info, my director finally affirmed what I had learned on PT….that you must maintain production every month or lose your unit. HA. Or the fact that when you become a director, YOU will pay for your training (what? what company does that?).

    Think these were all inadvertent withholdings? that i just didn’t ask the right questions? It was actually very deliberate. I had two directors tell me, at two different times, that 1.) they don’t go over all the director requirements with their DIQ’s ahead of time so as to not overwhelm them during the process (ha. how noble of you… keep telling yourself that…you know the real truth….if those DIQ’s knew it they would run away) and 2.) don’t talk with your new team members about inventory; refer them to me.

    Finally, case in point….I debriefed with my director about one of my interviews in order to further my “training” on sharing the opportunity. I had spent a lot of time honestly answering the person’s questions, and very specifically explained the order every three (or two lol) months and the need for a minimum $225 wholesale before you get your discount etc (she didn’t join girl). My director admonished me that my honesty was too specific and that i didn’t want to scare people away and that for next time to direct all those kinds of questions to her.

    Now you still think we knew the full truth and still jumped in? If you still believe that, well, then congratulations. You have finally succeeded in cracking me up, as well.

  7. PinkHaze

    Here’s what I don’t get. If you find the women here bitter or less than compelling then you don’t have to connect.

    Why is it that MK “supporters” or those who “sale” have to denigrate people who see the company in a different light?

    Surely, not everyone agrees with you about everything. Do you call your friends losers if they don’t raise their kids or keep house the way you do?

    Do you insult other women who have had different life experiences and want to share how they overcame a tough situation?

    The people here are kind, supportive and willing to allow everyone their own opinion.

    No wonder you find it scary – that’s never allowed in MK-land.

  8. raisinberry

    Ifitsoundstoogood, that was priceless! And I agree…I was told many times (and did the same with my Unit), NOT to “train” in a recruiting interview. Too much information!

    Once you’re in, up to your neck, you have no way but their way to function.
    You just “won” the car…Oops, well not really, cause you have to keep doing 4500 production or be assessed a co-pay. So what did you really “earn”? If you “EARNED” the use of a car (the way they say it now since we busted them)…you STILL have not EARNED it if you still have to keep up the production requirement! You’d have to say this instead:

    Upon reaching 12 team members and 18,000 in production in a 4 month period, you must continue to qualify month by month to continue to drive the Mary Kay car leased on your behalf.

    You have not “WON” anything! You have not “EARNED” anything. Oops. But after 16,000 production and 10 people and a week left of qualification, now that you know…are you going to walk away? Or are you going to find the remaining 2 and hope to get 2K in production that’s left? And if it’s 1,000 short?? Hmmm? Gonna let it all go? Really?

    All the SD has to do is nudge. “You’re so close, SuzyQ! Can’t you find the 1,000 ….You know how proud your team will be, and it will inspire them! Do you really want to start over?? Month one drops off, and 4,000 will be needed for the next final month… $1,000 or $4,000?? Which makes more sense to you?

    I bet every “on target” and DIQ knows exactly what I’m talking about.

    1. IfItSoundsTooGoodToBeTrue

      Thanks, Raisin!!! Your comment also reminded me of this time last year, when I was asked by my director to see if anyone of my team members could “help” our unit out and “stretch” (it was the end of the month) and if i didn’t have the words to say (this was a text) to call her and she would give them to me to help (i.e., script).

      I instead used my own words and of course, had no luck, as none of my team had had any luck “saleing” that month. 😉

  9. cindylu

    Should I be scolded and reprimanded if I was sick and hospitalized and couldn’t sale the products for a while. The other MK women ignored me. No calls to see what happened. MK sales women drop out by the dozens because there are too many selling this product. After 60 years women won’t buy the products at full price. So to get rid of products, we must always put it on sale. Even a lipstick is too expensive. The cost of samples and prizes makes these MK sales women lose even more profits. The deliberate and constant product changes means MK women cannot always sell their older product. MK consultants are never allowed to advertise or have a store front. Is that fair? Everything in MK is designed as a hurdle to make it near impossible to actually sell the products. The actual money is made through recruiting and not sales. Recruiting has been going on for 50 years. Now the many intelligent women who got taken advantage of by their own qualities are warning others that this is a cult and scam. Women who care, women who are spiritual, women who want to be stay at home moms, women who want to earn extra income. There are sales pitches & cons for every type of women. This business is dangerous and expensive. Driving a car and wasting gas going into a strange home is not safe. One young customer had her friends steal my car & go for a joy ride. I had to find my way back by taxi. I had to get a neighbour get my child off the school bus.I heard the word cult 30 years ago, long before the internet. I was a lucky one who got sick and realized that my director did not care. She never ever called. All careers before & since gave me a great pay check. I got real concern and even a pay raise when I went for surgery at one company. Why would you even think you know anything about this company or those on Pink Truth? Truth is in MK we are not even Make Up artists. We are not even allowed to apply that make up. We are simply women who are lied to and convinced to buy product that won’t sell. E bay is full of unsold MK products.

  10. J

    Oh, the grammar! But that’s not really important…someone said earlier that these women are not capable of critical thinking, oh that’s the TRUTH!!!

    When I first found this site (back when I was relatively new still) I mentioned it to my SD and she said “sometimes people see a good thing and want to destroy it, like the devil”.

    Ok…………………………………….being the “D-C” that I am, I kept looking. I kept not believing or reading into much here at first….but then I started hitting holidays again…I realized they have a very shallow bag of tricks, they all suck, and they push you to behave like an unstoppable nuisance over and over again. I took a step back.

    Now here I am, and I keep reading these foggy-pink letters to us, calling us “bitter” and “lazy” and “unable to move on”.

    Now let me ask: do they look at people who have had drug addictions, cancers, unsuccessful fertility treatments, etc, who seek out to council and help those going through the same as “bitter”, “lazy” and “unable to move on”??

    Sheesh, woman, it’s a support group! We’re saying “Oh, my darling, I know! I was duped too! I’m lucky my husband is a nice guy and isn’t mad, I’m lucky my kids are still young and don’t know, and I too have $$$$ of inventory on my shelves that never ‘grew wings and flew'”

    All of that motivational mumbojumbo and nothing to show for it. I think I gained some self-help, good and bad ways. But, oh, the embarrassment.

  11. Princesse

    This site is far from scary. This site saved me from ever getting myself into the MK cult.

    I first learned about MK when a friend joined, and kept saying how she was making a lot of money, and on track of getting a company car…etc. All sounds fabulous and that she wants me to have the same opportunities.

    Luckily I did my research, and got a lot more of the needed information, enabling me to think more critically about this so-called ‘MK opportunity’.

    This site is only scary because it bursts your fake pink dream. But once you come back to reality, you’ll realize it’s not so scary here anymore.

  12. Not a bot

    I also found this site by researching the Mary Kay opportunity. I wanted an opinion of this company from somebody who didn’t have anything to gain by recruiting me. I thank you ladies for taking the time to share your experiences on here. The posts that broke down the number and shared the hidden expenses and time commitments were especially helpful.

    1. Chipper

      I found this site completely by accident. My SD Facebook posted a stupid fluff news article about how MK helps women blah blah blah. I read the article and the comments section of the article. A member from here had commented on the article saying something to the effect that MK doesn’t actually help women, and if you wanted to learn more, visit pink truth. I had been skeptical for a while so I decided to visit this site. I spent about three hours just absorbing everything and realizing that I wasn’t stupid, I wasn’t alone, and I wasn’t a horrible loser for not being successful. Clicking on my SD’s silly Facebook news article was a blessing in disguise.

      1. IfItSoundsTooGoodToBeTrue

        Same here. My first visit here came as a backfired, relentless pressuring of a director to get me to go to Seminar as a new IBC. Fed up and stressed, I googled “why is my director pressuring me to go to seminar”, sure that I would find some others who shared my plight. I had known all along that MK was full of subtle and not-so-subtle pressuring, but prior to stumbling upon PT on that fateful day last summer, I had assumed that this was all just part and parcel of being an effective saleswoman, and I just wasn’t good enough yet. Boy, did PT help pull me out of that bubble, to see that my gut feelings were right: women really WERE bothered and harassed by the scripts, the calling, etc. I learned so many things that first night, and for weeks after, I kept reading and reading (still do).

        As a side note, I find it extremely humorous that the video of Seminar our NSD had us watch as MOTIVATION to attend, succeeded in turing me away from ever attending it…it looked ridiculous. Absolutely, overly-dramatic, overly-emotional, and RIDICULOUS.

      2. exibc78

        I come from an article my ex recruiter had posted on her FB she had written for PT. I was no longer an IBC, but I still felt like it was my fault. To read what my recruiter wrote I started to feel better. Then I kept reading and wow can I say I feel like a shlep for feeling years of guilt. The more I help, the better I feel so I am a very active Pter.

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