Another Victim of Mary Kay Propaganda

Check out this letter posted on social media by a new-ish Mary Kay consultant, who is parroting all the lies that have been fed to her. She is reciting the typical list of “Mary Kay goals,” and no doubt she is telling everyone about this at the advice of her upline. You have to “name it to claim it,” right? I can only hope that she does a little Pink Truth Research and figures out the truth before she has sunk too much time and money into this losing proposition.

Dear Family and Friends,

I want to let you all know about something huge that is about to happen. As most of you know, I started as a Mary Kay Consultant back in August. I have enjoyed it so much, and business has been great. I have added 8 wonderful women to my team and I’m ready to progress in this business! So I have decided to launch into Mary Kay as a career. I am planning to be a Independent Sales Director! This will allow me to quit my job and just do Mary Kay, which will be awesome as Dustin and I start thinking about having a family :). I am very excited.

What happens next is a DIQ (Director in Qualification) period. I will have to work really hard to make this happen. I will have some huge goals ahead of me (with time limits) on team production and number of team members. I have to say that I’m nervous, but I believe that this is where God wants me to be, and HE is able to make this happen. I will have four months to complete the goals, but I can finish earlier if everything happens quickly.

I am writing to let you know about this so you will know what’s going on with us! I am going to be working Mary Kay full-time during DIQ, and I’ll still be working my part-time bank job, so things will be a little crazy. Dustin and I have decided that these four months (or less!) will be worth the long-term gain.

I am also writing to ask you all to help me. Here are some ways that you can do that, if you are willing.

1. Please pray for me. This is known in the MK world to be a tiring and stressful time if you don’t do it right. I am hoping that I can do it right! But I will need every prayer as I push to meet my goals. Thank you!!

2. Please hold a Skincare Class/Party for me! Even if you have held one before, think of some other girlfriends and let’s do it again! The way I’m going to finish DIQ is to meet ALOT of women. Please help me with this. Send me an e-mail or give me a call and let’s plan a girlfriend party!! These are so fun, they are FREE, you’ll get great hostess credit (free products and gifts), and you’ll be doing me an enormous favor. Seriously, second to prayer this is my biggest need. Would any of you be willing to help me [again] with this?

3. Please send me referrals! If you know someone who would be an awesome MK Consultant, give me her name and number. I’ll call and give her a free gift and do an interview with her, and if she becomes part of my team YOU will get $100 in free MK products. And if you know someone who needs products, you know where to send her!

4. Please allow me to interview you! I will be doing a large number of interviews during the next four months. They will consist of telling you a little about the business and finding out what you think. There is no obligation, and there are no strings attached. Even if you can never see yourself doing MK, you can still count as an interview for me! AND you’ll get a gift from me 🙂

So what do you think? Would you be willing to help me in at least 3 of these ways?? I will be so grateful!

PS: When I make Directorship, I will also be driving around in my FREE Mary Kay car. Help me get there! I can’t do it without you! YES, I AM BEGGING!!

Thank you so much… Remember, if everyone says “I don’t have time,” no one will write me back. Think about what you can do and how you can make it happen. I will be forever grateful.

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  1. ifItSoundsTooGoodToBeTrue

    “PS: When I make Directorship, I will also be driving around in my FREE Mary Kay car. Help me get there! I can’t do it without you! YES, I AM BEGGING!!”

    So she is begging other people to help her get a free car, even though she already has a job of her own. How any of these consultants or directors can throw something like this out there, knowing full well that the car isn’t for anyone else but herself….I just can’t fathom it. It is materialistic and selfish to say the least.

    “Thank you so much… Remember, if everyone says “I don’t have time,” no one will write me back. Think about what you can do and how you can make it happen. I will be forever grateful.”

    Here’s a better idea. If everyone says “I don’t have time”, it’s because they are busy working at real jobs and not trying to milk friends and family for money to buy them things. Which in essence is what you do in MK.

    How about you go to your bank job and see how you can go about getting full time hours? Hmmm. You don’t have to go trough BIQ (Banker in Qualification), have a “stressful four months with huge goals”, and, amazingly enough, they will pay you every month to where you can actually get a car for cheaper than Mk will let you LEASE IT from them (it is not free).

  2. Rosie

    I can’t recall anyone I know who works in banking to beg for help reaching a goal, asking everyone they know for referrals, or beg for a “free” car. This entire letter is all about “me, me, MEEEEEEE!” Count the “mes”: pray for ME, have a class for ME, help get ME in a free car, let ME interview you, think about how you can make it happen (for ME). No other job (even real sales) has people out constantly begging for help from others. Even charities in dire need of donations/volunteers don’t come across this obnoxious. And the MK gals wonder why no one “has time” to respond. Takes just a second to hit “delete.” Who needs the gratitude of somone who just wants to use you to make her outrageous goals?

  3. DaisyMay

    Is this a scripted letter? I feel fairly certain that I have read this letter before with different names. So here is my thoughts…
    1)I will pray that you see the scam and leave, but your director is probably love bombing you so hard you won’t see through the pink fog.
    2)No one has time for parties. Unless they are being enticed with alcoholic beverages and yummy treats.
    3) Very few people are okay with having their information given to people who are strangers to them. Honestly, it pisses me off.
    4)She has probably interviewed everyone this email went out to already, but it would be fun to take my knowledge from PT and sit through an interview and shred her scripts.

  4. MLM Radar

    “You can still count as an interview for me.”

    Newsflash! Mary Kay doesn’t count interviews. She’s lying when she suggests she’ll get credit for doing interviews.

    And so she starts down the slippery slope into Mary Kay manipulation.

    It’s just like every other MLM, network marketing, or relationship selling scheme.

    1. raisinberry

      MLMRadar…so glad you pointed that out. We all wondered how we ended up where we were, and it starts with all the little white manipulative lies we have rationalized as “selling”. She is saying it, and knows it is untrue, but also knows her targets won’t know that. Soon she’ll be saying that

      “her Director challenged her…”
      ” I only need one more”
      “The company has asked me…”
      “I need your opinion”
      “I make executive income for part time hours”
      ” My Mary Kay pays the mortgage”
      “I drive free”
      “I make 50% on everything I sell”

      and the list goes on…

  5. notapartyfan

    “They (interviews) will consist of telling you a little about the business and finding out what you think.”

    Well.. at least that statement is true… “I will be telling you a LITTLE about the business… because if you knew everything you were getting bamboozled into, there would be no chance in hell that you’d sign on!”

  6. 4:8 girl

    ACK! I saw something similar from a FB friend who’s now into “It Works”. Same scam, different name/product. The only things I will pray for are enlightenment & for her marriage. 🙂

  7. KD

    How anyone has the audacity to post something like this on Facebook is beyond me? This reeks of selfishness and greed. I have seen things similar to this from some of my friends on fb. These people need to get a real job and stop trying to get rich quick with these pyramid schemes!

  8. dhagen02

    Just last week my cousin got roped into this(she is a massage therapist by trade) and is now selling out of her business and immediately we got flooded on FB by requests so I just unfollowed her. She is not close to me(unless you count me changing her diapers when she was 2?) so I don’t know her well enough to intrude but I do know he cult of MK well enough that if I do attempt to steer her away, it will not be met nicely so I just sit back and watch it all fall apart without saying a word.

  9. Escapedthepink

    Think about how *I* can make it happen?? Sorry, lady, this is your project, not mine. YOU make it happen. Meanwhile, I will pray for you. Just not in the way you think.

  10. Tia

    We all know that the true principles and selfish nature that actually comprise the MK corporation do not align with what most people consider “Godly.” I shudder to think about how many people MK has turned away from God because they weren’t getting their wishes granted from this abhorrent “business.” She could easily be one of them.

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