Why Would a Top Director in Mary Kay Quit?

This is the story of a former top director in Mary Kay who was nearing NSD status. See why she gave it all up.

I was in Mary Kay for 12 years and  a top director for 10 of those 12 years.  We finished $450,000 unit club our first year as a unit and never did less. Our highest year was almost $900,000. Always in a Pink Cadillac, never missed production, never made a car payment. We recruited about 20 a month to have the numbers.

I did debuts for all new consultants and sold on average of about $600 and booked their Power Starts at the debut plus recruited at least 1 or 2 at the debuts. I worked REALLY, REALLY hard. I was careful to work my business ethically and enjoyed the 6 figure income.   

So why did I quit?????

About 2 years before I quit, I started to look at my life and felt conflicted over the time  and energy I was giving to my business… I started to realize that MK had become my whole life.  I thought about it on vacation, in church, in bed etc.  I thought about the next recruit, the debuts, the guest events.  The month always consisted of having so much in and so many in by the 15th to wrap up $25,000 to $30,000 by month end. Month after month, year after year. I guess you can say I got burned out.  I got tired of looking at everyone as a prospect or a business opportunity.

My best friend and I always talked about our business and worked together for years.  We were always careful not to be negative to each other.  Then one day we both were finding ourselves in the same place at the same time…. Our units were doing great, we only had a little to go to finish National areas, but we just couldn’t do it.

I met with my pastor and sought Godly advice.  He told me that God was simply re-directing me and that was okay.

The transition was hard, but as MK has always taught us that the pain of regret is harder than the pain of change.  I didn’t want to look back on my life and regret not being there for my family.

I thank the Lord for re-directing me when he did, and not 20 years later.  I quickly started a new career and began enjoying life without MK.  I feel like everyone on Pink Truth is a friend and I just wanted to finally say hello and God bless Tracy for having the courage to do this.


  1. nomoremlm4me

    Bravo! Good for you! Your story made my day. When good, successful directors are leaving the MK world, the collapse of the company cannot be far behind. Enjoy your time with your family!

  2. onelessSD

    Congratulations! I too was re-directed by God down a different path… although I wasn’t high up on the director ladder, it was still hard to let it all go…but I have no regrets. Living a non- MK life is wonderful, and looking at people for who they really are…and not what they could bring you is liberating! Congrats again!

  3. pinkpeace

    What a wonderful story! Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us.

    You know, when I was in the pink bubble, I would have been envious of your successes in Mary Kay. Never being under $450,000 unit club, hitting $900,000 and almost making it to National – wow. I would have thought you were flying high and enjoying every minute of your achievements.

    But your story goes to show all of us that no matter where you are on the MK ladder, it’s still a soul-sucking enterprise. You said you got tired of looking at everyone as a prospect or business opportunity, and that’s what resonates with me the most. I was never a top director, but I was always on the prowl for new customers and recruits, no matter where I was or what I was doing. As you say, it’s exhausting and it’s a never-ending grind.

    Congratulations for your getting out and living a real life. I hope your fellow director friend was able to do the same.

  4. MLM Radar

    I did debuts for all new consultants and sold on average of about $600 and booked their Power Starts at the debut plus recruited at least 1 or 2 at the debuts.

    In doing so you followed the program to the letter. You gave them all a vision that when they themselves were polished presenters they should be able to do the same every time: $600 classes plus 2 recruits could be the norm.

    Except that it’s only an illusion.

    The $600 came from friends and family who bought extra because they were willing to give the new consultant a jump-start. Chances of them repeating that purchase were slim. But with the success mirage in mind she places a big inventory order. That’s good for the director, but totally unrealistic for the consultant.

    The 2 recruits were the 2 friends most interested in the products. They should have been encouraged to become her best customers, but now they’re her biggest competitors. That’s good for the director, but it dooms the consultant.

    With this success mirage in view the new consultant sets forth following her director’s instructions… And is never able to repeat.

    So by following the program as Mary Kay presented it, seeds of failure were planted. The stage is set for “power start” consultant to have a high-speed crash and quit. And the director gets the recruits for herself.

    Multi level marketing is the only business plan around where the success of the leaders comes from the failure of the followers.

    1. raisinberry

      MLMRadar, that was literary perfection.

      Within this NIQ confession-an on point testimony of, “the mary kay way”. It is the “mary kay way” to NOT reveal what is happening at the business debut…NOT reveal that show lines are being cut in favor of immediate recruitment, sold to the IBC as for her benefit to get her “team” started. The Director is mining her friends. The IBC gets 4%…the SD gets 13% and 10% and a bonus up to 100.00. And the IBC gets to lose her future sales and those she would have met for more future sales.

      This is packaged as “go give”, and “sharing the opportunity”…and we never wised up to see where it leads. And it is still being perpetrated today. It is the CORE of Mary Kay’s deception. You find people, and you use people.

      Any Director out there who says she’s ethical would be telling Unit members to only order her replacement products, based on what she sold for the month. She would only order initially what she would need to demonstrate things not in the kit. She would NEVER suggest ordering for a PRIZE cause she was “so close”, she would NEVER recruit out from under the IBC, at least not until she had reached 100 customers, she would NEVER suggest taking out a loan to go to Seminar or Career Conference, or that if she had no money to go-that’s WHY she needs to go! She would share truthful profit information, not doubled wholesale, she would never trick guests into thinking her car was free, or that she pays the mortgage with her Mary Kay. In other words, she wouldn’t LIE. She wouldn’t allow FALSE ASSUMPTIONS. And she of course, would not be a Director after 2 months of implementing this strategy.

      Contrast this with what you were told at the guest event, 1.don’t have to be a sales person 2. work part time hours for exec pay, 3. mentored to success, 4. Christian company, 5. Own your own business, 6. Just have to “smile and squirt” 7. Be your own boss (ha-try missing a meeting!) 8. “The only women who fail in Mary Kay are the ones who quit.”

      Fail at what? The only ones who fail in Mary Kay are those who fail at deception. Those who have no problem using various levels of deception, will no doubt get right to the top.

  5. BestDecision

    So many nights thinking of the next guest event, the next newsletter, the next, the next, the next. Thank you for elaborating n the very things that started to draw me away from directorship. They say that your family comes second, but being your own boss mandates that you think outside of those part-time hours, which makes it almost 24/7 work. I was driving a Cadillac and doing unit circles, too, and I also had offspring when I finally said “Enough!” I’ve never regretted it!

  6. unpinkedassistant

    And that’s one of many problems with being in the MK biz- it takes over your entire life! You start to eat, sleep, and breathe MK.

    Everybody in your life becomes a prospect. Friendships outside MK are no longer enjoyed. Family gatherings turn into a selling event. Sporting events, school events, and a simple trip to the store must now include being on the lookout for the next recruit or sale.

    1. MLM Radar

      We don’t post anything here that resembles tax advice. But Lazy Gardens did put together two spreadsheets that very clearly show whether you’re really making a profit, and what you’re really taking home per hour.

      You’ll find them in an article called “Want to do a reality check on your Mary Kay business?” Just put that phrase in the Pink Truth search box… or just search for “spreadsheet.”

      After subtracting your expenses – ALL your expenses – are you taking home more than minimum wage? Are you making a profit at all?

      1. exibc78

        No I mean this ex niq post her schedule c and then explains how much time it took to get there and does a break down of what expenses were and and if it was worth it. Like we ask every single person who comes here and spouts off about how much money she is making? In this case hab some on prove it or disprove it.

  7. gotheart

    “He told me that God was simply re-directing me and that was okay.” Sheesh.

    Bunch of malarkey. So this means God directed her into MKC.

    Ain’t so. She was deceived by a con artist, renamed a IBC, I was one I should know, who was being deceived from the get go to repeat a bunch of lies in order to earn a paycheck.

    Now you tell me why God who is suppose to be full of mercy would direct anyone to join an infestation of lies and illusions. Just ain’t so.

    She got burned out trying to keep up with all the others trying to keep up with the scheme of the despicable Mary Kay and her son Richard.

    She turned her source of input to the source she knew would give her the answer she wanted to hear. Other wise why didn’t she go to her FNSSD for direction.

    Dang! That felt good! Clarity is wonderful.

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