You Get Out of Mary Kay What You Put In!

From a Pink Truth critic:

If you spent as much time and effort in your own business rather than running down Mary Kay you may find yourself as successful as the many thousands of women who do direct sell Mary Kay products. The company has changed my life and many other womens lives I know. I support my husband, 2 children and pay off a mortagage all through my business.

Why have I been so successful, because I believed in myself, and the products. I find many of your comments are obviously coming from bad experiences resulting from no self discipline, effort and time that is required to successfully manage your own business. Mary Kay do not suck people in, you are all criticising something you really dont seem to know alot about. With any Independent business you get out of it what you put in. Maybe you should look at yourself rather than the company!!??


  1. Iescaped

    I’m happy that you seem to have found success in MK. But while we divulge the Truth of our experiences (I left with $17,000 worth of wholesale inventory on my shelf, because I
    Bee-lieved in my SD/NSD who lived only 3 miles from me), you come on this site to bash us and only say how successful you are. Sort of like those “Amazing” Cadillac SDs on 20/20 who could not answer the simplest of questions… “How much money did you make last year?”

    Go ahead and black out your name, address, and SSN, but please forward Tracy your Schedule C form from your taxes so we can see just how successful you are. Also please be honest with the hours that you work your business. Many people here were SDs and above for years. We all know that no one really trying to work MK only does it “part-time”.

    Once we have some honest MK people who actually show something maybe you might change some minds, but the math still doesn’t work.

    Let’s say you are so successful in selling the product and you do $5000 per month retail sales (no discounts or freebies in that figure). After product cost, you have made only $2500. If you divide that number in 1/2 to look like a regular 2 week paycheck, that is only $1250. Before taxes and expenses. Now even if you only worked 40 hours per week, you are only making $15.63/hr BEFORE TAXES AND EXPENSES. We all know that this is not normal. Why?? Because at Seminar the Queen of Personal Sales doesn’t even come close to $60,000 per year. So all the numbers in MK are usually fictional and the only way you are bringing in money is by recruiting. But I doubt that you are really making any money.

    But go ahead and please prove me wrong. I would actually love that!!

  2. Beth

    Sorry, you are not independently supporting a family of 4 and a mortgage due to some ambiguous belief in yourself and products. In fact, I’m fairly certain that you’re actually lying to yourself.

    Your husband makes NO money and contributes NOTHING to the family?

    And if you think anyone on this site had no self discipline, and expended no effort and time on their MK “business”, you’re reading comprehension skills are pretty horrible.

    1. MLM Radar

      This one is easy.

      Her Mary Kay cash pays for the mortgage and groceries.

      HIS J.O.B. pays for the Mary Kay credit card debt, Mary Kay inventory purchases, the Mary Kay business expenses, the Mary Kay conferences, the Mary Kay car co-pay, the electric bill, his car payment, the taxes, the medical expenses, the insurance…….

      1. pinkpeace

        “Her Mary Kay cash pays for the mortgage and groceries.”

        She WISHES. Her Mary Kay cash may be able to cover her manicures, slammin’ haircuts, meeting dues – and possibly groceries. No way is she paying her mortgage by selling products, unless she lives in a lean-to shanty in the wrong part of town.

  3. raisinberry

    I still find it so amazing that the lies of Mary Kay Directors and consultants can so easily roll off the tongue.

    Any IBC or SD with this demonstrated inability to understand the content of this website, who is unable to clearly communicate,herself, is obviously not paying the mortgage, supporting the husband and supporting the kids. The “sugar sharp” among you are struggling! Who do you think you’re kidding?

    When are you people going to drop your fabricated “I-stories” and live in reality? You are in debt. You have thousands of dollars of unsold inventory on your shelves. You have excruciating “snow blindness” in your datebooks and you LIVE for any chump target that responds to your disingenuous warm chatter or leaves a message on your phone for a new eye liner!

  4. Almost Got Trapped

    You would have more credibility (but not too much) if you did not resort to character attacks such as “lazy.” Since you are doing so well in your business, perhaps you should hire someone to proofread your writing.

      1. dxr

        If it’s not too far beyond the scope of this website, I’m interested in hearing about the similarities between MK and the CoS.

        I’m starting to realize that this problem, and that of internet marketing scams, is very similar to another issue I’ve been following closely for a few years.

      2. SuzyQ

        Just started Leah Remini’s book today. The similarities with scientology and mk are disturbing. If I remember correctly we talked about that when we were taping the 20/20 special.

        1. J

          I’d love to read TroubleMaker! I’m gonna have to snag a copy. Honestly, watching a documentary on CofS a while back helped to open my eyes to the absurdity I was involved in with MK.

  5. momster

    I think I can speak for many of us when we say we’d love for you to show proof of your success. Women have shown us proof of their problems with the business (Schedule Cs, lists of expenses, photos of excess inventory), but we can’t seem to find anyone who will verify her success.

    And if you are indeed making that much money, please ask yourself the following questions:
    1) Have you ever encouraged a new consultant to buy inventory, knowing that it would put a financial strain on her?
    2) Have you ever encouraged a new consultant to buy inventory, even though she says she only wants to do it for personal use?
    3) Have you ever encouraged a new consultant to buy more inventory than she initially stated she wanted?
    4) Have you ever asked a recruit to place an order to meet one of YOUR goals?
    5) If you have a unit, do you run “Consistency Club” promotions or other contests that reward ordering?
    6) Have you itemized every single expense associated with making sales and determined if the 60/40 split actually covers those expenses and leaves any sort of profit?
    7) Have you ever discouraged a recruit from returning product?
    8) Have you ever talked anyone into becoming a consultant, even when she made it clear that she didn’t really want to do it?

    If you answered yes to any of those questions, please think hard about whether your “success” is coming at the expense of others. Do you have integrity in every aspect of your business? If not, then you need to look at yourself rather than us.

  6. Lazy Gardens

    “I support my husband, 2 children and pay off a mortagage all through my business.

    Show proof, like your Schedule C showing sufficient taxable income to actually live on or I don’t believe it.

    1. Ms. Leigh

      Exactly, don’t just spew words, we want to see tangible proof. Anybody can write stuff but backing it up is a whole other story. This sounds more like a troll instead of a Pinktruth critic. It sure made me laugh…

  7. cindlylu

    Not sure why this individual would blame dozens of women for the mess MK is in. For 50 years this company has slowly made it impossible to sell these over priced products. The party system barely worked in the 1970’s. Even then women gave pity parties for friends but resented feeling obligated to buy anything. I doubt that she is actually selling anything because when women hear the word MK, they avoid the consultant or expect extremely discounted product. Women who get sick in MK get no real empathy (no matter what MK says about faith, family and career). MK is an mlm. I sensed that decades ago before the internet. I am thankful that Pink Truth women have the courage to tell their stories. It is humiliating to admit we tried parties, perfect starts, meetings, warm chatter and eventually nothing worked. Women out there are too smart and have friends or relatives who were exploited by someone in MK. Some directors and NSD’s simply used women and put them in debt. They didn’t care if the woman could barely pay her rent. The company constantly changes product and does not give consultants any real way to actually advertise or sell. The pins and accolades are given not for real sales but for ordering product. So no I don’t believe this woman is an achiever. I do believe she has tons of stock she can barely sell. I believe that her husband is paying most of the bills. I also believe she shouldn’t be on this site because she needs every hour of the day to find recruits. Won’t be long till she bankrupts herself and comes out of pink la la land.

  8. free_at_last

    I did it! I got my form and have planned to return in 7 days. I kept.saying I wasn’t in debt. The truth is, that in 8 months, I am in debt because I front loaded. I followed the advice of my sd and recruiter. While I don’t feel that I had an abundance of product, I did have too much foundation (based on recommendation of my sd). Before I asked for my repurchase form, I asked corporate to exchange the colors of my foundation and told them this would keep me from selling back. They were no help and said that they didn’t help consultants who ordered wrong. How can people Sat honestly that this company has the consultants’ backs? I followed the 60/40 split and was very slowly making pennies to payback my debt. I can’t wait to get a check to repay myself, and to be done with this unethical pink nightmare. The last party I had, right before the 20/20 air, I ended up with 72 referrals. Not one referral booked. None! Some referenced the 20/20 . That’s when I knew I was done. I didn’t want to be associated with pink mindless drones, and then I found pink truths. Thank you ladies!!

  9. I’m about 90% sure this “critic” is a troll. But, if this person is indeed a legitimate MK member, I do want to see proof of success too. Tax forms, or even a few months worth of spreadsheets detailing income and expenses would be helpful!

    The last time I heard the phrase “you get out what you put in” with regards to a job was when I was working at my call center. Though the call center wasn’t an MLM (we were paid an hourly wage and got benefits if we made it past the 90-day probationary period), it sure seemed like they got more than a few ideas about how to run the business from MLMs (sky-high turnover, constant emphasis on referrals for new hires, conducting frequent hiring fairs, impossible goals, constantly changing bonus structures to avoid payouts, aggressive selling techniques, etc).

  10. I am so glad I found this website! Just like everyone else here, I tried MK (twice) and found it to be nothing but a headache. I had well over $8000 in inventory and couldn’t sell any of it. My SD just kept saying “You can’t sell out of an empty wagon!” and would constantly pressure me to buy more just so she could meet her goals. I was encouraged to lie to people and give empty compliments just so they would be a “model” for me so I could try to sell them stuff. What a horrible way to do business! I had so many women run from me (no joke, actually RUN away from me) when they found out who I was and what I did. At that point, I contacted MK and sold my inventory back to them. My SD was angry and was highly discouraging me from doing it, but in the end, I knew I didn’t want to be a part of “The Pink Ladies”.

    After 2 months, I finally received a check in the mail for only $3000. You can imagine my shock when I didn’t even get back half of what I put in! Apparently, not all of my inventory was refundable. But of course they don’t bother to send back whatever they couldn’t refund. They just keep it. Real ethical MK! But, live and learn right?

    After a lot of research, I decided to give Avon a try. For only $15, what could I possibly lose right? I’m actually really glad I did it too! I didn’t have to purchase any inventory (I was actually discouraged from doing it!), I received numerous phone calls and emails welcoming me to the team and was even shown how to access the Avon University. BONUS! I have a free website for my customers and nobody hates me when I tell them who I am ๐Ÿ™‚ My Leader chats with me on FB just to see how I am. I love this company! It has such a huge selection and with prices that are affordable. There is truly something for everyone.

    Thank you PinkTruth for opening my eyes and for putting me on the path to finding a great company! Best wishes to everyone here!

      1. Will do! So far things are going great and I’m loving it, but I’ll definitely let everyone know if that changes. I did some quick research today to find what the top companies were for beauty and makeup brands and found this

        Avon was ranked as #3 (Forbes ranks it as #2), but it came as no surprise to me that MK didn’t even make the list!

        Keep your head up everyone! I know MK left a lot of us with a bad taste in our mouths (myself included), but there are some good companies out there still that you can make money with! You won’t get rich quick, but it can definitely help pay the bills ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. siobhan taylor

    “I support my husband, 2 children and pay off a mortagage all through my business.”

    LOL, sure you do, honey. While you’re at it, tell us about the rainbows you belch and the Skittles you poop, too.

  12. BestDecision

    Speaking of Linda Toupin, she just posted the most revealing thing. Apparently, it’s her Fall Retreat (glad I’m no longer having to give up my family time for those), and she has 27 Directors pictured that met a 90 day contest. She’s bragging that they sold, held parties, and recruited, but what the average, foggy Consultant won’t read out of it is what that actually sold, held, and recruited over that long of time. $4,016 in sales per Director over 90 days is $1,388/month retail. Keep half of that with the discount, and they gross profited $650/month. And they’re Directors! The best-skilled sellers in the entire company! They held an average of 7 parties over 90 days, which is about 2 a month. Wow, MKI, your business model is really working! So, so many people want to have these fun parties! And then, they averaged 2.7 new team members. Not even 1 a month. And they’re teaching people how to recruit?

    Nothing shows real numbers, real facts of how weak the business is currently than that single post. When you have the top 2% (or whatever it is now) that can’t recruit more, hold more, or sell more and are CELEBRATED for those pitiful numbers, something is wrong. BestDecision to get out now, ladies!

  13. enorth

    “itโ€™s her Fall Retreat”

    I’ve noticed a common theme in the past weeks of “Back to the Kitchen Table.” In other words, no one is having home parties/classes. I also heard one say that the skin care class is a “lost art.”

    They’re too busy pushing Cancer Stop-n-Shops and Chemo Care Packages.

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