The Pink Truth Hater Hotline Rings Again

Even after running Pink Truth for over 7 years, I still never tire of the nasty comments left (or emailed) by Mary Kaybots. We got this one yesterday:

This site is Hilarious!!!!!!! I never knew someone could become so crazy obsessed with bashing anyone or any company! hahahaha

Grow up! Stop whining because YOU decide to blame your lack of success on someone else! If you put 1/2 the effort that you have with this site into a REAL hobby or career, I bet you’d end up HAPPY.

OMG this is sooooooo priceless!!!! I wonder what the rest of your life is like! So sad!

For the record, I don’t have an obsession with anything, other than the truth. Pink Truth is a public service to any consumers who have ever been involved with Mary Kay or are considering getting involved. It is not meant to “bash” the company… rather it is simply to provide the TRUTH about Mary Kay Cosmetics (which the company will never allow to be told).

I don’t have a “lack of success.” In fact, I have a rather successful REAL business, from which I make an honest living. No lies are told to reel in customers or recruits. I don’t swindle anyone into spending money they don’t have or simply shouldn’t spend.

Mary Kay is dishonorable. I, on the other hand, have an honorable (and honest!) business in which I make an excellent living. I love my career, and I make more than enough money. That, my friend, equals HAPPINESS!



  1. Iescaped

    Oh my! I thought that Mary Kay IBCs, SDs and NSDs were supposed to empower and uplift women. Oh, I remember, that only applies to those that are recruitable:). Glad though she has implied that MK is a hobby!!

    What this Kaybot fails to accept is that the majority of women on this site are very happy and successful. I have my horses to compete on, a successful career in healthcare and a wonderful supportive family.

    I don’t need false accolades and praise for being able to use my Debit Card!! I don’t need someone to be a friend if there only reason for being my friend is because I produced a commission check for them.

    WE have seen the light through the Pink Fog and got out. We have and are still processing all the lies we were told. And hopefully one day you will too!

  2. Ashley

    I love any sort of response that includes the comment “Grow up”! Because the commenter is obviously so much more mature … based on that phrase alone, I deduct several IQ points … and several more for lack of originality. The brainwashing is strong in that one!

    1. itsgoingdown

      That and “OMG!!!!!!!!!!”. My university composition professor told his classes that exclamation over-use implied juvenility and that any assignment or paper that came to him with it failed automatically.

      What I think is incredibly sad is how Stepford Wife-ish the Pink Truth Haters are. I read here more often several years ago and they all say the same exact thing in the same exact way. Nothing has changed at all. Do they really think they are saying anything that everyone here hasn’t heard a hundred times already.

      Note to Haters: Except for those new to Pink Truth and new to leaving MK, everyone here moved on a long time ago in professions that pay REAL money. You know, the kind that we can actually pay bills with instead of having cheesy ribbons, sashes, cheap jewelry and crowns lying around our house. We despise companies that lie and take advantage of their customers, and yes, consultants and directors are Mary Kay’s real customers. We were all conned by the same company you have been and want to help other women avoid that. So, while I’m sitting here on my paid Friday off from my employer paying bills with real money and spending the rest of my day on leisure activities, good luck in coming up with more women to warm stalk and con into the business for the benefit of your upline. Have a great weekend!

  3. tim

    the MK-bot missed completely the importance of Pink Truth. It isn’t actually limited to Mary Kay, but to “opportunity” meetings across the board.

    I am ashamed to admit I got clipped by Lyoness “Buyer’s Club” or whatever it is now called, for $7K of “advance purchases”….

    If I had been reading Pink Truth then? I wouldn’t have been as vulnerable to their Fog, a bright Green I think…

  4. Princesse

    That comment from the K-bot shows only ignorance. She did not bother with finding out what and how Pink Truth came about, nor did she spend time to look up the background of the person who is running Pink Truth. Why wonder what anybody’s post-MK life is when the information is right here on this site!

    This also means the K-bot did not bother with finding out what the so-called MK opportunity really entails, and bought into being misinformed by the MK cult.

    Wise people always ask questions, and allow themselves to be educated before making any opinions/decisions.

    In this day and age, one simply cannot take any one-sided information for granted. Look deeper, do your research, and start asking questions. Don’t just listen to the things you want to hear and believe in!

    I hope this K-bot wises up soon, and allow herself to be informed about the Pink Truth.

  5. enorth

    I’m glad you included the link to your business! Anyone who clicks on that and reads about you should skulk away with their tail between their legs.

    “Whining” and “lack of success” indeed. Pfft.

  6. Amanda

    “I never knew someone could become so crazy obsessed with bashing anyone or any company! hahahaha”

    And yet she took time out of her schedule to come here and bash us. Judging from the writing I’m guess she’s brand new, most likely early 20s and has no idea how to properly conduct herself in the business world. It’s okay, pretty soon she will start to feel the pressure/stress/guilt, people will start to avoid her calls, no one will want to bother with her in public settings and when that day happens young one- we’ll be here to help you see clearly.

  7. BestDecision

    Honey, I bet my unit could’ve run circles around yours. Or, maybe YOU haven’t done the work to become a Director as I did. If you think holding unit meetings every single week, a newsletter every single month, returned phone calls and emails within 24 hours, Business Debuts, New Consultant Orientations, Red Jacket events, Star Consultant events, Leadership Conference and its associated travel, weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly prizes to track, purchase and reward, and hosting and participating in unit/director/NSD/corporate conference calls for YEARS on top of my own personal business of customers and product isn’t considered “work”, you’re very wrong. I devoted myself to my career, just as some probably treated it like a hobby, but I had the title, car, and diamonds to go with it. I did get the fruit, but it wasn’t in proportion to the labor I put into it. Zero retirement. Zero health insurance. Zero vision or dental coverage. No guarantee my checks would be stable after the current month. No say in who was keeping their word and working their own businesses or purchasing product.

    Sure, there are people that are lazy, just as any industry. But, you’ve barked up a mighty large tree on here. Most of those 10,000 (if that) Directors at Leadership Confernece right now aren’t in Cadillacs and, therefore, aren’t making more than $30,000 a year. Before taxes and expenses.

    Please, educate yourself, consider your own circumstances, and pause before you make yourself sound ridiculously ignorant.

    1. CaliforniaGal

      Right on, gal friend. I worked more than 40 hours a week after I became a director just to tread water. Had I been told the truth, I never would have tried to become a director. The truth is not told so that innocent women will run after something that will only benefit the tippy, top of the Mary Kay pyramid. I am so glad I got out and have finally healed. Thank you Pink Truth for leading the way out.

  8. raisinberry

    It still stuns and amazes me that the world of Mary Kay doesn’t just shut the heck up and put their “tails” between their legs and just scurry off.

    Don’t you get it? YOU, Mary Kay, had the tremendous misfortune of recruiting a FRAUD EXAMINER! You see now, why, young pink bee-lievers, that this site exists and mary kay has been exposed? WRONG PERSON to attempt to pull the wool over!

  9. WhitWhit87

    First time commenting on here, but I have been reading for a while. I have been out of MK for about 2 years now, and I am so glad. I was a lonely stay at home mom who got invited to a meeting for a “free makeover” and of course I said yes. After getting talked into horrible purple eyeshadow and a foundation that was about 3 shades too light for my skin, I was made to parade in front of about 20 women who told me “how much better I looked” than when I first walked in the door. Anyway…I ended up signing on but just buying the kit. After refusing to buy inventory no less than 100 times I should add. I loved it at first. I had “friends” and a place to go and dress up once a week. But, after my first 2 parties I was having a hard time booking any more. My director set up a meeting with me and her director and they proceeded to tell me that they saw so much potential in me, but that I wasn’t trying hard enough. (I was starting nursing school in the fall and was working on getting some classes out of the way first.) They actually encouraged me to quit pursuing nursing school and pursue becoming a director. Needless to say, that was the last meeting I attended. My director quit shortly after me because she didn’t make (ahem, spend) enough money to “earn” her “free” car.

    I actually found PinkTruth about a month into my MK journey and I am so grateful that I did. If it wasn’t for this site, who knows if I actually may have stopped pursuing my education and tried to continue on with MK. Keep sharing the truth ladies! Thanks for all you do. 🙂

    1. itsgoingdown

      My friend that asked me to the “free makeover” didn’t even have the guts to tell me it was just a recruiting scam. When I think back to how her director and others were examining the make over for supposed quality and probably really thinking to themselves, “Gee, when does the recruiting start”, I still feel humiliated that I was taken in like that. Not only am I not a stupid woman, I was not looking to do Mary Kay or any job. When someone asks you to “help” them with a “challenge”, RUN AWAY FAST!

  10. onelessSD

    once again- same song and dance. I swear all these kaybots are a one-trick pony show and it’s getting tiresome. However, the fact that she’s even looking at this site proves that she’s got some doubts… and she’s just responding to us according to what she’s been spoon fed… not a single thing we haven’t heard before.

    Listen up sweetie… let me remind you of a few things:
    1. Reading PT is not an income producing activity… so when you do and you comment- you are proving to us that you don’t have anything going on in your “so called” business. (it’s really not a business, but a distributorship… you don’t have any creative choice on how you promote/advertise your distributorship, and corporate can terminate you if they feel like it..if they feel you have violated the agreement….and with no notice…. that’s truth.)

    2. Reading PT confirms to us that you have doubts about your ‘so called’ business. If all was going great- you wouldn’t even consider peeking at this site… but because you are… those doubts you have are just being confirmed.

    3. Reading PT also confirms to you that there are a lot of people who have left the pink vortex… and were not lazy or losers.. but actually very successful when they were pink peeps. I for one was a SD, actually sold my way to the court of sales 5 consecutive years ($36,000 retail or higher) and was only about $4,000 retail away from finishing my 6th consecutive year when I quit directorship. I can sell that product – but the lying and manipulation that I was seeing and that I did myself- I couldn’t stomach it any longer. That is not something I’m proud of- but as a director… that is the only way to keep afloat and move forward. I know other former SD’s can confirm this. Read more- you will find among our ranks many car drivers, trip winners, and diamond receivers…. all the way up to on target NSD.

    4. Reading PT is free! We don’t charge a fee or subscription for you to gain this knowledge… we don’t gain a cent for simply telling the truth. What you do with the truth is up to you- but I know for me… it has given me tremendous freedom to walk away from a money-grabbing, soul-sucking environment that was extremely unhealthy for me. I stay here because I know for a fact that there are so many of you pink peeps that NEED this. You need this site to counter all the garbage that you are being spoon fed by people who DO get commission off of you for staying stuck in the pink muck. They are the ones with the ulterior motives. Hope you are reading all of our responses… because we are speaking from experience.

  11. Amy

    I have a question and apolagize if this was answered elsewhere, I would not be asking if I did not know the answer. I say this because I’m sure it’s exhausting answering new questions.

    Can IBC’s work on their own and not be forced to work with Directors? You know, “run her own business on her own”?

    If a customer orders something rather be on the website or through the consultant, Does this mean ur “consultant” has to deliver it to you? Will Mary Kay not ship it to you? Is Mary Kay too cheap to ship the products to a customer in other words?

    I just have one suggestion; I wish was Tracy, the owner of this website, would have a section for all of her media appearances, it is fascinating to see her go up against these people.

    1. Iescaped

      This might only happen if you (an IBC) lets say lives in California and your sister and best friend live in Washington and you recruit them.

      MK does have an program where your sister and friend would be set up with an adopted SD and be able to go to her meetings.

      Since this adopted SD gets absolutely no commissions for your sister and friend, most tend to ignore those people.

      Real SD can only harass so much from another state.

      But the REAL issue is that you can never make more than pocket change selling Mary Kay. This so called business was set up with the products (skin care and makeup) being made to look like a legitimate retail business, but the recruiting has and will be always the main focus.

    2. Lazy Gardens

      Amy asked, “Can IBC’s work on their own and not be forced to work with Directors? You know, “run her own business on her own”? ”

      She has to be RECRUITED under someone … so she can’t escape feeding commissions to the upline.

      She could tell her recruiter, SD, and NSD to to take a hike, but she’s still going to be in an MLM, competing for crumbs of sales, with a hideously overpriced product line. And she has to comply with the contract terms about advertising and selling locations.

      If an IBC “went rogue”, ignored the upline and actually worked it like a business (including realistic advertising and sales techniques), Mary Kay would probably cancel her contract because the upline can’t have women being independent. They DESPERATELY need them to toe the line and recruit, recruit, recruit.

    3. @Amy: If you ordered something through your consultant, then yes, she would deliver the product to you.

      As for ordering online, if you don’t have a consultant already, one will be assigned to deliver your order. Remember, Mary Kay is a recruiting scam, so never pass up an opportunity to pitch the shpeel in hopes of getting another victim.

  12. Amy

    I see my comment is in moderation and I totally get it- the reason for this blog post. I just thought I would share this with you.

    The script that you have here that tells somebody to ask nine friends if you can borrow $200 or six friends for $300, I had Siri on my iPhone read it to my husband. At first he was rolling his eyes because you know at the beginning it is kind of boring but as it started to go on, my husband said, “what the he**, what vultures, sounds like a ponzi scheme”

    I replied, “exactly”

    He then proceeded to tell me a story from about 25 years ago he had a customer (he owns his own business) and said the wife had a pink Cadillac and he always thought that was cool, The husband wasn’t amused and couldn’t understand why, The husband confided to my husband that that’s all the wife does is sleep talk eat and breath Mary Kay.

    After having them as a customer for so long he noticed they started to cut their service (he cleans windows, carpets, furniture etc) he reached out to him and asked him if there was doing something wrong, The husband said no he was getting a divorce& had to file bankruptcy, his wife secretly spent $150,000 on Mary Kay products that she could not resell. Some of it she still sold but I know wasn’t an eighth of what she bought.

    I am surprised there is not been a class-action lawsuit.

  13. Former MK girl

    I would like to share my story.
    I sold MK for 4 years. I love the skin care, it works for me. However, after my director stole my recruits (because I couldn’t meet with them during the day, she met with them and signed them up under her, not me, even though I was the one that did the follow up), I signed on with another direct sales company. I found the new company was open and honest about their compensation plan and there was no pressure to buy inventory at all (it is a party based company, I don’t need stock).

    I was told I was a traitor because of that. I was also told I wasn’t welcome at the Monday meetings because I had a social media page and that I didn’t pressure my girls to buy inventory. (I was DIQ and, according to my director, threw my life away by stepping down). As a Team leader, I would tell my girls to build inventory very slowly (for example, if you have a customer who orders a shade of foundation, buy 2 instead of 1, so that you have one in stock. When you run out, that is when you place your order. I had the attitude that ppl wait all the times for shipping of items (cosmetics too).

    But the final straw was that I had a friend who sells Younque. I went to her house to try the eyelashes, which, I love! My director found out and told me that I was a tratior, that I looked like a whore with the lashes, and how dare I try a new product that is not MK. I told her that I love make up not just MK and that I was supporting a friend in her direct sales business. I was told if I continued to buy the lashes, then I can kiss my MK career good bye. Well, I left MK (I am still on the books because I can’t justify paying a 50% markup on skincare).

    Another note, the conference, it doesn’t tell you anything tangiable at all. It’s all motivation. The new company I am with, their conference, while it did have motivation, there was a lot of classes on how to use the product, what the products are made of, how to sell the products. You know, useful information to make you succeed.

    This may not make a whole lot of sense but thanks for reading.

    1. MLM Radar

      Former MK Girl,

      I hate to break it to you, but a no-inventory MLM is not better than an inventory MLM. The no-inventory MLM just uses a different method to empty your wallet. Usually it’s with subscription purchases and “team” ordering goals. In the end you’re still stuck with a lot of overpriced products and no profits.

      You also need to hear that you’re NOT getting a discount on Mary Kay products. It just seems like a discount because you’re comparing the so-called wholesale price to the “suggested retail” price. Whenever you pay the Mary Kay wholesale price you’re enriching that thieving scheming Director of yours with commissions on your purchases, PLUS you’re paying twice the sales tax you owe every time because MKC collects tax on the “full retail” price.

      Do you really like the products enough to keep enriching a woman who stole from you, and to keep paying double tax?

      A true wholesale price, for non-MLM companies, is the manufacturing cost, plus a reasonable (small) profit margin, plus the cost to ship the products to the distributor. But the MLM definition of “wholesale” price is the manufacturing cost, plus corporate profit, plus commissions and bonuses to your Director, plus commissions to your recruiter, your Senior Director, your ESSD, your NSD, and everyone else in-between who qualifies for a cut of your purchase price. The only thing NOT included in the MLM wholesale price is shipping – that’s extra, and always paid by you.

      It’s time to stop funding people who abuse you financially, and stop supporting friends in other Direct Sales businesses who are also being financially abused.

  14. Iescaped

    I don’t know if this is overstepping, but please read:

    ALL MLMs have only one purpose and that is to funnel money to the upline!! You might think that there isn’t any pressure or lying going on, but manipulation comes in many forms.

    The structure of MLMs are all the same. And everyone in the upline is constantly on the hunt for their next “go getter”. They might have written you off for now, but look for the subtle signs.

    Does your MLM show you stories of how one person went from rags to riches in a short period of time all while staying at home with her family??

    That is a scam to make you try to replicate that. Even if you are just a personal use or fun time independent contractor, you are still feeding the uplines and thus making it possible for the company to scam others!!!

  15. Tami

    Been doing MK for over 6 years and never made a profit. I did move from NY to AK just as my business was getting started, but another consultant from my former unit in NY also commented that she never made profit and wondered how anyone can. She has been doing MK longer than me and I was always under the impression that she was pretty successful with it. Sometime after I moved to AK, my NY sales director stepped down and I had to choose a new unit from a list supplied by the company. Not one was in AK. I am on my own, basically. No one knows the struggles of having a MK business here. I pay nearly $40 for shipping!! Any ship-direct-to-customer options are either unavailable here or costs as much for shipping. I attempted to complain about that on the MK FB page….my posts were promptly removed. I was professional in my comments, but that did not matter. I have credit card debt from starting and running my MK business. I have been back and forth about quitting, but I do like the products and I have a core of loyal customers that shop regularly from me. I’m thinking I will just dump my excess inventory and just carry what they and I use. I try to just order 2-3 times a year because of shipping…my customers understand if they have to wait for merchandise until I have enough to order to justify the cost.

    1. nomoremlm4me

      Tami, please get out ASAP. If you truly love MK products (although most feel drugstore brands are comparable), you can order them for less than wholesale value from ebay or craigslist. There is no way you are making minimum wage in this situation, so is it really worth your time and hassle?

  16. lyndsay

    I was in mary kay back in 2007. My director and group were absolutely amazing. I quit because i moved back to ontario and i was quite shy to restart. I was only 23 or 24. Now my husband and I have our own successful property maintenance company going on 5 years. I’m actually re joining mary kay today. But I like your page it gives you both sides and a reminder of who I don’t want to be. I’m not pushy and i really dislike and disapprove of pushy sales tactics. If they buy, well great if not that’s ok too. I’m rejoining because personally I love the products and i have always had great experiences. But again thank you. I will keep reading your blog because everyone who has had a bad experience will help me be good at what i do ( meaning what not to do) anyway cheers and i am so sorry to the ones who have had horrible experiences.

    1. MLM Radar

      Lindsay, it’s your call, but I hope you realize that you’re not getting Mary Kay products at a discount. It only seems like a discount because the “suggested retail” price is so overstated. The real retail price for Mary Kay is the price end-user customers are willing to pay, which is Mary Kay’s “wholesale” price… or less.

      You’re also paying double sales tax on every purchase, because Mary Kay collects tax based on their imaginary “full retail” price. But if you love the products so much that you’re willing to pay that premium, go for it.

      Personally, I’ve found Mary Kay product quality to be comparable to the junky no-name gift set bundles you find in Wal-Mart at Christmastime. Just my opinion, but it’s shared by a lot of people.

      I wonder… have you ever looked at the Mary Kay Canadian earnings representation statements? You’ll find them posted here – just search for Canada. I just checked the Mary Kay Canada website and found the 2014 figures, which I posted here for everyone. They’re pitiful.

    2. Lazy Gardens

      Lindsay, here’s 2014’s results …

      In 2014, there were over 33,500 members of the independent sales force of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Ltd in Canada. Of the 3,886 who were in the independent sales force for at least one year and who earned commissions, 47.17% earned commissions in excess of $100. Of the 491 of those who were Mary Kay Independent Sales Directors, the top 50% earned commissions during the year of $19,832 to in excess of $100,000. Of the 19 of those who were Mary Kay Independent National Sales Directors, 63% earned commissions during the year in excess of $100,000.

      Sounds great … I mean look at those commissions in excess of $100,000!!!! But break it down, and look at what the numbers are saying behind the spin.

      In 2014, there were over 33,500 members of the independent sales force of Mary Kay Cosmetics, Ltd in Canada.
      Population of Canada = 35,540,400
      That’s 1 IBC for every 1,060 Canadians.
      More important, there are 11,579,945 women between 15 and 64, the prime cosmetic using years. That’s 1 IBC for every 345 Canadian women likely to buy cosmetics.

      Can you make a living with 345 customers? Because that’s your share of the available customers.

      And let’s look at the commissions:

      Of the 3,886 who were in the independent sales force for at least one year and who earned commissions, 47.17% earned commissions in excess of $100.

      Of those 33,500 IBCs, only 3,886 have been in over a year and have at least one recruit who qualified by ordering over $600. That’s 11.6% of them.

      Only 1833 women out of the 33,500 are making over $100 a month in commissions.

      Over half of those (52.83%) of them earned LESS THAN $100 in commissions, which means their recruits aren’t selling anything!

      Of the 491 of those who were Mary Kay Independent Sales Directors, the top 50% earned commissions during the year of $19,832 to in excess of $100,000.

      All it takes to get into the top 50% is $19,832! That’s less than a full-time minimum-wage sales clerk makes, but with much more work. And that is before the SD pays her expenses.

      That means the bottom 590% are making less than that … less than $1652 a month in commissions, and that is BEFORE expenses are taken out.

      Of the 19 of those who were Mary Kay Independent National Sales Directors, 63% earned commissions during the year in excess of $100,000.

      And 37% made less than $100,000 a year (we don’t know how much less), from which they had to pay expenses. Less than $8,333 a month.


      Here’s data from 1999 and 2009 – they are barely treading water, and if you add inflation into the equation, they are sinking.

      1. BestDecision

        Wow, the top 50% mark for Directors is < $20,000/year! I wish every Consultant working so hard to debut would read this. And Directors coveting that NSD position? Really, you can kind of so that with the Applause magazine and the NSD commissions listed there. If a check is < $8,000, they don't make $100,000 that year. What a great "executive income"! Ha!!

  17. A happy Mary Kaybot

    This site is quite hilarious. This world is becoming so ugly so fast. Rather than women working together and lifting each other up they bash what some of us love and enjoy waking up to do every morning. Us “Mary Kaybots” love Mary Kay, what it does for ourselves, and what it does for other women. If someone likes the Mary Kay products and feel good wearing them then let them be happy instead of bashing the company and saying it doesn’t help women. That it is just all about the sales and recruiting new people.

    I have hated many jobs that I have had but I do not have the time, energy, or obsessive personality that will allow me to waste 7 years of my life bashing one company. But hey to each their own I guess. Maybe you will find something new and better to obsess about, like for instance the new career/business that you love oh-so much. I mean I’d rather obsess over the positive things and experiences in my life rather than a negative experience I had like 7 or more years ago.

    1. TRACY

      Kaybot – You’ve missed the entire point of this site. Mary Kay has harmed many MILLIONS of women with its dishonest tactic. We’re talking about BILLIONS of dollars lost to a pretend “business opportunity.”

      The point of this site is to INFORM others about the ugly truth about Mary Kay. It is not about “bashing,” But about revealing the truth that Mary Kay and its representatives won’t tell you.

      Believe me, this site has been far from a “waste.” It has been around for almost a decade, and has been worth EVERY SECOND that I (and many others) have put into it. We are helping women by informing them that they are almost guaranteed to lose money in MLM.

      And I DO obsess about my awesome, honest business here: Check it out! You can see what it looks like to run an actual business, and to do so without lying to anyone.

    2. MLM Radar

      Yes, the fog is thick around this one. She either has a husband/SO paying for her Mary Kay “habit” or she hasn’t been in Mary Kay long enough to know what she signed up for.

      Tell you what, Happy… Come back after you file your tax return. Let us know what your income tax Schedule C revealed. Did you really earn more money per hour with Mary Kay than you earned at those J.O.B.s you hated? And please make a serious effort to count all those Mary Kay hours at meetings, conferences, travel, ordering, packing and unpacking, calling people, asking for referrals, trying to set up “parties”…..

      1. A happy Mary Kaybot

        I am 20 years old with a fiancé who does NOT pay for any of my Mary Kay products. I have paid for everything on my own with my own money. Not all of us need husbands to pay for the things that we want and/or need. However, he does support my decison on selling Mary Kay.

        The meetings, conferences,travel, etc. is all optional. I choose to go to those, because I feel that they help and inspire not only myself but other wonderful people that I have met through this business. No one is forcing me to go to these things.

        1. BestDecision

          I’m hear to convey to you that those events aren’t optional at all. For you to go anywhere with your business, you’re going to have to go to both company events (3–once and if you make it to Director) to learn more about the growth of your business and, most importantly, to keep the same enthusiasm you have right now. A wise person once told me that a business is just a hobby or volunteerism if you’re doing it for just the “feel goods”. If you put the emotion out of it, you’ll actually profit more, but you’ll eventually run out of steam. We all did in some form or another.

          As a professional and former Cadillac Director, I’d like to also tell you that it’ll also help you if you’d use spell check more often and possibly review some grammar tutorials. As a Director, your communication skills have to be on point or your unit, customers, and guests at events will eat you alive.

          Good luck to you. It’s a shame you’ve been sold hope on something with such high attrition and low success rates.

        2. Lazy Gardens

          “I am 20 years old with a fiancé who does NOT pay for any of my Mary Kay products. I have paid for everything on my own with my own money.”

          Great … you have been in Mary Kay for a maximum of 2 years (18 being the earliest you can sigh up).

          When you do your taxes this year, take a good look at your Schedule C. To be blunt, if you aren’t making enough money to pay taxes on, you don’t have a business, you have a hobby.

          Don’t fall for the lie that business expenses are good because it increases your refund … all your losses on Mary Kay is move money from your salary to your upline.

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