Religious Propaganda From a Mary Kay NSD

More “God wants you to sell Mary Kay” junk from a Mary Kay nsd. Talk about pink fog…

Bold or Broke??? This control.Think about this today.

Good Morning and Praise God for the ability to wake up and enjoy a brand new month open and overflowing with opportunities!!! When we start our business with MK, usually we are called to extend that old comfort zone…. this can make us unsteady in thought process and may convince us to doubt ourselves and our ability to go forward. That is normal, it’s called GROWTH. One of the best things that you can do for your life is to remain in a state of semi-fear. Sounds quite attractive, doesn’t it! If you are not fearing or at least uncomfortable, more than likely you are not in a state of growth. Growth is good ~ therefore~ Fear is good. And, on the other side of that feeling is abundance…… however you define abundance in your life. Choices, how many of you would like more choices for your life?

My dad always taught me that “IF nothing changes, nothing Changes!!! Are you sincere about wanting more time with your children, taking pressure off your hubby financially, saving for education, helping out your parents????? Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you are w/o ability to do these things. You can do and have and be anything that you want if you are willing to grow and open yourself to a different method of thinking, talking and working.

We have a need to prove ourselves right!!! Think about that for a minute. Your stresses in your life are not the result of a vicious world that just wants to do you in, an unreasonable boss, a grueling job, or chaotic kids. All of those things are a result of little choices that you and I make daily and reinforce daily by subsequent talk and choices.

Get in on the Power!!!! God wants you to have a life free from all that junk and He has provided it. There is a reason why YOU are in this business!!!

When we as Leaders, think of you, we so badly want to jump into your little mind with our feather duster and whip it back and forth through your thinking and remove all those doubts and hesitations that keep you from experiencing all that God has in store for you. This however, is an “inside” deal. We each are responsible for expanding our own thinking and taking measures to eliminate old patterns of thought that do not serve us or our future.

Don’t be afraid to be bold about what you want. Pray boldly, expectantly, specifically. Your heavenly Father loves you more than you and I are even capable of understanding. Don’t be afraid to be bold in your prayer. Ask Him to take away those fears….. He will. The writers of Hebrews say that we are to come fearlessly, confidently, and boldly to the throne of grace. Start there and watch things start to change. What do you have to lose! Have a power-packed week.


  1. MLM Radar

    So this is what passes for training. Fill yourself with hope. If she had real training and real results to offer, she wouldn’t need to “jump into your little mind” with her pink feather duster.

    Instead: You pray (to God) and she’ll prey (on you).

    1. janniemk

      “One of the best things that you can do for your life is to remain in a state of semi-fear.”

      Well, according to everything I’ve read and heard, this is the one part of Mary Kay that comes effortlessly to everyone involved in it.

  2. Iescaped

    Notice how the script changes.

    In the first part, this NSD says that “if you are not fearing or at least uncomfortable that you are not in a state of growth. Growth is good- therefore- fear is good”.

    Then at the end, she completely changes her tune and wants you to “ask Him to take away those fears…”.

    This is a great example of the mind screw in Mary Kay. All your logical and rational thought gets twisted up. ” Am I supposed to be afraid and getting out of my comfort zone or am I supposed to be bold and fearless? ”

    In Mary Kay you eventually have no idea if you are coming or going.

    1. raisinberry

      Iescaped for the win! One of the things you finally figure out in Mary Kay, is that EVERY objection has an answer, and since none of the “answers” are based in reality, then any answer will work, even within the same contradictory sentences.

      So fear is an indicator of your state of growth…and…fear needs to be taken away, presumably so you do not feel whatever is creating your discomfort…

      Might your discomfort be coming from your Fraud? So to do more, means more FRAUD?

  3. Amy

    Here is a comment from a friend;

    That site you were telling me about [Pink Truth] reminded me of my old MK lady, she would always call me and tell me I won contests for facials and that would make angry after a while because I would tell her EVERY TIME I was not interested and to please stop entering me. Now that I know it was not actually a contest it angers me even more– how dare them claim to be God first when they aren’t even being honest with their customers

  4. Lily in NYC

    I think this is one of the most offensive MK-related propaganda pieces I’ve seen. It’s so manipulative and preys on people with faith by telling them that God is providing them with “fear” as a vehicle of growth. When in reality, they are trying to shut down the very realistic fears many IBCs must have as they start to wonder if they made a mistake getting involved with this MLM. I’m not religious but I think this is against everything Christianity is supposed to stand for and it’s disgusting.

  5. pinkpeace

    “Your stresses in your life are not the result of a vicious world that just wants to do you in, an unreasonable boss, a grueling job, or chaotic kids. All of those things are a result of little choices that you and I make daily and reinforce daily by subsequent talk and choices.”

    Really? An unreasonable boss is the result of my choice? ADHD children are because of my interior talk?

    What about serious illness or a natural disaster? Guess I need to make better “little choices” in order to avoid these.

    This type of message is despicable, and not just because it’s based on a false idea of God and the fallen world we live in. It’s just another iteration of “you wouldn’t have problems if you had more faith/a higher deserve level/an abundance mentality/etc”. Nowhere in the Bible are we promised everything we want in life. On the contrary, we are told over and over that we are perfected through suffering and perseverance.

    God is not the Everlasting Holy Vending Machine. Mary Kay is NOT a Christian company.

    1. coralrose

      Yes! You said what I wanted to say so well! The quasi-religious stuff made me sooo uncomfortable. I stopped listening to trainings and only went to one seminar.
      Also, I’m pretty sure the Bible cautions against accumulating riches and human recognition and encourages humility, but OK, NSD, God wanted *your* unit to reach $1 million in sales. If you say so…

    2. Your comment reminded me of a line my favorite Carmelite priest liked to use in his sermons (I’m Catholic). He used to tell us “God is not an ATM” because God won’t dispense blessings, graces and favors without you first making an effort to live according to His rules, partaking of the Sacraments, having faith and doing good deeds to others, etc.

      What this kaybot has written is pure blasphemy!

      1. Deflated Pink Bubble

        Funny how you should mention the “God is not an ATM” line. I can remember hearing at a Fall Retreat that when you have a full inventory on your shelves it’s like God has given you an ATM of your own. When you need money you just sell something. Yeah, like it was that easy.

  6. Ashley

    I love how they mention taking the pressure off your husband financially – this may have worked back in the 50s and 60s when less women worked outside the household, but 99% of the women I know have actual jobs, and jobs that pay more than Mary Kay would. One of my closest friends is the sole income earner in her family and her husband is the stay-at-home parent. Maybe he should sell Mary Kay to take the pressure off of his wife financially?


  7. enorth

    “God wants you to have a life free from all that junk and He has provided it. There is a reason why YOU are in this business!!!”

    Well, spend some time on YouTube watching MLM (umm, I meant Direct Sales) training videos. You’ll find out that God also wants you selling Premier Designs jewelry, Plexus, BeautiControl, ItWorks, etc.

    1. ran4fun

      Good question, Lazy Gardens. This inquiring mind also want to know who she is.

      I believe the religious abuse in MK is the biggest factor keeping my loved one in the pink fog, and it makes me sick.

  8. gotheart

    Pam Shaw’s words for Convention, Seminar Protocol to her area sales directors.

    ‘Be a team player. Any choice you make that appears to be anti-establishment as in doing your own thing, apart from the group, to serve your personal agenda or preference is anti-establishment. (Like staying in a hotel a SD can afford.)

    The consequences of this will show up in your consultants, and offsprings, imitating that liberty and individualism when you have created a group opportunity.

    Your choice will revisit you in a bigger and more insulting way, even if you don’t make the connection.( Because her feeling have been insulted when this has happened to her.) It also results in lost respect from your peers.’ (Pammy won’t like you any more and she’ll make other SD don’t like you either.)

    This is the “gun held to your head”, that those in MK are unaware of, haven’t a clue, to how much manipulation artillery is used in MK.

      1. gotheart

        I feel the same NMKForMe.
        What shakes me is the women Pam is addressing are all pretty much God fearing women and have pastors, rabbis, priest, leadership of some form.

        These spiritual leaders would be shocked to know their members are being shamed into not being individuals.
        Not to follow their guts and hearts, as Pam says is wrong.

        Basically she believes the women in her area should allow Pam to do their thinking for them and be herded for her purpose. For her personal agenda.

        Her area have to stay at the most expensive hotel in Dallas to make Pam look good. Fork over a small fortune for an expensive piece of jewelry for her yearly gift from her area.
        Purchase her Design books. Go on her workshops, seminars, worship at her feet.

        The spiritual leaders would be appalled to hear what Pam says and the way she treat these women and the women go along with it.

        I am so glad to be out from under this.
        I was one of her followers.

  9. gotheart

    More of Pam Shaw’s arsenal, using fear manipulation rhetoric.

    “I’m looking for women who are more afraid of missing opportunities than making mistakes, women who are more afraid of lifelong regrets than temporary failures; women who dare to dream the impossible dream and dare to attempt it with me!
    Is that you?”

  10. CardiacRN

    The God-thing always made me uncomfortable when I was in the pink fog. I felt that way too many of these women and husbands were nothing but proselytizing fundamentalists, and I could not stand it. Please don’t tell me what to believe or what to pray for or what “chances” I should take. Just NO. And this self-righteous, holier-than-thou drivel makes me want to whack the author with a Bible and tell her to read it.

  11. Rosie

    So one of my very nice but not that close friends (who is also my current MK ‘dealer’ for the couple times a year I buy the lip gloss I can’t find on ebay) just made director, got her first car, and is all over instagram with the joy of it. She is a sweet and wonderful girl, newlywed, and a super talented hair stylist. I know for a fact that her unit includes at least two of her (several) sisters, whom I also love. Anyway, I was happy to see how excited she was with all these new MK things happening and after her director debut party photos, I googled “What is a mary kay director?” out of curiosity. And it brought me here. HOLY COW. I am now kind of obsessed with this blog and I’ve gotten my sister hooked on it, too. (Thank heavens we’ve only been involved in one or two ‘classes’ and neither of us has been an IBC and we’re now strictly ebay/amazon purchasers.) I even googled Pam Shaw and found her website (yowza.) It’s kind of a bummer now though because I’m heartbroken by thought of the zillions of women who must be feeling that director stress, who are trapped by the car, the jacket, and the manipulation. I feel like I have to do something to preach the Pink Truth. Rent out a billboard? Quit my job and go door to door? I feel so bad because, as you ladies have shown here time and time again, the math will NEVER. EVER. work out. I feel especially bad because of my friend. I know I probably can’t ever approach her and say ‘Hey, listen, this is a bad idea’ because we’re not that close, but now I am worried about her constantly. I think of her trying to keep that car, trying to make NSD…I think of her new husband and how sweetly supportive he must be for now…and I wonder how much debt she’s in after going through DIQ just recently. She’s such a darling. 🙁 Anyway, it’s just weird because I don’t know what to do with all this new found knowledge. I wasn’t even remotely ‘in’ the MK machine. And I’m still furious about it!!

    1. ran4fun

      Wow! So glad you found us and never got sucked into the pink vortex.

      Yeah, confronting true “bee-lievers” about this site and sharing the experiences of so many who traveled the Pink Brick Road before them…it’s never received very well. If she’s a director and got her car, she’s in big time.

      My loved one did that. She also got over 15K in cc debt. Fast forward a couple years and she lost directorship and the car, but she still has a lot of the debt. But she still loves her MK! smh

    2. MLM Radar

      Can you text or email her new husband a link to Pink Truth?

      While that might cause stress in her marriage it’s far better than doing nothing. Her Directorship will surely rip the marriage apart.

  12. laila

    I never drunk the MLM kool-aid in spite of, or perhaps thanks to, a long spell of unemployment and a credit card I maxed out keeping myself fed and clothed, both of which that left me completely unable to even contemplate any ‘career path’ that required at least £100 I didn’t have upfront. Given how desperate for work I got, this was probably a blessing in disguise. I found Pink Truth before I found faith, and going back and rereading the articles on spiritual deception now I count myself as a Christian has me even more disgusted with these women than I already was. 50% prosperity gospel, 50% purest bullshit, 100% morally and spiritually bankrupt. Jesus Christ does not care how many women you have in your downline.

    I told my husband how angry I was about the way Mary Kay uses religion to manipulate and control their sales force: his response? ‘I thought they just sold make-up’. So did we all, honey. So did we all.

  13. uumom

    Years ago my BIL and SIL were deep into Amway, and they got pulled in through someone they met at their church.

    My husband’s grandmother passed away and the family converged from out of town for her funeral. Guess who used that opportunity to try to recruit my husband and I?

    At her wake. Seriously.

    We were talking about how life passed by so fast and BIL started in on how he went to the library and did research and discovered that men who retired at 65 had a short life expectancy, but that he could tell us how to make so much money we could retire in our 30’s. Total BS. We were in our 20’s at the time. Husband and I changed the subject fast and never bought one single product from the guy. And did he ever try to get us to buy!

    Fast forward a bunch of years and BIL is struggling financially. Big time. So much for retiring in your 30’s. What a mess.

    1. At my previous job, my former colleague whose side job was with Amway liked to use the whole “retire in my 30s” line whenever he was trying to recruit me. Needless to say, it didn’t work on me.

      BIL seriously tried to recruit you all at a wake?! Wow, talk about disrespecting the deceased!

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