You Can Quit Your Job and Do Mary Kay Full-Time (Not)

 This is one of those sad, sad dreams that Mary Kay directors and recruiters like to build up for you. They tell you how easy it is to “replace your income” with Mary Kay. And it’s bull. Because we’ve seen over and over on Pink Truth how almost everyone in MK would be better off working a minimum wage job… they’d make more per hour at minimum wage than they make at MK.

It is next to impossible to build a client base large enough to generate a steady income in Mary Kay. Even women who’ve been in for years and have 100 or 200 customers (impressive sounding, yes?) aren’t doing consistent, significant sales.

The reality is that “good” Mary Kay customers probably buy $50 to $100 of products a year, on average. Sure, you’ll hear a Kaybot talk about the two customers she has that each spend $500 a year. The fact is that they’re an aberration. Many customers spend only $25 a year, but we keep them on the PCP mailer because we think someday they’ll be won over and buy more.

Add to that the fact that once you start building that client base, you’re immediately encouraged to start poaching it for recruits, so you can “move up” and make the “big girl pay.” So even if you can start building a real customer base, before you know it, you’re recruiting some of them.

So how on earth can anyone think this Mary Kay propaganda is possible to achieve for more than about 5 out of 1,000 women? Well, the sad fact is that the recruiters make you believe that women all over the place are doing it. When they know good and well that they’re not aware of anyone who actually did it.

Here’s how they say to do it (my comments in italics):


Write down your yearly salary $_______

Okay, fair enough starting point.

Subtract out daycare expenses for the year $_____

Stop right there. You mean you won’t even have to pay for babysitters? If you’re trying to replace a full-time income, of course you will have to pay for child care!

Subtract out other expenses that you would not need to pay if you were able to stay at home (dry cleaning, gas driving to and from work, eating out for lunch, etc.) $______

Stop again. You probably will spend more on gas racing around to classes, delivering products, warm stalking women, going to unit meetings and guest events.

This new total is what you would need to make in order to replace your income from your job.

Kaybot Example:
$22,000 salary
-$10,000 daycare
-$520 gas, drycleaning
= $11,480 net salary you need to replace

Pink Truth Reality:
$22,000 salary
-$ 0 daycare (If you’re working Mary Kay full-time, you need childcare. If you’re caring for your kids, you’re not working.)
-$0 gas, drycleaning (In fact, you probably need to add money here to cover all the extra gas you’ll use up.)
= $22,000 net salary you need to replace (And this includes no paid days off and no paid benefits. All those are buh-bye once you quit your job.)

Figure out what your average per face is. Take all your sales from facials and skin care classes and add them up. Then add up how many total faces those sales came from. That will be your average per face. Using a company average of $200 per class divided by 3 women is $66 per face.

I think $200 per clas is inflated. I think you’re lucky if each woman spends $50.

Divide your Net Total Salary by your average per face. This will equal the number faces you would need to see in order to replace your income. $11,480 divided by $66 = 174

And this is where the big difference comes up. Because she started with a low and false salary to replace of $11,480, the numbers are skewed. they should be: $22,000 divided by $50 = 440

Keep in mind that we need to double the amount we just calculated, because you need to reinvest ½ of what you sell to keep your inventory at full inventory. 174 x 2 = 348 faces

440 x 2 = 880 faces

Take your number of faces and divide by 52 weeks. This is how many faces you would need to see per week to replace your income!!! 348 divided by 52 weeks = 6.69 faces per week

880 faces divided by 52 weeks = 16.9 faces per week

In this example you would need to see 7 faces per week in order to replace your take home salary of $11,480. Do you think you could do 7 faces per week and work a total of about 6-8 hours doing so? It really makes you think about how easy it can be to replace your income in a fraction of the hours that you give to your job.

Keep in mind that this formula ONLY takes into consideration new faces. You will also be receiving reorders and recruiting commissions that are not factored in!

If you are worried about your health insurance, I want you to start calling Health Insurance companies and getting quotes for your family. On average it is about $400 per month for health insurance. To pay $400 a month you would need to do an extra 6 faces per month to pay for your insurance! Or better yet, your recruiting commissions would pay for your insurance each month.

I hope this helps you see how easy it can be to replace your income and become a full-time Mary Kay consultant and then Sales Director.

Talk about false earnings claims! This is total fiction. If you use the realistic numbers I calculated above, you’d have to see 17 faces at $50 a face to replace your income. That’s 6 skin care classes a week.

To do 6 skin care classes a week, you’ll have to book about 12 to 18 full classes for each week. To do that, you’ll need to get referrals to about 48- 72 women… women you can talk to and ask to have a class. You hope that about 1 in 4 will actually book a class.

Now to hold 6 classes a week, you’ll have to figure about 3 hours class time for each. That’s 18 hours. Plus you’ll probably spend about 1 to 1.5 hours each for coaching the hostess, packing up stuff, filling orders, and doing all sorts of little administrative stuff… follow-up phone calls etc. You’re now up to about 26 hours per week.

Then on top of that, you’ve got the unit meeting and probably another recruiting event (Muffins and Makeovers, etc). You will also want to factor in time spent warm stalking to get those 60-ish names per week that you need to get. And don’t forget general office work and such. I’m thinking you’re now way beyond a 40 hour week.

So we’ve now gone from the recruiting lie of replacing your full-time income with 6 to 8 hours of work per week. And you’ll be home with your child!!!

…. to the reality of… This is a time commitment of more than 40 hours a week to replace your income. And that’s only if you’re able to find those 60 or more names per week to harrass into having classes. I’d challenge anyone to do that for a full year…. 60 names a week every week for a year. (Yeah, right.)

Are you as infuriated as I am at these types of completely false examples that set women up to expect something they cannot achieve???


    1. Iescaped

      No. Because the car is not just about production from the IBC. You do not have to be a Sales Director, but to first qualify for a car you have to have 14 active recruits as an IBC. To keep the car you have to have 5 active recruits. Since everyone drops out as fast as they join, you are now stuck on the recruiting hamster wheel.

      Welcome to the REAL Mary Kay!

    1. Lily in NYC

      Thanks for posting the link – I had never seen that article before. (FYI for people who want to read it but get stuck behind their paywall – if you just google the title of the article, the full article will come up in your search results).

  1. NJK

    $50-$100 a year? Are MK products that bad?

    (The only MK ‘lady’ I’ve known did seem to make most of his sales to drag queens, and very elderly MK wannabes, but that was back in the 90s. I’d have thought things would have been updated by now…)

  2. CardiacRN

    I was one of the few consultants/directors who sold a lot of product each month in reorders (about $1800-2000/month). About half of my customer base could have been considered outliers/aberrations since they did order at least $50 each month. I usually gave away the “free” product that came with my order to anyone who spent at least $100, and sometimes I did that with left over limited edition, losing money on that stuff. (I just wanted it gone.)

    Yet I rarely had time for a SCC each week as a director. I considered myself lucky if I saw 6 new faces a month! MK makes is darn near impossible to replace your income AND benefits if you take them through your employer. Plus $400 a month for a family to purchase health insurance??? Why are they smoking???

  3. cindylu

    There are a lot of myths in MK. There is no way to earn a decent living in MK. The sad part is they tap into our very basic needs of wanting to be there for our children, earning a bit of extra money or having a decent 2nd career. They pretend to empower women while stealing our hopes and dreams. Quitting or avoiding MK is the best choice any new recruit can make.

  4. I remember when the kaybot at my job dangled that line in front of me to try and persuade me to join the Pink Beast. It was just too good to be true, so it had to be false! Even social media personalities/vloggers have to work their butts off to stay relevant and pulling in the millions they make from endorsements, affiliates, ad revenue, etc.

  5. Timewiser

    Anyone else sick and tired of seeing #mymklife attached to EVERY. SINGLE. PICTURE. posted by kaybots on social media? It’s such a facade.
    And my upline keeps posting about her new lake house that she got with MK money. Please. Her husband makes 6 figures. That house wouldn’t be possible without HIS job. So done.

  6. D. Phillips

    Timewiser, it certainly is such a façade! Especially when each and every picture has to have #mymklife.
    NSD Kim Copeland’s FB page has a list of # after her posted pictures. The most obnoxious are #DontTalkAboutitBeAboutit; #blessedandhighlyfavored and #mymklife.

    1. BestDecision

      It’s interesting that she doesn’t go on any of the NSD trips and that her YTD and monthly commissions are so low. My guess is she has tons of chargebacks that make her checks bottom out. I also wonder if the company has scolded her for something and keeps her from going on those trips.

      When you teach people to finish cars and units by buying garages full of product and then sell that product back to your Directors when in need, it catches up to you.

    1. BestDecision

      No, we hand delivered our customers’ purchases unless they lived out of town and would need them mailed from us. I would drive to exchange products, and you can imagine how people’s indecisiveness could zap your gas tank quickly.

    2. Lazy Gardens

      Anon … if the customer orders from the Mary Kay website, Mary Kay ships.

      AFAIK, If the customer places an order at a “party” or by calling the IBC, the IBC is expected to deliver the product either in person or by packing it up and taking it to the post office.

  7. MLM Radar

    Delivering the product in person gives you a chance to upsell the buyer, try to schedule a home party, and make a recruiting speech.

    It’s also a way to get old products off your shelf. The customer orders fresh new cherry-berry lipstick. You cancel that order and bring her year-old berrie-cherrie plus a roll-up bag with older. “must have” matching products.

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