A Two-Time Failed DIQ Knows More About Mary Kay

An uplifting note from a failed Director in Qualification:

I stumbled on your site by accident.  I’ve been doing Mk for over 20yrs.  I’ve experienced all the negative aspects of OWNING one’s own business.  It’s surprising to me that you would spend so much time thinking and persuading others to be more negative.  You must not be very successful in other endeavors of your life.

You can bash Mk all you want and it will still stand because it was and is a company founded on true CHRISTIAN principles.  If I owned a McDonald’s franchise I would still have to deal with reality that people will like Burger King, In and Out, Sonic, Jack in the Box, etc… more than they like the food at McDonald’s.

I’m not a Director although I’ve been in D.I.Q twice and I probably know far more about the Company than you, including all the nationals and different aspects of the company you thrash.  I know SO MANY women who live off of their re-orders and have a personal customer base which you neglect to mention.  Yes much of what you all have to say can be true, but all of LIFE IS YOUR ATTITUDE and how you handle day to day disappointment in every aspect of your life.

No, I haven’t quit and I don’t write this in hope that you’ll stop bashing Mary Kay.  I will pray for you personally “pinktruth” because the TRUTH OF GOD will set you free.  I doubt you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior.  I’ll pray that you’ll meet HIM (JESUS), then maybe you can spend the rest of your LIFE BUILDING YOURSELF UP, instead of drawing you and others down in to the unending, swirling world of NEGATIVITY which only leads to death.  I will pray for you, truthfully.


  1. mstar1125

    I would like to know why this woman thinks she has failed at DIQ twice versus what MK and her upline have told her. Does this woman not want it enough? But obviously she does, because otherwise why would she go for DIQ not once, but twice, and why would she stay in MK for 20 years if she didn’t “want it” as much as possible. This is what makes me sad about coming here to pinktruth to read about the women who got out and the women who are still in. The ones who are still in the pink fog really truly believe that it is their own inadequacies that have not allowed them to advance, and not circumstances beyond their control, such as the business structure itself, low demand for product, low interest in becoming an MK consultant, etc.

    I would suggest that this woman not pray for us but instead pray for herself. Because obviously Jesus has a different plan for this woman, and it doesn’t involve becoming a director in MK. I hope this woman prays to Jesus and finds out what He really wants her to do with her life. It’s not this.

  2. raisinberry

    We realize that you are threatened by the truth spoken here, and it hurts your ability to recruit, more than anything else. Customers who just buy product aren’t reading here, it is more likely recruit targets jump on line to see what’s what. So yeah, we get that. They find us and then say no to you.

    But you and others are wrong about our so called “negativity”. We are warning that while some members of MK’s sales force may espouse Christian ideals, many do not live them. They live like financial predators, baiting, pushing, pressuring, asking, asking again for orders to hit key production benchmarks that have nothing to do with your need to restock smartly. You are manipulated into believing they have your best interests at heart, but they do not. They can’t. At some point, ALL of them succumb. Can you not grasp, that it is the SYSTEM of mlm that requires this behavior? All Directors have to work at CROSS PURPOSES to those of the Consultant. Does it benefit the consultant to have $4,000, 5,000, 10,000 worth of inventory on her shelf? Does it? Does it benefit the consultant to order again, to hit the “on target” goal of her Director or herself, when she doesn’t NEED anymore product? Who benefits?

    You have placed yourself into a self reinforcing community that does not allow you to think objectively. What is real is what is true. Who is selling consistently-has no debt-and is profiting in Mary Kay?

    That’s right. Only the company. Selling to YOU!

  3. BestDecision

    Most on here don’t use Jesus or God in their descriptions of how badly MKI is running their company, so, Conultant-who-can’t-make-it-as-far-as-I-did, you’ve made yourself look really, really bad. Jesus himself knew there were always 2 sides to every story, and He himself sat down to LISTEN to people, what their troubles were, and then loved on them for having struggles and disclosing them.

    Mathematically, it’s impossible to do even the Court of Sales and NET PROFIT enough to live on because that would be less than $18,000/year. Without recruiting enough to actually finish DIQ and then without having a unit producing over $25,000 wholesale/month, it’s impossible to clear that “executive income” everybody boasts about.

    No, I personally wasn’t in the company as long as you (almost, though), but that’s because I made it all the way into Cadillacs and Offspring Directors and realized the company is massively unethical, the abuse of using God and scripture is morally wrong, and that I was being represented by people wearing house slippers and gawdy pins and hair at places like Seminar. I got out because I had had enough, so it didn’t take me 20 years.

    And please don’t say you know more about the company than I or others on here. Have you ever sat at MK Ash’s desk? Have you been in her personal, private restroom in Dallas? Have you been invited by MK corporate staff onto Focus Groups to study new products or systems?

    No? (Mic drop)

    1. MLM Radar

      You entered MKA’s personal private restroom? MKC actually tells people that’s a privilege?


      No doubt the place is as gawdy as anything, but…. they showcase her toilet? This must be the mark of how thick the fog surrounds you, if the highlight of a tour is to look at anyone’s toilet.

      Right. I’ll bet all your customers were sss0000000 impressed.

      1. BestDecision

        Yes, when I went to New Director Week in Dallas, they allowed us into her office beyond where Consultants can go when they tour headquarters at Seminar. They’ve left her desk and private restroom as it was when she retired. Even her personal cosmetics are still in there.

        And, yes, they tout it as an honor to do so. Sick, I know!

    2. princess lea

      I have a picture of myself sitting on her toilet. It was such an honor! LOLOLOLOL!
      There is a window in there that looks out all over Dallas. That was actually kinda neat, but all the gold and pink wall paper wasn’t.
      We got to tour her private area and sit behind her desk because my Sr. Director had acquired so much debt in the name of pink Cadillac!
      I remember opening up her bathroom drawers and imagining I was rich and famous and beautiful…

  4. Lazy Gardens

    “I’ll pray for you”. Because without the intervention of this sanctimonious witch, we’re all gonna fry in hell.

    Yup, ‘specially that failure of a site founder, with the meaningless books she published, the useless degrees she has, and the worthless company she founded and runs.

  5. megsmail

    Sad. Because she assumes we don’t have Jesus or God. Sad because just the other day I guided a friend out of going into wicca. Sad because I tithe, even though I’m jobless. I tithe in faith. Sad because God is the first and the last thing I think about in my day. God is very much real, very alive, and HE knows everything that goes on including what you think. I’ll say a prayer for you. I’m on the other side looking in. I see someone who is angry and hurt, lashing out at others because deepmdown you know something is wrong. If you didn’t you would have never looked this site up….

    1. LisaK

      There’s nothing wrong with Wicca… Well, it’s a religion that was manufactured in the 1950s as opposed to the ones that were manufactured earlier on, but it’s got a pretty peaceful and empowering message nonetheless, and it doesn’t try to separate your money away from you sneakily.

      That’s kind of like touting that I turned someone off of Buddhism… a bit ridiculous to be proud of.

  6. onelessSD

    Well… what a way to wake up today! Let me first welcome you to PT. My name is onelessSD… as in I’m one less Sales Director… meaning that I held that position for 7 years.. the position you’ve yet to attain. So I speak from a position that you don’t yet know about, I’ve seen things from this position that we are trained to hide from consultants, so I realize that you’re a bit in the dark to what you’re professing. So, let’s just get that out of the way- I’ve done more and seen more than you have, okay?

    As to MK being a Christian company…. I beg to differ. MK the person may have claimed to follow Jesus, but that doesn’t mean that the company she created is a Christian company. A company is an inanimate object – it doesn’t have a soul, so therefore it cannot claim to know Jesus, nor have the faith to come to know Jesus. The people of this company may be professing Christians, in fact, in my 20+ years of actively working in this company, I came to know many of these people – closely, and some of them I continue to have deep friendships with them today. But what I’d like to “shine a light on” is the fact that many of the encouraged practices / taught practices from top nationals and SD’s are anything but Christian practices. Let’s discuss a few of these practices: 1. NSD Dacia Weigandt says in many of her trainings (just find them on youtube, her NSD website, etc)… to “accidentally” leave out a product from a customer order.. so she can fabricate a reason to see her again the next day… so she can “market her” (meaning share the marketing plan). She encourages her consultants and many others to LIE (by leaving out a product that she has from the order) to create the opportunity of seeing the customer again the next day. I don’t know about what church you’re claiming to be a part of.. but my Baptist upbringing and my church today says that lying is a sin. So Dacia is encouraging consultants to sin. She knowingly is encouraging people to sin… I wouldn’t call that a Christian action. Let’s take it a step further…. 2. Many NSD’s & SD’s teach this method when discussing inventory with new consultants… they only discuss/teach about the top package levels… Pearl, Emerald, Diamond, Ruby & Sapphire (only star levels)… they don’t even discuss a $1200 or $600… and God forbid a $225 active order. By not sharing EVERYTHING with the new consultant… they are LYING (there it is again) by omission. By not being forthright, by leaving out information in this discussion is still lying – which we’ve established above to be a sin. 3. Coveting: this is also a sin… (see also 10 Commandments)… Covetous is defined in Dictionary.com as the following:
    Adjective :
    1. inordinately or wrongly desirous of wealth or possessions; greedy.
    2. eagerly desirous.

    So just by reading the definition I bet you have seen this in action at ANY MK event. In fact- the NSD’s and top SD’s (shoot anyone in MK) displays these traits.. and actually flaunts them.. because it creates an environment for those lower down the ranks to work even harder – to try to attain this perceived wealth & possessions. I can honestly tell you – I’m prize motivated… I worked my tail off for many years to get to the position of SD, to walk across the Seminar stage 5 times consecutively in the National Court of Sales… I’ve got the 4 rings and a bracelet to prove it… I was desperately trying to prove how successful I was… when in reality I was drowning in debt – due to the high expenses of being a sales director. I was constantly comparing myself (and my failures) with other people’s perceived successes – so I could never win. I strived for more and more, but never could get to where I felt good about my success – because there were always people ahead of me… looking down on me. (Being a SD is not the Big Girl’s Club they claim it to be- the pettiness is still there, it’s just wearing more expensive clothes and has better hair cuts) But all of this to say.. MK thrives on envy baiting (coveting) women to do more, to be more – still sinful practices and should not be tolerated in a “Christian company”.

    I know that you feel righteous in what you’ve said in your email to us here at PT, but I want to challenge you that maybe you’ve been lead astray by this company… and that perhaps you have some confessing to the Lord to do. I know I did when I quit directorship and walked away from my 6th consecutive year on the court (just $2000 w/s away from finishing)… I got down on my knees and confessed to the Lord for my lying, my manipulation and coveting. I started apologizing to my former unit members for my actions as their SD, and did what I could to make amends. You see, it was the Lord who brought me out of directorship- He showed me my sin and woke me up from the pink stupor I was in. That is why I’m still here on PT today- to help shine a light on all the sinful practices that so many partake in while in MK… and in hopes that the seed is planted in your heart that what you know is actually a lie crafted by many deceitful people. Before you criticize us, take a long hard look at what you are participating in and see if it actually aligns with the Word of God. According to my bible- it doesn’t.

    1. ALG

      Well said OnelessSD!! Very well said!! You’re right about it being the Lord who brought out of directorship. And all you can do is keep doing what you just did, speaking the truth and spreading the Lord’s words. Amazing how things seem clear when we start listening to him. Amen!!

  7. pinkpeace

    “I know SO MANY women who live off of their re-orders and have a personal customer base which you neglect to mention. ”

    A total crock.

    I was great at sales, and I had over 400 customers when I left MK. There is no way in HELL I could have lived off reorders. Extra spending money? Yes. But certainly not anything that would have supported my family.

    Multiple years, I was on the Queen’s Court of Sales, which meant that I ordered $36,000 retail worth of product for a Seminar Year. Even if I had sold it all at full retail value, I would only have made $13,000, less shipping and expenses. A minuscule proportion of consultants are ever on Queen’s Court, and not one of them did it without offering deep discounts, ordering product in June that she didn’t need, etc.

    These women – and I was one of them – paraded across Seminar stage in pretty dresses and sparkly jewelry, looking for all the world like successful businesswomen. But do the most elementary calculations, and you’ll see that it’s impossible to make good money selling the product.

    (But thanks for the prayers . . . )

      1. BestDecision

        You’ve got to see Pam Shaw’s recent post and lecture about how she worked “90 hours a week” before Directorship. That she slept only 4 hours a night. Completely a martyr.

        How exactly, current Consultants and Directors, is that putting “God first”? Abusing your body like that is NOT healthy in any way. Sure, she has a great lifestyle now, but she also hasn’t held a facial in YEARS. She makes money above and beyond her NSD and Director commissions by selling products and herself at workshops and events.

        The odds are not even remotely good that people will ever get to that kind of lifestyle, yet they fall for it every day. Yes, it’s possible, but it’s not probable.

        The sooner people wake up to this statistically proven, mathematically solid fact is the sooner they can not waste time or money chasing a lifestyle that very, very few end up having. She’s grandfathered in, so she’ll never lose her title or NSD trips like new debuting Nationals are having to face. In 8 years, she’ll be retiring, and the newer generation of NSDs are weak, unskilled, and hugely egotistical.

        Tracy, watch soon for her Seminar outfits to be posted. Stripper shoes included.

      2. BestDecision

        “Successful people don’t count hours. They don’t count the hours they work or the hours they sleep.” Pam Shaw’s words. So, I guess no one needs to buy her datebook and hourly sticky notes that track hourly activity?

  8. Donegirl

    All I have to say is knowing Jesus is what led me out of the Pink Fog and being a Top Sales director in my National Area!! Seriously??? This is a company that uses “knowing” Jesus and saying that it is built on Christian principles……I don’t think Jesus spoke half truth and had to say he was “enriching women’s lives” to get what he wanted and needed out of people. I think we need to pray for this woman…

  9. Shay

    To the failed Director in Q.,
    Weak argument


    Also, to the pink truth haters,
    You can’t say Tracy don’t post your comments, heck, they even get posts of their own.

  10. Chris

    A COMPANY that is founded on “true Christian principles” as you claim is still a COMPANY in business to make a profit, and they do not make a profit by doing anything to further the best interests of their consultants who buy inventory from them. Nothing wrong with being in business for a profit, but anyone claiming ANY company has anything to do with Christianity (other than a company that produces Bibles or hymnals perhaps) is full of it. The whole Christianity thing is meaningless here. This company is a faceless legal entity like all the other companies out there in business to make a profit. I never understand the whole “Christian” connection people keep claim this company has, it is all a lot of B.S.

    1. megsmail

      You are so right. This is something I’ve struggled with this last year an a half. No job I have held is ran by an ethical business. Money breeds greed I guess. And with it, a loss of morals and giving a crap. I’ve yet to see a truly Christian ran business….

  11. Still Breaking The Basic

    “I’m not a Director although I’ve been in D.I.Q twice and I probably know far more about the Company than you…”

    Why did you fail DIQ? Twice? How many family and friends did you recruit and how much debt did they incur on your behalf?

    You’ve been in MK 20 years. Do you know what your director is saying about you to her sister directors behind your back? You’re a lazy looser because you failed twice and you ruined her plans to promote at the time. In my unit, you might be given a third chance (if her commission on your production is worth her time) but that would be it. Three strikes and you’d be out. Seniors know how to get rid of deadwood. And any of your remaining downline would move up to her. You worked to recruit them and she gets all of the benefit. Nice for her but sucks for you.

    And no, you do not own your MK business. If you leave MK, the only things you own are your inventory and credit card debt.

    Pray for us? How hard did you pray when you were in DIQ twice?

    1. BestDecision

      You are so right! Her Director is talking about her to everybody she sits by at Leadership. If you’ve entered and failed DIQ twice, your whole unit thinks it’s either too hard or that you’re too weak of a businesswoman to make it. Sorry, but that’s exactly what they’re thinking!

  12. Andrew Lee

    Does anyone know the answer to this? Does the “Christian” company spiel happen exclusively in the US or is it also used in other areas of the world? While I know Europe is predominantly Christian, most polls I have see also show them to be non-religious (Christian in name only, not practicing). Furthermore, do MLM’s tout their Jewishness in Israel, their Buddhistness in SE Asia, their Hindiness in India, and their Islamicness in the Middle East and Indonesia? I don’t know the answer but I am curious if anyone has experience with that.

    1. MLM Radar

      Don’t sign up for ANY MLM. That’s a sucker ploy.

      Do you have a resume? If so have you gotten it reviewed by an office that helps people write resumes? All it takes is one stupid spelling or grammar error to get you kicked into the discard pile.

    2. Lazy Gardens

      Meg … Temp agencies are your friend! Sign up with ALL of them.

      If you were in Mary Kay, you were doing inventory ordering, are computer literate, and have decent phone skills. Id you were an SD, you were running meetings and managing a team of subordinates.

  13. princess lea

    I LOVE stumblers, because they USE capital letters as if they ARE going out of style. LOLOLOL!
    Seriously though, Christian principles? Like ignoring your family to chase the almighty dollar? Worshiping Mary Kay Ash and her pink cars? Come on wake up! She was no saint, and to hear her name lifted up at every single MK corporate event isn’t Christian, it’s a DISTRACTION!
    Cheese and rice stands for Jesus Christ more than Mary Kay does.

  14. lovemyJ.O.B.

    Two things:
    1) I’ve never understood how facts = negativity. Facts are facts, they aren’t biased, they do not come attached with emotion or some kind of ideological slant. Facts are things that can be measured using empirical data.

    2)I’ve known Jesus Christ since I was a small child. It is extremely presumptive of you to assume what our relationships our with Him.

    1. MLM Radar

      Jesus: I hear lots of people who “name it claim it” saying they’ve taken Jesus as their business partner. That’s convenient, because Jesus doesn’t block the doorway and shove MLM earnings disclosure statements in your face. Jesus’ name is invoked frequently and casually as a gap-filler to make the impossible come true, rather than as the foundation of a fundamentally ethical business. The question they should be asking is, “Would Jesus take ME for a business partner?”

      Facts: In MLM you’re supposed to believe that you can succeed despite the odds. You’re supposed to focus on the “anyone can do it” unlikely opportunity, not the high likelihood that you’re going to lose.

      MLMs like to target people in situations where they are unhappy or dissatisfied, or can be persuaded that they are should be unhappy or dissatisfied. They then offer a very carefully filtered fact scenario supporting their impossible dream that isn’t really factual at all, and hope you’ll buy in without looking too carefully.

      Of course, full disclosure is the last thing the MLMs want. So the MLMs play an emotional trump card and claim that the same people who “supported” their original unhappy situation are now trying to keep the new participants from breaking free of their chains. “Don’t listen to anyone who tells you this won’t work.” “Don’t let (husband, BFF, employer) poop on your parade, or ick on your wow.” Any fact that might suggest they’re constructing a web of lies about your potential success is immediately branded with an negative emotional label. This is supposed to keep you from looking at those facts.

      That’s because if you take a good look at the full fact scenario that is MLM, and get a clear understanding of how few are really succeeding and how they’re doing it, no one in their right mind would ever sign up.

  15. laila

    Jesus Christ doesn’t judge you by how much you endorse an MLM business plan, still less by the amount of expired product you have on your shelves. He doesn’t care if you’re a Cadillac director and doesn’t think The Suit is a sign of Godliness. Who is this poor woman really praying to? Because I’ve got a sneaking suspicion she’s preaching the Gospel According to Mary Kay.

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