Reasons To Become A Mary Kay Star Consultant!

Written by PinkPeace

Here’s one sales director’s reasons for being a “star consultant” in Mary Kay:

1. It’s A Good Business Decision: The best reason to be a Star Consultant is because it is a good business decision. When you have enough product on your shelf to provide a Roll Up for every guest at your skin care class you will sell more Roll Ups!

2. It builds Self-Confidence: As the president of your company, you have started your business smart, you have chosen to have products to sell from the beginning, giving you confidence in yourself. By keeping your shelves stocked you always have product availability. This gives your customers confidence in you as a professional, not an order taker when they can take their products home with them. This gives you a selling edge!

3. Credit and credibility: Inventory is proof of your investment in your career. If you need a loan to finance your initial inventory, you can establish credit in your own name and the interest becomes a business expense. It is possible for the revenue you make from one skin care class to more than cover the monthly loan payment. Avoid unnecessary interest expenses, by paying off any loans or credit charges a top priority.

4. It Show You are Committed: Having a Star Consultant order on your shelf helps to make you committed. This becomes a business instead of a hobby. Remember, when you treat it like a business it will pay you like a business, if you treat your business like a hobby it will pay you like a hobby!

5. Recognition: This is strictly a right brain reason to be a Star Consultant, but it is the most fun reason. When you are a STAR you get recognized at every sales meeting by sitting up front. This is important for you, but more important for your recruits and prospective recruits, because it gives you credibility. Star Consultants also get special recognition at Seminar, and become celebrities by climbing the ladder of success.

6. It makes you a Winner: You win your ladder pin with an PEARL, EMERALD, DIAMOND, RUBY OR SAPPHIRE STAR. This is important because it shows the world and yourself that you are a winner. It is your visual symbol of your success. You also win the prize of your choice which gives you tangible evidence of your commitment to your career. People want to do business with a winner, and it makes you personally feel GREAT!

7. It Shows Success: Success attracts success. You will attract other sharp women who want to be successful. When you work your business smart by being a Star Consultant it gives you the believability that your recruits can do it also. You will realize how it builds self-confidence and that it is the best advantage your new recruits can give their business.

I’m sure all of our sharp Pink Truthers will have perceptive comments about these seven reasons for forking over $1800+ wholesale for inventory every three months.  I find it interesting that each of the seven reasons contains a big lie:

1.  “When you have enough product on your shelf to provide a Roll Up for every guest at your skin care class you will sell more Roll Ups!”.  No, you will just have a lot of product on your shelf.  The amount of product you have has nothing to do with what women will or will not buy at a skin care class.

2..  “As the president of your company, you have started your business smart, you have chosen to have products to sell from the beginning, giving you confidence in yourself.” You’re not the president of your company, you’re a contractor for Mary Kay.  Having products on your shelf won”t give you confidence – training and expertise will.  If anything, lots of products on your shelf will be intimidating.

3.  ” It is possible for the revenue you make from one skin care class to more than cover the monthly loan payment.”  Is this a minimum payment or a real plan to pay down a credit card?  Let’s say you put $2000 on a credit card ($1800 plus tax) at 15%.  Let’s say a skin care class sale is $300, so your maximum profit is $150.  By paying $150 every month, it will take you 15 months to pay off that card, assuming you don’t put one more penny of product/Section 2 orders on it.  It won’t happen.

4.  “Having a Star Consultant order on your shelf helps to make you committed.”  No, having too much product on your shelf puts you in debt and causes unending stress.

5.   “This is important for you, but more important for your recruits and prospective recruits, because it gives you credibility.”  Um, this is important for your DIRECTOR.  Mary Kay is a “monkey-see, monkey-do” business, and if your star consultant status can influence your recruits to make their own star consultant orders, that’s more money in your director’s pocket.

6.  “This is important because it shows the world and yourself that you are a winner.”  The world could not care less about your star consultant ladder, and if you need cheap jewelry to be convinced of your worth, save yourself a few thousand dollars and go buy yourself something at Claire’s.  There, don’t you feel like a winner now?

7.  “You will attract other sharp women who want to be successful.”  Actually, when your shelves are bursting with obsolescent products and your credit card debt keeps mounting, you will repel anyone who detects your growing desperation.  Think about that when women don’t want to book a skin care class or interview with you.

As you progress through the current star consultant quarter, your director is going to start putting the pressure on for those star orders.  Her commission depends on them, but in this economy, they are getting scarcer and scarcer.  Be careful and think closely about any reasons she gives you to BEE a star!


  1. megsmail

    Buy loads of skin care inventory….because as a customer I will totally buy a roll up bag from you because you loads of other stuff. I mean, they mean roll up bag right??
    Of the many reasons you shouldn’t join MK, consider this. Years ago, when I joined, there was pressure to order. Pressure to recruit. Pink and black ‘churchlike’ attire was required. But maybe worse than all the lies you are told, the pressure, the pink cult, is what happens after. See, I knew a very evil person at that time. She was a newly minted MK consultant. I don’t use evil lightly. She ruined my life. Not only shoild an ethical company have never hired her, but over a year later, I called someone in my old unit. She gave me the scoop on the evil reps whole MK career! She even went so far as to say this girl made it to seminar, and what she wore, sold, and where she stayed at seminar. She even knew what her and her mother looked like. Now that creeped me out and should creep anyone else out. The fact that MK knows these things and willingly shares with anyone asking….

  2. MLM Radar

    I’ll buy at a higher price to help a friend- but ONLY if the friend has a specialty store that stocks merchandise I can’t get anywhere else. Stuff like imported goods, religious items, hardwood furniture….

    Cosmetics and nutritional supplements I can get anywhere. MLM merchandise is not specialty stuff. Having a friend selling it doesn’t change that fact. Sorry.

  3. Shay

    I want to believe this lady I met a few months ago. I totally believe her about not working for MK if you need money. Take a look, tell me what you think. This is vertabim
    “”I got lucky with my MK “busines.
    Well, it’s not a business.. but whatever.. Let’s just say, I still work a real job 9-5 and only put 10 hours a month in, liberally.”

    She claims,

    ” I had a MK lady before I moved here 7 years ago, I used their (skin care and foundation) she since quit.
    I thought about becoming an IBC when I moved here just for personal use. Then I found out in our neighborhood, there were 15 or so ladies wanting to order who somehow didn’t get sucked in by being recruited by their former MK, so I signed up to be an IBC and they order offer me religiously every 6 weeks.

    She says her customers tell her to never enter their names on MK website.

    This is what I don’t know if I believe or not, how much she makes?

    “I would say I make on average, my wholesale monthly orders are around $1,000 and I get about $450.00 after paying for my products. I deliver them on Satudays all in one stop. ”

    Is she lying?

    I believe this 100%–
    She then says,
    “The thing I hate is the calls from the “director” harassing me to recruit and wanting me to go to meetings. I refuse to go. I made it clear when I signed up and told her I would be personal use with a few clients and that was it. I told her I refuse to recruit my customers, that is just dumb. She tells me the unit is doing bad and I tell her I don’t work with it a unit that I “own my business” and work with the people who I employ (which is no one)
    She makes a point to say,

    “I am very lucky to have women who are willing to over pay for products. I do give them discounts and let them know what my purpose is and they are okay with it. ”

    She doesn’t recommend MK

    “I would never recommend working for Mary Kay if you needed money, I can’t stress how lucky I am to have the “clients” I do. I don’t do those stupid facials or even interact with the “unit” .

  4. Shay

    Girlfriend’s grammar in this post about being a star consultant is as bad as mine when I use “speak to text” and don’t proofread like my comment above.

    Ooooooh.. You get you to sit up front at meetings..

    I hate to say this, I won’t call names, this day & age you do NOT need stocked shelves to sell. MK purposely stalls orders.. Oh Neva mind.

      1. Shay

        The first comment, a lady who is a MK consultant, I don’t know if I believe everything she is saying, particularly about the money she is making.

        The second comment, I was talking about the idiot who wrote the original post, “reasons to be a star consultant”

        Sorry. I need to stop using Text to speech.

      2. Shay

        I do believe her when she says not to do Mary Kay if you need money. I just don’t know if I believe she makes that kind of money and the scenario it’s self. I was wondering what the pink truthers thought?

        1. MLM Radar

          There’s a big difference between having cash flow and making money.

          Having cash flow is when you borrow money on your credit card. You get a big fistful of cash, so you feel rich. But you really haven’t made any money at all because that nasty credit card bill is backing that pile of cash, and now there’s an interest charge you have to pay.

          Making money is when you cover all your expenses, including that credit card debt, and still have money left over to do something you really want.

          Mary Kay Directors are taught to wave around their highest check, but not to look at what it cost to get that check. They have, err… HAD cash flow (because it’s usually an old check), but they’re not making money. They’re taught to ignore the room rental, gasoline, hours and hours used, money spent filling “production” gaps, conference and Seminar fees, credit card interest, inventory chargebacks, and aaalllllll the little costs that eat up everything left.

          They won’t actually make money until they cover that endless list of charges. But wait! As soon as they start to get just a little bit ahead, here comes another “mandatory” conference, or car co-pay, or chargeback which kills the monthly “production” quota and that they have to cover with their own credit card order, or….

          I think you get the idea.

        2. ThankfulImOutofMK

          Yes she is lying. She doesn’t own her own business, she is an independent contractor for MK. There is a difference. Everyone of those 15 women (if there actually are 15) do not order every 6 weeks Religiously. Can you imagine how much product those 15 women would have if they were ordering that often to add up to $1,000 monthly? These numbers are not only crazy, they are untrue.

  5. cindylu

    I ordered what I thought was enough product to get this fake business going. It was never enough. The amount that initially arrived was pathetic. There is such a wide variety of unnecessary unsellable products and samples. The mens line rarely sells. The colors are constantly changing. The Christmas products were horrible and never sold. Did I worry? Definitely. Was I stressed? I was particularly stressed when I realized I was working for a narcissistic NSD and narcissistic Director. No go give, no dove tailing and DIQ’s set to fail so the Director could take their recruits and customers. The golden rule didn’t exist. The market was saturated with too many IBC’s or directors. Decades had gone by with the original NSD’s and directors poisoning the pink market. Becoming a MK star consultant just means products that most don’t want. It just means product that is probably obsolete days after it arrives. Any classes that held inevitably meant at least one item that had to be ordered or traded. I was misled. Not everyone is good in sales. Not everyone is able to recruit. Not everyone is able to look away, deceive another person with the fake it till you make it philosophy. Not everyone can accept being conned by directors quoting a one time fluke check from years ago. The idolizing of NSD’s (some whose homes are ordinary while they claim to be wealthy), the constant lying and the materialism wears thin. Too many inferior products that most women don’t want makes this mlm a nightmare. For a long time I was ashamed that I was taken in when my gut instincts screamed for me to quit. Thank goodness I returned product before I went into debt. I once tried to get a small loan and my bank kindly turned me down. Banks know MK is a joke business. (At least back then I was thankfully turned down).

    1. MLM Radar

      Don’t feel bad about not “succeeding” Cindylu. The BEST of sales folk – the honest ones, that is – would have a hard time selling Mary Kay. To be truly successful at sales you have to have a product you can stand up for, and a company that’s willing to stand up for you and the product.

      The problem with Mary Kay is that you, the consultant, are the real product customer. You just think you’re buying for resale. What’s really happening is that you’re buying so your upline and the company will get enriched. And Mary Kay wrote the book on how to squeeze purchases out of you.

      The only thing the company cares about having you sell is The Opportunity. Every fish you catch is another chance for them to sell $1,200 or $2,400 or $3,600 in products. That’s why the company tries so hard to keep its recruits from knowing how much unsold and unsellable product is out there.

  6. BestDecision

    Let’s not forget #8…The prizes! If you’ve sold $3,600 retail over a quarter and all you get to pick from is some chintzy, cheap prize, it’s pathetic. Over the course of my business as a Consultant through a Director with offspring Directors, I was a Star many, many times. The prizes got cheaper and cheaper. I think, to this day, I only have 2 that were actually nice-a lamp and dishes. Neither look like they’re from MK, unlike a lot of the other dishes they offered through the years. I heard the luggage tore easily, and others told me things they got broke quickly. The cost to MKI must be almost zero for the quality you got, even with $1,800 wholesale into their pockets for your work.

    It grew so embarrassing to try to hype up the next quarter’s prizes to my unit. They complained all the time, but a Director simply couldn’t show any negativity or frustration.

    MKI is so cheap!

  7. Shay

    My name is Sarah. My friend Shay comments here and she said I can use her profile to comment- I don’t normally comment on websites and am not registered here, but I do have a question. This will be the only time I comment under name since I am using her phone and she told me to ask.

    Do you think by Mary Kay selling the starter kit to new IBC’s and since no one makes a commission, is that the only reason why Mary Kay is not considered in the eye of the FTC a pyramid/Ponzi scheme?

    By the way, I started reading this site a few weeks ago, I told Shay I was considering becoming a MK consultant, yes, I got recruited by Karen, from Mary Kay. Let me tell you, they still same things to recruit people.
    Shay demanded I read some posts here before doing so. I would like to thank Tracey, Rasinberry, pink peace and all the contributors here for saving me from financial ruin. I am beside myself right now. I am very angry with Karen.

    Shay wants me to also tell you all when Karen started preaching about God I did what I always do, I told Karen I was an atheist. If looks could kill. 🙂 I am not an athiest by the way, nothing wrong if someone is, I just hate when people mix religion with work.

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