June Madness in Mary Kay

Written by SuzyQ

June, the final stretch! June! We could sing “Promises, promises, I’m all through with promises, promises now.” But that would date me, so, never mind.

Hi and pink hugs to all lurking directors and consultants! So happy you stumbled upon this negative site. It’s hard to find it you know, you have to type in www.pinktruth.com or google something (negative) about Mary Kay. Before you dismiss me, I have typed Mary Kay so often as a former, non top-director type, that when I type Mary, my word processing program helpfully finishes it and adds a little bubble that says “Mary Kay” so all I have to do is press enter. So, I know what I am talking about here.

June is deadly. Horrifying, for a number of reasons. As consultants, you will be asked to stretch and order more than you may be comfortable with. In fact, I am willing to wager that you have already received the first of the June’s emails from your director.

She will say something to the effect that 1) She needs your help to keep the Unit, or 2) You are sooooooooo close to a super spectacular goal, and she needs your help. Regardless, no order is too small as they ALL help, and U and I Together means UNIT… get it?

What’s really fun is to watch the $1 million units scramble for a repeat, or in one case I know personally, a Three-Peat, and it just ain’t gonna happen, again. I admit I am stunned with this news because we all know how successful all these top directors are… heaven knows, for years, I wanted so badly to be one, but it wasn’t in the cards, because I was a lazy “looser” and didn’t work hard enough. Mea Culpa.

So, my dear directors… are you running special ordering prizes for June ONLY? You really should. There are so many issues with the new mineral line-up and there isn’t any HUGE product to push this June. Of course, you know our favorite vendors are just waiting for you to order their June promos.

Our super terrific nsd’s are hitting the road for their annual June altar calls (just back from ________, and really, really pumped up) and you are hitting WalMart, and your customer list to find some lovely guests to accompany you to this great event! Guests are always free (Thank God) and if you arrange this correctly, you really don’t have to offer your guest a light dinner before the event.

I know your fingers are crossed and you are going to work until 11:59 June 30th to make this happen. (PS. The company will probably allow the orders and agreements posted after 11:59 to count this year, because that’s just the sort of company they are! Always looking out for you.)

Those who are sighing, and knowing that it is NOT going to happen this year… this paragraph is for you. WHO CARES??? We all (even those people in Ruby) start at ZERO July 1. The counter rolls back and you can start over this year. 2009 will be YOUR year. Really. THIS YEAR IT WILL BE DIFFERENT.

You have beaten yourself up one side and down the other and know that it is because you didn’t work hard enough, didn’t recruit quality people, had boring meetings, not so great newsletter, UnitNet site was not very original, you didn’t give God the glory or even a business to bless, and you can’t follow a parked car, and honestly, you need a new unit. Not that you don’t LOVE all of your consultants WHERE THEY ARE, it’s just that you need a couple of super stars, someone like YOU, who gets it and understands what needs to be done, AND doesn’t let her emotions get the best of her.

I mean, you are not the mother of these people. They get too distracted with LIFE things and all that does is distract you too, so THIS year it is EYES ON THE TARGET WITH FOCUS . And everybody knows that the “Big Girls” take July off, so ha ha Big Girls, watch out, here YOU come. No July vacation this year for you. You are working, because if you work hard now, when nobody else wants to, you can play later when nobody else can. OK then. No sour grapes for you! Change the date, not the goal!

Consultants, what can I say? The gifts and prizes and recognition are terrific in June. I’ll bet if you can pronounce your name correctly, you will get recognition for it at a meeting in June. I will also bet that the dress code is relaxed a bit. I’ll go so far as to suggest that there will be something pretty wonderful, in a tacky sort of way, for you if you bring a guest or two to the meeting! Can you feel the excitement???

Are you going to seminar? No??? Oh my, you just don’t know what you are missing. Wow, hope that doesn’t happen next year. I mean really, it WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Not always in a good way, but for years, I was oblivious to the fact that the “sales” for the courts were really based on what people ORDERED from the company, NOT what they actually sold. There’s a bit of a disconnect there with reality. The nsd area event* will be boring, except for the people who “do” her courts, and the food Mary Kay provides is okay if you like burritos and chicken.

*Pay attention to what the directors wear to the area event, very often there is a color theme, like Black and Silver, or Fuschia and Teal… it’s very strange, usually. Stacy James is fond of balloons- inexpensive and so fun!

Okay. I have gone off on a tangent again. The point of all of this is to remind you all of the futility of this grand adventure… here are the take home messages:

  1. Mary Kay is MLM. There is no such thing as dual marketing. I think they made that up.
  2. Mary Kay rewards orders placed by consultants for courts and awards. There is no tracking of actual sales.
  3. Mary Kay is not #1 in sales. Their sales are to consultants.
  4. There are quotas. Try ordering at 50% off when your status is I1.
  5. The cars are not free and they are not yours.
  6. Directors triple their income and quadruple their expenses.
  7. You can promote yourself and get a 9 to 13% commission WHEN YOU place a $600 w/s order AND 5 of your team members order.
  9. The whole point of “giving your business your best for a year” is to perpetuate the lie that you cannot return product after your first year. THAT IS CATEGORICALLY NOT TRUE.
  10. Really, if this was such a great opportunity, why would this site be here and why is it growing?


  1. Marie

    It’s undeniable that, as far as corporate cares, “Independent Consultants” are the customers. Period. More aptly termed “Identified Customers”…”Indentured Cultmembers”…”Infinite Creditholders”…”Impressionable Cheerleaders”…
    Thus, the clever “discontinuing” and ordering quotas. Corporate doesn’t give a rip where it ends up, so long as large amounts of it moves out of their warehouse.

  2. princess lea

    Aww! My director removed me from her Emailing list because I was being negative. Now I don’t get all those nifty updates about how far we have to stretch to reach our goals. I mean her unit production. I mean her car quota. Wait. What? MY goal is her production quota? Oh… I see! Yeah, too bad I don’t get her updates anymore. All we need is 2 consultants to place a $600 order, 4 x $400, and 6 x $200, and she gets to keep her car AND her unit!!! Yahoo! I just LOOOVE team work! Hear my heart on this one, ladies! Team work makes the dream work! Can you get excited that she doesn’t have to pay a co-pay on her car this month??? Yeah, this girl’s on fire!

    1. mama

      princess lea! I know exactly what you are saying. I stopped going to the weekly meetings about six months ago, because I was not learning any thing – it was exactly the same thing week after week!!! However, I was still receiving the multiple daily emails from my Director. About a month or so ago, I received a personal email from her, wanting to know if I was planning to return. I responded by telling her that I would, if I would learn something new – more info on the products, different eye applications, etc. I also suggested that there be less Guest events, and more training sessions. Her response was that she would continue to do things the Mary Kay way!!! I responded by telling her that I would not attend, I would not order inventory that I did not need, and that I would not recruit – I would continue to work my business, serving my customers in the manner that I want to be treated – not hound them to death to be a Hostess, or purchase product! I also told her that there is a very fine line between motivation and pressure. She was not impressed!!!!! She responded that I was entitled to my opinions, and that it was nice knowing me! I have received ONE email since – “10 Ways to be Motivated”!!! Do I miss the daily multiple emails? NO!! Do I miss seeing “Welcome to …”? NO!! Do I miss any of it? NO!! I now work the business as an honest person, giving my customers only what they want, when they want it! I was tempted to return my inventory, and call it quits, but I do love the products, and I have tried a lot of others over the years, and I do enjoy spending time with my customers, when they call on me.

  3. PinkJedi

    I am a director, but you will not see me calling and emailing and spamming my unit to get their orders in .. or squeeze them for everything they have. At most I will send a reminder that it is the end of the month(which I do every month). You see the people in my unit, cannot finance a big inventory and I am not going to force them into spending outside their means. You also will not see me walking on the stage for Seminar with everyone applauding all my accolades… In fact you will not find me at Seminar full stop. You see I believe in PinkTruth, every word you guys type is TRUE I have watched it and lived it, I would quit except I appear to be good at selling so my commission checks are nice. Instead my unit will make production twice over without me hounding them and instead of Seminar, I will spend my time with my family and working at my real job that provides for me and my family. And also thanking the Lord that I found PINKTruth when I did. I have been lurking on this site, it keeps me honest and keeps me from being absorbed into the Pink Bubble

    1. MLM Radar

      I’m sorry, Jedi, but I fail to understand why it is important for any consultant to order near the END of the month. Isn’t her “active” status only good for the current calendar month plus the next two calendar months? If you truly want to encourage your unit members to not spend beyond their means, you should be making sure they get the full benefit of their “active” period by placing their “activating” orders during the first week of the month.

      If a consultant places an order at the end of any month, her “active” status – and her ordering discount – is only good for the few remaining days in this month plus 60 days. Consultants are better off if they placed their “active” status orders at the beginning of the following month, when they will get a full 90 days of benefit.

      The only person who benefits from a rush of orders at the end of the month is the Director who is trying to meet her “production” quota. Furthermore, consultants who can be persuaded to order on the 30th of the month will benefit the Director sooner on a future “production” quota, because they have to “re-activate” 30 days before the savvy consultants who postpone ordering for two more days.

    2. CaliforniaGal

      Well, gal friend, I see your point. You are not recruiting, but are enjoying the fruits what what was done awhile back. I think unless you do recruit or someone in your unit eventually your unit will implode. What do you think, PinkJedi?

      It took a few years for my young unit to disappear. But by then, I didn’t care. I stayed in because I thought I wanted to be a personal use consultant. But finding Pink Truth made me realize that I couldn’t support a corporation that is supposed to Christian, but deceives and abuses their sales force. Actually no one would sign up for Mary Kay if they realized that would lose money.

      1. PinkJefi

        Gal, I don’t have it in me to recruit or have my team recruit. Since I have come out if the fog the guilt eats at me and I cannot look another person the eyes and purposely lie about expectations and the real truth about Mary Kay. If/ when my team starts dropping off I would not mind. I do you have a girl in my unit who my nasty horrible director stuck her claws in and has her going for Diq. This lady joined to help her family out, instead she has used up 2 credit cards and borrowing from her mother and can’t figure out how to get thru this final month and how much she needs his so her checks can pay off credit cards.. Wow does that sound familiar from other posts I have read. My evil director is pushing Diq and car on her. It is so sad to see this. My director tells her not to communicate with me and to ignore pink truth….

    3. Tigger

      Why bother sending them a ‘reminder’ at all? They aren’t stupid. They know when they need to order.

      I used to get the same bullshit ‘reminders’ from my director.

  4. Wondering...

    Hi, this is my first time commenting, but I have read this site numerous times. I am not in Mary Kay, but I enjoy watching all the sales directors make their money. It looks like a fun lifestyle.

    But there is something I have really been scratching my head about lately and I wonder if you can shed some light on it.

    One of the women that I have been following for over a decade now is Kimberly Copeland. I’ve always liked her. I’ve always felt very motivated to do better in my own line of work whenever I would hear her speak, and I find her to be very inspiring. But in the last few years, I noticed some things just don’t add up. I always thought she was someone who was really high up in the Mary Kay company, only to discover a few weeks ago that she is not a high achiever AT ALL.

    I am very disappointed.

    I saw in one of the Applause magazines that she only makes a $14k commission per year, quarter, month, or whenever it is they get paid. This is the same exact amount she was bragging about making over 10 years ago when she was on that A&E special. In 2014 she is still making that same amount in commissions?? Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s hard to keep those girls you recruit and I am happy that she has been able to maintain a $14k commission for over a decade. But with all the bragging she does about living a wonderful, blessed, highly favored life, it seems like her commissions would have increased within a 10 year period. Especially since she bragged about her income being an “executive” income. Yeah right. I looked at a few other Applause magazines from the past and she was still hovering around $14k commissions back then too. I think I saw her in Inner Circle one time.

    For someone to brag as much as she does, shouldn’t she be making a disgusting amount of cash in Mary Kay? I was expecting her to be in the higher numbers like her friend Dacia, who I also really like and find very inspiring. Dacia is making more than double what Kimberly is making on a consistent basis. I feel like Dacia really is making the money and is really able to afford her nice lifestyle, while Kimberly plays the role of a poser.

    I also saw that Kimberly’s sister, Krystal, her name wasn’t even anywhere in any of the Applause magazines. Another disappointment. I knew Krystal was not as good at Mary Kay as Kimberly, but not having ever reached an income level where her name would be in the magazine after all the years she’s been a fangirl for the company is comical.

    Which brings me to my next point. I rarely see Kimberly with any sales consultants anymore. She used to brag about that too. Now I see her with maybe 5 girls. She used to snap pictures all day long and post to Facebook all of her Mary Kay girls. Now it’s next to nothing. I know there was a falling out with some in her circle a few years back because a number of those women who she had on a pedestal are suddenly no longer around. I assumed everyone got tired of being photographed every 3 minutes and hit the road. What happened to her sales unit?

    That brings me to my last point. Where is Kimberly’s career car? She’s had the “Pearlized Pink Cadillac Escalade” for forever now and suddenly she is without it. She bought her daughter a pink Jeep a few months ago, but I notice Kimberly is driving it. Why would a mom buy an 8th grader a brand new car? Are you allowed to drive in 8th grade in Texas? Where I’m from, you must be 16 to get a driver’s license, which is around 11th grade. What gives? Did Kimberly take the cash instead of the car this time to pay her bills? Did she not earn enough to keep her Escalade and had to buy a car? Is she planning on giving this pink Jeep to her daughter when she gets her Escalade back? I know she has an enormous amount of debt, because there is no way she can take trips to NY, buy a pink Jeep, etc, with a $14k commission. I know her husband has some money, but I already know it’s not enough to fund the lifestyle she’s trying to make me believe she lives. Where is her Escalade?

    Again, I’ve always liked Kimberly and I probably always will like her, but I’m getting tired of the posing. Any thoughts?

    1. Tigger


      Let me see if I have this right: you say you are NOT in MK, but you know all this crap about these directors? Why in God’s name would you spend your life caring about and studying these women?

      1. Wondering...

        I already stated that I met Kimberly over a decade ago, found her inspiring, and continued to follow her. She talks about Mary Kay all the time. That’s how I know.

        1. Tigger

          And how did you meet her? Photo shoot? Muffins and makeovers? Pizza and Possibilities? Most people don’t just ‘meet’ a NSD. NSDs have no time for anyone who isn’t getting into their businesses or they’re trying to get into their businesses.

          I may be wrong here but your post sounds suspiciously like someone who is in MK and trying to pretend they are not. Your curiosity about her is too much.

    2. Lazy Gardens

      It’s called “Fake it Till You Make It” … She can’t tell people that she’s stick with the same income as 10 years ago, she has to keep up the excitement and the hype to keep the recruits coming.

      Basically, she’s probably lying.

      As for the car? Ask her if you know her.

  5. MLM Radar

    The ugly side of this fancy life you admire so much:

    There is very, very little market for the products, other than sales to the consultants themselves.

    $14,000 in commissions and bonuses means that the women beneath them are victims saddled with well over $50,000 in debt for products they can’t sell.

    That’s not a blessed life. That’s a life of a succubus who preys on women instead of men.

    1. WOW

      Side one: I wish I had not gotten caught up in the hoopla of MK. The description of June in your article is just that. In the last meeting it was said that every single one of us had contributed to the success of the new national area which is just days away! I suppose buying the amount of product I did contribute to the success. Boy sure glad I did not buy the $3600 deal!
      Side two: I am thankful for what I am gaining out of this. I am dressing better, I am feeling better about myself. The confidence and building relationships are in the works. Weather I get recruits or not I will give back to the women who deserve a little pampering.
      I had to look up the word succubus. Fitting in some aspects.

  6. Lima

    I am sorry to get off the topic, how much do these directors make/ year? I was debating going in this MK world until I heard that in Montreal there is a so called top MK director (that’s what she claims) that is working as an ESCORT with her full time MK sales director thing!
    Do you become in debt?! If a director becomes a prostitute to cover her expenses, what about the ones under her?

            1. BestDecision

              Sure! Cadillac Directors must produce a minimum of $16,000 wholesale/month to maintain that car level. Her commission on that would be about $4,000. Then, you subtract about 25% for state & federal taxes. That leaves about $3,000. Then, she will have expenses to keep her unit running at that level as well as costs of her own personal business. So, without taking out those expenses, a Cadillac Director could very well be making just $36,000/year.

              The problem is not $36K/year, Lima. It’s that MKI and the sales force promote Cadillac Directors as THE pinnacle of success in that company, but no one wants to admit that, even at that level, they’re not making great money. I’ve seen Directors and Nationals talk down to women who are college educated, working in Corp America, making more money than that, and BRAG about how “much more” they could be making as a Director.

              The flaw isn’t the amount of money as much as lying that people make more than that. Sure, a very few do, but the majority (aka non-Cadillac Directors and the 98% of the sales force that aren’t even Directors) do not.

              1. Lima

                do you have in the states ford edge sales directors and Cadillac sales directors?
                I know we have some Cadillac MK directors, not sure how different they are from the ford edge sales directors!
                Anyways her turning into prostitution says it all.. She’s not making enough money otherwise she would not sell her body!!

              2. TRACY

                BD – It is also important to remember that a large number of Cadillac directors do NOT make MINIMUM production to keep the car. That means their commission is LESS than the $4,000, and part of that smaller commission has to go to the car copay.

        1. BestDecision

          $5,000/month = $60K/year gross income. GROSS. That’s not subtracting state, federal taxes or any expenses she incurs. It’s the simple math that NO ONE wants to admit in MK.

          Until they resign like I did.

          1. Lima

            So because of federal and state taxes one would turn to prostitution!?
            60k$ is a decent amount to live with. I don’t know but knowing these numbers now, I would say they are quite double of what I am doing now.
            Thanks for sharing the link

            1. MLM Radar

              Lima, When she says “expenses” she’s not talking personal household expenses. She’s talking about Mary Kay business expenses. And these add up so fast that the $60k turns into zero in a big hurry.

              Here is a partial list of the expenses most consultant have to pay:

              — Samples, trays, applicators, Look Books, cleaning supplies (i.e., Section 2 Products). The consultant pays 100% of the cost for these.
              — Order forms, color charts, baskets, bags, gift wrap (more Section 2 Products). None of these are provided free by Mary Kay. You pay 100%.
              — Hostess gifts, 2-for-1 discounts, roll-up bag discounts, other discounts. These all come out of your own pocket.
              — Party supplies, tablecloths, food, beverages, snacks. You pay for whatever you can’t talk your hostess into supplying.
              — Website, phone, gasoline, computer, internet connection.
              — Mary Kay approved clothes and Mary Kay makeup for yourself so that you can “look the part.”
              — Conference fees, airfare, hotel, meals. Unlike other companies, Mary Kay neither pays for these nor reimburses you. But you are expected to be there anyway.
              — Costs of trying to collect from customers for bounced checks and rejected credit cards. Good luck with that one.
              — Costs of spoiled or expired or discontinued inventory. You bought it, you’re stuck with it. Unlike other companies, there are only two ways to return Mary Kay inventory. You can get an item-for-item replacement if a customer returns something, and you can return items for refund when you quit. ONLY when you quit.
              — Costs of “helping” a new recruit buy a starter kit or inventory. Directors often put a lot of pressure on consultants to do this. It’s in their personal interest to get the order in no matter what.

        2. BestDecision

          The avg Cadillac Director makes $36K/yr gross after taxes taken out, but that doesn’t subtract her expenses that she incurred keeping her business operating at that level. $36,000/year? As an “Executive”? As the cream-of-the-crop Cadillac Director?!

          I voluntarily resigned, sent my Cadillac back and now make WELL OVER that year AND I get full benefits, including healthcare, retirement, disability, dental, vision, et al.

          One particular year I remember reading my tax forms and discovering that I netted just $9,000 for the year. As a Cadillac Director.

          Yes, please do read that again. Not even poverty level.

    1. MLM Radar

      The typical consultant makes a few good sales during her first 60 days, from Mom, sister, cousin, best friend. But once your family and friends have bought all they care to buy, you have to look elsewhere for customers. That’s when things dry up in a hurry, and her $200 parties turn into $20 parties or no parties at all.

      The typical consultant makes so little money with Mary Kay that she quits within about six months.

  7. Nory5read

    I got a June 30th late night call and was persuaded to pay 100 for a starter pack and make a 225 order to become “active”. It is just 24 hours later and I have buyers remorse. How difficult will it be to get out of this now and get my over $400 dollars back. Can’t believe I was so stupid.

    1. ran4fun

      I would call MK Corp first thing tomorrow. Just tell them you are having second thoughts and decided you don’t want to join. It’s very important that you ask them to cancel your consultant number. That way your director can’t use you in the future without your knowledge.
      If it’s only been a day I doubt your packages have shipped. Even if they have shipped, you can refuse to accept delivery. Then they are sent back at MK Corps expense. Trust you gut and get out now!!!!!

  8. Summer

    Any business you go into is at a calculated risk. No one can make up a fairytale and you believe it. Simply I’m not that gullible, I never thought they make that much and I do it just because I love the products. No one can pressure you to get credit cards and purchase those amounts to make a director look good. If you read the book, Mary Kay took a lot of risks because she believed in her products. Those NSD’s are not Mary Kay and if they we’re I believe everyone of you would have a different type of story to tell. I love selling great products and making people feel happy in their own skin that gives me great satisfaction. I want the car, but I’m not willing to lie to women and say that I’m on a miracle team. And ladies be smart with your finances. I’m stingy, anybody that buys something and they want something for free make sure they are paying for it, because I sure won’t. A business is for risk takers and I take risks everyday.

  9. Rich’sgirl

    The author of this post mentions being able to return product after the
    one-year mark. This is news to me! Bought in at $3600 about 7.5 years ago and was never able to sell the majority of it. This is my biggest regret in life! Borrowed money from my mom, at the suggestion of my director — $2800 I’ll likely never be able to repay. The rest was put on the MK Chase card. Haven’t paid that off yet either. I’ve got absolutely nothing good to say about my MK experience. Even lost one of my best friends after dropping out. Had signed under her. So, does anyone know more about returning product after the one year cut off? Please help!!!

    1. Lazy Gardens

      You can’t. We figured out a way to make the most of the exit rules, but they changed the rules and the process so it doesn’t work any more.

      YOu can return any products you ordered in the past 12 months for a 90% refund plus 100% of any sales tax, do if you have any that qualifies, cend it back.

      As for the rest, sell it on your local Craigslist or Facebook sales pages (after you officially quit) for wholesale and walk away with your head high.

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