Get Over the Pink Truth

A comment from a typical Kaybot. I am always amused at how many tired, old scripted phrases they can use in support of Mary Kay. How many can you count?

Seriously. You women who have felt this way maybe Mary Kay wasn’t for you. But you can’t speak for everyone. The products are awesome and they are backed up with guarentees…

And to those of you that dedicate your lives to the ‘pink truth’… you obviously have no life. Get over it. You may be telling the truth and hitting the facts, but for those of you that it didn’t work you either didn’t try hard enough or you didn’t listen to what had worked for other women in he past 40 something years.. its not for everyone!!! But don’t put others down because you didn’t make your goals… the products sell themselves. You don’t have to be a director to make money!!!!! But if you choose to that’s up to you.


  1. MLM Radar

    Just an impression… she obviously didn’t pay much attention in English class. If she put the same lack of effort into her math classes, that may have something to do with her bee-lief that she’s making money in Mary Kay.

  2. BestDecision

    Ask your Director how much her July commission check will be, and then ask her how much her expenses were. Subtract those out, and you’ll see why many, many of us on here are fed up with MK. Sure, there might be some that didn’t give it the right effort, but I’m betting most on here did. If we didn’t have so much invested in it, why would we care enough to log on to a site and revisit our experiences?

    Unless you have one of the very top Directors going on the trip this fall, you have a Director who, like me, isn’t making an “executive income”. And if YOU aren’t recruiting and, therefore, aren’t in a suit, YOU aren’t making more than tiny amounts of money.

    Know this – MKI made a LOT of money last night. They’ve no reason to stop people from ordering thousands of dollars themselves to finish a goal. Those rings and bar pins and cars you hear about? Many were bought on a declined credit card last night and made their order go on hold, so they could find the money days later. Trust me, you’re barking up the wrong tree of experience here.

  3. raisinberry

    To first time viewers of this site.

    The reason they don’t want you here is because contrary to popular belief, we DID make money, we WERE “successful”, we DID “work hard enough”, and of yes, we most definitely “followed instructions.”

    Was it PROFITABLE? No, it was not. What a leader in Mary Kay is required to do to maintain appearances is DENY her own financial position in favor of some pie in the sky future outcome that has a snowballs chance in hell of ever materializing, along with, CON YOU into thinking the same.

    It is a chain of “cons” akin to a Ponzi scheme, requiring new targets to come in, ORDER UP, and cover those leaving out the other end. And you have to keep QUIET about that to keep it going…elsewise no one new signs up. Get the picture? We are not unsuccessful former consultants. We are largely a group of successful wish-it had-been-true IBC’s, Directors, car winners, Trip Winners, Queen’s Court Winners, Unit Clubers, “Never Miss Star Consultants”, who are gathered here to warn the unsuspecting that the price of MK success is far to high, and far too emotionally costly to be paid. Unless your goal in life is to become a manipulating fraud.

      1. raisinberry

        Christine, had I been active in MK, I would have never revealed what I discovered…and I would have pushed you to sign and get your kit ordered. It is a tragic loss of self that punctuates the MK experience.

  4. Cindylu

    Bravo Raisinberry for telling it like it is. It is akin to a Ponzi scheme. The only ones profiting are the heirs, the Original Directors/NSD’s from the 1970’s and the company executives CEO at Corp. Profits done by front loading, conning women globally to bee lieve in a future pie in the sky scheme. The products absolutely DO NOT fly off the shelves. I’ve seen some IBC’s whose products were yellowed with age. Ebay has thousands of products they can barely give away. We post here because we know every single day some poor desperate soul is trying their best to just make a little bit extra. There is absolutely NO where to advertise. With the internet hundreds now know that MK is an mlm to avoid like the plague. So word to the wise, listen to our warnings and avoid a financial and family disaster.

  5. Deflated Pink Bubble

    Oh Sweet Baby Jesus, I just want to correct her spelling and grammar! If I had a dollar for every one of these crazed people who come on here and try to tell us we have no clue, I’d have enough money for a trip to Hawaii.

    My dear clueless friend. Let’s start with this line…
    “The products are awesome and they are backed up with guarentees…”
    No, the products aren’t awesome. They actually border on sucking. You can get better quality make up and facial products at Walmart for half the price. Oh, and you spelled guarantee wrong.

    She actually sees something here that she doesn’t want to admit….

    “You may be telling the truth and hitting the facts..”
    BAM! Yes, we are telling the truth and hitting the facts but apparently you have a problem with that… Hmm… Hitting a bit too close to home maybe?

    So my clueless friend, when you have been in Mary Kay for more than a hot minute, come back and read some more. You’ll find out that everything we are saying here applies to you… When you’re ready, we will be here.

  6. Christine0302

    I just signed up as a consultant on Monday and found this site on Thursday. I’ve read all the horror stories and I want out! Someone help!!! I already ordered my inventory package. It says “processing”. It hasn’t shipped but credit card has been charged and posted. Can I cancel instead of waiting for it to arrive and sending it back for only 90%?

            1. Deflated Pink Bubble

              Yes. Call Mary Kay Corporate first thing Tuesday morning and tell them the box will be returned unopened as you are refusing delivery. Once they have it back they will refund your money. Glad you found us!

            2. Deflated Pink Bubble

              Yes. Call Corporate first thing Tuesday morning and tell them you are refusing delivery. Have them cancel your consultant number immediately. Once they receive the shipment back, they will issue a refund.
              Glad you found us, you just dodged a bullet!

          1. Christine0302

            I’m wondering though will they give me the full refund (tax and shipping included) if I do it that way vs refusing the package? Or will they only give me 90% regardless?

            1. Deflated Pink Bubble

              You’re not doing a buy back. That is 90%. Refuse the delivery. If you’re not home that day, leave a note for UPS. If for some reason they leave it, take it to the UPS office. If the box is not opened you will get everything you paid refunded.

          2. Still Breaking The Basic

            Hi Christine0302,

            Keep an eye on your credit card account to ensure you get a full refund timely.

            Does your recruiter or director have your credit card number? You may want to cancel it and get a new number to protect yourself.

    1. BestDecision

      When your Director calls you non-stop to find out what the “confusion” or “mistake” is, I’d highly recommend not taking her calls. Otherwise, tell her a Cadillac Director on here says “hello” and commends you for being wiser than I when signing up and not getting it for years!

      1. enorth

        I recall seeing a YT video where an angry SD was sharing how one of her recruits changed her mind and returned inventory, as the SD said, “Because somebody pooped on her parade.”

  7. pinkpeace

    “And to those of you that dedicate your lives to the ‘pink truth’… you obviously have no life.”

    The truth is that when I was in Mary Kay, I had no life aside from the 24/7 hell of directorship.

    Now that I’m out of Mary Kay, I have more of a life than you can imagine, with activities in my church, running and fitness, being on boards of directors in different organizations, working with disadvantaged people in my town – the list goes on. And best of all, the time I spend with family and friends is now truly quality time, with no Mary Kay buzzing in the back of my head and with no ulterior motives.

  8. enorth

    Oh, the pleading on social media. So sad. Like a street-urchin begging on a corner: “Hey, mister, can you please help me earn my bee-pin?”

    And so many ladies were recruited in those final hours. Imagine the deals that were made to get those recruits…”I’ll buy your starter kit for you”…”I’ll loan you the money for inventory”…”I’ll give you free ______.”

  9. onelessSD

    The fog is thick with this one. Deflated.. I love your name for her “clueless friend”… I will call her this.

    Dear Clueless,
    You have no idea of what you talk about, nor to whom you talking to. We are a group of women that range the entire spectrum of success in Mary Kay: from new ibc’s just getting started… all the way up to on-target NSD.. and every where in between. We are not lazy, we worked hard our ‘so-called’ businesses. We followed scripts, booking plans, hostess plans, everything. We wanted this to work and we realized that it took hard work. However, what we didn’t know was that this system is designed for us to fail. It’s designed for all of the sales force to carry the debt burden of the company – and for the family and exec’s to make the money. This is a pyramid scheme – a product based pyramid scheme. The product is the bait – to get people to consider, but it’s such a small part of the equation. Once you’re hooked – the manipulation starts and continues forever. They manipulate you to purchase products you don’t need, they convince you to carry inventories well beyond your customer needs, they dangle incentives to keep you purchasing. They push you to recruit your customers which creates instant competition for your warm circle… once you’re on the recruiting cycle that manipulation gets stronger ..”you need to order more, you don’t want to lose what you’ve built, etc”… this goes on and on forever. You end wondering “how the heck did I arrive at this place and such a mess?!” Then we woke up- to see the reality of our lives and made the sane decision to get out. We stay here and comment in hopes that we can reach others and help them out of this mess… and to help them regain some sense of normalcy in their lives once again.

    One day I hope you wake up and see the emotional, physical and spiritual destruction this company actually does to you. The fact that you posted / emailed something says something… you’ve read here a bit… and it struck a chord. I hope that it continues to nag at you to see exactly much we speak the truth- and that we are hoping to help set you free.

  10. Still Breaking The Basic

    “…the products sell themselves. ”

    None of the product I ordered picked up the telephone and cold-called my friends to sell themselves. You must have gotten lucky with your orders and received telephone-dialing product.

    “You don’t have to be a director to make money!!!!! ”

    Send a copy of your latest tax return showing us that you made a profit last year.

    And please leave a few !!! for the rest of us.

      1. raisinberry

        And of course there’s that Jabez thingy…it is hard to reconcile the US decline rate in consultants and sales (joking) when they were all praying for territory enlargement for so many years…

        But the real Pink Truth is we all have defective goal posters.

        1. BestDecision

          The Prayer of Jabez! I remember standing in my shower memorizing it and then saying it all the time. My Senior and Directors around me started having an early morning bible study when we’d go to Fall Retreat, and someone talked about that book. What’d I do? Straight to the stupid bookstore like a zombie under a spell! The whole time I felt so uncomfortable and like I was asking God for something I (emphasis) was responsible for. I said it out loud in my car, in the shower, everywhere, which is not something I did for any other purpose than to build my business. I rarely have ever prayed out loud, so for me to do that was HUGE.

          Gosh, the memories of all the stupid stuff we did. It’s interesting how we all were doing the same thing and guided/coached/pressured by our mentors to do what they told us would work.

          1. Still Breaking The Basic

            Hi Lurkers,

            When Fortune 500 companies have sales meetings, do their employees take the Bible, Prayer of Jabez, Joel Osteen, etc. with them? No? Why does your director require it at her weekly suck-cess meetings?

            Because when you fail, and you will, she will blame you because you didn’t pray hard enough for success.

          2. DaisyMay

            Our director gave us copies of The Prayer of Jabez. She had post-it’s with affirmations all over her house. She ordered sapphire every quarter. On a good week, she would have $500 in sales, and those were few and far between bc she was too busy trying to recruit to maintain our unit. I know she was making copay on her car. To make director, she signed up her mom, but her mom still bought her stuff through our director. So when her mom would go inactive, she would place the minimum and have it shipped to her house to add to her growing inventory. She had a cabinet full of limited edition from several years, hidden behind closed doors. She ended up losing her car and her unit.

  11. BestDecision

    Here’s what a recent Applause magazine says: My Cadillac-driving Senior had a $5,000 commission check and did less than $31,000 retail (isn’t doing Cadillac production). When you do the math, she’s earning a max of $60,000 a year (5K x 12 months) and is making car payments, which, for a Cadillac, could be $900/month. A lot of that check is Senior Director commissions because she has a few Offspring Directors (and calls herself a “Future NSD”).

    Subtract out her taxes and expenses, and an elite, prestigious CADILLAC Director is making way less than an “executive income”. Less than $30 an hour. I’d bet her net income is around $40,000, which would be about $20/hour. Please tell me how that is an “executive income”! And she answers her phone 7 days a week and, as all of us former Directors can attest to, is always “on” when a call comes in, driving a company car, and you have that demand of needing to hit numbers every month, quarter, and year. It never stops!

    The truth is printed on white paper and is delivered into your mailbox every single month, Consultants and Directors. Flip to those recognition pages. Ask yourself how many thousands of Directors aren’t listed because their checks were lower than the very last person on that commission list. Ask yourself what YOUR odds are of making $100,000 a year when you see so few doing it this month.

    Look at the Directors around you and know that, if they’re not wearing a $650,000 + bar pin, they’re NOT making that much money. And if they’re not in a Cadillac, they’re making less than $20 an hour. A barista at Starbucks could honestly be making close to what they make…or MORE! Failure is RAMPANT in MK, not because they don’t try but because it’s stacked against them. It’s a failed business model.

    One of the things I learned while a Director was to be more grateful. Today, I’m extremely grateful I don’t carry those secrets around on my back and in my gut anymore.

    1. MLM Radar

      When you’re adding up all those Big Bucks shown in Applause remember that those figures are always before expenses. So even though you may be picturing a big payday in any month, it’s the worst kind of misleading information. Simply put, it’s all a lie.

      You’ll never see Applause show the commission charge-backs, the car co-pays, the conference and seminar expenses, the “top it off” inventory purchases when your unit falls short of production (again!), or all the mandatory monthly costs that eat up the rest of the commission.

      Worst of all, in my opinion, is that when you’re a Director you have meet personal purchasing quotas every month to get maximum commission, even though you’re way too busy recruiting to be booking and holding ordinary sales “classes.” Plus you have to to keep purchasing extra inventory yourself to meet unit “production” quotas when your unit doesn’t or won’t buy enough. That means you take whatever you get in that Applause commission check and hand it right back to Mary Kay. And that’s a number you’ll never see in Applause.

      1. Deflated Pink Bubble

        The scam that is Directorship. It’s almost like a scam within a con… Oh wait, that’s EXACTLY what it is. You are told that being a director is the greatest thing for you. That you’ll be living the dream. The picture they paint about getting to wear that ugly suit is unbelievable. They had me believing it a time or two. You don’t even see how ugly those damn suits are because you’re so brainwashed. Then the reality hits after you finish DIQ.

        Mary Kay Directorship… Not unicorn farts and fairies by any means!

        1. enorth

          Promoted to Sales Director? You’ll pay a bundle for the overpriced suit. And it changes every year. You’ll also pay your own travel to Dallas for New Director training. (But, hey, you’ll get pink cupcakes and pink balloons.) And when the MK employees cheer you and the other new SDs as you enter the HQ building, remember this: they’re getting paid to cheer. Unlike you, they have a real job.

          1. Still Breaking The Basic

            “And when the MK employees cheer you and the other new SDs as you enter the HQ building, remember this: they’re getting paid to cheer. Unlike you, they have a real job.”

            Guess who is paying their salaries and benefits? You, dear consultants and directors, are. Every time you order product. Because you are the ultimate customer. If you don’t believe me, how many cartons of unopened product are sitting in your home and garage? How many unopened cartons went in the trash or given away as donations? How many years running?

            Yes, the MK employees are cheering you but not for the reason you think.

  12. Iescaped

    To the “clueless” friend who was so very kind to write —

    As you try to claw your way up the MK food chain your expenses become astronomical!

    My former SD was an NSD and she would whip out her own CC and the drop of a hat to purchase a Starter Kit or even INVENTORY for a new IBC! She was/is a walking bank loaning money to people with only handwritten promissory notes on Starbucks napkins.

    Why? Because she has a quota, and when you have blown through all the people in an area with your recruiting scam, that’s what you are left with. In the Applause magazine, she might have had a commission check for around $13k each month, but her EXPENSES ate up most of that. SHE was the person who guaranteed the hotel rooms at Fall Advance, Career Conference and January Jumpstart would sell out. And if not, she wrote the check herself.

    By the time you added up the money she spent vs money brought in, she would have made more at McDonald’s!

  13. T

    Hi!! I joined MK on May 12th. And in June I hv ordered my wholesale inventory for $800.00 staying in the limits of my credit card. I opened website thru it. My SD pushed the hell out of me to book for seminar which I did on the very last day. Now I have been reading the pink truth for last few days. I read it the same week then thoughts of staying positive pushed me to ignore.
    I have fibromyalgia and small kids. Life is already very hard. Pls help

    1. BestDecision

      As a former Cadillac Director, I can vouch that what you read on here is legit and real. I thought. It was just me until I saw countless others having the same xperiences and the same stories.

      What I know of fibromyalgia is that you have good days and bad days but that it’s also connected to stress. Think about this: if you already see and feel red flags THIS early on in your business, don’t you think it’ll only get worse? Spoiler: It does. When you have a person not show to an appointment you’ve planned for, packed for, and shown up in the heat or cold for, it’s stressful. When you have team members back out and not keep their words, which then causes you to miss YOUR goals, it’s stressful. When you think THIS Seminar will be “the one to change things”, but years later you aren’t moving ahead far and hear yourself thinking the same thing of another company event or workshop, it’s stressful.

      I’d call (800) 272-9333 and ask for the Repurchase Department. Get a refund on your inventory and then get transferred to Special Events to get a refund on your Seminar ticket. Be prepared for your Director to nag the heck out of you, so don’t return her calls.

      I lost a LOT of money and a LOT of years in MK. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Statistics show you’ll never make it up where only a few have.

      1. T

        Thanks for your reply. First my SD tried to Leave voxes and text msgs but since she knows I hv signed for the seminar she’s not even returning my calls. She knows I’m kind-a-slow on my ‘performances’. She told me that she is going to help me ‘CREATE’ the money in July for the seminar and here it’s the third day no replies.

        So, I respect your honest opinion and I have decided to opt out now.


        1. gotheart

          I can promise you, your repeated attempt to earn money in MK will aggravate your condition and you will suffer tremendously.

          Ditto, ‘I lost a LOT of money and a LOT of years in MK. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Statistics show you’ll never make it up where only a few have.’

          Thumbs up!

        2. enorth

          “She told me that she is going to help me ‘CREATE’ the money in July”

          Her “help” will be to encourage you to have a sale and give away free products. Sell at a discount, buy-one-get-one-free, gift-with-purchase, etc. Yeah, you’ll move inventory, but you won’t make money.

          1. Still Breaking The Basic

            “She told me that she is going to help me ‘CREATE’ the money in July”

            SD probably offers CREATIVE financing of the starter kit with the Husband Unawareness Plan. That’s how she creates money for herself.

            Maybe her husband is the ATM for the car co-pay or when production is short.

            T, kudos to you for getting out now.

    2. Deflated Pink Bubble

      I also have Fibromyalgia. I know what it’s like to try to get thru the day without enough energy and in immense pain. I was in the early part of my Fibromyalgia when I joined Mary Kay. I truly believe that my pain was worse because of my involvement with MK. The stress of trying to book and hold parties, the constant need to pour more money into inventory so I could stay active, it all adds up to more Fibro flares.

      Mary Kay will end up costing you a lot of money. You don’t need this in your life. Not with Fibro and small children. Everything your sales director is telling you is a lie. These products, the only time they fly off the shelf is when you get pissed and knock the shelf down.

      If you’re familiar with “The Spoon Theory”, you don’t have enough spoons for this. If you’re not, it’s a great read and definitely pertains to Fibromyalgia. I wish you peace and minimal pain… Gentle hugs….

  14. Michelle Anderson

    Heads up MK lady whose is deep in the fog! I ran my MK business debt free for a year and a half. Consistently was ranked in the top five for sales in my directors unit and NEVER recruited. After a full year of taxes I ended up with a whopping….are you ready for it….$50 left in my acct for sales I had done (debt free) that year. I worked my butt off and had nothing to show for it.
    It’s a lie that you can make money just selling the product. Your line about not everyone has to be a director and you can still make money is a huge lie!
    The business model of this company makes it impossible to make money unless your in the top 1 to 2%. Even those ladies are probably up to their eyeballs in debt.
    Don’t give me that “I didn’t work hard enough” crap or “it wasn’t for me” line. Let me repeat….ran my business debt free, top five in sales every month, never recruited and work my butt off and was rewarded $50 at the end of the year for all my effort.
    Show us your numbers and let’s see how much your actually making. It’s time for them all to put up or shut up!

  15. Cheri Smith

    Soooo,… I signed on June 29. I too have Fibro and CFS. I signed on not giving a poop about the cars, pins, or parties, I liked the make-up and being able to get it delivered at half what I paid at my first party was appealing. I told my recruiter that for every day I spend at a party I’d spend the next two in bed, and that I would not be able to make 3 of 5 parties scheduled. I do have a young friend willing to help but she is an introvert, and I am an extrovert, obnoxiously so. My recruiter said that on the days I felt bad, she or another rep would come handle the party. To add to my dilemma, not only did I sign on, but I then applied for and got the MK Visa, and put the $1800 package on it.
    What do I do? Can I keep the membership so I can get the makeup for (my) cost and send the upopened box back? Do I send it all back and shop on eBay? I will admit I need a backbone so I suspect I’m a prime target. Also, I haven’t even told my husband, and my daughter is furious w/ me…

    1. Still Breaking The Basic

      BestDecision said it best: don’t open any more cartons, call corp and ask for the repurchase department. If there are some products you really like, you will find them for less on eBay. You may think you’re getting a good deal buying product at the 50% discount, but you are paying shipping/handling and sales tax on the full retail value. And you do have a minimum purchase amount to get the 50% discount. Unless your family is into MK products, being a personal use consultant is not worth it.

      Directors teach their units to stalk women at the hospital, chemo ward and funeral home. I know because it happens in my ex-unit. Sadly, they will take advantage of women with serious medical conditions like yours. They do not care about you, only their monthly production and commission checks.

      Please get out now.

    2. Deflated Pink Bubble

      So today seems to be the day that people with Fibromyalgia find Pink Truth! Cheri, I have Fibromyalgia as well. As I told our other visitor, you don’t have enough spoons for this.

      Send the box back unopened. It will come via UPS so tell the man in the brown truck that you are refusing delivery. That way you don’t have to pay postage to return it. Once you do that, call corporate and cancel your consultant number. You need to do that because your SD will attempt to use your consultant number and keep you on as a ghost consultant. She will order in your name. So cancel that. Actually, you can call first thing in the morning and let them know you will be refusing the shipment and to cancel your consultant number.

      As for the make up. It actually isn’t all that great. There are MUCH better products out there for less money. Some great products for the same money. Check with you local Ulta store. Or Sephora… check them out.

      Trust me, your Fibromyalgia wants nothing to do with Mary Kay. Been there, done that, got the stupid t-shirt!

    3. Lazy Gardens

      I liked the make-up and being able to get it delivered at half what I paid at my first party was appealing. eBay will deliver! Yes, send it BACK and buy only what you need, when you need it.

      My recruiter said that on the days I felt bad, she or another rep would come handle the party. She can say that, because she knows there wuill be few, if any parties, and she can recruit all your potential customers to be your competitors.

    4. Lazy Gardens

      Can I keep the membership so I can get the makeup for (my) cost and send the unopened box back? You have to buy a minimum amount ($225+tax on $450 + shipping) to even get the discount, and you have to do that every 3 months. That’s a lotta makeup.

      Mark the box REFUSED, send back the starter kit and get it ALL back.

      ” will admit I need a backbone so I suspect I’m a prime target.”

      Yes. And here’s what to say to the recruiter … practice it like she practiced the scripts she used on you to get you to join: “I realized that joining Mary is not in my best interest or the best interest of my family. Please respect my decision.” … then SHUT UP and hang up the phone! Do not give any “reason” other than “not in my best interest” and shutting up because she’s got a script called “overcoming objections” meant to keep people from bolting from the herd.

      1. Deflated Pink Bubble


        “I realized that joining Mary is not in my best interest or the best interest of my family. Please respect my decision.”

        Repeat as often as needed.

    5. BestDecision

      If you send your inventory back, you will immediately lose your Consultant status and no longer be a part of the company. I highly recommend doing so because there are FAR better brands out there with excellent products. You’ll also lose money even just to get your personal use products at cost because you’ll pay tax and shipping on the retail value of them, not the wholesale cost to you.

    6. MLM Radar

      In order to get products at “wholesale cost” from the company you will need to place lump-sum “activating” orders of $225 ws / $450 retail, plus pay tax on $450 and shipping. That’s a lot of products. And your “discount” will only be good for the rest of the current calendar month plus the next two calendar months. Then you’ll need to place another $225 ws / $450 retail order to re-activate.

      They probably didn’t tell you that part.

      Wholesale cost isn’t really wholesale, either. Only about half of that cost is for the makeup (and the company profit margin). The other half of your so-called wholesale cost is commissions and bonuses to your recruiter, your director, your senior director, your national, and everyone else between who gets a unit ordering bonus.

      So yes, you can keep the membership, but you’ll pay dearly for it and the people who lied to you to get you to join will profit from every purchase you make.

  16. Sandiee

    Thank you, this page just save me a lot of money! Just yesterday my cousin ask me if her Director could call me with a practice call to help her out with her new Mary Kay business, I said yes. Before the call was even over she had my cousin send me the link to join. Lucky for me the link didn’t work and she would need to resend it to me. Last night I google Mary Kay 50% commission and this page came up. I knew it sound to good to be true and glad I found out before I purchase that starter kit. Thank you!

    1. MLM Radar

      Glad you found us!

      A Mary Kay “practice” call is never practice. It’s always a recruiting opportunity for the “trainer.” The only person you’re “helping” is the director who a.l.w.a.y.s needs new recruits.

      Being a Mary Kay consultant is not a business. You’re simply an overworked, manipulated outside salesperson with lots of restrictions. That’s intentional. It’s designed to keep you from finding out that no one can make a profit as a consultant.

    2. enorth

      “a practice call to help her out”

      Those practice calls are not for practice, they’re for real. They are taught to use that line. Even women who have been in MK for years say, “Help me with _____, it’s for training purposes” or “It will count toward my training”, etc. Baloney.

    3. BestDecision

      And it’s not actually 50% you earn. We were taught the 60/40 Split, which means you gross profit only 40% of what you sell but then must subtract out your operating expenses and taxes. You’re lucky if you keep a quarter of it.

  17. Pink distress

    This has been an interesting read. I feel like every time I talk to my director, she is fed up with me. She stopped calling me as often. I won my starter kit at a breakfast. Initially I thought it was great. A year later, I have a box of unsold product and no bookings. We moved about 8 months ago to a small town where I’ve noticed interest is limited. I’ve sold very little here. And come to think of it, I wasn’t having much luck before we moved. I like a lot of the product, and now since I have it, I might as well use what I want. I was discouraged by my director to send the product back, though I’ve really wanted to. We’ve been struggling financially since the move. I just assumed it wasn’t my thing. My mom loves it and it seems to help my sister with her money situation, though her mother in law is her best customer. My mom is going to seminar and I’ve remained supportive. So I’m probably going to hand off my inventory to my mom and wish her good luck in selling it. One month my mom paid for both my sister and I remain active. I think she should’ve saved her money. I feel bad that she isn’t a red jacket any more, but she’s been supportive in my decision not to continue with mk. I wish my director was equally supportive.

    1. BestDecision

      Your Director has everything to lose and nothing to gain by you getting out. If it has been less than a year since your last order, you can call (800) 272-9333 and speak. With the Repurchase Department about getting a refund on the product you do still have. That’ll help your struggles financially, and it’ll immediately end your Consultant status in your Director’s list of people to nag.

      I’m a former Director who happily resigned to MKI while literally driving my pink Cadillac (using blue tooth, of course). I’ve not regretted a single day of being out!

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