You Can’t Succeed by Doing Mary Kay “The Right Way”

Written by Raisinberry

On the manipulation in Mary Kay and the false belief and hope that there is a “right way” to do Mary Kay.

The cat’s out of the bag. Beauty Consultants are becoming aware of Pink Truth, and the Archives hold the stories of far too many women to be ignored.

The proof that Mary Kay Inc. reads this site is here. The NSD’s know of this site and while they encourage others to stay away, they have to read this site for self protection. Their names could appear any day, with a laundry list of incriminating “teachings”, exposing their manipulation skills.

The characterization that Pink Truth is a “group of negative, disgruntled, non Christian, corporate women who don’t understand our culture” isn’t flying. So, the warning has gone out to the masses “stay away from this site”…which of course has caused hundreds if not thousands to come here to find out the scary and evil Pink Truth.


PT has only revealed the tip of the iceberg. Mary Kay, and all MLM companies, have a commitment to self preservation. Billions of dollars are at stake and they have one truly effective weapon in their arsenal: Hope.

Since much of the scripting has been revealed, and many objections brought out, Pink Truth has become the “To Do” List for reform minded Mary Kay sales directors everywhere, as well as corporate change agents who want to hold on to their jobs and continue a “good thing”.

It’s lovely really. The prior quarter’s Look Books will remain available on section 2 to help consultants sell through their past purchases. Product change announcements will be earlier in the production schedule to help the consultants balance their inventory.

Some unethical directors have been or will be terminated because of selling unapproved Mary Kay merchandise, as a warning to others. Inventory lot selling to overseas importers seems to be cleaned up.

It seems as if many concerns on PT have been addressed in some small way. Change is good! There is hope.

Mary Kay Cosmetics will right the wrongs of the past, and now the NEW MANTRA for consultants everywhere is, “Salesmanship!” Let’s teach our consultants to SELL, SELL, SELL. A selling consultant is a happy consultant.

The Ethical Director Movement is ON! No more massive “frontloading”. Now, $1,800 is a good figure to handle a perfect start. As quickly as “the Dacias” were promoted for amazing speed to the top, they are dropped like hot potatoes, with “under the breath disdain” as directors collectively and in unison say, “I knew it was too fast… I knew something just wasn’t right, we are going to do it the Mary Kay way!”

This is the diabolical hook of the multi-level marketing company. HOPE. It’s a magician’s misdirection, a play on your heart strings. You always wanted to believe in the “hard work gets results” American Dream, and if one can do it we all can do it!

But when we apply that work ethic to a flawed business model we always come up empty. MLMS hold up the top people and sell their results, and infuse you with HOPE. At the same time, they transfer responsibility to you for your lack of results. They won’t tell you what unethical things were done by those top people. They won’t take away a bar pin when chargebacks obliterate that “Million Dollar year”.

As long as you can be made to bear the responsibility for your low numbers, and believe the bogus “I-story” from the TOP of the top, there’s HOPE. You can change. You can work harder. You can “fix” things.

Hook, line and sinker, you’ve been reeled in with a new commitment to strong sales. Because of PT, directors are now focused on “sales training”. Only nothing ever changes. Direct sales of product will always be low and inconsistent because you get ahead by recruiting and loading them up with product they inconsistently sell, and won’t return, because, don’t you know… there’s still hope.

Before she retired, Ann Newbury commented on the business downturn of Mary Kay, saying, “We’ve weathered this before and we’ll weather it again..I am so glad I never quit when times got tough.” You go Ann… Keep your $ 650,000 a year family security hope alive… all on the backs of hundreds of thousands of dollars in beauty consultant credit card debt, and the “dazed by HOPE” directors who got it for you!


  1. Shay

    Thank you for your continued dedication on informing the public on Mary Kay.

    So far I was able to stop 5 people from joining the Mary Cult.

    Keeping reporting the Pink Truth!

  2. Shay

    Can you explain this for Non Former MK consultants?

    “Some unethical directors have been or will be terminated because of selling unapproved Mary Kay merchandise, as a warning to others. Inventory lot selling to overseas importers seems to be cleaned up.

    1. raisinberry

      Years back, it became clear that MK merchandise was being sold in lots to The accusation went out and it seemed budding NIQ’s knew/were identified as using this means to liquidate large portions of merchandise overseas. Along with that, the Ruby Nigerian consultants and leaders were merchandising back to Nigeria. There is probably still an Internet trail on these accusations.

      Meanwhile, You sit at Seminar, having busted your hump to reach Unit Clubs, having no idea who and what you are competing against, because you have no clue about playing at this level of trickster.
      The farther up you go, the more you find the horse shit piled to the sky.

      The company will NEVER withdraw the Diamond Bar Pin of those who cheat because they are used to motivate and “sell the story of success” that keeps those pink fogged Directors running the wheel. (Sooo “negative” don’t ya know?)

      1. pinkpeace

        It was unbelievable how many directors there were with Nigerian names. I was so naive, I thought that some enterprising NSD made inroads into a U.S. immigrant community to give these women an unparalleled opportunity with Mary Kay. It was unparalleled alright – all the way across the Atlantic.

        I also remember being so frustrated as a director when limited edition items would come out one day, and the next day would be unavailable from our distribution center. We could never figure out what was going on. How could a distribution center on the East Coast be out of products within a matter of hours?

        We then discovered that certain NSDs/top directors in New York were pre-ordering massive amounts of prepacks of limited edition items, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. I was so amazed that they could sell all of those products – as if! When we learned that all that inventory was going overseas, everything clicked.

          1. Lazy Gardens

            Shay … there is a small, but REALLY RICH top crust in Nigeria. And imported cosmetics have that glow of “I’m rich and you aren’t” to them that the locally made products don’t.

      2. BestDecision

        I remember all that! I was devastated to see it happening. All in the top 10.

        Just like the feeling you’d get after taking the time to dress up professionally, skirt, heels, hose, and then walking in somewhere to see even a DIRECTOR dressed like she fell out of a gumball machine with cheap pins on her shoulders, tacky shoes, and frumpy appearance. You felt like you could never get ahead!

      3. Enorth

        “The farther up you go, the more you find the horse shit piled to the sky.”

        Oh, besides the Nigerian exports, wouldn’t you like to know the other schemes going on?

        In the meantime, you have Nancy National telling Chrissie Consultant that she needs more bookings and more “kitchen table coaching.” Chrissie puts on a cute sundress and parks herself at Panera to make tons of phone calls and posts. Chrissie actually think this is how she’ll get to NSD. Poor Chrissie.

        All you have to do is listen to NSD videos and read their training docs. They give such sage business advice as, “Just do it” , “This business works when you do”, and “Just figure it out.” Other favorite words are “if” and “average.” Oh, yes, we’re supposed to believe the MK marketing plan is “taught at Harvard.” Right.

        Dear innocent Chrissie, there’s another playbook being used, and you don’t have it. Therefore, you will lose.

        All MLM’s are the same. Stop allowing yourself to be exploited.

        1. Still Breaking The Basic

          “God first, family second, Mary Kay third.”
          “Mary Kay is the #1 best selling brand.”
          “The products practically sell themselves.”
          “Executive pay for part time work.”
          “You’re in business for yourself, but not by yourself.”

          The pink pile of horse shit is sky high.

    2. MLM Radar

      Due to pressure which came from being exposed, some of the Mary Kay Miracle directors were indeed shut down. It was embarrassing for MK corporate to applaud the Directors who were openly known to be violating their agreements.

      A number of directors were getting pre-release “directors only” items then immediately selling the pre-release items on eBay, violating the no internet sales rule. There was also an NSD who (if I got the story right) was directly competing with MK corporate by buying stuff at her discounted price, then shipping it overseas to sell at a price lower than what MK corporate was charging. She was making a mint by convincing her overseas recruits to violate the “buy only from the company” rule.

      MK had to take action to save face. But there’s still a lot of lower level and less blatant lying and scheming which pervades the whole system. MK corporate still ignores it because it’s so common, and they profit handsomely from pretending they don’t see it.

      1. Stephanie

        Pink Peace, MLM and everyone else on the thread,
        Wait a minute..

        Nigerian women from NY were buying up all the special edition and selling it on Alibaba? To who? Other MK employees over seas? How did the NSD’s make money? MK is expensive at “wholesale” price as it is on top of Alibaba prices..

        1. BestDecision

          They were buying the inventory themselves and having people sell it for them there without being an official MKI-market. They would reward those selling somehow (unknown how) while they got 23% commission on their own orders. None of them had NIQ levels of Offspring Directors, so they just had a lot of production coming in with no growth of Offspring in comparison.

          It was appalling to see MKI allowing it to happen and still not terminating every single one of those Directors. Some are still very much in the forefront.

        1. pinkpeace

          Stephanie, with a high enough volume, a consultant could make good money by selling MK products at a discount. If she’s simply shipping MK products overseas without doing anything else to build a customer base, she can make easy money by selling the products at 30% or 40% off. At the time this was all happening, I don’t know whether Alibaba was serving more than the Chinese market – or if it was even in existence.

          Directors loved the Nigerian business. They got commissions, bonuses, earned trips, etc., all based on the unit volume that resulted from this massive ordering.

          The Nigerian skin care and cosmetic market is huge, based on a lot of reasons, including a growing population of younger beauty-conscious women, more urbanization and more women entering the formal workforce. This market was definitely underserved at the time this was all going on, and Nigerian consultants in the U.S. recognized an opportunity when they saw it.

          1. raisinberry

            The upper tier SD’s in the US, had used their consultants to market “across the water”… we found a number of websites originating in Nigeria that were selling and also “recruiting”… and Nigeria was not an open market for MK. That stuff happens thru international channels… didn’t stop these ladies. So maybe one person served as the consultant in the US, but she paid/had marketers in Nigeria who moved merchandise, probably for way less that 50% profit. Either way, many SD’s of Nigerian decent picked up on the way to “get it done”. Think of all those Ruby Directors who had no clue, who struggled to get into the top ten, clubs, or prestige status… just to be undone by this scam. And CORP let them salt the stage anyway. Never believe for a minute that this company performs with integrity. Not if there is ANY chance that truth would derail wholesale ordering.

        2. MLM Radar

          MK Corporate only sells at “wholesale” price. But MKC gives the high-volume Directors 13% to 26% commission plus bonuses for unit production and “qualified” recruit orders.

          So: a $5,000 “wholesale” order from first-line ghost consultants gets the director 26% commission ($1,300) plus (if she layers her ghost consultant orders correctly), upwards of maybe $700 in “qualified” recruit and unit volume bonuses. This means the $5,000 “wholesale” order really costs her $3,000. She can undercut MKC by shipping it overseas for $4,000 and still make a $1,000 profit. (That’s a REAL $1,000 profit, not a fake MK-math profit.)

          Initially MKC was quite happy to celebrate these Mary Kay Miracle directors. The women pranced across the stage and reinforced the belief of many small American consultants and directors that success was possible… if they tried harder… if they kept ordering…

          Then MKC found out how much potential profit they were giving up to the MK Miracle directors… oops…

          (Side note: A “qualified” order means the order you placed qualified the Director to receive a bonus. The consultant qualifies for nothing except more debt.)

          1. raisinberry

            Love how you laid this out. Ironic as hell that those who use these methods get recognition and bonuses, and the rest of the MK world who would never think of this… would never even enter their minds, dust off and try harder again next year.

  3. gotheart

    If I could I’d add a word to your insightful perspective.

    ‘ MLMS hold up the top people and sell their results, and infuse you with (my word) “FALSE” HOPE.’

    The FALSE HOPE MLM manipulates you with are deliberately meant to deceive you AND THEY DO.

    The false hope the consultant is given and using to believe, expecting to happen, with the Mary Kay scam is camouflaged to resemble the system of religious belief of her faith. Her true believing is based on spiritual trust of her religious up bringing, you know? accounts of how to have faith in her god from the repeated stories she was taught to trust in as a child and hears them again on her day of worship, the spiritual great leader examples she holds dear in living her life to please her god, David and Goliath. Never give up you can overcome the giants in your life with a stone type of belief.

    Mary Kay is a predator, she mocks God, and this predator is invited into the safety of the homes, day in and day out of her prey. I have never ever heard of any spiritual leader warning their flock of the false hope wolf in sheep clothing ‘enriching the lives of women.’

  4. enorth

    I heard a National announce her goals for 2017. Here they are, and some comments from her spiel:
    – Grow the unit (“People bring production!”)
    – Grow the number of SDs (“Get people excited about leadership!”)
    – Grow the number of Cadillacs (“Cadillacs are like money in the bank!”)

    The goals are not about growing sales or increasing customers, but around recruiting and ordering.

    1. gotheart

      It’s about her paycheck for sure!
      She figured her income for 2017 and what it would take to make it happen.
      Number of scammed Unit members
      Number of Scam Directors
      Number of Cadillac? She is delusional about this, we all know about the Cadillacs and the lack of money in the bank!

      She is a perfect example of believing and spreading false hope. Lets see where she is July 7, 2017.

  5. BestDecision

    Directors doing less than $400,000 Unit Circle didn’t even do Cadillac production the whole year through. (350,000 retail ~ 2 = 175,000 wholesale ~ 12 months = $14,583 wholesale production. Cadillac maintenance is at least $15,000/month.). So, all those that you see onstage at the 350 and 300 Circle levels would’ve had a car payment for 3 (very long) months at least once this last year. A 350K Director would’ve averaged $3,354 in monthly commissions, which is only $40,249 gross income for the year.

    If you’re reading this and choosing to ignore this, remember what we were taught a few years ago. “A tracked number grows.” If you, like those ditzy Cadillac Directors on 20/20 said, don’t have any idea how much money you’re actually making/keeping on your income tax forms, you’re not a respectable business owner. You have a hobby. Period.

  6. donewithMK666

    WOW WOW & WOW I never knew all of this was going on…………..Does anyone know the names of the directors who have been busted for selling overseas/ Ebay/ Amazon ect…………??

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