My Letter to my Mary Kay National Sales Director

Written by Pink_Plunge

I wrote this letter to my nsd as I was leaving Mary Kay. I was hoping for honest answers to my questions and concerns. As you probably expected, I didn’t really get any.

I am writing this email to you to explain why I have decided to quit Mary Kay. You’ll notice an attached word document that is a letter written to my team members, customers, friends and family members to explain my story and how I’ve reached the conclusion to end my Mary Kay career. I thought I’d share the letter with you too, just to make sure that you are FULLY AWARE of how I feel and how things have changed for me! PLEASE DO TAKE THE TIME TO READ IT!! My team members and I would really appreciate being HEARD!!

As my director, my National Sales Director, and someone I have looked up to for the last 3 and ½ years, I hope that my story resonates with you… not only for my sake, but for the sake of so many others who may have been suffering in silence, afraid to say anything about their frustrations to their recruiter or director! I have taken it upon myself to speak up (even if it’s difficult to say) and to be sure that you are fully aware of what’s been going on.

I challenge you to find out about your unit members’ TRUE experience with Mary Kay Cosmetics, even if the TRUTH hurts! I also challenge you to DO something to change the practices that have ended up hurting people and putting them into debt. I’d also greatly appreciate some feedback from you! You’ll notice some questions for you, as you read further in THIS email!

Thank you very, very much for taking the time out of your schedule to read my letter/story and for taking the time to answer my questions! I truly do appreciate your time! I know you’re busy!

Here are my questions for you:

1) I’ve been told the most common reason people quit Mary Kay is that they don’t have enough inventory and they get frustrated that they are unable to service their customers. Has anyone done a survey to ASK them? I imagine a MUCH more common reason for quitting than that would be that most people don’t make a profit! In your ACTUAL experience, what is the most common reason you’ve personally seen for quitting?

Do you know what percentage of the Mary Kay consultants in your national area go into debt versus those who make a profit? If you don’t know, perhaps you might consider developing a personal responsibility to finding out that information!? I HOPE it’s NOT ONLY your OWN profit that you care about!?

Knowing that the percentage of people who “quit” a Mary Kay business is so high, doesn’t it ever bother you when you go to do different recruiting events around the United States… has it ever crossed your mind that MOST of the people who end up signing up due to your influence will most likely fail in (or quit) their business?

Do you feel any responsibility toward those people? In other words, do you feel deceptive at all in painting a picture of “success & hope” for all when you have HAD to SEE the reality of how many actually fail?

2) Do you really believe that Mary Kay Cosmetics is a “dual-marketing” plan? I’ve heard it explained that because we buy our products for a dollar and sell them to our customers for two, that we have two exchanges taking place, in essence, a “dual-marketing” plan. HOWEVER, that explanation LEAVES out how our recruiting works!

Have you ever taken the time to LEARN about what a “multi-level marketing” plan is or how a Mary Kay business may fit the criteria for a multi-level marketing plan? I’d HIGHLY suggest, you get educated on this subject! (Although, certainly, for a woman in your position, ignorance certainly can be bliss!) There is more information on this in my letter, attached!

4) How often do consultants drop off as “inactive” or quit which forces you have to look for new recruits to place orders in order to meet production? It seems to be quite a challenge for many directors to keep up that minimum $4000 production quota! (By the way, why can’t we call it a “quota?”) There must be a tremendous turnover.

Doesn’t that make you realize that Mary Kay is exploitive? In my short Mary Kay career, I’ve seen many directors “step-down” from directorship… .to name a few, ***** ** ******* *** ***. Is “stepping down” a nice way of saying that they couldn’t meet their monthly production quota? Perhaps they couldn’t find it in their hearts to keep recruiting people and convincing them to come in with inventory as they watched team-member after team-member fail…

5) Do you REALLY think it’s ethical “business practice” to ask someone to place an order NOT because they need products to sell, but because YOU needed to meet production!? (I know that you have done this, and that I have been encouraged to do the same… I’m just wondering, how ethical do YOU really think this practice is!??)

6) Is Mary Kay really America’s best-selling brand of cosmetics? Is the Mary Kay marketing plan really taught at Harvard Business School? I’ve been lied to so much by Mary Kay that I doubt that MUCH of what I have been told (and unfortunately turned around and taught to my team-members) is true! Can you prove either of those statements?

7) Since 1963 (or even as far back as you remember) has the size of the product line grown? I imagine back in 1963 that it did not cost $4200 to buy a “full store” of inventory. My suspicion is that Mary Kay Cosmetics (corporate) got greedy and started adding more and more products to the line to make it more profitable for them… and in theory, to offer something to “everyone.” Do you see how this could be a potential problem?

8) Since 1963 (or even as far back as you remember) have the production requirements (or quotas) to earn a car or become or maintain directorship status changed? I can’t imagine that it was always $4000 per month in wholesale production, monthly. In my opinion, that’s quite an emphasis on “speed recruiting/convincing people to order!” If it has changed, what do you think the potential problems might be?

9) What do you personally think of the saying “Fake it, til you make it!”

10) Can you show me a working business model where a person can actually make a profit just selling the products (not by recruiting)?

11) What do you think of the new change to the 100% satisfaction guarantee? Do you HONESTLY think it’s been changed to protect the consultants?

12) Do you realize that I have invested over $41,000 and 3 and 1/2 years of my adult life to Mary Kay? I hope that MY LIFE and my experience is IMPORTANT enough to you to take the time to respond to it!

13) Do you realize that you called me by the wrong name on my PRIZE…. Affirmation CD? Yes, you called me Anne…. No apology necessary. I know you’re human. I just wanted you to know….

14) HERE’S THE REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: What will you do to correct these problems that I have pointed out to you? (Many of these problems/complaints are pointed out in my attached letter, please read it!) What will you do to ensure that others are not deceived at Mary Kay meetings?

What will you DO to make sure that your future team members and unit members have more HELP with making sure their businesses are profitable? What efforts will you make to keep new Independent Beauty Consultants from going into debt?

PLEASE RESPOND IN WRITING… I am too emotional about all of this to talk over the phone. I also am a little worried, frankly, that you may try to convince me not to return my products, etc… my mind is made up, so please do not try to convince me to change my mind. All I ask is that you simply read and hear what I have to say and that you please respond to my questions!? Thank you so very much!


  1. BestDecision

    Directors very well know the truth on #4. We were taught 1/3, 1/3, 1/3. 1/3 are working and producing, 1/3 are thinking about it, and 1/3 are on their way out. 33% of a sales force leaving at any given time, if it’s a successful brand, is very high. Think about your company or that of your husband. Do they have 33% turnover every month? Do 3 out of 10 employees leave every month?

    We were taught these high rates, yet we desperately hung on to our dream of making it big. Were we just inches away from a miracle? For me, I just grew too sick to care if I’d missed out on that miracle, and, now, years later, I can see those that were in my unit or even my Senior haven’t moved an inch ahead in that time.

    1. MLM Radar

      If there are 500,000 to 600,000 consultants in the country, and 1/3 of them are actively “working their businesses”…..

      Why is it so hard to get more than 35,000 to attend Seminar?

      It’s just one more little logic disconnect, brought to you by the same folks who redefine “selling” to mean “ordering.”

  2. Nacker

    I signed up to be an IBC two months ago, and there are several things, besides the sales techniques being prehistoric, I just haven’t been able to get past. One thing is being rewarded for ordering product, not for actually selling it. My thought is, “Don’t try to convince me that ordering is indirectly selling,” my instincts just won’t accept that idea. Trust me–I don’t need motivation to buy makeup. That’s easy. Second, my sales director has been hounding me–HOUNDING me–to “take out some type of loan” for my inventory, claiming it’s “good debt”. Just…no. Education loans are not even “good debt” anymore. Thirdly, I have been embarrassed for my director when she flat-out deceptively marketed products to consumers. We’re in the age of social media, honey. Women know there’s no such thing as botox-in-a-box or a face cream that will firm your boobs and stomach. And don’t even get me started on her ENDLESS Facebook and Voxer messages communicating all the “prizes we can win if we order so much product or recruit so many new members” and contests during which we are to send out massive amounts of text messages trying to sell something like “24 mascara bundles in 24 hours.” I fear the day that I’m okay with asking my friends and acquaintances to purchase something they’ve never even tried so I can “win a contest.”
    I got into Mary Kay wanting to educate women about cosmetics and good, effective skin care techniques and products, which Mary Kay certainly has. Then I recently found out that, for liability reasons, consultants cannot apply makeup to consumers’ faces. It’s not the brand itself I can’t get behind, it’s the chaos.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Nacker – The pressure and the lies will not stop. It’s not just your director, it’s all of them. And it started way back with Mary Kay herself.

      The product is mediocre quality, lower quality than the large makers like Revlon, Cover Girl and even ELF. The skin care is harsh … and the consultants are told to tell customers with redness and breakouts that it’s “the impurities getting cleared out”

      I fear the day that I’m okay with asking my friends and acquaintances to purchase something they’ve never even tried so I can “win a contest.” They will chip away at your ethics until doing this seems normal … as normal as telling people that ordering equals sales, that meetings are “free training”, and that you are making money.

      Get out now … if you want to educate women about cosmetics and skin care, get a job with a 5real top makeup line such as Clinique or MAC or take a job at Sephora or ULTA.

    2. BestDecision

      You will learn no skin care skills in MK. Estheticians know more than about a dozen Directors combined. We were never taught the chemical components of any of our products, and we were never taught about cystic acne, comedones, eczema, or any other troubling skin issues.

      As for rewarding for product ordered, you’re spot on! I know Directors that maintain their units by ordering thousands every other month and then strut across the stage picking up diamond rings they earned. The company simply can’t demand actual retail sales figures because it would blur the lines of us being Independent or employees. So, they assume what you order is what you’ve sold.

      And that is why the Repurchase process changed a couple of years ago. Thousands of dollars returned to people who had it stockpiled for a contest or goal. I’ve seen people with entire ROOMS filled with product. So sad!

  3. Did Pink

    Welcome Nacker, You have learned what you need to know. If you have purchased inventory, pack it up and send it back. Othewise cancel your consultant # and be done.

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