Translating Mary Kay Director Lingo: What They Say Versus What They Mean

Written by MaryKayExploitsWomen

Directors feed everyone so much bologna about Mary Kay and how great it is.  But did you know that every line of every script has an underlying message?  Everything a director tells you and/or a potential recruit can be very easily translated into its true meaning within a split second.

Here are some of the most common lines and their actual meanings:

1. You’ve Got to Show Up to Go Up = The more you show, the more I make the dough.

2. A $3600 wholesale inventory is “profit level” = If you order 3600, I’ll get to keep my car for another month.

3. Mary Kay’s marketing plan is taught at Harvard Business School = I don’t know a darn thing about Harvard’s business curriculum.

4. There are no QUOTAS in Mary Kay = There are quotas within quotas within quotas within quotas everywhere in Mary Kay.

5. Aerodynamically, the bumble bee should not be able to fly, but it does not know that and does so anyway. = I, nor Mary Kay Ash, have ever taken a biology class.

6. Mary Kay is America’s Best Selling Brand = Mary Kay is America’s number one pyramid scheme and manufacturer of skin irritants.

7. I earned a free car in my short time as a director = They haven’t take the car this month—thank God, now I need you to go out and recruit more women!

8. It’s YOUR BUSINESS, you can do what you want with it. = Mary Kay owns your soul and will police your every move.

9. You make 50% profit on your sales. = Mary Kay Corporation is the only one making a profit in this “business”

10. The product just flies off the shelf! = I’ve been watching Poltergeist too many times and I’m starting to see things… et tu, pink fog?

11. I need you to do 15 faces in 15 days = RECRUIT like you never recruited before!  I am in grave danger of losing my unit, car, suit, and cheap jewelry that came from one of those quarter dispensers!

12. Oh my gosh, I am so excited I think I’m about to burst! = Inside, I’m screaming for my life.

13. I have faith in you = I think you’re gullible enough to fall for this lie.

14. You’ve got to fake it to make it = I’ve been in MK for ten years and all I have to show for it all is enough debt to sink the economy of France.

15. Everyone can hold 2 skin care classes a week! = You need to sacrifice your family, your friends, and yourself so that you can earn me my car and commission checks.

16. Seminar will change your life! = I have NO ONE who is willing to go with me, PLEASE go so I won’t show up alone again and have to face all those stares!

17. Mary Kay is Recession-Proof = Mary Kay is sinking like the Titanic, we need you to sign on to help save the drowning rats!

18. You can start your own business for only $100 = 100 dollars is JUST the beginning of the road to financial ruin…

19. Mary Kay always holds your best interest at heart = Mary Kay always holds the quest of scamming you out of your money at heart.

20. Mary Kay women are very very happy! = We’re all losing big in this scheme and we’re too afraid to show our real feelings of anger and devastation.


  1. raisinberry

    Showing up meant help with the room fee. Showing up meant praise from the upline for all the participation…(happy people create the illusion that others are prospering… that’s the point of Seminar. Everybody looks around and tells themselves, wow this must be working for them!) They need gals to show up to add to the whole illusion of agreement. If one negative question was asked from the stage, “Are You making money?”, the silence might stun the participants into reality.

    Seminar is coming up. If you are going, look around when they ask “is this your first Seminar… stand up!” When you see that the majority are 1st timers, and the rest are Directors who HAVE to go to sell the illusion, please ask your Director to explain why, if MK is such a money maker, are veteran consultants under represented for recognition, and women who have accomplished nothing but doubled wholesale, get awarded.

  2. BestDecision

    #19 makes me think of their current promotion where ordering $600 wholesale gets you an engraved bracelet. And you can “collect all 12!” The way MKI has worded it is that you only have to ORDER that much wholesale. It doesn’t ask for sales tickets. It doesn’t require you to turn in your sales totals. No, it just rewards the wrong behavior of ordering for a Chinese-made bracelet.

  3. SW

    6. Mary Kay is America’s Best Selling Brand = The sales force are the real buyers of the stuff and the company knows it.

    8. It’s YOUR BUSINESS, you can do what you want with it. = We’re desperate and will tell you whatever it takes to make you join and pay up.

    9. You make 50% profit on your sales. = We don’t pay attention to real numbers here in Mary Kay.

    10. The product just flies off the shelf! = … of the company’s warehouse, to get on the shelf in IBC’s home and gather dust there.

  4. Tilly

    “14. You’ve got to fake it to make it = I’ve been in MK for ten years and all I have to show for it all is enough debt to sink the economy of France.”

    I did my 10 years = 30k in debt, ruined relationship, lawsuit, depressed = starting over with nothing and taking YEARS to mentally recover.

    1. raisinberry

      Tilly, don’t know how long you’ve been here but just wanted to say,”welcome”. Stories like yours are too common here. It does take years to recover. PT is like a 12 step program, helping with what happened, how they did it, why we were all susceptible. Recovering your own real authentic self after years of learned sales manipulation and personal denial, are the rewards.
      We’re hoping people “in recovery” can hang around to help others…

  5. MACCA

    wow i just broke up with a [RSD] i feel sorry for her ..she has no time , for anything not even to look at whats going on in the world ie.. news, weather, pop culture, politics , but still under the illusions of Mary Kay lets her be her own boss. it seems to me like she under mind control. most of the women are overweight , stressed , worry about 30 day sales to keep car or truck, [leased]. whats really strange is sense i been dating her MY life turn to shi*t..lost house keys 3 time lost bill money 450,bad flights on planes, i could go on & on nothing but bad luck ! , I had to get ALL MARY KAY PRODUCTS OUT OF MY HOUSE .My sister said the she IS CURSED , from lies and tricking people out of money, she told me this a year ago i didn’t belive her. NOW i see the light and its so sad because my friend seems like she’s in ”A PINK BUBBLE ” and she is a beautiful so THAT WAS ”green” to CONS or no street wisdom …See in the streets coming up we can smell a CON . Mary Kay preys on Green women low self awareness, and looking for a way out. I seen this girl a ”newbie” to a convention in LA, we live in a small PA, town population 150,000 . the newbie never been to LA or flown on a plane . T he newbie now is telling new prospects ” mary kay took me to la i found a man and is moving out there”. i ask my girl about her lieing she told me, ” she selling a lifestyle no product presay” I laugh because i knew this girl when to la stayed in their hotel most the time and when on ”THE TOURIST TRAP” ie tmz bus rides and walk down hollywood blv.

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