Pop! Goes the Mary Kay Pink Bubble

 Written by Raisinberry

For the longest time I anguished over how I ever got in this Mary Kay mess.  I finally got crystal clear clarity concerning one of the most evil and deceptive “attractions” that Mary Kay Cosmetics uses to draw unsuspecting prey into the web.

It has been said that an obvious lie isn’t effective. To be a great lie it has to be surrounded by two layers of truth. Hide the lie in the middle like a great big pink Oreo and you have a “cookie” that’s irresistible as well as effective.

“The Pink Bubble” is described as the “Mary Kay way” of living positively in a negative world. It requires all negative thoughts and deeds to be held captive to a greater purpose of becoming all you can be and achieving more, while following the Golden Rule and being a “go-give” person. It’s a truth that is pursued by all who wish to live “rightly”. And it is sold to the typical MK consultant as only being available to us in the Mary Kay world. All other worlds fall miserably short of this ideal. Once in, why would you opt for living “outside” in a very Un-PINK world? This is the top lid of the Oreo, the first truth women long for.

Another truth of being a woman is a deep-seated desire to matter and be appreciated. We long to be secure more than men do, and we long to have admiration and love for the entire length of the journey. Secretly, we fear abandonment, of not “belonging” to something or someone (according to marriage counselor, Dr. Larry Crabb). This is the second truth that makes up the bottom lid of the pink Oreo. That’s why the Mary Kay message resonates with so many of us. Many, many needs are met in one little pink cookie.

If we twist off the lids and look inside this “pink bubble” cookie, we find sandwiched between two great truths, is the fluffy filling – the tasty delectable sugary whipped up air that is designed to satisfy the hunger. The “filling” is a non nutritional mix, that while being sugary addictive, offers no real substance to meet our needs. It just looks and feels like it might. The pink filling hidden inside our deepest desires and deepest fears is a deception of phony ingredients whipped up to be sweetly palatable while deceiving us into believing we are being “filled”.

Remember how you felt at Seminar in Dallas, watching the husband take the microphone and with teary eyes tell the Mary Kay world how proud he is of his wife? Didn’t we swoon? The teary eyed woman on the throne being admired by her husband has credit card debt to sink a battleship…and probably debt the husband doesn’t even know about.

The Directors named number 1,2, or 3 have hidden from everyone their clandestine behavior, “creative” financing, or recruiting abuses. The National pushing to hit “inner circle” have allowed the frontloading of women whom they realize will never possess the sales skill to make money at this, but they look away unethically rationalizing “never prejudge”.

In the name of living in the pink bubble is a crafted demand to never “talk negatively” and thereby never find out that the whole thing is a hoax and deception of world wide proportion. The consultant is the consumer, glad to get 50% off thousands of dollars worth of products that she will never recoup in retail sales profit soon enough, to beat the next product upgrade.

The top lid (wanting to believe in a grand great positive world) is squeezed down over the pink fluffy filling ( played out in technicolor for us over and over at Seminar) and attached to the bottom lid, Our fears of abandonment, our need of admiration and security.

Mary Kay Cosmetics masterfully orchestrates and energizes the longing (husband and family admiration for achievement) and energizes the fear (what if you can’t rely on your husband?, who will pay for colleges?, what if you are alone?, if you quit you lose, safety is in the pink bubble, if you make $50,000 a month your worries are gone….)

The reason why you couldn’t pick off the lie is it had such a nice disguise. The PMA mantra forbids anyone to talk about the mess they are in while pretending to be successful. Sandwiching the pink fluff, with the draw of our deepest fears and deepest needs being met in one cookie, was just too enticing to refuse! Who doesn’t love Oreos?

It is funny however, that in all our “canned” scripts, rebuttals and answers to the outside world- to defend our Pink Bubble world, their was a glaring truth, no doubt left there by God to stand in testimony to the day we woke up and came out from under the deception.

Why didn’t it occur to any of us, that inside a bubble…any color bubble, is nothing but AIR.


  1. BestDecision

    There’s lots of hot air in Dallas right now! Social media is full of highlights of what’s going down at Seminar. The egos of these NSDs is even bigger than ever, and these poor, naive Consultants are drooling on every word they speak. Dropping a microphone at the end of a speech is not one bit classy, nor would MK Ash have approved of that behavior.

    What is very noticeable are 2 things. First, there are fewer people attending than in years past. We already know they’re not in the arena anymore, but they’re sprawled out like they had us at Leadership. Secondly, the Top Director Trip for this next year’s is Alaska. It’s a nice trip and certainly something Americans need to see, but most anyone can afford a trip up there nowadays. Sounds like MKI is cutting costs way back compared to the exotic trips of 5-10 years ago. Red flag!

    1. k

      i hope you’re joking about most anyone being able to afford an alaskan cruise. they are expensive, not to mention the activities OFF the ship. i think you’ve not done much research for that sort of trip. seriously, they are not cheap.

      1. Iescaped

        I think what she meant is that a Top Director trip has been in the past to places like Rome, Greece, London, etc…. Not usually in the USA.

        For the amount of production that these SDs are spending themselves, an Alaska cruise is cheaper than the products and certainly doesn’t say “Wow” with trip envy.

        1. k

          they did rome last from what i understand. an alaska cruise is considered a once in a lifetime experience, especially since the glaciers are disappearing. you can do less expensive excursions, and stay in a small room in the boat but, it’s still very expensive. what i spent for a week in china, is less than a 7 day alaska cruise on princess. alaska is amazing.

        2. BestDecision

          Yes, Alaska isn’t as gloriously expensive as MKI usually does, but they’ve also cut back on Seminar performances/entertainment as well. The objective of the Top Trip is to provide a trip worth the work, better than you could ever do in your own life, and one that makes people want to be in their shoes. When so many people sail Alaska on Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, and others, it’s just less glamorous as years past.

          It’s another red flag, Directors!

          1. k

            still doesn’t change the fact that you said most anyone can afford an alaskan cruise. it’s also not so much about which cruise line you use, though alaska is always best on princess, it’s about the shore excursions. i doubt you’ve ever done alaska, if you had, you’d know, it is not just any trip. i’d take alaska over my trips to china, germany, and ireland any day. i’ve never done mk, but an alaska cruise for a director trip is amazing. an alaska cruise for any trip is amazing, period. people plan alaska cruises for a couple years usually, and some plan for a whole decade. you’re quite out of touch with reality to think just anyone can hop on RC or celebrity and go. it’s like you’re considering a cruise to alaska to be the same class as a cruise to cayman islands. get real and good luck

      1. BestDecision

        Yes, Gloria Mayfield Banks dropped it. Go look at her social media posts where she has a backstage view of her being lifted onto the stage as #1. She is so rehearsed and so full of herself. I met her numerous times and was not impressed. Entourage and all.

        1. 15yrspink

          I just watched it on Facebook. You are so right; never would that have been considered a classy move when I was attending a seminar. And by the #1 National, no less. Wonder how it went over in Dallas? At headquarters?

          1. BestDecision

            Sean Key posted a picture of it soon after she did it, so I’m assuming the rest of corporate loved it, too. These NSDs have gotten so full of themselves–hiring makeup artists in to do their face for Seminar, hairstylists, even designers to shops or them and custom make their Awards Night gowns. I don’t doubt for a second that Mary Kay would be extremely upset with the them and would be lecturing the mess out of them.

            Can you believe it?!

  2. cindylu

    Would be nice if that husband pretended to be enthralled by everything MK. Then when he got to that microphone began including that credit card debt and that he rarely sees his wife anymore. He would have to be quick and astute to get it out but it sure would burst the pink bubble for a split second. Sort of like those who make political statements at the academy awards. Or even give an interview with some of those reporters and spill the beans. It won’t happen but it should happen.

  3. juliegalstar

    It didn’t take me too long to get sick of my NSD’s constantly preaching: “You’ve got to have a positive attitude!” Such crap! Too bad I started to believe I didn’t have a positive attitude. At the end of one director’s debut party an outside friend (who was very good in pharmacetical sales) described, in disdain, Mk as “This is a mutual admiration Society.”

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