Dear People Who Hate Pink Truth and All of the Lazy Losers Who Write the Posts or Comment on Them

Written by SuzyQ

Many years ago, I was advised to send the third letter. Not the first or second one I wrote, but the third one I wrote, I could send.  I have expanded that wisdom to include the third email.

There is sound rationale behind this practice.  By the time you write and rewrite and rewrite yet again, you have calmed down and are able to articulate your message in a more thoughtful manner.  It may have more of an impact if we can actually understand what you are trying to say.

A few more hints for a hate –filled missive:

  1. We have already been told that we didn’t have a gun held to our heads when we signed our agreements, or ordered inventory
  2. We have been called lazy loosers, and lazy losers.  We have been called terrorists, too, so come up with a new bad name to call us.  We are bored.
  3. We have been repeatedly reminded that we didn’t work our businesses enough, or didn’t work them correctly
  4. We don’t consider ourselves to be negative.
  5. We also don’t believe that truth is negative.  We believe that truth is truth.  Neither negative nor positive.  Let’s repeat that, truth is truth.
  6. We talk about our truths.  Our experiences in MK.  We are not entirely sure how you can argue with that, and we are tired of hearing that our experiences don’t matter.
  7. If you want to talk money, then scan and attach your tax return to your email.  Show us some proof for what you claim. We will block out the names.
  8. Just a little FYI, some of the icky people on here are on the CD’s you listen to, saw at Seminar, wanted to emulate, were in NIQ,  drove a number of company cars, and were in Unit Clubs, and Courts, and went on Top Director trips.  (Just a little reminder that you are not messing with consultants who signed their agreements last week.)
  9. We can out-script you to death and have probably done more recruiting interviews than you have.
  10. If you weren’t questioning MK, you wouldn’t be on Pink Truth in the first place. It’s incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to click on a link on Google or another search engine accidentally.
  11. That little wiggly red line under a word?  It means that it is misspelled.


  1. pinkpeace

    Haha! Brilliant!

    Can I add one?

    12. The more frenzied you are in your accusations, the more we know that Pink Truth has struck a nerve. When you’re frothing at the mouth in your defense of Mary Kay, it’s obvious to us that deep-down our truth frightens you.

  2. cindylu

    Years ago I needed PT. It did not exist. Nor did the internet. Admitting that I had been conned was shameful. Realizing that I was too wrapped up in this cult was embarrassing. Coming to terms with the lies was difficult. Nothing in MK is free; There is absolutely no where to advertise; The product line is changed on purpose; The training is repetitive and fluff; Even my NSD who started in the 1970’s was constantly complaining about constantly losing cars and units; MK’s story was greatly exaggerated; MK fails greatly in its belief that front loading and causing debt empowers women; The party system rarely works after the 1980’s; It may be hard to admit MK doesn’t work but leaving is such a relief; It is sad to face that MK was a huge waste of time. Time that you can never get back with children, family and friends. The phoney retreats, conferences and that over done costly seminar with no training. It is evident that those wearing the childish sashes and getting accolades on stage haven’t got a clue. They certainly aren’t getting bookings through the 1960’s party system. No one is. MK nearly ended years ago. Too bad women continue to hold out hope for a dream that even NSD’s know is an mlm. After MK there is no more guilt. After MK there is time, fun, family, vacations, well paying careers and no MK induced debt.

    1. Deflated Pink Bubble

      “Mary Kay. Enriching women’s lives since…” Wait a minute. They have their slogan completely wrong.

      Should read: Mary Kay. Screwing women over for 50+ years.

      Yeah. That’s better.

  3. raisinberry

    A ha ha ha ha ha ha heehee! This is perfection!

    It is utterly hilarious to me to be chastised by a 10 day recruit or a 3 year red Jacket! Not that they can’t have their say, just that, do not think for a minute that we haven’t “paid our dues” in Mary Kay land. If you have not won at least 3 cars, do NOT tell us what MK is about…
    “ok, pumpkin?” (Line taken from Will Smith in Hitch)

  4. Still Breaking The Basic

    “8. Just a little FYI, some of the icky people on here are on the CD’s you listen to, saw at Seminar, wanted to emulate, were in NIQ…”

    Don’t forget that nasty 20/20 segment where the active consultants and corp rep were exposed for all to see.

    “11.That little wiggly red line under a word? It means that it is misspelled.”

    Don’t forget excessive use of CAPITAL LETTERS and punctuation. When you SCREAM AT US with your use of capital letters ad nauseam, you diminish your credibility to the level of mid-school students passing notes during class.

    And please leave a few !!!! and ???? for the rest of us. Punctuation doesn’t grow on trees.

  5. MK Girl

    our market is saturated. I went to a garage sale with my stock (because I couldn’t sell it anywhere else and I couldn’t return it). Sold it for $5.00 a pop.
    I made $700 that day. More than I ever made in a month with MK.

    It helped pay off the debt I accumulated from MK and I am ashamed that I spent so much on a lie.

    I came to Pink Truth while in DIQ and told myself I was not one of those, when I looked deeper I was doing the same thing. The last straw was when my director took my recruits because I didn’t have time to meet them during the day (even though I had coffee dates with them in the evening) and told me off because I didn’t push inventory on my recruits. Apparently I wasn’t doing MK the MK way (or so I was told). When I said that not everyone has $$$$$ to drop on inventory, she said you can’t shop from an empty store. When I said, ppl wait for Younique, Avon, and various other cosmetics, she told me to stop being negative. I then told her to take MK and shove it.
    That was the end for me.

  6. Keldub

    Lol, we live in a world where brick and mortars are struggling to keep people coming in theirs and internet commerce is absolutely booming. It is ludacris and asinine to say someone won’t wait on their products to be shipped. Um, hello sephora, ulta, amazon and ebay for your discount mary kay products 😛 Get a clue mary kay when wal-mart buys for billions and billions of dollars to compete with amazon. Your poor neighbor can on ups for her pity mary kay purchase.

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