Another Mary Kay Inventory Con

I am consistently amused by these types of documents that Mary Kay sales directors use to convince women that they need inventory. No one is “holding a gun to their head….” True, the new recruits have a choice. But over and over they are told the only way to succeed in Mary Kay is with BIG inventory.

Who signs up for Mary Kay with the intent to fail? Mary Kay consultants are taught to always take the advice of the sales director who has the experience and knowledge and is looking out for the consultant’s best interest.

Not to mention the fact that we all know that $6,000 wholesale is NOT needed to service 50 customers. Let the lies begin with one sales director’s presentation of inventory options:

Double Diamond – $6000 Wholesale
Starting with the Double Diamond Package is Awesome! This package will service approx. 50 customers, but not on a full line of course. However, it will start the foundation of your business on a level that will give you the confidence that you need to make sure that you will have what the customer will be needing. Starting your very first month you could feel assured that you could easily do 3 shows a week accomodating your New Customers with on the spot delivery, just like the department stores, only better because of the personal touch.

Super Achiever
$5000 Wholesale

Keeping in mind this is a little less then our Double Diamond package, however, not any less effective! It will allow 3 appts. per week with on the spot delivery to your newest customers plus giving you the freedom to book future appts. (approx . 3 more appts. not classes per week) will get you started in the right direction with your new business.

Emerald Star
$3600 Wholesale

The Emerald Star Package is my very favorite!! Why? because it gives the brand new business owner a complete line of the products she will be offering to her new clientele plus a little more. Keeping in mind this is just alittle bit more then one of everything that Mary Kay sells and even though that’s not much, it’s my favorite because it gets the new business owner comfortable with our product line.

Diamond Star
$3000 Wholesale

This level of success and below are for those who will just want to experience Mary Kay, not work it like a real business and here are the reasons why: #1 it is impossible to Deliver something we don’t have. I have come to learn that we can talk, but if our business is going to run like a business we must first understand how important it is to DELIVER! Let’s first take into consideration that just one of everything that Mary Kay sells is $2524 wholesale. Yes, one of everything will get you started, but thats just about it. If more than one person wants the same color, well, I think you know where this is going.. It’s not to say that any of these packages are wrong. In fact quite the contrary, each package is set up to service so many people and to help you get your business started with knowledge and understanding of just what each package is all about.

However, sometimes when we are making money decisions, we don’t take time to stop and really think about our own personality, and that right there is the “Big Mistake”. Because the very same way you would like to be serviced is going to be the very package you will really want. However, most importantly it will also be the very package you need. Why? Because starting at the beginning, you are going to be the very same person in Mary Kay, as you were out of Mary Kay and you are going to treat people exactly the same way you would want to be treated… which serves to show my point! In other words, if you were a previous user of Mary Kay, and loved having the products when you ordered them, (on – the – spot -delivery) then you will know how that feels to NOW what your future customers will come to appreciate.

So, the REAL question is not what you can afford, the REAL question is how do you want to run your business, and what would you like to accomplish? Different investments result in different accomplishments and personalites! This is not sometimes what the invester wants to hear, however, it is a hard vast business rule of thumb! Smaller packages = smaller thinking = smaller results!/ Big Packages = Big Thinkers = Bigger Results! I have found that the price that we are not-willing to pay, sometimes, becomes the Biggest Price of All!

Beginners Package
$2524 Wholesale

Approx. one of everything

Ruby Star
$2400 Wholesale
– not even one of everything

Sapphire Star
$1800 Wholesale


  1. former MK Girl

    these make me sick. There are tons of ppl who buy online and are willing to wait for their products. Even in direct sales, people wait for products. The whole ppl won’t buy from an empty store doesn’t really apply in this day and age. You are putting people in to debt for no reason.
    Rant over

    1. BestDecision

      The first thing customers calling me from the phone book would ask is “How long am I going to have to wait for it? Do you keep it in stock?” This tells you two things: That most Consultants they’d worked with in the past don’t carry full inventory and that customers are actually wanting someone who does. I had a lot tell me they waited MONTHS for their product, and some had actually paid for it and never got what they ordered (theft). The trouble is that not everyone took their business seriously, so customers eventually bailed on them.

      So, I respectfully disagree given the above examples…but read on.

      However–BIG however–I am not at all advocating someone having more inventory than they could ever use. $6,000 wholesale is ridiculous. Even I as a Senior Cadillac Director didn’t carry that much, and I had well over 100 regular skin care customers. I cringed the moment MK rolled out the Pearl inventory level! The most any of my unit members ever started with–ever–was $3,600. My Offspring had a few unit members ordering more than that, and it was one of the first hints I had that she was going down a bad road.

      1. MLM Radar

        I have a different view of the question “Do you keep it in stock?” As a customer I’m not insisting that any merchant carry “full store” inventory. The idea that customers want consultants to have a “full store” may come from years of consultants hearing from directors that MK customers MUST have it now or they won’t buy. But all that does is enrich directors who use the line to front load inventory. There are so many items that it’s not possible for any MK consultant to carry everything.

        As a customer, I really don’t care if a merchant has $6,000 on her shelf or just has samples and catalogs. All I really want to know is when to expect delivery: today or next Friday.

        If you’re selling a product I want, I’m happy to wait up to a week or 10 days. I do it all the time for other merchants. Just have the courtesy to give me a reasonable date. I’ll leave the inventory level decisions up to you.

        1. nopinkplease

          This. I grew up with relatives who occasionally dabbled in Avon, not all that seriously, and whenever people wanted something from them, they’d order it and wait. I figured that was normal. And then I got into online shopping as an adult, and in online shopping, you order it and wait. My favorite perfume brand is pretty much online only. You order it…and wait.

          Some years back, I went to a MK party (it was one of the things that really turned me off about the brand, but there’s a long story with that), and I ordered a product. I figured I’d get it in a few weeks and was surprised when the consultant just went and grabbed it from a Wall o’MK that I hadn’t noticed before.

          The “do you keep it in stock” customer is probably relatively savvy, and knows that some MKers have inventory, some don’t, and some don’t have that specific thing, and she’d just trying to figure out how long the wait will be.

    2. Lazy Gardens

      I’m waiting for stuff from Amazon … it’s like watching Santa on NORAD.

      But 6,000? Isn’t that more than a director needs to keep her car and unit production? Or are they just going greedy?

  2. Shay

    Talk about mind f—ing with someone.

    How about the one script for MaryKay,
    “do you have 3 friends who can lend you $900.00 a PC? How about 6 friends who can lend you $300.00a PC? How about 9 friends who can lend you $200.00 PC”

    1. Prudence

      Oh my word. I can think of almost NO friend who could or would lend me $200 and think nothing of it (some will *give* when God lays a serious need on their heart–that’s different).

      If I could convince 9 people to do it, I cannot even imagine the tensions it would cause in SO. MANY. friendships and the burden on ME. I can’t imagine.

      This is insane.

  3. raisinberry

    Double Diamond. Six thousand wholesale.
    12,000.00 retail product, on a business plan where you are a super star to do a “power start”. IF you can do a power start.

    Ten classes @ $300 retail sales. ($3,000 sold) So let’s see…she wants you to have enough product month one, to do FOUR times what you could do if you (as an untrained newbie) did a level of work that NO ONE, not even HER, has done, as an experienced consultant.

    If you can’t see the level of fraud that being foisted against the unsuspecting, you are truly brainwashed.

    1. BestDecision

      $6,000 wholesale?! Can you believe it? We would’ve run off so many new unit members if we’d started talking that kind of money, wouldn’t we?

  4. pinkinthered

    WTF?! Double Diamond and Super Achiever? I’m pretty sure the highest level offered when I was in was Emerald. How can corps claim they know nothing about front loading when they have just come up with two higher levels of inventory?

    1. BestDecision

      Like she said, we all got 50%, and this is the key piece MKI uses to defend that they’re not a pyramid business model.

      However, we all didn’t earn the same commissions on those wholesale orders, which depended on where you are in the career path.

  5. enorth

    “we all didn’t earn the same commissions on those wholesale orders, which depended on where you are in the career path.”

    A common MLM trap: higher in the chain/career path brings higher commissions. Therefore, you want to “promote” quickly to earn yourself that higher commission, right? You end up dipping more and more into your own pocket to buy your way up to the next level. Unfortunately, the higher commissions never seem to pay off or bring the big money like you thought they would.

    Others think you’re a success, but you are in a quagmire of debt.

    1. enorth

      “you want to promote quickly”

      Interestingly, I just flipped over to FB and saw a local gal being pushed into the suit by her SD. And it has to be by midnight. “____only needs four more ladies who want to give this amazing biz a try!”

      Will she make it? Oh, yes, I’d bet money on it. Her money.

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