Don’t Blame Mary Kay For Being a Failure

Email from a Pink Truth Critic: 

I’ve been reading all the different topics that a lot of the Kaybots have been posting on this website. I find all your posts very amusing.

A lot of the women in here seem to be having a big hangup about Mary kay and about the way that Mary Kay does business. The REAL PROBLEM is YOU. You are the ones who are all at fault becuase you didn’t make any money in Mary Kay. It’s nobody else’s fault. It’s not your director’s fault and it’s not the company’s fault. You make your business become what you put into it. It seems like a lot of women in here are in denial that the REAL PROBLEM is themselves and NOT Mary Kay. A lot fo the Mary Kay consultants are not trained or do not want to be trained properly.

And It seems that a lot of the women that post in this website have no clue about on how to run a business and what it takes to run a business. You need to be persistent and to work the Mary Kay business correctly in order to make real money in it. I come to a conclusion that a lot of the women in here are bitching and moaning that they have been unsuccessful because they have NOT worked their Mary Kay business they way that they are supposed to.

All of you women are in DENIAL. Face up to it. You are nothing but a bunch of losers. A bunch of incompetent people who don’t understand how to work the Mary Kay business to become successful. You are lazy and you don’t know how to follow directions to succeeed. That’s why you are all in here bitching and moaning and bashing Mary Kay.

Let me all tell you something that you need to get thru your thick skulls. There are MANY successful women who are currently doing Mary Kay that are making a very good income. And a lot of these successful Mary Kay consultants and Directors have purchased things like houses and investment properties from their Mary Kay income. They make money becasue they work the business the right way. They don’t slack off like the people who come into this website and complain.

All the women on this website who are bashing Mary Kay are nothing but a bunch of losers. Yes, that’s right. You are all a bunch of losers who don’t know anything about how to structure and run a business to become successful. You like to bash Mary Kay because you are not successful or because you have not been successful as a Mary Kay consultant or as a director. A lot of Mary Kay consultants and directors don’t make any money in this business because they don’t do $hit to build their business. They don’t follow up, they don’t make the phone calls that they are supposed to do and they just don’t have any business plan.

These are the main REAL REASONS why all of you misfits who come into this website bash Mary Kay. Face it. You are all in denial and it’s causing you to be very negative towards Mary Kay.

Get with the program! Either go get a job for $9 – $10 an hour or become your own boss and work the Mary Kay business the right way and make a lot of money. And don’t blame Mary Kay for being a failure.


  1. coralrose

    That’s interesting because the more frequent posts here are Former Senior Sales directors and directors who won the top directors trip. Are trip directors “lazy losers”? I’m sure SENIOR sales directors just didn’t make enough phone calls or work the business the way they were taught. Right.
    How many offspring directors do you have under you?

    It’s interesting that you say consultants are lazy and not wanting to work hard when many of the recruitment pitches used are “full time pay for part-time work”, “the products sell themselves”, and my director’s favorite “see how easy this is, girls!” I don’t know where anyone would get the idea that MK is easy!

  2. pinkpeace

    Gosh, what an original, thought-provoking email! I can’t believe all those years I didn’t realize I was a lazy loser who couldn’t figure out how to succeed in such an enriching business. It’s all clear to me now.

    Thanks, Pink Truth Critic! I’m going to jump right back into Mary Kay and work it the right way this time. Time to get with the program!

    1. raisinberry

      Spoken like a true, lazy ass Sales Director who just happened to “fall” onto the Queen’s Court of Sales, six times. Yeah and how many Career cars did you trip over and park in your driveway? And I bet you shop lifted all that jewelry. You poor loser! You just didn’t do it the Mary Kay way…

      Or did you??
      (Hard to keep a straight face)

      1. Still Breaking The Basic

        You fell into Queens Court six times? Only six times?

        Based on the length of your post, it should be ten times.

        Sounds like your abundance mentality and deserve level are too low.

        And you call us lazy?

  3. mstar1125

    I was never in MK, so this vitriol is certainly not directed at me, but what I see from this group of intelligent ladies on PinkTruth is a bunch of winners who woke up, stopped listening to the voices of the MK women around them, listened to their own voice, and took the ethical, moral high road towards getting out of this immoral, unethical, predatory company. These women are truly the ones who are empowered. They took back their lives, and they are now empowering other women to do the same. The only loser here is you, Pink Truth Critic. You just haven’t realized it yet.

    1. oneangrymama

      I couldn’t agree more! Anyone who has spent more than a few minutes on this site and has read the replies, would not give a moment’s attention to this lady who is completely lost in the pink fog. This is not a site full of angry bitter women, it is filled with women willing to spend the time helping and empowering other women. The truth hurts sometimes, but you have to be willing to see it.

  4. Pinkfreesince2015

    Gosh what an amazing post by this full circle working consultant. I am sure she buys every line that NSD’s feed her. Most importantly the thousands of dollars they get paid per month. But as we saw not too long ago the true numbers of the “successful” NSD’s. I am so glad I am out of MK!

  5. BestDecision

    If MK was a successful business model, you’d not be saying that “many” people are making great money, but you’d be saying “the majority”.

    Secondly, I resigned and am now making well past the $9-10/hour job you suggest we get. Many of us on here have degrees or even advanced degrees, so choosing to start a business in MK was a PAYCUT for us.

    It’s very much untrue that I, for one, was lazy as you accuse. Have you driven a Cadillac? Have you walked across the stage and worn diamond bar pins? It’s IMPOSSIBLE to do those things and be lazy! I resigned while having those things, not just because the money was ridiculously low for the hours and effort I was putting in and having no benefit, but for the unethical ways of the sales force in cheating and stealing to climb the ladder AND how MK supports that behavior.

    Anyone who chooses to cuss in a post lessens the amount we take you seriously. And your spelling of “through” as “thru” like “drive-thru”? You stand no chance at having an intelligent conversation with anyone on here.

  6. Lazy Gardens

    Get with the program! Either go get a job for $9 – $10 an hour or become your own boss and work the Mary Kay business the right way and make a lot of money.

    Well, working a 40-hour a week job for $10 an hour would clear about $1200 a month spendable income. How many directors actually make that much spendable income? Every month? And can go home and get away from work?

    But, she’s using a “false dichotomy” logic error. There are not just two choices. There are many possible choices:

    such as getting a job for $35-90 an hour if you have the skills.
    starting your own home-based business that is NOT Mary Kay

  7. Stephanie

    I have never sold Mary Kay but I do know how business works. Buying something and then selling it for double price (if lucky) is not a good business stagedy especially if the merchandise is over priced.

    1. Weekended

      Right, especially when expenses are paid out of that 50% as well, including things such as hostess gifts and credits. I was with an MLM that had a 40% discount level for consultants. It seemed that the more I worked and sold, the less I actually made. These businesses are set up to churn through recruits, because the ones at the top make money by bringing in new consultants who will order inventory and samples.

  8. Out of the Pink

    This sounds like someone in defensive posture. I take it they were offended by something they read. I have been reading for some months and have not recognized the comments as “bitching.” The comments mirror my own real-life experiences.

    FYI-I have multiple advanced degrees in an analytical field and left a full-time successful career making 6-figures to start a successful business from scratch working 60+ hours per week for the last 2 years. Lazy? Nope! Ha. I worked the MK “business” under the false promise that I could make money on few hours. Even I got snagged with the emotional sale of false hope and dreams. Fool me once…

    As for “…get a $9 or $10 hour job or be your own boss…” All I ever made with MK (working the business the “right” way-whatever that means) was about $9 or $10 an hour after all the hours and expenses were HONESTLY accounted for. I am and have been my own boss. This is not that.

  9. cindylu

    What a joke. There are many successful women in Mk making a great income. Those women started in this mlm pyramid scheme in the 1970’s. Others cheated their way to the top. Most of us have earned a decent amount in regular jobs over the years without having to adhere to focusing on MK’s cult like demands. In our regular jobs we can proudly say what we do. Many woman in MK are embarrassed to say they sell cosmetics at a 1960’s style party. MK is like those door to door encyclopedia salesman that many slammed their doors on. The word has gone out loud and clear for women to avoid these mlm: MK, Avon, Tupperware, Scentsy, Weekender, Cutco, Stella and Dot, Melaleuka etc. This writer is simply chastising us like we were a bunch of little children. Once again as women some abusive narcissistic bully is shaming and blaming us for warning other women to avoid this pink scam like the plague. This is not your own business. This is not an opportunity. This is a controlling mlm that makes a select few elites wealthy. Not even newer NSD’s can sustain this ponzi scheme because absolutely no one wants these fake facials or these over priced products. Very few want to go into a strangers home in the year 2016 and risk our lives. Most women don’t want to bug our friends to come over for some fake pseudo girl facial party. We’ve been conned by these party mlm’s for 5 decades now. They aren’t fun. They are embarrassing. We don’t want to use our friends, neighbors or acquaintances to get a stupid prize or extra products. Heck if I want a mascara or skin care I can just go get it at a local store or to a real estheticienne. I can get MK products for a pittance on ebay. I can get a free facial and real glamor at a local mall. No inviting a strange stalking pushy lying MK director into my home to prey on my friends or relatives. No hidden agenda of recruiting, recruiting, recruiting to keep a few MK hierarchy wealthy. At any mall or trade show women avoid MK like the plague. We know intuitively that the products are over priced and something is inherently wrong with that has been get rich scheme. The NSD in my area has been living in the same ordinary house for decades while claiming she’s a millionaire. I could buy a cadillac too if I wanted. I’ve owned a few expensive cars along the way. I also have no debt and have had all expense paid trips thanks to my great real career. A career where I didn’t have to use others, got plenty of time off and was able to have real go give. I never had to lie or be extremely embarrassed about what I did. Did I work my MK job. Yes. Did I attend stupid meetings with feuding directors. Yes. Did I go to the childish Seminar with lousy food, silly sashes, lying directors and consultants …yes. after Seminar quite a few directors quit. Did I book silly parties, do open houses, warm stalk etc. Yes. Did I make sales not many. Was that my fault. Absolutely not. I blame fools like the writer who think today’s women are dumb enough not to see through this scam. Our entire sixth sense, female intuition and gut instincts from day one warn us to run from MK. Our husbands know intuitively that MK does not make many of today’s women wealthy. MK makes corp and the heirs rich along with a handful of NSD’s. Sorry to burst your laughable bubble. Those who avoid MK or quit MK are smart, fierce, brilliant, winners and too intelligent to be shamed or bullied by such a ridiculous rant. The women on PT are fabulous and caring. We want these predatory male dominated mlm’s to stop financially ruining women.

        1. cindylu

          mlm Radar…exactly…the critic was chastising us for our work ethic etc. I honestly get tired of these narcissistic bullies in MK promoting the lie of women being successful during the 1990’s and onwards. I don’t believe the NSD’s in today’s market are successful I was simply quoting the lie from the PT critic. I gave up believing in the MK cult decades ago. I even questioned the validity of Anne Newbury or Barbara Sunden’s claims. Wonder if the IRS ever investigated some of those early on NSD’s.

  10. cindylu

    I guess Anne Newbury, Barbara Sunden, Helen McVoy, Dalene White and Doretha Dingler. Supposedly around 500. However in today’s joke of a market with thousands of products on ebay, the NSD’s of today build a unit, lose a unit day in and day out. As I said the NSD in my neighborhood is probably doing ok since she started in the 1980’s but her house is ordinary and her husband earned a decent salary too. I don’t think today’s NSD’s could earn the same amounts as Jackie Brown, Anne Newbury or Barbara Sunden because make up parties are a thing of the past.

  11. cindylu

    Exactly gotheart. I don’t trust any of today’s NSD’s including my neighbor. I will not say the NSD in my area is successful because her lifestyle away from the MK stage seems subpar. The pink critic using insults to shame those on PT wrote about so called successful women in MK but did not name a single one.

    1. Deflated Pink Bubble

      Yeah, no. I’m waiting for one of them to post something original and surprise me.

      I’m guessing this one has been in for a hot minute. Long enough to be in the pink bubble but not long enough to have seen the red flags.

      The good news is that she made it here and hopefully the seed has been planted. When she comes back all humbled, we will pick up the pieces.

  12. sonotpink

    My former director has been in MK since she was 18. She has been in over 15 (maybe close to 20) years now and is still just a sales director. I know she does everything by the book, so why isn’t she higher up on the ladder? It makes me sad, really, to think of all the time she’s wasted on this crap when should could have had a job earning a steady pay check, benefits, and retirement. The plan will not work. It is just not set up for anyone to be successful except MK corporate.

    And dear Pink Truth Critic, I am sorry that you are so blind to the MK scam. I will pray for you that your eyes will be opened to the real truth. I feel so sorry for you.

  13. sonotpink

    My former director has been in MK since she was 18. She has been in over 15 (maybe close to 20) years now and is still just a sales director. I know she does everything by the book, so why isn’t she higher up on the ladder? It makes me sad, really, to think of all the time she’s wasted on this crap when she could have had a job earning a steady pay check, benefits, and retirement. The plan will not work. It is just not set up for anyone to be successful except MK corporate.

    And dear Pink Truth Critic, I am sorry that you are so blind to the MK scam. I will pray for you that your eyes will be opened to the real truth. I feel so sorry for you.

    1. BestDecision

      She’s facing the same problem most ethical people do. You simply stall out when you refuse to buy or cheat your way further. I found I couldn’t go farther without finishing production myself, submitting agreements for fake people or use former Consultants’ names, or steal customers and recruits. I worked nearly 40 hours a week as a Director with Offspring, and I refused to do more as people like NSD Dacia Wiegandt said in a workshop I attended. I wasted over a decade of no retirement being built, no health, dental, or vision benefits, and my net profits were embarrassing given that I was driving a pink Cadillac.

      So sad, isn’t it?

  14. PinkBubbleBurst

    Ah, a post filled with name-calling, misspelled words, poor grammar, and a dose of bitterness so large it could feel a third-world country. If this is the impression that a “successful” Mary Kay IBC wants to portray, then I would suggest that EVERYONE run (not walk) in the other direction. Give us all a call when your pink bubble has finally been burst and reality sets in – we’ll be here. And we promise to forgive your cult-like rant (probably).

    1. Tia

      You know, it occurs to me that even if every single post on this site was posted by a ‘lazy looser’ who ‘didn’t work her business’ as is suggested (and I have absolutely no doubt neither of those things is true), the posts would still be from women who were feeling emotional distress and as if they had been betrayed by an organisation and people they trusted (because they have been!).

      Considering this, what sort of person is amused by posts of that nature? You’d have to be a psychopath to find that sort of thing funny, yet that’s what this person starts with.

      It just goes to show that Mary Kay has an appalling effect on normal human decency and kindness. Yet somehow it’s the women who have got out who are in denial? I don’t think so.

  15. cindylu

    When I left MK after becoming sick, it took me quite a while to come out of the pink bubble. I honestly believed that MK was about enriching the lives of women. Sadly I began seeing the greed, the excess, the tackiness, and the cultish repetitiveness at most meetings. It was a company that made selling the products virtually impossible. Having directors boast about a 5 year old commission check wasn’t encouraging. Saying training was free and then charging for every single meeting was one of many lies. Unfortunately though I bought in to this empowering of women and believed in it. I believed that even though the NSD’s seemed focused on material things and being idolized that they were decent human beings. I believed that those wearing sashes and crowns were actually making great sales. I believed the company itself cared about its sales force. Now I see that quite a few really do think of us as numbers rather than human beings. Far too many will lie, cheat and mislead in order to make it to NSD. Profit without perspective simply means that hundreds of women and their families get hurt. It took me a while to realize the pink bubble wasn’t remotely real. This company and its NSD’s have become really good at promoting a myth. Sadly the myth doesn’t pay the bills. Hundreds of women aren’t to blame for a marketing scheme that today’s women know is bogus.

  16. HHart

    Apparently this beauty consultant only desires to “enrich a woman’s life” if said woman is willing to spend every second of free time trying to push people into buying priduct. I actually enjoy spending time with family and friends so I guess I will stay a loser!

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