Same Play, Different Audience

Written by SuzyQ

Why do we keep doing what we do at Pink Truth? This page explains why Pink Truth exists in the first place, but I wanted everyone to know a little more about why it’s important for me (and so many others) to continue to discuss Mary Kay day after day.

There are diehard Kaybots who will never believe what we have to say. There are other Kaybots who don’t want to believe it, but probably will sometime soon. There are still other Kaybots who know that our stories ring true, but are fighting it. And there are those who are ready to come out of the fog and into the light.

Here’s what some Kaybots will never understand: We don’t do “this” (PT) for us. We aren’t here to relive our MK stories daily for our own satisfaction.

We are doing this for all the women who need this information and won’t get it anywhere else. We support them and love them and tell them our stories so they understand they’re not alone.

And we keep doing this week after week, month after month, and year after year because each day Mary Kay creates new victims. With 40,000 women leaving Mary Kay each month, you know that there are many who need this information and need our support.

And for that very reason, I will not stop. Do you think maybe I’m a little tired of explaining things about returning inventory? Yes, I’ve been at it for 3 years now, so it’s old to me. But it’s NEW TO THEM. I never knew how many consultants have no idea that they can get their money back!

And it’s not just that issue. There are many others. I’ve discussed them to death. But this isn’t about me. This is about the women who are seeing this stuff for the very first time.

I do it for them.


  1. Iescaped

    Thank you Tracy for continuing to keep this site going. Women are scammed everyday into signing up for MK.

    And what is much worse than the original set of lies and misinformation to get you to join are the continued lies and tweaks of the truth to keep you in and going.

    I was told multiple times by my SD/NSD and other SDs that you could return your inventory within 1 year from STARTING. It was only when I can to Pink Truth that I found out that it was one year from placing the order and it didn’t matter if you were in MK for years.

    The people who gave me the information on product returns were only looking out for themselves, not for me. This site gives all the TRUE answers to many questions.

    And as a bonus, when you do decide to leave MK, and you are feeling at your absolute worst for falling for the scams, you realize that all the things that you were told were just scripts that have been used all over the country to scam other women. It does help a little bit to know how well MK has perfected the scam and you really didn’t have a chance the minute you signed up.

    Again, thanks!:)

  2. Cyclist

    Yes – thank you guys! It was such a relief to learn that my story was pretty much scripted, and to pull out as fast as my suspicions were confirmed.
    You are doing important work for the women out there.

  3. cindylu

    I wish PT would have been available when I was investigating MK. Back then the internet wasn’t available. I did ask another consultant who was trying to sell her MK product with a newspaper ad. That was the first sign all was not well. There were many signs during my first year including (2 DIQ’s who did not make it because my SD wanted their recruits). Another off spring director under my SD who told me she refused to accompany my SD unless she absolutely had to. That Director too had almost failed at DIQ thanks to our SD. Then there were the various MK books that seemed a little off. Finally was when I returned from Seminar and found yet another director who had quit MK. This site is for those consultants and directors who need the support in coming out of the pink fog from others who have been through the shame, questioning of what we were told, and financial abuse of this MK mlm

  4. Shay

    I thank you ladies from the bottom of my heart for keeping this blog going. I just met a gal the other night who purchased over $8,000 wholesale; pressured by her director. (the woman who recruited her) With the help of this website, she is going to just return everything she can.

    Thank you for advice you all gave her, she agreed to just return it all. Even if she did sneak a kiosk- she isn’t guaranteed to even make half of the $8k, she will have to pay a lot for the kiosk itself even tho a friend is “hooking her up”

    I commented on the post “Reality Of A husband in Mary Kay” (the post was posted this month), I also explained in the comments on that post how she did look over this site briefly-when she wanted to discuss it with her concerns with the “director”, the director had nerve to try to shame her for reading here. When they went to their monthly “meeting” her “director” would go up to every Kaybot with her by her side and say, “Guess whose website [name redacted] is reading” and they told her stories from Mary Kay is suing the site to women here are just bitter. I laughed.
    I got a kick out of the threat of a lawsuit against this site. The first amendment is a beatiful thing. And if anything said here is slanderous–whose fault is that? Mary Kay Inc. That’s whose fault it is. The women are merely sharing their experience. There is not one lie on this website except from the Kaybots.

    So lurkers…
    Get out while you can. Don’t feel comfortable commenting? Join the chat rooms.
    Heck, I never sold Mary Kay but am fascinated with the scam and so far I have been able to help 3 people just by giving them the link.

    Keep preaching the pink truth!

  5. pinkpeace

    Lawsuit? IF ONLY!

    Can you imagine the pretrial discovery process? There is no way in hell that Mary Kay would ever open up that can of worms. And they know that Tracy would eat them for breakfast.

    You’ll never see a case brought against Pink Truth. That’s just another one of those Mary Kay legends based in wishful thinking.

  6. enorth

    If you want some laughs and eye-rolling, just listen to all the MK videos that are out there. A veritable overload of misinformation, double-talk, and half-truths from the mouths of MK’s own sales force, including some NSDs who are downright clownish.

  7. PinkJedi

    I am humiliated for people to know that I sold Mary Kay! All those events that I have done where people would quickly walk past my table… without this site I would not have had my eyes opened and a place where people understand what I have done and went through and still going through it feels some days…
    Thank you Pink Truth!

  8. Mickey2942

    This website, while directed at MK, really addresses the pitfalls of other self employment scams. All are pyramid schemes, that thinly walk the line of being legal.

    There are so many, and it is amazing the fervor that the people involved have, attending a large conference is akin to attending a bible fest of born again Christians. Their eyes are bright, their speech is fast, almost incoherent, and they are high on the ride of potential riches. The MK bots can’t be swayed by discussions of reality, as you are the “Satan”, who is jealous of their success.

    Really?! Scamming, er, selling to all their friends, family members, neighbors, planning parties, spending more money on MK stock, they are on a roller coaster ride of denial.

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