The Start of a Fake Mary Kay Friendship

mary kay girlfriendsA new Mary Kay recruit, almost reeled in by a sales director who she thought was becoming her friend. But it was really all about the inventory.

So, I’ve always been well aware of the name Mary Kay.  It’s been a name that has been tossed around a few times in my 30 years of living.  I’ve had friends cross the path of pink bubblehood and come out a little scathed.  I even attended a facial and event a few years back with a good friend.  At the time though, I didn’t have any desire to sell MK.

I’m at a clothing store the other day and that’s when it happened.  This cute, bubbly woman is shopping in the same department as me and she remarks on my amazing shoes.  Well, they were pretty amazing, so I couldn’t blame her, and before I know it we are chatting and she tells me that she owns her own business and she is doing a portfolio and she would love to use me for a before and after picture.  Of course I agree.  We part ways.

She calls me a few days later and leaves a voicemail, I call her back and that’s when her voicemail reveals that she is a part of this tribe called Mary Kay.  So, I go ahead with the facial because I’ve done it before and I really don’t mind meeting women and maybe gaining a friend out of this little event.  So, I go, and I actually see someone there that I know, and we chit chat for a bit, and soon we are off.  It was a two hour event.  Of course I was asked if I wanted to join Mary Kay at the end, and I declined, but I was seriously considering it.  I mean who wouldn’t want a car?  I was up for a little change, I was up for meeting friends.. nothing wrong with that, right?

A week later, my “director” and I met up for another meeting at a coffee shop, and we really had a connection.  We are only a couple years a part, and I could really see us becoming friends.  I was signed up that night.  $100 isn’t bad.

A week later we were meeting again and that’s when she brought out the inventory sheet.  I was a little appalled by this.  I was already at the point where I knew I would not be selling to close family and friends because I knew they didn’t need it, but I did not have any issues with going out to a clothing store and asking someone to work with me in Mary Kay, I mean why not??  But why couldn’t I buy as I needed?  What was the huge hurry?

But the more my “director” talked, the more I had a sick feeling in my stomach.  I had just signed up for $2300 worth of inventory and I didn’t know why.  She kept talking and I kept thinking, what am I getting into??  I left feeling sick.  I called my friend who had given me a facial some years ago, and had to know why she did not sell MK anymore.  She filled me in on some interesting information.

That night I called my “director” and told her not to charge my credit card.  I said I am not doing this. I told her that something just didn’t feel right, and of course she could not understand this, because she knew I would be perfect for the business..  She said, it has everything I am looking for, flexibility, a car, friends, what more could I ask for.  The next day I went to work and talked with my supervisor.. she had also sold MK.  She also filled me in on some interesting information and introduced me to this site.  Oh where would I be without the two women who had already been through some of the horrors of MK??  Thank you, and you know who you are.

So, I returned my starter kit to my director and of course haven’t heard a word from her since.  It’s a very sad thing to hear about all of these stories, it’s even more sad to know that many more out there are still following MK with full passion and losing so much from it.


  1. cindylu

    You are one of the lucky ones. I signed up because of a supervisor I trusted. To this day I regret that this acquaintance conned me into an mlm, pink cult. Thank goodness for PT and the internet. I only wish PT would have been around when I signed up, Shortly after I got that sinking feeling, after I returned from seminar realizing that conference was creepy and had no real training and immediately after I sent all my product back. I could have saved myself, my husband and my children a lot of grief had there been a forum about MK and mlm’s out there including: Avon, Scentsy, Mary Kay, Stella and Dot, Pampered Chef, Tupperware etc.

  2. PinkJedi

    I wish I did not fall victim to the cult. I was super nervous purchasing 3,0000 in inventory. By the time I got home, I changed my mind and called and said no, change it to 1800. The Senior Director rushed over to my house and laid on such a guilt trip on me that I packed my bags and walked right into it and purchased my 3,000 in starter inventory. Hook Line Sinker….I fell for the classic line and at the time where I was very vulnerable. I wish I had heard of this site prior to that day.

  3. Stepahnie

    How many trips to “conference” are there a year? I know there is the “big” one where awards are given.. Then another one where IBC’s are told ” you can’t afford not to go”

  4. Out of the Pink

    Yeah, I feel similar to PinkJedi. I also fell for the inventory spiel at a vulnerable time.

    Right when my SSD found out I planned to send my inventory back, she contacted me and invited me to lunch. She said we started a friendship and affirmed her commitment to it. (She didn’t even bring up the fact that I was planning to send back my inventory. I assumed my recruiter had informed her.) I figured she wanted to talk me out of sending my inventory back, so I put the lunch off a week asking her availability the following week. (I figured my boxes would be in Dallas by the time we had lunch, so it would be friendly and not about talking me into staying in MK.) My suspicions about the real purpose of lunch must have been correct. She never responded with her availability for lunch. We never had lunch. I haven’t heard anything since.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      She said we started a friendship and affirmed her commitment to it.

      Like Willie Nelson sang, “If you’ve got the money Honey, she’s got the time.” And when the prospect of money vanishes, so does a MK friendship.

  5. Amanda

    I just called today to get the form to send my inventory back. I can’t believe I fell for all of this, I feel so stupid. When I contacted my sales director to let her know what i decided to do i got this response

    “Yes You can do it, And you’ll never be able to be in mk again, It’s final!! For the rest of your life. Once your kids are older; if you ever Changed your mind, you can’t rejoin. So think real long & hard on such a final life long decision. Or you can Take out everything you want & need or use some for Christmas gifts, & sell the rest @ 50%. It’s called an Inventory reduction sale. I can give you some pointers. You can still be a Personal use consultant Just to get your discount at 50% off & I’ll never call u about meetings or trainings. You have a year to decide. It’s totally up to u.”

    And when I responded that I wasn’t interested in selling Mary Kay ever again I got this… “Ok Sounds like you’ve made up your mind….there’s nothing no one can say to change your mind, and I was mistaken about you.”

    These are awful people who have managed to make me feel like a failure for not wanting to lie and deceive people. I’m so glad I got out before I lost even more money.

    1. Lazy Gardens

      I can’t believe I fell for all of this, I feel so stupid

      You are not stupid. You were LIED TO!

      You were hit by a well-practiced con with 50 years of polish and tuning behind it.

      Your tendency to think others are as truthful as you are was used against you.

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