Mary Kay Didn’t MAKE You Do Anything!

A note from a Pink Truth critic who says Mary Kay is simple, we made it hard, and it’s your fault if you were talked into buying inventory.

I am currently an IBC & I have found myself at this site as I too have had my occasional doubts about MK. Your right, these girls are pushed to order order order and their financials are rarely taken into account. However, I have to argue the fact that MK “put you into debt”.

MK didn’t MAKE you do anything, did one single person sit on you until you pressed that proceed to order button?? Did someone slip something in your drink and press the button for you??

YOU made those decisions. Maybe I am one of the lucky ones to be in such a considerate unit, and yes they still pushed the wholesale order and they push you to gain team members, (for their benefit? of course, but for yours as well) but they don’t put you in debt.

For those of you that let your director order for you… you gave her that permission and you did not ask to review the order before it was submitted. Again YOU are at fault.

I know what the area around me will be interested in and because of that, I chose to carry a small inventory which has helped me make sales and my clients know that I do not carry everything at all times.

I understand that debt builds up, but MK teaches you the skills to save money and put money aside, you cant just float out there and think your way will work. These ladies teaching you know what they are doing.

With a bachelors degree in entreprenuership, you have to realize that I have searched and searched for a start-up business and the start-up costs are out of the world for most. Every business takes some money to get you started and if you manage it properly then you can make the most of it. If you can’t afford something DON’T DO IT! Its a lot more simple than this site makes it out to be.


  1. Iescaped

    Hey Pink Lady, when you were getting your bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship did you listen to your advisors and take classes that they thought you would benefit from? Did you trust your advisors and the professors at your college?

    Well we here trusted our SDs and NSDs and guess what? They weren’t trustworthy. Did my NSD sit on me to place an order? No, but she was leading me and coaching me towards Directorship all the while lining her pockets.

    Sweetie, I was singled out because my husband makes well over 6 figures and we have excellent credit. I would guess that this stuff never has happened to you since you probably have to dig through your couch cushions to come up with a minimum $225 order.

  2. IPreferPurple

    I always find this to be such a weird argument. Of course we’re all responsible for our decisions, and I don’t think anyone here disagrees with that. There are two fundamental flaws with this attack, though. Typically, when a person invests money in a venture, they speak with others who have done so as well. In this case, both the MK recruiter and her SD are those people. New recruits ask for advice on the best way to succeed, and are given advice by more experienced people. Making a decision based on that advice may seem naive in hindsight, but it’s no more unusual or naive than any other similar decision made. In fact, the message boards here are proof positive of how many people undertake additional research and halt in their decision to join MK. If you’re not fortunate enough to run across this site, a great portion of the research you do will support the recruitment/inventory pitch…which is full of twisted truths, half-truths, and outright lies. So if we agree that the decision is made with faulty information, the only part of this argument left is that “you shouldn’t go into debt” which is, frankly, abject crap. There are thousands of good reasons to utilize our economy’s debt options. For example, many college students must purchase laptops on credit. While we advise them to minimize that debt and pay it down quickly, I don’t think that anyone argues that some of that debt is to the student’s benefit-a laptop greatly increases performance ability in many classes. In fact, “a little debt now to secure profit later” is so common in professional and personal discussions that it seems bizarre to question that philosophy in this context only. How often do people take out a line of credit to improve their home and get a better price for it? How many companies seek debt financing to grow into a new phase? Going into a little debt to start a business SHOULDN’T have to throw up red flags. Going into debt to hide the fact that there’s no chance to profit is a different matter entirely, and is the reason so many get out of the pink bubble after all.

  3. Lazy Gardens

    MK didn’t MAKE you do anything, did one single person sit on you until you pressed that proceed to order button??

    What part of THEY LIED ABOUT THE NATURE OF THE BUSINESS do you find hard to comprehend. Half truths , weasel-worded claims, and straight-up blatant lies were what made people sign up.

    1. not a bot

      It’s a Trojan horse, MLMs will tell you what they know you want to hear to sign you up, and once you are in then the truth comes out though they try to keep it covered with a lot of hype. I joined an MLM because I was promised the products were great and would sell themselves, no need to pressure anybody. I specifically didn’t want to push family and friends to make guilt purchases. Once I joined, I found out everything was way overpriced and I should guilt trip family and friends into ‘supporting my business’.

  4. BestDecision

    My Director was counting on me finishing DIQ so she could get a promotion in the company. I also had an NSD tell me “everybody does it” while she quoted the bible and used God as her “partner”. I was told how to buy my production and make an agreement go in under fake names. Yes, I still had a choice in doing so, but the pressure and abuse of God is rampant in MK. How are you to think someone isn’t guiding you for YOUR benefit and telling the whole truth if she’s quoting scripture?

    Beyond DIQ, there’s a very unhealthy mental change that happens. Directors are ignored, criticized, and humiliated publically if they don’t make the special luncheons or Leadership Conference parties. They’re left sitting by themselves if they aren’t producing the wholesale amounts others are at Directir meetings. It gets to be so strong of a feeling of “loser” that you’ll do almost anything to not feel it anymore, so you make choices that aren’t the best. Besides that, your expenses increase dramatically once you’re a Director, and you’re not told all of that up front as a Consultnat heading that way.

    While I appreciate you not being snotty and childish as some have been on here, I invite you to see the much larger statement we’re making on here. This isn’t just about your first inventory order. It’s about an unethical company, a ruthless and desperate sales force, and trying to help people realize they’re not to blame for all of the madness.

  5. PinkJedi

    I think the psycho-cognitive-manipulation strategies/tactics which are so well taught by the kaybots are sometimes impossible for vulnerable women to withstand. It is like a virus that takes over… We sane women who know better are attacked and manipulated and the virus takes over and next thing you know you have a huge inventory you do not know what to do with. Yes you are correct, we said yes charge it, but we were ill with the Mary Kay virus and did not have the antibodies to fight it.

  6. Pink Out

    A bachelors degree in entrepreneurship? I will assume that at your college you spent considerable time studying multi-level marketing. Did you fail to recognize the MK “opportunity” as an MLM? Did you learn about the strategies MLM’s use to recruit and the deceptive practices often used? MK is not an entrepreneurial endeavor! Your IBC agreement strips you of the right to be a real business. You cannot market your goods outside of the constraints of how MK Corp allows you to do so. YOU and only YOU are the customer. And, finally, I don’t mean to be the grammar police, but a college graduate should be able to construct a better narrative than the one you submitted. When MK Corp allows you to set up a kiosk at the mall, or place an ad in the college newspaper that you create, or any other independent business activity, THEN you will be an entrepreneur.

  7. Stepahnie

    For one, I had no idea you can get a degree in “entrepreneurship” hey-learn something new every day. The world I come from, the degree is called, Business Management.

    I am surprised when you got your “entrepreneurship” they didn’t teach basic economics. In order to profit-you you have to buy wholesale at least where you can sell it by at least 5 times the amount you paid for. Buying and hoping to sell it at for double price, you are going to have to buy a substantial amount of inventory.

    Don’t get me started on how over priced the Mary Kay products are at whole sale to be begin with.

    While you pursuing your “entrepreneurship” I am certain they warned (about MLM’s) you any company that cancels your contract because you couldn’t sell the products is a red flag. Ask your local CVS what happens to products they can’t sell such as candy or make up products? They go back to the vendor unless they were purchased at a special price.

    By the way, you are full of yourself lady.

  8. pinkpeace

    “For those of you that let your director order for you… you gave her that permission and you did not ask to review the order before it was submitted. Again YOU are at fault.”

    How are we at fault when we trusted our sales directors to act in our best interests? I had no idea of what to order as a brand-new consultant. I assumed my director would have ordered what were considered reasonable amounts of product in the most popular colors and formulations. She was my business coach, correct? And the more successful I was, the more successful she would be – win/win!

    Little did I know that I would be stuck with lots of second-rate products in my first order, including a weak limited-edition holiday line. (And when no one was interested in them, it was my fault for not promoting them properly).

    But whatever. This IBC will find out soon enough that she’s not making any money in Mary Kay, even if she doesn’t think she has any debt. Hope she’s not counting on MK earnings to pay her student loan to get that BA in entrepreneurship.

    1. Jamming Berry

      Oh Lordy!! Yes! You should see all the eye shadows, mascaras, and @Play stuff I was stuck with (and yes, now the @Play line is going away — hmmm—-) No one knows as a brand new IBC what will be good in their area, yet the SD PUSHES the $4,200, $3,600 and $2,500 package excessively.

      1. Stepahnie

        And the lie of “I won’t throw you a grand opening party unless you purchase at least $2,500 worth”

        Translation: I won’t show up at your grand opening and try to steal your customers.

    2. juliegalstar

      Same here. I started with a Star Consultant order, . . way back in the day before the internet, . . . . . . . . $1800.00. I had no idea what to order, and SD did the entire order, including section 2!

        1. MLM Radar

          Section 2: samples, make-up trays, applicators, order forms, MK-logo bags, and all other non-inventory MK items.

          You have to buy all these items from MK. But because Section 2 is not inventory for resale, none of it is returnable for refund. You’re stuck with whatever you buy,

          In a real business, you’d be able to return most unopened supplies for refund. But MK isn’t a real business.

  9. enorth

    Well, it’s not like the SD “throws” the party for the consultant. You can be sure the SD won’t spend any of her own money, since she’s not making any money herself.

    As for the “business debut”, they’re taught that it’s not the consultant who is debuting…it’s the PRODUCT. If there’s no, or little, product to “debut”, the SD will say it’s not worth her time in attending.

  10. PinkEyeSpy

    “If you can’t afford something DON’T DO IT!” – said no SD ever!

    I have started to notice a few GoFundMe pages started by IBCs asking for donations to buy inventory to start their business or go to seminar. I wonder if that was their idea or some SD has script about doing that?

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Yes … I’ve seen them on legitimate “microloan” sites as well as GoFundme.

      The microloan site changed their policy to ban MLMs, although asking for a loan to start a real business is OK. they also reportedly banned the SD who has having her recruits ask for the loans 🙂

  11. MLM Radar

    So this lady thinks Mary Kay teaches good money management skills? Right. I’d love to hear what her college professors have to say about that.

    As for the rest:
    If you work in a warehouse and you’re told you have to buy steel toed boots and sturdy jeans, will you ignore directions and show up in shorts and sandals?

    If you work in a bank and you’re told that certain doors must stay locked when the lobby door is open, will you ignore directions and prop them open?

    If you work as a restaurant hostess and you’re told to smile and greet every customer, will you ignore directions and mistreat them instead?

    Likewise, if you’re a Mary Kay Consultant and you’re told you have to invest in a large inventory or else you won’t be able to provide the service Mary Kay customers expect, will you ignore directions and just try to sell from the Look Book? Or will you follow the advice of the Director who knows how to succeed and place the big inventory purchase that she’s saying you need?

    So, nobody held a gun to your head in any of these situations. But in each one you understood that you were setting yourself up for failure if you didn’t follow directions. But in one of these situations the person giving the directions was lying to you.

  12. cindylu

    No matter what MK isn’t a real business. It is a out dated mlm cult. No one wants to book a silly party or skin care class. When someone lets you into their home, they are a stranger and you are at risk. You are told to do skin care and glamor. Unfortunately, you do not have a degree as a real make up artist and so you’re not allowed to touch the customer. You begin by wrongly thinking someone will buy these products. They won’t. You look through the catalogue with far too many over priced products and samples trying to figure out what to order. You believe that the Christmas products will sell. They won’t. You believe men may want the mens products. They won’t. Not since the 1970’s have home parties or door to door sales worked. In my case I got sick. I guess this newbie brainwashed consultant thinks it was my fault for buying product and then being too sick to sell it. I guess it was my fault that neither my director or Corp within MK cared one iota about my health. Not one phone call and not one MK person in my unit showing any concern whatsoever. A company that lies about caring about women, based on empowering women and fake Christian values that is focused on money, profit, recruiting, front loading and using women. No one forced me to buy inventory. I was foolish enough to think that skin care classes, facials, dove tailing, go give, open houses, dual marketing and free training were real. I was foolish enough to believe that directors were earning executive income when they weren’t. I blame this company for its stupid pyramid set up and for inferior products that are advertised on ebay or can’t be given away at a garage sale. The expense of such a non business include: paying for meetings and training, gas, postage, uniforms, samples, business cards, web sites, phone calls etc. The damage and risk of going into strange homes, sharing rooms with strangers, etc. are frightening. The absolute total waste of time and having families ruined by this out dated pink nightmare is shameful. It’s like being a Stolkholm Syndrome survivor. That’s why warning today’s women to avoid this abuse is absolutely essential. The best thing I ever did was return product and stop believing that those women cared.

    1. LoveMeSomeSephora

      ” The best thing I ever did was return product and stop believing that those women cared.”

      I don’t have any product to return, PTL! But….I seriously have had to work through the fact that My NSD/SD ….does…..not…
      If I were to place the order to get the “Unit Pin” that says to the MK world that I have a profit level inventory ($3600) Then we would be best friends. From the moment she checked Intouch.

  13. Pink perplexed

    Yes, everyone here is very clear of the fact that “no one put a gun to your head” and “no one forced you to place an order”. What I find ironic, is, the fact that the same women spouting these scripts fail to acknowledge that a good deal of manipulation takes place. Don’t tell me they’re not aware of it. I don’t buy it. Manipulation is taking place. Once discovered, the power of manipulation can make normal people do crazy things and it seems like MK participants have no qualms about using that power. Yeah, no one physically put a gun to your head, but they’ll sure make you feel like one is there.

  14. HHart

    I feel like this whole argument is invalid. This is similar to telling a woman who was in an abusive relationship “well it is your fault you were abused… you could have left him… nobody was stopping you”. The woman stays because she was manipulated by her abuser to think and truly believe she had to. This is the same with Mary Kay. We are manipulated into believing that if we don’t invest a bunch of money to “improve our business” that we are basically losers and have no desire to “make a better future for ourselves”. And any business major should know Mary Kay doesn’t work.

    1. FreedomLover

      I couldn’t agree more, and so many of the methods used by MK are similar to how narcissits keep the people around them cowed and unsure of themselves. I joined Mary Kay in order to get out of a financially abusive situation with my spouse–surprise, surprise, I walked right into more abuse.

  15. pinkinthered

    First off, I stopped taking her seriously after she didn’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re”. Secondly, I didn’t realize you could get a bachelor’s degree in “entrepreneurship”. Sweetie, if you have a degree in that and you still chose to get into MK, I’d demand my money back!

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