Recruiting a New Consultant With Manipulation

mary kay recruitWritten by The Scribbler

This script has all of the finesse of a vacuum cleaner salesman inching his way across the porch, inching his way over the threshold, and finally through the front door.

The consultant softens up the prospect by initially utilizing manipulative body language and flattery.  The prospect gets the informational tape/video – INCH.  The prospect is told to watch it within 48 hours – INCH.  If that weren’t enough, the consultant pushes for the Director to be present at either the coffee meeting or the conference call – CRASH THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR.  Even if a prospect tells a consultant, “I want no part of Mary Kay Cosmetics!” you’ll see that such a response translates in IBC-ese to, “I’m just messing with you; give me the “Something More” CD, you cute little screwball!” 

Look at your customer and lean forward some; try to get lower than her so that your head is lower than hers, even a little!  Look her in the eyes and say, “I have a question to ask you.  After watching me today, could you ever in your wildest dreams see yourself doing Mary Kay either part time for extra cash or for extra fun?  I think you would be great and the reason I think you would be great is I watched you today and…”  Give her a sincere compliment.  She’s sharp, she’s fun to be around, people are comfortable around her – whatever it is that you picked up about her, tell her in a compliment!  No one gets offended by a sincere compliment!

Once you finish telling her you think she would be good followed by the compliment, then button your lip and let her respond, because that’s when we lose it – when we talk!  She then will say something that isn’t a flat no, she stammers a little, or she just might say,  “Yes, I think I could.”  You will then offer the information to her that is necessary to give her so that she is more informed in order to make a decision.  “Great!  I would love to send you home with some information.  I have a video (or tape or cd) that will really give you all the information about our company in a fun way.  This is a video of one of the top women in our company at an actual guest event and she shares how she got started and moved up in the business.  It’s really a great tape.  In fact, after many people watch it I find that they watch it 3 or 4 times more because they like it so well, I really do find that!  I’ll tell you what, after watching it this may not be for you, but at least you will be well informed and you will know what you are saying no to!”

Once you have handed her the information you will say, “By the way, do you have 45 minutes in the next 48 hours to watch this?  Great!  Let’s plan on talking on X date; is there a time that is better for you that we can get together for coffee or talk on the phone, which works better for you?  Great!

Remember do not leave her without a specific time scheduled to talk about what she has listened to.  It is also better to do this on neutral ground – such as a coffee shop, and away from home interruptions.  Say, “I also want you to know that I am moving up in management in my business and part of my training is to get women’s opinion of this video and to work closely with my director for training.  Do I have your permission that my Director join us? (keep talking!) I would love for her to meet you and part of my training is that she will ask questions to get your opinion, while I listen and learn.  I know you will give us your honest opinion and that is what we want.”

Having your Director join you all depends on where you are at with your training in your business.  By asking your prospect “45 minutes in the next 48 hours,” you are going to help her to visualize in her mind her schedule and when she is going to do this.   She is going to respond with a definitive answer so that you can schedule in the next 24-48 hours to get back with her on the video.  “Yes, I think I could watch it tomorrow.”  “Great!  I will see you (or call you) on ________” (important to repeat the date and time).

You ask her the questions for her opinion rather than giving her a questionnaire,  this creates the dialogue, which is so important in a Marketing appointment/interview for building the relationship.  After you talk with her about the video/tape, if she has more questions or needs more information, invite her to the Success Night Unit Meeting.  Of course if her interest is very high and she is very eager, invite her right away to your Unit Meeting — the sooner the better.  It is better to refer to Unit Meeting Night as your Success Night, rather than a “meeting!”

If the person you are speaking with does not sound like they are interested at all in learning more about our Company then you might say, “I have to tell you, when you say you could never see yourself doing this I can understand what you are saying.  I know how you feel, because I felt the same way when I joined this company 10 years ago.  But, I decided that it would be better to listen to the facts before I said no so that I knew what I was saying no to!  I promise you if after listening to the information you still do not see yourself doing something like this I will not bother you again!!  I also promise you that you will be in shock when you hear what our company has to offer.”

Happy Recruiting!


  1. Lazy Gardens

    Give her a sincere compliment. She’s sharp, she’s fun to be around, people are comfortable around her – whatever it is that you picked up about her, tell her in a compliment! No one gets offended by a sincere compliment!

    But those fake ones really, really annoy me.

  2. raisinberry

    Wow was this a fun article…I mean there were many many pull quotes to enjoy, but I picked this one:
    “In fact, after many people watch it I find that they watch it 3 or 4 times more because they like it so well, I really do find that!”

    Bha Bha ha ha ha hahaha ha ha haha . In what universe? It is hysterical that these trainers who write these bogus scripts, never give it a thought, that the ones they are “training” to use these words and manipulate others, might have an adverse reaction to being such a phony. Do you not hear yourselves?!?

    Mary Kay’s sales presentation is this: Push your buttons, Wear you down, Only ask Yes answer questions, and Wear you down. Push Push Push with a Smile on your face until you get blocked/deleted/told off, because apparently being told “No”, isn’t legit.

    1. Out of the Pink

      “It is hysterical that these trainers who write these bogus scripts, never give it a thought, that the ones they are “training” to use these words and manipulate others, might have an adverse reaction to being such a phony.”

      So true! The phony feeling of tricking and stalking and pressuring someone to signing up for something that I ultimately had qualms with – ick! My recruits were my sister-in-law and my best friend out the gate – thanks to my director and a couple conference phone calls “for my training.” I could never find the gumption to ask someone to sign up once I started to see things from the inside.

  3. GrumpyMillennial

    “I am moving up in management in my business and part of my training is to get women’s opinion of this video and to work closely with my director for training”

    This makes no sense if you look at it outside the vacuum of pressure-recruiting.

    If you supposedly own your own business how can you “move up in management”? If you own it, you own it. It is yours. Of course, that’s not how things work in Mary Kay.
    How is getting someone’s opinion on a video any form of training? It’s evidently mass produced already so whatever opinion you have on it is pointless. The purpose is, of course, to get you to watch what amounts to a crappy propaganda video.
    If someone who supposedly owns their own business still needs training from their director, is that really a person you want to hitch your wagon to? I know the purpose is to get the Director to hopefully seal the deal but still, generally admitting to still being in training is not something you want to do if you want to inspire confidence in your customer.

    1. enorth

      “I own my own business.”

      “Really? What do you do?”

      “I put on full makeup, my cutest sundress, and my giant sunglasses and sit at a store-front window-table at Panera’s all day texting and leaving voice-mail messages.”

      1. MLM Radar

        In other words, you spend your “business” time in ANOTHER company’s establishment because YOUR business prohibits you from having a storefront of your own.

        How twisted is that?

        1. enorth

          They arrive early so they can park their MK cars in front of the door and next to each other. They sit in the front of the store and at window seats so everyone sees them. I forgot to add they take selfies and post them on social media to show the world how much “fun” they are having at working their business.

    2. Mel W.

      This is my biggest complaint about direct sales. They all say they own a business but they make none of the business ownership decisions business owners make. (Incorporation? LLC? Marketing? Branding?)

      1. Charity

        They’re not businesswomen or even contractors but actually customers who are encouraged to buy product by the promise that they can resell them. How often do you see Mary Kay in stores or marketed to women solely as consumer products (i.e. Not a inventory)? Their strategy only makes sense if Mary Kay sales reps are the end consumer.

  4. LoveMeSomeSephora

    My favorite one of all time…..

    “I think you would be great at doing what I do. ”

    And just exactly what is it you do?

    Pressure new IBCs to go into debt so your picture can be plastered all over Times Square on a jumbotron..

    Ego much?

    1. Lazy Gardens

      Oh, you see, the NSDs and SDs are “independent contractors” and Mary Kay company has NO control or responsibility over what they say and do … those evil women just ran amok.

    2. BestDecision

      MKI will likely never get punished for what its sales force says because we were all independent contractors. The company really never offered us any scripts. They were just created by NSDs and Directors ourselves.

      1. Stepahnie

        They were originally taught by MK. And MK will forbid anyone and sue someone for selling on eBay, but not advertising warm chatter scripts that are flat out lies.

  5. Brandy1109

    My mom, sister and I got bamboozled into this “opportunity” this past July. We went to a meeting to support a friend of the family and got free “makeovers.” The promise of riches and about how women are becoming debt free and living the high life seemed too good to be true. Especially with the highest commission check claims. I wondered, are that many women really buying Mary Kay cosmetics? Especially with so many cosmetic companies and product options out there. I thought that it would be fun and although I was skeptical about their claims, I signed up and so did my mother and sister.

    There was no mention of inventory until our director instructed us to listen to a long and drawn-out conference call the next week and it was when we went to the following week’s “Monday night live” is when they started to put pressure on us to purchase inventory. She even suggested that I take out a loan, use a credit card or borrow against my retirement plan to purchase inventory and when I said that this was a no go, she went as far as to suggest that she would not help me with my first party if I didn’t purchase inventory and made all the claims in the world to persuade me, even going as far to suggest that women don’t want to wait for their product and that we would not make any money if we didn’t invest in our own “business.”

    None of what she was saying made any sense to me. Looking at this from a logical point of view, in this day and age, with the advent of the internet, how is it possible that women are not willing to wait for what they buy online? I order merchandise online all the time from various sources and am totally willing to wait for what I order. So I started to wonder what the true angle was regarding this push to buy inventory and I am so blessed to have stumbled upon this website because it has been an eye opener.

    I had already purchased my starter kit and decided that I will just remain in until I am terminated (I am probably inactive by now anyway) and I decided that the bag is stylish enough to use it for storing my Lancome and Mac products and I will give the Mary Kay products that came with the starter kit (that I have no interest in using) away to coworkers and friends. My mom didn’t purchase inventory but my sister was silly and impressionable enough to buy into the lies (this was before I knew about this site). I have pointed them both to this site and gave my sister the number to call so that she can get rid of the $600 inventory order that she “invested in” last month. She has yet to sell anything from this essential inventory nor has she been able to book a skin-care class or hold a Mary Kay party. At least she will get 90% of her money back so that she can pay off her credit card balance.

    I haven’t been back to “Monday night live” for at least a month and I have no plans in going back to that place and am thankful that I will not write another check for “dues.”(thankfully, we only paid dues one time and then we woke up). My mom and sister are not going to go back, either. I have better things to do than spend my Monday nights listening to them go on and on about the same things and to listen to more LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES!!! I refuse to be taken advantage of and there is no way I am going to allow my mom and sister to be taken advantage of and blinded by the promise of financial gain when the only motive they have is to get you to purchase inventory to facilitate the lining of their own pockets.

    I am so grateful for this website. Thank you so much for exposing the truth about Mary Kay and the MLM business models out there. I am so glad that we learned the truth before we got completely sucked in and that we are getting out. One thing that still rings true is that if something seems too good to be true, it most likely is. There is no way we would have found out about any of this from any of them.


    1. Stepahnie

      Your sister can recruit family members to say they purchased the products and in return, they can say they want to take advantage of the “money back guaranteed” for customers.. Hey–MK screws people every day, why not play their game?

  6. enorth

    “the recruiter would not be helping you with your party anyhow”

    Directors trying to recruit you will say things like, “It doesn’t matter to me if you order inventory or not. I’ll still love you. I’ll love you where you are.”

    They then turn around and tell DIQs, “I won’t show up at a debut party if she only ordered a measly $600 order.”

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